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Voter News Service (VNS), which lists newspapers and broadcast networks among its clients, is examining its election coverage. The introspection follows the Election Night flip-flop, when TV broadcasters said Florida had voted for Al Gore, then recanted before awarding the state to George W. Bush, and finally settled on "undecided."

VNS provides exit polling, vote results, and projections to its clients. It was unwilling to provide details of its Election Night output, but said it had ordered "a thorough, impartial, and scientific review" of what went on. As well it might -- Republicans in Congress say they want to examine why networks called Florida early for Gore.

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Title Annotation:Voter News Service, which does exit polling and offers election projections
Comment:VNS TO REVIEW VOTE COVERAGE.(Voter News Service, which does exit polling and offers election projections)
Author:Shields, Todd
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Date:Nov 20, 2000
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