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 MARLBORO, Mass., Sept. 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Viewlogic Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: VIEW) today announced the immediate availability of Zycad's XP simulation accelerator interface, ViewSim XP, as a fully integrated element of Viewlogic's innovative SimBus(TM) simulation backplane. Within SimBus, engineers can co-simulate complex ASIC designs with the Zycad XP and Viewlogic's ViewSim VHDL-based digital simulator.
 With the addition of the XP accelerator to SimBus, Viewlogic further enables electronics designers to create a flexible, comprehensive co-simulation environment. Other SimBus integrations now available include VantageSpreadsheet, Verilog XL, HSpice, PSpice, the LMC hardware modelers, and LMC Smartmodels.
 "SimBus is the most comprehensive simulation environment in the electronic design automation (EDA) industry today," said Gene Robinson, Viewlogic's senior vice president of marketing and sales. "SimBus is a key component in Viewlogic's strategy to deliver truly open, high-performance design solutions. By enabling designers to easily mix-and-match best-in-class simulators, we effectively create a super-simulator with capabilities far beyond those of any one simulation tool."
 "In a world of rapidly escalating design complexity and simulation specialization, SimBus represents the kind of innovative technology support design engineers require today." Robinson said. "ViewSim XP, like the rest of Viewlogic's product family, marries the XP high- performance design verification capabilities with flexibility and openness derived from implementing industry standards -- a powerful, compelling combination that only Viewlogic provides."
 Unifies Multi-Methodology Design
 ViewSim XP is a key enabler for creating what Viewlogic calls a unified multi-methodology design environment, in which customers are free to modify and move easily between design methodologies and between tools. ViewSim XP leverages core SimBus technology for:
 -- Partitioning -- SimBus automatically partitions a single design
 representation into respective netlists for ViewSim and the Zycad
 XP. It also generates the interface models required to map
 information between them without user intervention.
 -- Communication -- SimBus provides communication between ViewSim
 and the Zycad XP.
 -- Synchronization -- High accuracy is assured by SimBus using a
 double conversion synchronization engine and the VHDL standard
 timing model.
 -- User Interface -- SimBus maximizes usability with a unified
 interface that has a common "look and feel" and supports both
 graphical and language-based design styles.
 Zycad XP Accelerates ASIC System Stimulation
 Zycad's XP is a high-performance hardware system designed specifically to address today's demanding logic verification and fault simulation needs. The XP provides exceptional speed, capacity and accuracy in design verification analysis and test development applications for application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) and system designs.
 Zycad's Family of Simulation Accelerators enables accelerated logic simulation at the rate 2.5 million events/second per module; high- performance concurrent fault simulation; and full mixed-level simulation. The XP offers up to 4 million gate logic simulation capacity; 1000K gate fault simulation capacity; and unlimited stimulus length.
 Viewlogic's Zycad integration into SimBus is available immediately from Viewlogic representatives worldwide. It is being offered through December, 1993 at a special introductory price of $10,000. SimBus and ViewSim are priced separately, Zycad's XP can be purchased with the ViewSim/XP interface from Viewlogic Systems.
 Founded in 1984, Viewlogic Systems, Inc. is a worldwide supplier of electronic design automation solutions. Viewlogic's software for UNIX- and DOS/Windows-based computing platforms, its industry standards-based design framework, and its broad range of support services enable electrical engineers to design state-of-the-art electronic products more efficiently, reducing development cost and speeding time to market.
 Note: All products mentioned in this document are either trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.
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 /CONTACT: Patrick Pecorelli, of Viewlogic, 508-480-0881/

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