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I bet all those who criticise the free travel scheme will not be sendng their passes back when they retire

REGARDING concessionary fares. I'm a pensioner myself and I appreciate what the Government has done with the concessionary fares schemes, although I was quite prepared to pay a proportion of it similar to the gold card.

There has been quite a bit about pensioners concessions and now they are talking about teenage concessions. I wonder why the Government doesn't consider giving concessions to workers. If they reduced the price between 7-9am and 4-6pm for workers it could possibly reduce the traffic hold-ups at those times of the day. They are also on about carbon emissions, so if less cars were used it would reduce carbon emissions and hopefully, because more people would use the buses, it would create an increase in fare revenue.

I realise a lot of people work shifts, but a possible bus pass scheme could be introduced for those workers who are working outside those hours. It seems that unemployed, pensioners which I included myself in those, and now teenagers are getting concessions all the time.

But workers are finding it ore and more difficult to make ends meets, especially those on the lower pay scale because of the increase in food, fares etc. I think it's about time the Government start doing something to help them. And I think concessionary fares would be a good way of doing this. RH, Gateshead.

WE were discussing benefit scroungers and people who have never worked in their lives and the Labour Government have sent out messages and shocked these kind of people.

One chap said all the fraud squad have to do is raid the House of Parliament and the House of Lords to catch these benefit and expenses scroungers and save the taxpayers lots and lots of money. JW, Benton.

THIS is probably the first of many complaints. I've been to look at the new post office to be opened in WH Smith's shop on Northumberland Street and I did expect it to be on the ground floor. But no, you go half way down the shop, up an escalator, double back and you find the post office.

Now there doesn't seem to be a down escalator, there is one lift, so I don't know how the elderly or infirm are going to get to this post office. And the young ones with buggies, there is going to be a lot of congestion in the lift and with having no down escalator it seems ridiculous. The queue in Blackett Street today was nearly out of the door so I don't know what's going to happen in WH Smith's shop. It's just a ridiculous idea! SD, Denton Burn.

PERHAPS AS of Cramlington doesn't read The Chronicle very often. If he did he would realise that I have campaigned regularly regarding sentencing by our soft judiciary.

If I may I will reiterate a few of them. Mark Smith's killer given 18 months; Jeffrey Gosling given three years for killing Billy Fellows and he will probably be out within 18 months. AS's last paragraph defeats his own argument. I agree that a judge probably would give the same sentence to a criminally insane person and a wife who murdered her husband. I rest my case. JS, Ponteland.

MY husband has just received his new concessionary bus pass today and the photograph has only half of his face on. It has only the top of his head on it. I just think it's a disgrace we have got to send another photograph in, what a shambles. And they said they have had loads of complaints about the same sort of thing. What a waste of money. MRS S, Birtley.

THERE must have been more comments made relating to pensioners and their free travel passes than any other subject I can think of. But I bet all those who criticise the free travel scheme will not be sending their passes back when they retire. IB, Gateshead.

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Apr 3, 2008
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