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VI. Authorization for consent to medical treatment of minor.

An authorization for consent to medical treatment of a minor allows someone other than a child's legal parents to authorize a doctor or other health care professional to provide medical services to your minor child. Especially in states that do not recognize both parents in a same-sex couple as legal parents, this form can be important to ensure that your partner is able to consent to emergency medical treatment for your child if you are not available. Even if both you and your partner are recognized as legal parents, it is advisable to execute this document in case you are traveling in a state that refuses to recognize your relationship or parental status.

For lesbian couples who are about to have children, it is very important to complete this document before the birth mother goes into the hospital. While this form may not be legally binding, hospitals will usually honor the authorization.

A sample authorization for consent to medical treatment of a minor can be found at Appendix D.
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Date:Jan 1, 2003
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