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REGARDING the guy who wants to have funeral pyres. I am actually incensed about it. For years it has been an offence to have bonfires during certain hours but he wants funeral pyres which will cause pollution to start. We have adequate crematoriums in the UK. MA, Gosforth.

THERE has been a lot of speculation lately in the media and the press regarding a state funeral for Mrs Thatcher. I am in full agreement that prime ministers past and present should get state funerals. Mrs Thatcher could have the full trimmings the same as it was with Churchill. Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, we will put them in wheelie bins and wheel them down through the streets of London. I think that would be a good idea and as a matter of fact I will donate the wheelie bins for them if they haven't got the money to buy them.


I'VE just been speaking to my neighbour who has informed me she's put a claim in for a care allowance and she's hoping for pounds 67 or pounds 44.85 a week and the reason she gave me was she finds it difficult to put her popsocks on in the morning. I asked her well why doesn't your husband put them on and she said he does but I might as well get the money if I can.

Now if this is the attitude of all pensioners, God help this country. It's absolutely terrible. MB, Walker.

WITH the state of the country regarding young youth crime, stabbings, hoodies loitering on the streets, etc, I wish to let you know what the wardens on Beacon Lough East have done tonight.

We all have children aged from four up to 18, and they have got together most nights to play football etc on our fields that looks out on to our houses. The warden has now chased anybody over the age 10 away saying they cannot play football on the fields. She suggested they go to the pit heap which is a big hill where all the motorbikes race, or behind the school where all the electricity pylons are.

I actually enjoy watching the children and teenagers get together. What hope have we got of installing a community spirit if these do-gooders spoil any chance of keeping our children on the straight and narrow?

KB, Beacon Lough East, Gateshead.

THE suggestion that vast numbers of incapacity benefit claimants could be found work is laughable.

Once they have been claimants, highlighted in the press, unless the Government can now provide instant medical cures not previously available by the NHS, what's the likelihood of individuals such as myself at 57-year-old being snapped up by any employer having being finished on their health grounds after more than 40 years? Incapacity benefit is little compensation for the loss of good health and independence.

VJ, Backworth.

I'M 54 and have suffered in the past five years from rheumatoid and osteoarthritis. Because of this I was forced to give up my job as a care worker which I loved and had done for over 20 years. I'm most frustrated at suggesting that many people on incapacity benefit are frauds fit enough to run marathons, referee football matches and clean windows.

The Government should be targeting those who have never done a day's work in their life rather than those who have worked since leaving school.

JS, Longbenton.

I DON'T blame people for not paying for their TV licence fees just to fund the BBC gravy train with passengers such as Terry Wogan, Jonathan Ross, sponging our money up like parasites.

We've got to pay for rubbish such as Eastenders and trashy reality shows churned out on Saturday nights. Now we have to put a few extra carriages on the gravy train for all the hangers-on going to the Olympics at our expense.

Then the football season will restart and all the ex-players already millionaires will be milking us dry appearing on Match of the Day etc. Begrudgingly I pay my licence but if this soft Government allows one more licence rise I may stop by direct debit to pay for the gas and electric gravy trains. JW, Washington.


"We've got to pay for rubbish such as Eastenders and trashy reality shows churned out on Saturday nights
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Jul 23, 2008
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