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VINA Technologies announces the T1 Integrator single-platform solution to bring voice/Internet integration to small businesses; Intermedia Communications becomes first telecommunications service provider to incorporate VINA's solution.

FREMONT, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 30, 1997--VINA Technologies today announced that Intermedia Communications Inc., a provider of integrated telecommunications services, has selected VINA's T1 Integrator, an integrated access device, as an integral component of its dedicated access solution.

The T1 Integrator is a remotely managed customer premise product that optimizes the use of T1 lines for combined voice and Internet traffic in a small or mid-sized business environment. Intermedia Communications has agreed to purchase, install, remotely manage and support VINA's new T1 Integrator customer premise equipment.

Intermedia Communications, Tampa, Fla., with revenues of $103 million in 1996, is one of the fastest growing providers of integrated telecommunications solutions for business and government end users. The first provider to adopt the T1 Integrator as a tool to serve its own customers, Intermedia Communications will use the device to expand its presence to the $27 billion small-business networking market (The Dell'Oro Group). The device promises to lower telecommunications costs for the end customer while making the most efficient use of Intermedia Communications existing infrastructure.

The T1 Integrator enables small and mid-sized businesses to combine their voice and Internet data traffic over a single T1 line, optimizing the use of the T1.

VINA's single-platform solution features a combination of elements not found in competing solutions. Features include a 24-channel channel bank, an Internet Protocol (IP) gateway, a multiplexer, frame relay, Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP), a T1 DSU/CSU, an Internet firewall, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) for Internet addressing, and Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) for incorporation into network management systems such as HP OpenView. Unlike other solutions that integrate voice and data, the T1 Integrator does not require a separate router.

It is the only piece of equipment needed to interconnect a small office or branch office to the access provider. If the access provider offers both voice and Internet services, all user needs are served via the T1 Integrator.

VINA's target market for the product includes the interexchange carriers (IXCs), competitive local exchange carriers (CLECs), competitive access providers (CAPs), regional Bell operating companies (RBOCs) and Internet service providers (ISPs).

The T1 Integrator enables a telecommunications carrier to cost-effectively bundle local, long-distance, frame relay and Internet services over a single T1 line. The integration of voice and Internet functions in a single piece of equipment reduces the small-business user's equipment costs, installation and maintenance costs, monthly T1 costs and Internet traffic on the voice network. Thus, carriers are positioned to further penetrate the small-business market.

"Our objective at VINA is to enable a telecommunications services provider like Intermedia Communications to cost-effectively penetrate the small to mid-sized business market," said Josh Soske, president of VINA Technologies. "More small businesses need a combination of local and long-distance voice service, high-speed Internet access and complementary services such as e-mail and voice mail. The T1 Integrator makes it possible to take full advantage of all these services, which, combined, can create a strong competitive advantage for the small business."

Benefits to Carrier and Customer

The T1 Integrator, which the carrier installs at the customer site, allows the carrier to provide software upgrades to future services. The T1 Integrator lowers the carrier's costs by reducing Internet impact on the voice network, shortening hold times and introducing integrated access without adding new technology in the carrier's central office.

The T1 Integrator leverages the carrier's existing infrastructure, and it strengthens the carrier's relationship with small-business customers by providing a platform through which more services may be bundled over a single T1 facility.

"The T1 Integrator will revolutionize the telecommunications market and strengthens our competitive ability to deliver a broad range of voice and high-speed data services cost-effectively to the small business environment with the same `no assembly required' approach we have offered since 1987," said Mike Viren, senior vice president at Intermedia Communications. "VINA's technology represents a win-win for us as a telecommunications services provider and for our small-business customers."

The carrier's customers benefit from the installation of the T1 Integrator because the device offers the small business one-stop shopping for local and long-distance service plus Internet access. It also reduces the small business's telecommunications cost by lowering monthly access costs and equipment investment and reducing local-toll and long-distance voice expenses.

In addition, the VINA solution is scalable, readily growing from 64K to 1.536 megabits; it offers high-speed Internet access at an affordable price; and it provides flexibility, quickly accommodating changes in the small business's voice-to-data traffic ratio without requiring additional lines.

One-Stop Shop Solution at Compelling Price

"Small businesses want an economical one-stop shop solution from the telecommunications carrier serving them," said Tom Barsi, VINA's director of marketing. "With the T1 Integrator, they can order a single line and a single access device from one provider on one bill for all their communications needs. VINA's solution is the clear choice when you compare complicated, expensive alternatives. The T1 Integrator brings together voice, data and Internet access in one remotely managed platform -- at roughly half the cost of a solution with separate devices."

The T1 Integrator enables the small business to combine all its older phone and modem lines into a single T1 line. The device routes all voice and Internet traffic in and out of the office. It is easy to install and requires only three connections to the outside world: phone, Ethernet and T1.

The small business, instead of paying for more modem lines as Internet traffic grows -- which is expensive and does nothing to improve access speeds -- can use the T1 Integrator to subsidize the cost of a single T1 line. In addition to cutting telecommunications costs, the T1 Integrator significantly boosts access speeds: T1 is more than 50 times faster than the fastest modem line.

VINA's one-of-a-kind technology mix of voice and Internet functionality built into the T1 Integrator makes these carrier and small-business benefits possible. The T1 Integrator was designed using an integrated hardware approach. With its combined voice and Internet features, the device performs tasks that previously required multiple products from multiple vendors, and it does so at a compelling price point.

With a base price of $5,195, the T1 Integrator is available and shipping today. To date, the T1 Integrator has secured lab approvals from several telecommunications service providers, including Intermedia Communications Inc., AT&T and Pacific Bell Network Integration.

Founded in 1996, VINA Technologies bridges the gap between the worlds of telecommunications and data communications. VINA designs, develops and markets integrated-access customer premise solutions that enable small businesses and branch offices (10 to 100 PCs) to connect economically to high-speed public networks.

The company's premier product, the T1 Integrator, is a compact, economical device that represents an industry first in integrated voice and Internet access. The product integrates voice and Internet traffic over a single T1 line to connect businesses with carriers and network service providers. VINA is located at 42709 Lawrence Place, Fremont, Calif. 94583; 888/774-VINA; . -0-

Note to Editors: VINA will demonstrate the T1 Integrator at SUPERCOMM, Booth No. 2203, June 2 - 5.

T1 Integrator is a trademark of VINA Technologies. All other trademarks or registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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Date:May 30, 1997
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