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VIDEO MARKETING: THETOOLYOUR BUSINESS NEEDS TO SURVIVE: The marketing sphere is constantly changing--is your brand keeping up?

Businesses thrive on the story their brand stands on, as it serves as both a legacy and commitment. With the new era of digital marketing taking over, franchises need to realize the incredible asset that video marketing can be to sharing the story of their business. That's why I asked Trevor Rappleye, Founder and CEO of national video production firm that tells stories that drives sales--what video marketing does and why it could change the entire scope of a brand.

Q: Can you tell me a little more about what your business does?

TREVOR: Our organization works with businesses who want to tell their story and have it reach a wide audience. By making videos that introduce consumers to brands on a personal level and showcasing the faces behind a franchise, we're making a brand more interactive and easily accessible.

Q: How does video marketing give franchises the type of exposure that other businesses may not be able to get?

TREVOR: Having video content gets you in front of prospects that may have already forgotten about you. You could have a video of your franchise's story or of a successful franchisee, showing how they work a nine to five job that they absolutely love--all while making their daughter's soccer game at the end of the day. This showcases the real-life components of your business and the people in it. The consumer can visualize how much better their life can be with the help of your franchise.

Q: What makes you passionate about the video marketing process?

TREVOR: What makes us passionate is the fact that we get to tell people's stories and have it be conveyed in a creative and powerful format. I started filming and capturing emotions when I was just 13. I was so keen on saving memories. That's translated into my passion for helping corporations and franchises create content that, at the end of the franchise's video, the consumer is so emotionally connected that they want to call you. They immediately want to sign up or close that deal.

So many companies are doing everything right, but doing videos so wrong. To be able to come in and ask the CEO if they are doing what they love, or asking a franchisee how much their life has changed since becoming a part of a certain franchise, and for them to get emotional on camera because that franchise has made their life better, is precisely where our passion comes from. We create content that evokes emotion, which is something everyone can connect to.

Q: Does video marketing give franchises a chance to highlight how they give back to their communities?

TREVOR: This is absolutely something video can highlight. People want to work with companies that give back and make the world a better place. The notion that companies think people go on their website and are satisfied with reading the same editorial you've had for years explaining your brand's background is just not true anymore. They want something new. By having a philanthropy and mission-focused video that represents what your brand stands for and being able to showcase how franchises feel about helping their communities, as well as showing how, is a huge way to connect them to their customers and gain new ones.

People work with people, not logos. To be able to see the CEO and staff members doing more than just taking a paycheck creates a real sense of connection between whoever is watching the video and the franchise itself.

Q: What happens to businesses that do not follow the new era of advertising?

TREVOR: I'll share one of my favorite quotes, which is, "What got you here, will not get you there." I ask companies if they want to be Netflix or if they want to be Blockbuster. Why? Because Blockbuster is an example of a company that did not change with the times, went online and/or were too late, so they lost. If companies jump on the video marketing trend that is turning into the main feature of advertising, they will see an increase in leads, engagement and revenue. We remind clients that by taking part, people will be able to find a video of their brand talking about the business and what it does in a matter of seconds, whether on social media or their franchise's website. Video marketing creates an easy way for customers to automatically see your content.

For those who do not adapt, I would urge them not to go on their competitor's website, because they will be using video and have captured all the customers you could have gained had you used video marketing. Why not take advantage of this type of marketing? This is the way a franchise can stay on top of a prospect's mind and have a deal closed faster.

By Mary Hanula, IFA

Mary Hanula is the Editor in Chief and Content Manager for the International Franchise Association. To find out more about, visit
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