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VIPswitch Joins Optical Domain Service Interconnect and Optical Internetworking Forum to Facilitate Deployment of V-MAN.

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VIPswitch, the award winning developer of Optical Voice, Video and Data Metropolitan Area networks (V-MANs) toady announced its participation with more than 300 networking equipment and service provider companies in the Optical Domain Service Interconnect (ODSI) and the Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF). These two leading open initiative coalitions are dedicated to accelerating the development of next-generation optical networks through ensuring cross-vendor interoperability, high-level communications and the collaboration between service providers and equipment vendors.

"Enabling fibre based service providers (CLECs, CAPs and MSOs) to deliver true IP convergent Video, Voice and Data solutions to their customers and maximize their network investment is fundamental to VIPswitch and the V-MAN product line," said Yves Hupe, VIPswitch's Vice President of Marketing. "Working with other ODSI and OIF members ensures the interoperability of optical networking devices to signal into and request services through the optical core, extend scalability, provide guaranteed QoS and provisioning benefit of the VIPswitch V-MAN series."

About the OIF

Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF) is a forum to foster the development and deployment of interoperable products and services for data switching and outing using optical networking technologies. The OIF encourages co-operation among telecom industry participants including equipment manufacturers, telecom service providers and end users; promote global development of optical internetworking products; promote nationwide and worldwide compatibility and interoperability; encourage input to appropriate national and international standards bodies; and identify, select, and augment as appropriate and publish optical internetworking specifications drawn from appropriate national and international standards. More information of the OIF can be found at

About the ODSI

Optical Domain Service Interconnect (ODSI) represents a coalition of networking professionals with a common interest in selecting, applying, and promoting the open interfaces and signaling protocols that will allow higher-layer service networks to interoperate with an evolving and dynamic optical core. The goal of ODSI is to create a practical technical framework that will allow networking devices to signal the optical core to dynamically request high-speed bandwidth connections. ODSI is not an independent or broad-reaching standards organization; rather it will use industry standards to define technical specifications for an interface between the electrical and optical boundary. It will also use interoperability testing to validate and confirm technical solutions and will then promote agreed-upon recommendations within relevant standards bodies and industry consortiums. More information about ODSI can be found at

About VIPswitch's V-MAN Technology

VIPswitch is introducing V-MAN, a new paradigm for Metropolitan Area Networks (MAN). V-MAN addresses the needs of facility based fiber CLECs, CAPs and MSOs who want to deliver true IP convergent solution (Voice, Video and Data) over IP. The V-MAN enables Service Providers to build all-IP metropolitan networks that can transport better-than-toll quality voice and video applications. Based on optical light-speed IP switching, the V-MAN by-passes the built-in services and scalability limitation of legacy ATM and/or SONET based networks, while driving investment and operation costs down to the ones experienced with Ethernet based networking equipment. Unlike MANs being currently deployed with LAN purpose-built devices, the V-MAN has been designed from the ground-up for three-play service providers and carriers, delivering unsurpassed scalability as well as guaranteed service delivery for all applications.

About VIPswitch

VIPswitch is a privately held award winning manufacturer of advanced networking solutions for the fastest growing networking sector - Optical Metropolitan Area Networks (MANs). We are integrating the latest developments in metro optical WDM and packet switching to build the next generation Optical V-MAN (Video & Voice MAN) for Service Providers. VIPswitch has offices in Boston and Montreal. For more information, please visit VIPswitch on the web at, send an email to or call 800-638-2677.

VIPswitch is a registered trademark of VIPswitch Inc. VIPswitch V-MAN series , VIPswitch 160, VIPswitch 360, VIPswitch 1600, VIPswitch 3240 and the VIPswitch QoS IP MAN switch are proprietary trademarks of VIPswitch. All other trademarks are property of their respective companies.
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Date:Dec 5, 2000
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