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Vivisimo a provider of clustering and meta-search software for organizing search results, has unveiled a free browser utility, the MiniBar, that lets users view clustered search results from any web page.

Available now at, the 2-1/2 inch Vivisimo MiniBar recognizes that many web searchers already use a toolbar which may occupy almost an entire line in their browser. Downloading multiple toolbars provides flexibility but takes up valuable screen space. The MiniBar allows people to keep their favorite toolbar and still benefit from the power and flexibility of organized search results. At less than half the size of other toolbars and powered with "Query Catcher," the MiniBar packs a lot of punch in a small space and automatically captures any search term entered into a search engine or toolbar such as Yahoo, Google, AltaVista, MSN, etc. without having to re-type the query.

"Our users have asked us for a toolbar. The MiniBar is designed to meet their needs and make it easier to access our award-winning meta-search," said Denny Brestensky, VP operations of Vivisimo. "With the MiniBar, we acknowledge users' real-world habits and provide an effective solution without crowding the user's browser window."

In addition to "Query Catcher", the MiniBar offers many powerful options such as:

- Right-click Search - Lets users quickly run a meta-search by selecting text on a web page then right clicking and selecting "Vivisimo Meta-Search." - Drag & Drop Search - Allows users to drag text into the Vivisimo toolbar to run an automatic meta-search on those terms.

Vivisimo also provides a standard, full-featured version of the toolbar that is downloaded and installed in a few seconds from This toolbar offers popular features that include:

- Popup Blocker - Gets rid of annoying popup ads.

- Keyword Highlighting - Highlights the search terms in the current web page.

- Find - The Find feature allows users to locate their query words on the site and navigate to them.

Several popular web search destinations as well as millions of users employ Vivisimo's unique Clustering Engine to organize search results on the fly into meaningful folders, thus achieving breakthrough improvement in ease and speed of finding relevant information.

About Vivisimo, Inc.

Vivisimo, Inc. provides intelligent software that helps enterprises to organize information from anywhere, any time, in any language. Its breakthrough clustering and meta-search products retrieve textual information from one or multiple sources and automatically organize the combined results on-the-fly into meaningful folders. This dynamic approach allows for rapid integration and categorization of content and significantly improves end-user access to relevant information. Vivisimo was founded by research computer scientists from Carnegie Mellon University and has been funded by the National Science Foundation's Small Business Innovation Research program, private investors, and Innovation Works. It serves its global client base through headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA, an office in Washington, D.C., and partners throughout the world. The website offers live product demonstrations and is also considered the best consumer meta-search engine on the web.

Vivisimo can be found on the World Wide Web at or

For more information, call 412/422-2499.
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Date:Feb 1, 2004

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