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VIVA!!: Beauty tips for the boys; As we test the range of cosmetics on the market for today's modern man, Gareth Bicknell asks: is there anything better than good old soap and water.

CLARINS MEN AUTO-BRONZANT VISAGE SELF-TANNING GEL (pounds 16) This tanning gel works quickly without leaving blotchy skin,although be prepared to receive taunts from female work mates more au fait with cosmetics who may be able to tell you're wearing fake tan.

It's not cheap,and it doesn't look quite as healthy as a natural sun tan, sop robably best avoided during the summer and saved for winter months when you can casually slip your fictional holiday home in the South of France into your chat-uplines.

BODY SHOP KISTNA HAIR AND BODY WASH (pounds 6) Body Shop have used Norfolk camomile as the natural ingredient of this community-traded shower wash.It's pleasant enough and it does its job, but considering the price it's a case of a lot going a little way. Call me old-fashioned,but community- traded goods are not likely to get far off the ground if it costs so much for something that essentially does the same job as soap.

PAL ZILERI EAU DE TOILETTE (pounds 26) It's fairly pricey,but worth it if you've got a bit of cash to spare for something for the weekend. Ideal for first dates,Pal Zileri's fresh, fragrant aroma will showyou've made an effort without making you smell like a big girly tart. JOEY PURE PORES MASQUE (pounds 18.50) Acned teenagers should give this a wide berth as it's not the answer to your problems -especially if you leave the bathroom wearing it. Plaster it all over your mush and you'll end up with a white face that makes you look like Krusty the Clown after a whisky session at Moe's.

ADIDAS 3 EAU DE TOILETTE (pounds 19.95) The pick of the fragrances, it's a masculine dynamic scent at a price that's easily affordable and will have the women beating down your door with a stick. Watch the ladies swoon as,after a 10-mile run and knocking in six goals at the work five-a-side(they don't need to know the truth), you still give off the aura of a thrusting young turk with a firm grasp on reality. Just about.

BODY SHOP ARBER AFTERSHAVE BALM (pounds 8) Not only is this balm ideal if you find your skin irritably dry after using aftershave,it has the added bonus of a pungent aroma that smells like your gran tanked up at Christmas, rekindling happy memories of yule tide nights hammering the gin.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Aug 26, 2003
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