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Why do young women in small cars always head straight into the outside lane, regardless "of whether they need to be there?

YOUR readers may wish to share in the results of an extensive and rigorous study regarding certain aspects of driver behaviour.

My conclusions have been subjected to the strictest scientific control, ie by me, inside my own car.

Why do young women in small cars always head straight into the outside lane, regardless of whether they need to be there? They then remain there, driving at 10 miles an hour slower than everyone else, regardless of the amount of traffic both behind them (usually lots), and in the inside lanes (usually none). This could be a collective decision taken at a quorate meeting held at the Bigg Market to impose a lower speed limit through direct action. I'm still working on this one.

Also, why do old men drive at half the speed of the traffic around them, using indicators in much the same considered way as a guest at a wedding throwing confetti? Meanwhile the steering wheel is apparently gripped with such force that it probably needs replacing every six months. My interim conclusion here is that the motor neurone region of the brain is depressed by that permanently attached flat cap.

ANON. IN response to DJ of Bensham complaining about Prince Harry running up a huge bill in drinking, I just want to make the point that my grandson is in the Army. He has already served one tour of Afghanistan and is due to go again later this year.

All men in the forces drink an awful lot, it's a fact of life. When they are home on leave that is what they do and Prince Harry is no different to anybody else. The only difference is he has a bigger income to do it with. In actual fact he is very popular with the rest of the Army and it is not his fault that he can't go to Afghanistan because he is too big a danger to the other troops on the ground. He would be a terrible target for the Taliban. So why don't you ask this person if they have anybody in the Armed Forces and has any knowledge of how young men act when they are on leave.

ET, Washington.

WITH reference to DM's letter in the Chronicle relating to the article about Ronnie Biggs and wishing to free Ronnie Biggs, can people not understand the guy is a convict.

Yes he has an illness. Does that mean other criminals with similar illnesses should be released before term? As a country, our judicial system is a total joke, life is for life and not just for when you are feeling bad.

I can't believe that someone has written a letter with this context in the Evening Chronicle when our justice system is too soft to start with. To me, anybody who is convicted of crime should serve their sentence and a life is for life. In fact I believe they should bring capital punishment back.

From an unhappy newspaper reader, I can't believe someone from the North East is actually writing about this guy.

BS, Felling.

I'D like to comment on the recent letter from Johnny Lighten MBE, of the National Landlords Association.

I live in Heaton, I wonder if Mr Lighton lives in a student area like Heaton or Jesmond.

Has he been kept awake with all-night parties week after week? Has he had his car dented by a football? I have. Some landlords do take care of their properties but others put students in the houses in the hands of an agent.

The houses start to look like slums, the paint peeling, filthy curtains, gardens overgrown. Don't say complain, it's pointless, nothing happens.

If the students had purpose-built, clean, cheap accommodation, I think the vast majority would jump at the chance. Maybe renting to families is not quite as profitable as charging a student pounds 50 for a room.

DT, Heaton.

IN reply to DH, Vent Your Spleen, July 15, who is saying certain things should not be allowed where benefit claimants are concerned and some of them have no morals.

Well, maybe she should be directing those remarks to some of the MPs who have claimed for second mortgages, moats, bath brushes and goodness knows what else. No need to give benefit claimants a lesson in morals DH.

BS, Birtley.

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Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Jul 17, 2009
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