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Visage Imaging Inc., Andover, Mass., a wholly owned subsidiary of Pro Medicus Ltd. has announced a signed deal to provide Lake Imaging, one of Australia's largest independent diagnostic imaging groups, with Visage 7 - its next generation, thin client streaming digital imaging technology (PACS) solution.

Lake Imaging is one of the fastest growing radiology groups in Australia. In 2002 it was amongst the first private practices in Australia to adopt a fully digital (filmless) imaging solution which has helped power its growth from two practices to today's network of seventeen fully digital campuses.

Visage 7 will be installed and fully integrated with the existing Pro Medicus Radiology Information System (RIS) at all Lake Imaging sites. In addition to being used for all primary diagnosis, the system will handle the long term image archiving needs of the group. The Visage solutions also provide Lake Imaging referring physicians with the ability to remotely access, view and manipulate their patients' images in both 2D and 3D, another first being native support for both Window and Mac OS X.

"Visage 7 is a revolutionary new product that sports a number of industry firsts. It is truly thin client which provides rapid access to extremely large datasets without having to download them. This creates new opportunities for sharing images, regardless of location, that are not feasible using standard image transfer technology. The new Visage 7 Universal Viewer allows radiologists to view conventional 2D as well as advanced 3D and 4D (moving) images all within the one application. They don't have to continually switch between multiple applications as is usually the case with other offerings so we trust this will take productivity to a new level. We believe we are the first to incorporate 2D, 3D and 4D images using thin-client architecture working on both Apple Macintosh and Windows platforms," said David Chambers, CEO, Visage Imaging/Pro Medicus Ltd. "Up to 30 % of Australia's referring specialists use the Macintosh platform so we see this as a significant strategic advantage," continued Chambers.

"Lake is a technology thought leader and has always built its business model using IT as a key enabler. We wanted to step up to a 4th generation PACS and after an exhaustive search, identified Pro Medicus as having all the things we wanted in a fully integrated next generation PACS/RIS system. It continues our strong relationship with Pro Medicus with a decision that makes both business and clinical sense for us. This move puts us two years ahead of the other players," stated John Livingston, CEO, Lake Imaging.

"That our new expanded range of products has gained traction with existing customers in Australia only serves to validate our decision to acquire Visage Imaging," said David Chambers. "We are now arguably one of the only companies that can provide a truly single vendor solution that caters for all the needs of a modern radiology practice. We believe this will give us the edge both here and overseas," continued Chambers.

Visage 7 technology will be showcased later this month with expected US release in December 2009 at the Radiology Society of North America's in Chicago.

About Visage Imaging

Visage Imaging is a global leading provider of scalable enterprise visualization, RIS and PACS solutions for clinical and preclinical imaging. Targeted at hospitals and imaging centers of any size, the Visage products offer blazingly fast access to thin slice data anytime, anywhere, combined with a bi-directional RIS integration for a perfect workflow and a comprehensive set of clinical applications for all 2D, 3D and 4D interpretation and reporting, post-processing and image review tasks within and beyond radiology. Visage visualization and PACS solutions are registered as medical devices in Europe, Canada, and Australia, and have received FDA clearance.

For more information, visit or call 978/662-5401.

About Pro Medicus Limited

Pro Medicus Limited is Australia's leading medical IT and e-health provider. Founded in 1983, the company provides a full range of integrated software products and services to hospital, imaging centers and health care groups worldwide.

For more information, visit
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