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"The Y2K phobia has revealed a number of things, ... for example, the extent to which we have become determined by technology. In fact this fear shows how humanity has almost tied itself in knots,

"How can God justly bring an end to the world when he is a God of love and grace and wanting all to come to him for salvation? My hypothesis is that he will wait until humanity has so tied itself in knots that to wait longer would not make a difference."

--Myron S. Augsburger (Christian Living, Sept. 1999)

"In attempting to speak to the world as Christ commands us to, sometimes we fall into the world, face down. The world gets us. Jesus tells us to go out and get the world. Then he tells us, You be careful; they're out to get you."

--Duke University professor William H. Willimon (Ministry, Nov. 1999)

"As we approach the new millennium, people ask me, `Is the end of the world near?' I give the same answer: We don't know.' But we do know that a day is coming when this age will be finished and God will usher in a new age of peace in the world."

--Evangelist Billy Graham (Decision, Oct. 1999)

"Let arms be silenced and let untried and audacious ways of reconciliation be sought ... Nothing is resolved by war."

--Pope John Paul II (quoted by ZENIT, Oct. 19, 1999)
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Title Annotation:quotations on millennium and other religious events
Publication:U.S. Catholic
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Date:Jan 1, 2000
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