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 SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Visa International today unveiled a comprehensive information service, called VisaVue(R), that will revolutionize the way senior executives can manage their Visa card programs. The first of its kind in the industry, VisaVue will enable more timely and informed decision making and greater responsiveness to fast-changing market conditions.
 "VisaVue exploits the VisaNet systems architecture and the data accuracy of PaymentService 2000 (PS/2000) to empower our members with the information needed in today's competitive environment," explained Roger Peirce, executive vice president, Visa International. "Subscribing Visa members will receive valuable monthly data and powerful custom software that pairs unlimited analysis and reports," he continued.
 Previously available only within Visa or at great time and expense to individual member financial institutions, VisaVue consists of a software package that is coupled with a monthly subscription of Visa program updates. The package, called VisaVue Solution Series, consists of two complementary software products, Market Advantage and Performance Plus. Both products run on IBM and Macintosh personal computers and require Microsoft Excel, the most widely used spreadsheet program.
 VISAVUE(R) Market Advantage
 Market Advantage gives an instant view of a Visa member's issuing or acquiring business and compares it to the overall marketplace. It can be used to analyze interchange information by market share, geographical spread, product mix, transaction type, fee level, and both market segment and geographic trends. A user can receive graphic information that can answer questions like, "What was the average airline ticket charge?" or, "What types of business were frequented by our Gold Card customers in July 1993?"
 VISAVUE(R) Performance Plus
 Performance Plus answers inquiries about a member's operational performance from the product and systems perspective. It can monitor chargeback and copy request activity as well as point-of-sale and automated teller machine (ATM) authorizations. Specifically, Performance Plus can respond to questions like, "How do my Classic Card authorization rates compare to the average rates in my region? country?" or, "What percent of Gold Card transactions are declined in Singapore?"
 "There is nothing available in the marketplace quite like VisaVue," according to Pat Edwards, vice president of information services, Visa International. "VisaVue is a complete user-friendly package whereby the number of applicable analyses and reports are limited only by your imagination," she added.
 Using a simple "point-and-click" approach, VisaVue users point to find specific information and click a button to display statistical reports. The result is a customized, instant summary of market or performance indicators, presented in color graphics and reports. VisaVue comes with a handy-user guide and is supported by a toll-free telephone help desk number.
 Visa members who wish to subscribe to the service or have questions, can call 800-VISAVUE (for Canada, the Caribbean, and the United States) or 415-513-1222 (for all other areas). Monthly statistics are currently delivered to member subscribers either by diskette or through the VisaNet clearing and settlement system. Plans are underway to offer VisaVue through electronic mail by 1994.
 Visa is the leading consumer payment system in the world with more than 10.4 million acceptance locations, the largest global ATM network and 309 million cards issued worldwide.
 NOTE: VisaVue is a registered trademark of Visa International.
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