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VILLAGE OF THE DAMMED; Houses hidden 50 years ago are revealed.


ABANDONED farmhouses covered by water 50 years ago have been revealed because of the hot and dry summer.

The buildings were submerged when the River Devon was dammed to create the Upper Glendevon Reservoir in Perthshire, which provides drinking water for large parts of Fife.

But after the dry summer, the hottest since records began in 1961, the water level is now 60 ft below normal.

The roofs of the buildings can be seen poking through the surface. And the drystane dyking of the former farmhouse's paddock can also be spotted.

Graham Livingstone, the reservoir keeper for 18 years, says the flooded farm was replaced with another, built on the shore.

He added: ``The farmhouses you can see used to belong to farmers who looked after the land for the owners.

``When the reservoir was created, authorities built the farmers a new building, Back Hill farm.

``The reservoir is 140 ft deep normally and it rarely gets this low. It's been a dry summer and usually we would expect the autumn rains to have started.

``It hasn't happened yet and if the rains don't come soon we could have problems with water supply.''

Locals say the flooded farm has only been glimpsed once before since the reservoir was created. In 1976, the water level dropped to 90 ft below normal and the farmhouses could be seen.

A Met Office expert said: ``The fact that we've had only just over half of our average rainfall in Scotland this year and that it's been so warm, might explain emptying reservoirs.

``Scotland's rainfall this year has been just 66 per cent of the average, and the average temperature has been 14.1C two degrees warmer than usual and the warmest since our records began in 1961.''

Geoff Aitkenhead, of Scottish Water, said: ``We are constantly monitoring the levels of water in more than 300 reservoirs and other water sources across the country and we will remain vigilant.''


EXPOSED: The; farmhouses which were submerged when Glendevon Reservoir was created 50 years ago
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Oct 4, 2003
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