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Diversified Check Solutions, a leading provider of end-to-end, ACH and Check 21-compliant processing systems, has partnered with Pleasanton, Calif.-based Visioneer to provide the ACHeck21 product suite to Visioneer's customers. Visioneer provides a broad range of scanning solutions for the desktop, distributed and departmental document imaging markets as well as the mobile and remote business scanning segments under its own brand as well as the Xerox brand of DocuMate scanners under its trademark license with Xerox.

Diversified's ACHeck21 product suite will provide Visioneer's existing and future customers a technology that images checks and converts them to electronic transactions. ACHeck21 is an intelligent ACH (Automatic Clearing House) and Check21 web-based remote capture solution. It provides a fast, efficient, and convenient way to convert received checks into electronic transactions through the use of a Visioneer or Xerox DocuMate scanner and Visioneer OneTouch software. ACHeck21 software is designed for any user, organization or business to quickly and accurately make electronic deposits from paper checks and incorporate that data into most accounting systems, including Intuit Quickbooks. Integration with Visioneer OneTouch makes that process as easy as pressing a single button.

ACHeck21 represents an advanced, robust and comprehensive solution for any individual, group or company that wants the convenience and security of accurate check deposits from their internet connected computer. The technology is extremely versatile; allowing customers to easily scan checks, make deposits, update accounts receivable systems, manage returns and archive checks and data. Additionally, the ACHeck21 user interface is extremely easy to use, eliminating the need for organizations to train staff on a new complicated system.

"We are very pleased to be able to be a strategic partner with Visioneer, a leader in document imaging products, to provide the ACHeck21 solution to its customers," said Sam Ackley, managing partner of Diversified Check Solutions. "With ACHeck21, any Visioneer customer can save time and money using their Visioneer or Xerox DocuMate scanner to make check deposits to any U.S. bank. At Diversified, we have developed solutions that manage every step of the process - from accepting and scanning checks, to converting them into digital financial instruments to making bank deposits, to integrating all of that into an accounting system," Ackley said. "Visioneer customers will use our technology to gain access to their funds more rapidly, plus they will have more tools for managing and maximizing the efficiency of their accounting systems."

ACHeck21, combined with Visioneer and Xerox DocuMate scanners, is ideal for businesses, mobile professionals, consumers, utilities, insurance companies, property management groups, medical billing entities, home based businesses, government agencies, banks, credit unions, religious organizations, educational institutions and not-for-profit agencies - in other words, anyone who accepts checks for payment. With ACHeck21 technology, which is fully compliant with the Federal Reserve Check 21 regulations, these organizations can accelerate their check deposits into their bank account quickly and securely.

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About Visioneer

Visioneer provides a broad range of scanning solutions for the desktop, distributed and departmental document imaging markets as well as the mobile and remote business scanning segments. In 2003, Visioneer combined its leading scanner technology with the Xerox brand recognition to develop the Xerox DocuMate product line. Visioneer and Xerox DocuMate high-performance business scanners and imaging software solutions offer users speed, image quality, advanced paper handling and ease-of-use with exclusive Visioneer OneTouch technology.

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About Diversified Check Solutions LLC

Headquartered in Lake Saint Louis, Mo., Diversified Check Solutions LLC is a leading provider of financial services technology solutions. The Diversified team knows check processing. We have made it our mission to create, deliver and support quality financial software solutions that provide our customers with all-encompassing tools for success. ACHeck21 is our masterpiece - a comprehensive and scalable end-to-end software solution that follows an intelligent business workflow.

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Date:Dec 29, 2009

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