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VMRD's Anaplasma cELISA Antibody Test Kit v2 Now Available.

Pullman, WA, October 15, 2015 --( VMRD is excited to announce release of version 2 (V2) of its bovine Anaplasma cELISA antibody test kit. This new version includes several long-requested customer improvements such as:

* Shorter run time: 30 minutes faster / 100 minutes total

* Easier to use: requires fewer steps and eliminates adsorption plates

* Improved sensitivity: now 100%

* Improved specificity: now 99.7%

Ethan Adams, CEO of VMRD said, "The best serology tool for managing anaplasmosis just got better in almost every aspect. We're really proud of the work our scientists did on this assay and are eager to see it benefit producers and consumers of beef and dairy products."

Bovine Anaplasmosis caused by Anaplasma marginale is a non-contagious, arthropod-borne, parasitic disease of ruminants that results in significant economic losses to cattle industry. This intra-erythrocytic parasite causes severe anemia, abortion, weight loss, jaundice and infrequently death in infected animals.

"Anaplasmosis is prevalent worldwide, including 48 states in the United States, and has serious economic impact on cattle production. Testing every animal in the herd is a good way to find the persistently infected animals that serve as reservoirs of infection," said Scott Adams, DVM PhD, Chief Scientific Officer of VMRD. "In addition, every animal that is introduced into the herd needs to be tested and negative animals need to be kept separate from positive animals. In endemic areas, testing is a vital part of the herd management of anaplasmosis."

Chris Wang, Marketing and Sales VP of VMRD added, "The elimination of the adsorption plate and other improvements in this v2 kit are a good example of VMRD's science responding to customer needs. Labs will find this assay more profitable, veterinarians will appreciate the unprecedented accuracy, and herd managers will truly have an effective tool to mitigate the economic losses caused by anaplasmosis."

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Date:Oct 15, 2015
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