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A guide to the companies and execs bringing product to the market

All information in the product listings was submitted by the companies. The American Film Market will be held Feb. 25-March 5 at the Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel.


Achab Film

Viale Gorizia 24C 00198 Rome, Italy (39-06) 854-7230 Fax: (39-06) 8535-5692

Office: 758; 458-6700, ext. 758

Attending: Jef Nuyts, sales manager; Enzo Porcelli, producer.


"Shakespea' Re Igns in Naples," producer, Enzo Porcelli; director, Ruggero Cappuccio. Fantasy about Shakespeare's secret Neapolitan loverboy, set in 16th-century Naples and London. In development.

"Gills," producers, Enzo Porcelli, Laurentina Giudotti; director, Francesco Martinotti; cast, Valentina Cervi, Gianluca Grignani. In post-production.

"A Woman of the North," producers, Rene Seegers, Enzo Porcelli; director, Frans Weiz; cast, Johanna Ter Steege, Anthony Calf, Massimo Ghini. Period drama set in 1900 in which a fragile Dutch woman travels to Italy and discovers the difference between love and passion. Screening.

"Elvjs & Merilijn," producer, Enzo Porcelli; director, Armando Manni; cast, Edyta Olszowska, Goran Navojec. The melancholy journey of two celebrity look-alikes chasing their dream of la dolce vita in Italy. Screening.

Alliance Atlantis Pictures

808 Wilshire Blvd., 4th floor Santa Monica, CA 90401 (310) 899-8000 Fax: (310) 899-8100

Office: 740, 742, 744, 1700; (310) 576-7477

Attending: Mark Horowitz, president, Alliance Pictures Intl.; Linda Grinbaum, VP distribution, Alliance Pictures Intl.; Victor Loewy, VP & president, Alliance Motion Pictures Distribution; Patrice Theroux, exec VP, Alliance Motion Picture Distribution.


"A Taste of Sunshine," producers, Robed Lantos, Andras Hamori; director, Istvan Szabo; cast, Ralph Fiennes, Jennifer Ehle, William Hurt. Story of a family that rises from humble origins to positions of wealth and power. Post-production.

"A Room for Romeo Brass," producers, George Faber, Charlie Pattinson; director, Shane Meadows; cast, Bob Hoskins, Andrew Shim, Ben Marshall. The friendship of two young boys is tested when one is confined to his room after an operation and the other turns to petty crime. Post-production.

"Beefcake," producers, Shandi Mitchell, Thom Fitzgerald; director, Thom Fitzgerald; cast, Daniel MacIvor, Josh Peace, Carrol Godsman. A humorous look at the male muscle magazine industry of the 1950s and '60s. Completed.

"Get Real," producer, Stephen Taylor; director, Simon Shore; cast, Ben Silverstone, Brad Gorton, Charlotte Brittain. The romantic tale of a 16-year-old faced with the dilemma of coming out while growing up. Completed.

Alliance/Le Monde Entertainment

301 N. Canon Drive, Suite 321 Beverly Hills, CA 90210 (310) 275-5501 Fax: (310) 275-5502

Office: 740,742,744, 1700; (310) 576-7477

Attending: John Fremes, president, Le Monde Entertainment; Victor Loewy, vice chairman & president, Alliance Motion Pictures Distribution; Patrice Theroux, exec VP, Alliance Motion Pictures Distribution.


"Cara Cara," producers, Jeff Morton, David Lancaster; director, Graeme Clifford; cast, Natasha Henstridge, Johnathon Schaech. A woman becomes entangled in the conspiracy of two world governments to assassinate an international leader in New York. In production.

"Shadow Warriors II: Assault on Death Mountain," producer, Arvi Liimatainen; director, Jon Cassar; cast, Terry Hogan, Shannon Tweed, Carl Weathers. A legendary SEALs leader and his squad must take on two tough assignments, one a mission of mercy, the other a hunt for revenge. Completed.

Alpine Pictures

6919 Valjean Ave. Van Nuys, CA 91406 (818) 909-5207 Fax: (818) 782-4565

Office: 532; (310) 576-7323

Attending: Rene Torres, president; Tom Hamilton, senior VP; Chaton Anderson, acquisitions; Ryan Carroll, CEO.


"The Road," director, Michael Paul Girard; cast, Kim Dawson. A beautiful actress will take any role to save enough to make her own film.

"The Thin Pink Line," directors, Joe Dietl, Michael Irpino. A documentary filmmaker attempts to tell the story of a death row inmate wrongly accused of murder.

"Resolution," director, Jay Randall; cast, Rob Steinberg, Steven Polk, Sam Jenkins. A group of friends change their lives when forced into confessing their deepest secrets to one another while held hostage.

"Joseph's Gift," director, Philippe Mora; cast, Sam Bottoms, Joe Bottoms, Pamela Bellwood. A modern-day retelling of the tale of Joseph and the coat of many colors, set in the L.A. garment district.

Amazing Movies

7471 Melrose Ave., Suite 7 Los Angeles, CA 90046 (323) 852-1396 Fax: (323) 658-7265

Office: 7th floor, Zuma Room; (310) 576-7549, fax (310) 576-7550

Attending: D. Witkins, president; J. Collaso, operations manager; R. Shapiro, sales; Orly Ravid, acquisitions.


"Merchants of Venus," producer, Zoe Edgarton; director, Len Richmond; cast, Michael York, Prunella Gee, Beverly D'Angelo. An innocent immigrant discovers his dream girl is really a movie star with a mysterious secret. Screening.

"Gunfighter," producer, Michael Danty; director, Christopher Coppola; cast, Robert Carradine, Martin Sheen, Clu Gulager. A lone gunman must save his wife and ranch from murderous rivals.

"Centurion Force," producer, Faruque Ahmed; director, Troy Cook; cast, John Savage, Jennifer Barker, Charles Napier. A renegade Centurion guard launches a one-man assault against a powerful tyrant. Completed.

"Paranoia," producer, Eli Kabillio; director, Larry Brand; cast, Larry Drake, Sally Kirkland, Brigette Bako. An imprisoned serial killer stalks a young woman on the Internet, then gains his freedom and comes after her. Completed.

Amco Entertainment Group

3025 W. Olympic Blvd. Santa Monica, CA 90404 (310) 828-2456 Fax: (310) 828-7086

Office: 868/869

Attending: Ami Artzi, chairman & CEO; Peter Newgard, VP, worldwide sales; Liron Artzi, director, creative affairs; Ran Yaniv, director, business affairs.


"Out in Fifty," producers, Ami Artzi, Scott Leet, Bojesse Christopher; directors, Scott Leet, Bojesse Christopher; cast, Mickey Rourke, Christina Applegate, Peter Greene. Ex-convict gets manipulated into a love scheme for revenge. Completed.

"The Christmas Path," producers, Ami Artzi, Bernard Salzman; director, Bernard Salzman; cast, Vincent Spano, Dee Wallace Stone, Allan Rich. An angel helps a poor boy rediscover the meaning of Christmas.

"Dirk and Betty," producer, Robed Bauer; directors, Paul Gordon, Robed Bauer; cast, Marisa Tomei, Eric Roberts, Maria Pitillo. Two youngsters experiment with drugs for the first time and get stuck in the middle of nowhere.

"The Split," producers, Fridrik Thor Fridriksson; director, Canan Gerede; cast, Bennu Gerede, Rebecca Haas, Mahir Gunsiray. A mother struggles to gain custody of her children after a bitter divorce charged with clashing cultures and faiths.

America Video Film

Virrey Loreta 2426 Buenos Aires, Argentina 1426 (5411) 4787-9098 Fax: (5411) 4787-9094

Office: 658/659; (310) 576-6947

Attending: Enrique Maya, president; Claudio Braslavsky, marketing director; Maria Fernande Fernandez, business affairs; Freddy Hancock, VP acquisitions.


"Mortal Kombat: Conquest," producer, Lawrence Kasanoff; director, Oley Sassone; cast, Daniel Bernhardt. In every generation, a few are chosen to protect Earth in a tournament called Modal Kombat. Completed.

"The Crow: Stairway to Heaven," producer, Gordon Mark; director, Karl Skogland; cast, Mark Dacascos. Eric returns from the land of the dead to avenge his lover's death and make things right. Completed.

"Winchell," director, Paul Mazursky; cast, Stanley Tucci. The true story of the man who exposed the private lives of the rich and famous.

American World Pictures

20700 Ventura Blvd., Suite 225 Woodland Hills, CA 91367 (818) 710-7717 Fax: (818) 710-7718

Office: 816; (310) 576-7329

Attending: Dana Dubovsky, VP production; Terese Linden Kohn, VP distribution; Leslee Jones, director, intl. acquisitions & sales.


"Hitman's Run," producers, Dana Dubovsky, Mark L. Lester; director, Mark L. Lester; cast, Eric Roberts, Damian Chapa, Farrah Forke. A Mafia hitman turns on his family and enters the witness protection program. Screening.

"Blowback," producers, Dana Dubovsky, Mark Lester; director, Mark Lester, cast, Mario Van Peebles. A government experiment goes horribly wrong, a serial killer is executed; but then a new serial killer appears.

"Sacrifice," producers, Dana Dubovsky, Mark Lester; director, Mark Lester. A father vows revenge when his daughter is left for dead in the Florida swamps.

"The Base," producers, Dana Dubovsky, Mark Lester; director, Mark Lester; cast, Marc Dacascos, Tim Abell, Paula Trickey. A young Army officer is assigned to infiltrate a camp to uncover a group of corrupt soldiers. Completed.

Amsell Entertainment

12001 Ventura Place, Suite 404 Studio City, CA 91604 (818) 766-8500 Fax: (818) 766-7873

Office: 8th floor, Escondido Suite; (310) 576-7565

Attending: Alan Solomon, president; Tanya Shifman, development & acquisitions; Matthew Mackie, director intl. servicing.


"Tiger Claws III," producers, Jalal Merhi, Paul Wynn, Richard Borchiver; director, J. Stephen Maunder; cast, Loren Avedon, Cynthia Rothrock, Jalal Merhi. Detective Richards must fight ancient Chinese spirits at the gate of a new millennium. Screening.

"The Yakuza Way," director, Shundo Ohkawa; cast, Riki Takeuchi, Eugene Nomura, George Cheung. A Yakuza gangster arrives in L.A. for a drug deal. Screening.

"The Ultimate Game," directors, Jack Kaprielian, Kayvon Derakhshanian; cast, J.D.Rifkin, T.J. Storm, Paul Logan. A competition for a prize of $1 million lures hard-core martial artists from around the world. Completed.

"Ides of March," director, Darren Doane; cast, Gary Daniels. Ex-SAS agent is pursued by a team of deadly killers who seek retribution for his betrayal. Pre-production.


"Le Barjac" 1 Boulevard Victor 75015 Paris, France (33-1) 4425-0162 Fax: (33-1) 4425-0142

Office: 611

Attending: Claudia Rae-Colombani, world sales.


"The Loudmouths," director, Bernie Bonvoisin; cast, Gerard Darmon, Nadia Fares, Thierry Fremont. Story of three friends, tired of scraping by on two-bit jobs, who decide to move into the big time. Screening.

"House Arrest," director, Christophe Jacrot; cast, Marina Tome, Ticky Holgado, Jean Roger Milo. The idea of parking model prisoners in the homes of carefully screened families, in order to solve the problem of overcrowded prisons, leads to trouble for a childless couple. Completed.

"Toni," director, Philomene Esposito; cast, Alessandro Gassman, Beatrice Dalle, Raf Vallone. The relationship between a Mafia hitman and a lonely young female journalist he meets while carrying out an assignment. Completed.

"Les Collegues," director, Philippe Dajoux; cast, Joel Cantona, Patrick Bosso, Sacha Bourdo. A small Marseilles soccer club sees a way out of its difficulties by playing in an amateur championship held during the World Cup. Completed.


12 Rue Raynouard Paris, France 75016 (33-1) 5392-2929 Fax: (33-1) 5392-2920

Office: 832

Attending: Pierre-Richard Muller, Chantal Lam, Keith Selin, directors.


"Manipulation," producers, Pierre-Richard Muller, Antonio Passallia; director, Claude Chabrol. Kidnapped by a gang, the chairman of a multinational conglomerate is held for ransom. Pre-production.

"Home Delivery," director, Pierre Courrege. Comedy about a group of young men and women living in a small town in France. Pre-production.

"The Target to Kill" (La Cible), director, Pierre Courrege; cast, Daniel Russo, Hippolyte Girardot, Anemone. A Navy serviceman is mistakenly targeted by the police as the terrorist responsible for bombings in Paris. Completed.

"The Poacher" (La Braconne), director, Serge Penard; cast, Francis Perrin, Henri Guybet. After World War II, a young man in Normandy finds a new beginning when he starts living with his relatives. Completed.

Artist View Entertainment

12500 Riverside Drive, Suite 201B North Hollywood, CA 91607 (818) 752-2480 Fax: (818) 752-9339

Office: 616; (310) 576-7095

Attending: Scott J. Jones, president; Jay E. Joyce, VP, worldwide sales; Thomas Emma, senior VP; Paul Eyres, director, development.


"Love & Action in Chicago," producers, Danny Gold, David Basulto; director, Dwayne Johnson-Cochran; cast, Courtney Vance, Jason Alexander, Kathleen Turner. A professional assassin for a secretive government agency meets a lady who is obsessed with him and will not let the government agency get in her way.

"Morgan's Ferry," producer, Alan James; director, Sam Pillsbury; cast, Billy Zane, Kelly McGillis, Henry Rollins. Three fugitives make their way through the Louisiana bayou and meet a strong-willed woman who changes their lives.

"Eighteen Shades of Dust," producers, Cindy Lamb, Tim Gallin; director, Danny Aiello III; cast, Danny Aiello, William Forsythe, Polly Draper. A Mafia hitman examines the trials and tribulations of his troubled life in New York City.

"Trip Fall," director, Serge Rodnunsky; cast, Eric Roberts, John Ritter, Rachel Hunter. A serial killer enters the lives of a family on vacation and their relaxation turns into a nightmare they will never forget.

Associated Television

6290 Sunset Blvd., 12th floor Hollywood, CA 90028 (323) 871-1340 Fax: (323) 469-6048

Office: 646; (310) 576-7435

Attending: David McKenzie, president; James Romanovich, senior VP; Glenn Aveni, VP, intl. sales; Richard Casares, VP, business affairs; Cathy Berry, director, contract administration.


"The Secret KGB JFK Assassination Files," docu hosted by Roger Moore.

"Attack Squad," A special forces police squad commissioned to use the most advanced weapons and training to fight violent crime in L.A.

"Lords of the Mafia," Intriguing docu with undercover Mafia footage from around the world.

"Crime Strike," A reality series about fighting back and standing up for our rights as law-abiding citizens.

The Asylum

718 N. Kings Road, Suite 301 Los Angeles, CA 90069 (323) 653-6579 Fax: (323) 653-4768

Office: 305; (213) 505-4799

Attending: Sherri Strain; David Rimawi; David Michael Latt.


"Max Ray: Ultra Spy," producer, David Rimawi; director, David Michael Latt. A young super-spy must save the world from a charismatic techno-sociopath. In production.

"One Step Beyond," director, David Michael Latt. A girl comes between musician friends and a rivalry between bands begins. Pre-production.

"Chicks, Man," producers, Keven Lange; Krista Gang, Jeremy Wagener; director, Jeremy Wagener; cast, Robia La Morte, Renee Humphrey, Aaron Priest. A romantic comedy about man's greatest mystery, women. Completed.

"This Is My Life and Boy Does It Suck," director, Karl Hirsch; cast, Karl Hirsch. Four twentysomething friends spend a last evening together with mind-altering consequences as they come to terms with who they are and where they are going. Completed.

Atlas Intl. Film

Rumford Dtr. 29-31 80469 Munich, Germany (49-89) 227-525 Fax: (49-89) 224-332

Office: 828/829; 576-7460

Attending: Dieter Menz, president & CEO; Stefan Menz, president; Christi Blum, VP, intl. sales; Corey Anne Herman, sales exec.


"Am I Beautiful," producers, Bernd Eichinger, Martin Moszkowicz; director, Doris Dorrie; cast, Senta Berger, Maria Schrader, Gottfried John. Stories of broken hearts and broken dreams are woven together and climax during a religious procession in Spain. Completed.

"Mob Cops," director, Jorge Nisco; cast, Adrian Suar, Carlos Calvo. Two honest detectives take on a drug gang and mob cops in exotic Buenos Aims. Completed.

"Campus," producers, Bernd Eichinger, Martin Moszkowicz; director, Sonke Wortmann; cast, Heiner Lauterbach, Sandra Speichert, Axel Milberg. A professor's affair with one of his female students is turned into a sexual harassment witch-hunt by his rivals and the press. Completed.

"Ms. Diamond," director, Michael Karen; cast, Sandra Speichert, Udo Kier, Thomas Kretschmann. A jewelry thief steals precious diamonds at an exhibition, only to find out they're fakes. Completed.

Atmosphere Entertainment

1558 10th St. Santa Monica, CA 90401

(310) 434-0066 Fax: (310) 434-0036

Office: 516

Attending: Chris Fries, development & production; Adam Fast, intl. sales; Aimee Irusta, sales exec.


"Casanova Falling," producers, Daniel Bigel, Michael Mailer; director, Christopher Kublan; cast, Mark Feuerstein, Amy Redford, Ben Weber. A womanizing New York advertising executive's life changes when he begins to work with a smart, sexy and independent female associate. Screening.

"The Money Shot," producers, Daniel Bigel, Michael Mailer; director, Matthew Mailer; cast, Stephen Lang, Tamara Tunie. A fortysomething filmmaker is trying to resurrect his career with a documentary about the lives of New York street kids including a teen prostitute. Screening.

"Nowhere Land," producers, Richard Mann, Michael Candela; director, Rupert Hitzig; cast, Peter Dobson, Dina Meyer, Jon Polito. An FBI agent fears for his safety when he's set to testify against a mobster and spends months of seclusion in a remote cabin. Screening.

"An American Vampire Story," producer, Grant Staley; director, Luis Esteban; cast, Treavor Lissauer, Carmen Electra, Sidney Lassick. A young man's passage into manhood takes an amusing turn when he calls a top vampire slayer to rid his home of the pests that posed as houseguests. Completed.

Aurum Producciones

Av. Burgos 12, Floor 10 Madrid 28036, Spain (34-91) 768-4807 Fax: (34-91) 768-4833

Office: 661; 576-6977

Attending: Ramos Francisco, CEO; Aguilar Mocha, intl. sales director.


"Between Your Legs," producer, Cesar Benitez; director, Manuel Gomez Pereira; cast, Victoria Abril, Javier Bardem, Carmelo Gomez. Thriller centered on a couple who meet at a sex-therapy session. Screening.

"Sweethearts," producer, Cesar Benitez; director, Joaquin Oristrell Ventura; cast, Juanjo Puigcorbe, Candela Pena, Juan Diego Botto. Comedy in which a woman decides to make her lover jealous in order to win his love. In post-production.

"Habana Quartet," producer, Francisco Ramos; director, Fernando Colomo; cast, Ernesto Alterio, Javier Camara, Mirtha Ibarra. The life of a dissolute young man in Madrid is forever changed by a videotape of a Cuban woman who claims to be his mother. Screening.

"Empty Fridge," producer, Cesar Benitez; director, Alvaro Fernandez Armero; cast, Coque Malla, Maria Esteve. Romantic comedy about a person's search for the ideal partner. Screening.

Australian Film Commission

Level 4, 150 William St. Woolloomooloo, NSW 2011, Australia (61-2) 9321 6415 Fax: (61-2) 9357 3631

Office: 750

Attending: Cathy Robinson, chief exec; Diana Berman, director, marketing.


B/M Studios

864 Rue Sherbrooke Est Montreal, Quebec, H2L 1K9, Canada (514) 522-5846 Fax: (5140 590-0109

Office: 330

Attending: Philippe Martinez, chairman of the board; Stephanie Martinez, president; Tom Philpott, VP sales.


"The Contract," director, Steven Monroe; cast, Camilla Overbye Roos, Jeff Fahey, Robed Gant.

"Officer Down," producers, Philippe Martinez, Jack Gilardi; director, Steven Monroe.

BV Intl. Pictures

Box 17, Kvalevagsveien 156 4262 Avaldnes, Norway (47-52) 842-210 Fax: (47-52) 840-119

Office: 451

Attending: Bjorg Veland, managing director; Irmelin Nordahl, film sales manager.


"Schpaaa," producer, Finn Gjerdrum; director, Erik Poppe; cast, Mikael Andressen Abou-Zelof, Jalal Zahedjekta. Five boys decide to take control of their lives in an effort to shape their futures. Completed.

"Spin the Bottle," producer, Gill Holland; director, Jamie Yerkes; cast, Holter Graham, Jessica Faller, Kim Winter. A couple's idyllic weekend fails to turn out as planned. Completed.

"Missing Link," producers, Rene Huybrechtse, Frank Bak; director, Ger Poppelaars; cast, Tamar Van Den Dep, Johan Leysen, Nick Van Buiten. When an 11-year-old becomes interested in an expedition to the Congo, he finds a link to his father. Completed.

"I Wonder Who's Kissing You Now," producer, Ib Tardini; director, Henning Carlsen; cast, Tommy Kenter, Marika Lagercrantz. When a woman surprises her husband by becoming more romantic, he suspects her of having an affair. Completed.

Bavaria Film Intl.

Bavariafilmplatz 8 D-82031 Geiselgasteig, Germany (49-89) 6499-2686 Fax: (49-89) 6499-3720

Office: 758

Attending: Michael Weber, head of intl. sales; Thorsten Schaumann, sales manager.


"The Giraffe," producer, Stefan Arndt; director, Dani Levy; cast, Maria Schrader, Dani Levy, David Strathairn. The mysterious death of a Jewish woman brings together a couple who try to reveal a crime that has linked their families for generations. Completed.

"23," director, Hans-Christian Schmid; cast, August Diehl, Fabian Busch, Dieter Landuris. A 19-year-old computer hacker loses control of his life when he tries to uncover what he thinks is a worldwide political conspiracy. Completed.

"Annaluise & Anton," producers, Peter Zenk, Uschi Reich; director, Caroline Link; cast, Elea Geissler, Max Felder, Juliane Kohler. A young woman goes busking in secret at night to raise funds for a close friend. Completed.

"Night Shapes," producer, Peter Rommel; director, Andreas Dresen; cast, Meriam Abbas, Michael Gwisdek, Dominique Horwitz. Comedy concerning the misfortunes that befall the inhabitants of Berlin during a visit from the pope. Completed.

Behaviour Worldwide

1925 Century Park East, Suite 1700 Los Angeles, CA 90067 (310) 226-8300 Fax: (310) 226-8350

Office: 842; (310) 576-7103

Attending: Mark Damon, chairman & CEO; Richard Kiratsoulis, president & COO; Rob Aft, senior VP, worldwide distribution; Eric Christenson, VP, worldwide distribution; Natalie Osborne, director, intl. sales, Behaviour Classics; David Gaynes, senior VP, marketing & publicity.


"The Black Dahlia," producers, Moshe Diamant, Rudy Cohen; director, David Fincher. When the tortured body of a young starlet is discovered, it launches the biggest manhunt in L.A. history.

"Aces High," producers, Moshe Diamant, Rudy Cohen. A renegade dictator plans to bring a nuclear reactor online and to hand out plutonium to any terrorist group willing to use it. Pre-production.

"Things Behind the Sun," producers, Dan Hassid, Leon Falk; director, Allison Anders. When a beautiful rock singer's first record is a hit, it awakens dark memories in the young journalist sent to interview her. In development.

"Grizzly Falls," producers, Peter Simpson, Allan Scott; director, Stewart Raffill; cast, Bryan Brown, Richard Harris. A female grizzly captures a young boy and teaches him about survival and ultimately friendship. Screening.

Betar Entertainment

5200 N. Kanan Road, Suite 204 Agoura Hills, CA 91301 (818) 707-8780 Fax: (818) 707-8785

Office: 323

Attending: Philippe Martinez, chairman; Aziz C. Alaoui, president; Elizabeth Kim, exec sales assistant.


"Romantic Moritz," director, Tim Boxell; cast, Casper Van Dien, Lauren Graham, Roger Daltry. Screening.

"The Collectors," director, Sidney Furie; cast, Casper Van Dien, Rick Fox, Catherine Oxenburg.

"In Her Defense," director, Sidney Furie; cast, Michael Dudikoff, Marlee Matlin, Daniel Pilon.

"Going Back," director, Sidney Furie; cast, Casper Van Dien.

Beyond Films

53-55 Brisbane St. Surry Hills, NSW 2010, Australia (61-2) 9281-1266 Fax: (61-2) 9281-9220

Office: 817; (310) 576-7339

Attending: Gary Hamilton, general manager; John Thornhill, marketing manager; Dee Emerson, sales exec, Europe; Andrea Kreuzhage, sales rep, Germany; Ian Gibbins, sales exec, Asia.


"Two Hands," producer, Marian Macgowan; director, Gregor Jordan; cast, Heath Ledger, Rose Byrne, Bryan Brown. A young streetfighter who loses $10,000 has to pull his first bank job to avoid the bullet. Screening.

"Paperback Hero," producers, Lance Reynolds, John Winter; director, Anthony Bowman; cast, Hugh Jackman, Claudia Karvan. A country trucker moonlights as a romance novelist. Screening.

"Kick," producers, Mariel Beros, Sharon Kruger, Ross Matthews; director, Lynda Heys; cast, Russell Page, Rebecca Yates, Paul Mercurio. The comic story of a young football hero who leads a double life as a dancer. Screening.

"Fresh Air," producer, Rosemary Blight; director, Nell Mansfield; cast, Marin Mimica, Nadine Garner, Bridle Carter. Follows the dreams and aspirations of the three young artists in multicultural Sydney. Screening.

Big Bear Licensing

1350 Abbot Kinney Blvd. Venice, CA 90291 (310) 314-9919 Fax: (310) 314-8081

Office: 848; (310) 576-7503

Attending: Wolf Schmidt, president; Jamie Dake, exec assistant.


"Diamondbacks," producer, Wolf Schmidt; director, Bernard Salzman. A right-wing militia group attempts to sabotage a NASA space mission to promote its anti-government stance.

"Moscow Heat," producer, Jason Pohland, Wolf Schmidt; director, Robed Boris. A special agent from the FBI traces plutonium thefts to an organized crime group in Russia.

"Crossing the Line," producer, Paul Lewis; director, Robed Kubilos. High risks in love and danger mark the lives of racers on the Grand Prix circuit of super-bikes.

"The Sleepless," producer, Megan Slikas; director, Dominic Paris; cast, Talbot Perry, Shawn Andrews, Amy Hathaway. A young man's struggle to rise above the violence in his life and free himself from the dark world of unforgiving mobsters into which he was born.

Bjorck Film Corp.

20300 Ventura Blvd., Suite 340 Woodland Hills, CA 91364 (818) 704-7888 Fax: (818) 704-5173

Office: 663

Attending: Lennart Bjorck, chairman; Penny Karlin, president; Kelly Green, VP acquisitions; Jenel McGlothlin, aquisitions & scheduling coordinator.


210 Wilshire Blvd., Suite A29 Santa Monica, CA 90401 (310) 393-7154 Fax: (310) 393-7294

Office: 522

Attending: William Mariani, CEO; Yves R. Dion, president distribution; Marcy Rubin, senior VP, intl. distribution; Ron Price, chief financial officer.


"The Last Light," producer, Kim Berlin; director, Karim Hussain. A young man finds a hellish nightmare awaits him when he returns to his hometown.

"Within Your Reach," producers, Kim Berlin, Ted Schipper, William Mercer. On the eve of womanhood, a young girl cleans up some loose family ties.

"Asylum," producers, Kay Solomon, Kent Walwin, Rene Dalder; director, Rene Dalder; cast, Amanda Plummer, Patrick McGoohan, Michael Maloney. Experimenting on mentally ill patients, a doctor implants microchips that cause patients to experience simultaneous emotions. Completed.

Blue Rider

2800 28th St., Suite 105 Santa Monica, CA 90405 (310) 314-8246 Fax: (310) 581-4352

Office: Topanga Room; (310) 576-7555

Attending: Walter Josten, CEO; Jeff Geoffray, chief financial officer; Michael Stone, VP distribution.


"Slow Burn," producers, Robed Swanson, Roger Softer, Kate Driver; director, Christian Ford; cast, Minnie Driver, James Spader, Josh Brolin. A disingenuous explorer finds herself stranded in the Mexican desert with two escaped convicts and a stash of diamonds. Post-production.

"Shergar," producers, Jeff Geoffray, Walter Josten; director, Denis Lewiston; cast, Ian Holm, David Warner, Mickey Rourke. A champion race horse abducted by IRA terrorists is rescued by an orphaned boy. Screening.

"Cord," producers, Walter Josten, Jeff Geoffray; director, Sidney Furie. A pregnant woman is kidnapped by a childless couple and must prevent them from taking her baby. Pre-production.

"Byte Riders," producers, Walter Josten, Jeff Geoffray. When two bungling alien slave traders crash-land in a small town, a high school quarterback and his girlfriend enlist the help of a pair of cyber warriors to defeat them. Pre-production.

Blum Group

494 Tuallitan Road Los Angeles, CA 90049 (310) 476-2229 Fax: (310) 471-8659

Attending: Suzanne Blum, president; Harry N. Blum, chairman.


"Out of the Blue," director, Dennis Hopper; cast, Dennis Hopper.

"Secrets," cast, Jacqueline Bisset.

"Interface," cast, Ethan Wayne, Kathy Shower, Jeff Conaway. A cyberspace erotic fantasy becomes reality.

Brimstone Entertainment

12301 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 205 Los Angeles, CA 90025 (310) 571-1517 Fax: (310) 571-1597

Office: 550

Attending: Scott Vandiver, president, worldwide sales; Philip Botana, president, acquisitions.


"My Brother the Pig," cast, Judge Reinhold, Scarlett Johansson, Alex Linz. The story of a 9-year-old who accidentally turns himself into a pig.

"Liquid Bridge," Two young men join the pro surfing tour and drug abuse leads to trouble for both.

"Sweet Surrender," Best friends are separated tragically after the birth of an illegitimate son.

"Big Bear," A young city kid has an unforgettable wilderness adventure as he stumbles upon smugglers and sees a sheriff murdered.

Broadstar Entertainment

125 N. Mansfield Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90036 (323) 634-1945 Fax: (323) 634-1833

Office: 505

Attending: Tom Broadbridge, CEO.

Buena Vista Film Sales

350 S. Buena Vista St. Burbank, CA 91521-6451 (818) 238-1081 Fax: (818) 848-7322

Office: 434; (310) 576-7341

Attending: Michael J. Dragotto, VP sales; Jere Hausfater, senior VP, acquisitions & business affairs; Anne Sterling, VP acquisitions; Laura Smith Nash, director, business & legal affairs; Paula Endara, manager, technical services.


"Duets," producers, Kevin Jones, John Bryum, Bruce Paltrow; director, Bruce Paltrow; cast, Gwyneth Paltrow, Huey Lewis, Maria Bello. The lives of several offbeat characters intersect as they make their way to a karaoke competition in Omaha, Neb. In production.

"Gun Shy," producer, Sandra Bullock; director, Eric Blakeney; cast, Liam Neeson, Oliver Platt, Sandra Bullock. An undercover DEA agent gets involved with a female doctor, money-laundering through the stock market and, with the support of his group-therapy peers, succeeds in bringing down the Mafia. Post-production.

"P. Tinto's Miracle," producer, Luis Manso; director, Javier Fesser; cast, Luis Ciges, Silvia Casanova, Pablo Pinedo. This film follows the life of P. Tinto, the youngest of many generations of communion wafer manufacturers. Screening.

"The 13th Warrior," producers, Michael Crichton, Ned Dowd, John McTiernan; director, John McTiernan; cast, Antonio Banderas, Omar Sharif, Diane Venora. An important emissary reluctantly joins a band of warriors in their quest to battle mysterious creatures legendary for consuming every living thing. Post-production.



45 Boulevard Pierre Frieden L-1543 Luxembourg (352-42) 142-3935 Fax: (352-42) 142=3771

Office: 634

Attending: Heinz Thym, head of acquisitions & sales; Katja Jochum, head of German acquisitions & sales; Nathalie Biancolli, senior intl. sales exec; Vica Fajnor, head of creative affairs; Sandra Keser-Stajnberger, Eastern Europe representative; Martin Schurmann, U.S. representative.


"Like a Fish Out of Water," producer, Stephane Tavenas; director, Herve Hadmar; cast, Tcheky Karyo, Monica Bellucci, Michel Muller. Comedy in which a femme fatale and two con men plan to steal a rare and valuable fish and then sell it back to its grieving owner at an enormous profit. Screening.

"Live Virgin," director, Jean-Pierre Marois; cast, Bob Hoskins, Robert Loggia, Mena Suvari. A teenage girl decides to get her porn producer father's attention by becoming the biggest porn star ever. Screening.

"Tommy and the Wildcat," producer, Hannu Tuomainen; director, Raimo 0 Niemi; cast, Konsta Hietanen, Antti Virmavirta, Kristina Halttu. Having befriended a captive lynx in a wildlife park, a young boy sets it free and the two go on the run. Screening.

"Where the Money Is," producers, Ridley Scott, Chris Zarpas, Chuck Weinstock; director, Marek Kanievska; cast, Paul Newman, Linda Fiorentino, Dermot Mulroney. A young woman, searching for the ultimate thrill, manipulates her adoring husband and an infamous bank robber into pulling off one last bank heist. In post-production.

Cameron Entertainment

32 Lam Hing St. Units 15-28, 17/F, Metro Centre, Phase 1 Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong (852) 2754 2855 Fax: (852) 2799 3643

Office: 327

Attending: Charlene Lai, distribution manager; Edith Wong, marketing exec.


"Moonlight Express," producers, Catherine Hun, Taka Ichise; director, Daniel Lee; cast, Leslie Cheung, Takako Tokiwa. An undercover cop becomes a fugitive when he digs into a drug case. Completed

"Full Alert," producer-director, Ringo Lam; cast, Lau Ching-wam, Francis Ng, Amanda Lee. An inspector pursues a criminal whose target is the central safe inside the Hong Kong Jockey Club. Completed.

"Wild Search," producer-director, Ringo Lam; cast, Chow-Yun Fat, Cherie Chung. Inspector Lau smashes an arms deal and becomes the target of the deadly gang. Completed.

"Organized Crime and Triad Bureau," producers, Danny Lee, Kirk Wong; director, Kirk Wong; cast, Danny Lee, Anthony Wong, Cecilia Yip. A team of the OCTB pursues a well-organized group and fights an uphill war with intelligence and persistence. Completed.


9242 Beverly Blvd. Beverly Hills, CA 90210-3710 (310) 247-4700 Fax: (310) 247-4701

Office: 464, (310) 576-7023, fax (310) 576-7024

Attending: Andreas Lindstrom, president; Marlene Neubauer, director, sales & marketing; Alexandra Freyermuth, chairman; Karen Isaacs, legal affairs, Connie Greenwood, senior VP, intl. sales.


"Commander Hamilton," director, Harald Zwart; cast, Peter Stormare, Lena Olin, Mark Hamill. The story of an elite Swedish military squadron charged with retrieving a stolen Russian nuclear missile. Completed.

"After the Rain," director, Ross Kettle; cast, Paul Bettany, Louise Lombard, Ariyon Bakare. A romantic drama centering around the social crisis of three characters whose lives are entangled in the racial turmoil of the country's civil war. Post-production.

"Dairy Queens," director, Michael Patrick Jann; cast, Kirsten Dunst, Kirstie Alley, Denise Richards. A mockumentary about the vicious competition between contestants in a small-town beauty contest. Post-production.

"Pete's Meteor," director, Joe O'Byrne; cast, Mike Myers, Brenda Fricker, Alfred Molina. Three orphaned kids are living with their grandmother in Dublin when a meteor crashes into their garden, starting a chain of life-altering events. Post-production.

Capitol Films

23 Queensdale Place London W11 4SQ, U.K. (44-171) 471-6000 Fax: (44-171) 471 6012

Office: 645; 576-7425

Attending: Jane Barclay, managing director; Penny Wolf, VP, intl. distribution; Hannah Leader, head of business affairs; Will Machin, sales exec.


"The Last Yellow," director, Julian Farino; cast, Mark Addy, Samantha Morton, Charlie Creed-Miles. Two losers try to lift themselves out of the mire by letting their fantasy world take over their lives. Screening.

"Rogue Trader," director, James Dearden; cast, Ewan McGregor, Anna Friel. How one man's ambition led to the collapse of Britain's oldest and most prestigious bank. Screening.

"Mirka," director, Rachid Benhadj; cast, Gerard Depardieu, Vanessa Redgrave. A small boy searches for his true identity while trying to comprehend the grotesque and cruel world that adults inhabit. In postproduction.

"Fanny & Elvis," director, Kay Mellor; cast, Kerry Fox, Ray Winstone. Romantic comedy set against the ticking clock of the millennium and one woman's biological clock. In post-production.

Castle Hill Prods.

1414 Ave. of the Americas New York, NY 10019 (212) 888-0080 Fax: (212) 644-0956

Office:725; (310) 576-7267

Attending: Arthur Schweitzer, VP, intl. sales.


"Canvas," director, Joe Greco; cast, Mia Farrow. The mother in a working-class family developes a mental disorder and becomes outrageously out of control. Pre-production.

"The Opponent," director, Fred Williamson; cast, Jim Brown, Fred Williamson, Charles Napier. The authorities give up on a kidnapped man, but his friends will stop at nothing to find him. In production.

Celluloid Dreams

24 rue Lamartine 75009 Paris, France (33-1) 4970-0370 Fax: (33-1) 4970-0371

Office: 611

Attending: Hengameh Panahi, president; Janine Gold, intl. sales.

Adriana Chiesa Enterprises

Via Barnaba Oriani 24A 00197 Rome, Italy (39-06) 808-6052 Fax: (39-06) 8068-7855

Office: 701

Attending: Adriana Chiesa Di Palma, president; Rossella Gori, sales manager.


"Deceit," director, Claudia Florid; cast, Jonathan Pryce, Brian Protheroe, Susan Lynch. Thriller exploring love, jealousy, anger and the encounters we all have in life. Screening.

"That's Life," directors, Aldo, Giovanni & Giacomo & Massimo Venier; cast, Aldo, Giovanni, Giacomo. Road movie packed with bizarre adventures. Screening.

"Phantom of the Opera," director, Dario Argento; cast, Julian Sands, Asia Argento. Feature based on the novel by Gaston Leroux. Screening.

"Winds of Passion," director, Sandro Cecca; cast, Franco Nero. Passionate Mediterranean love story. In production.

Cinema Arts Entertainment

9350 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 203 Beverly Hills, CA 90212 (310) 550-1085 Fax: (31 O) 550-1182

Office: 832; 458-6700

Attending: Pierre-Richard Muller, chairman; Chantal Lam, exec VP; Keith Selin, director.


"La Vendedora de Rosas" (The Rose Seller), producer, Erwin Goggel; director, Victor Gaviria; cast, Leidy Tabares, Marta Correa, Yuli Garcia. A street girl in Medellin sells roses to make a living and to indulge in her dream of a holiday. Screening.

"Yellow," producers, Taka Arai, Theodore Kim; director, Chris Chan Lee; cast, Soon-Tek Oh, Amy Hill, Michael Chung. A bunch of Asian-American kids whose lives spin out of control on the night of their high school graduation party. Screening.

"Story of O," producer, Pierre-Richard Muller; director, Philip Leirness; cast, Danielle Ciardi, Nell Dickson, Max Parrish. A 1997 adaptation, set in L.A., of the novel by Pauline Reage. Post-production.

"The Setting Sun," director, Tomono Rd; cast, Kato Masaya, Diane Lane, Donald Sutherland. Drama set in the 1930s during the Opium Wars between China and Japan, in which an idealistic Japanese soldier falls in love with the leader of a rebel movement fighting against Japanese control of the opium trade. Completed.


Sonnenstrasse 21 D-80331 Munich, Germany (49-89) 558-760 Fax: (49-89) 5587-6188

Office: 812; 446-1000

Attending: Dr. Thomas Weymar, managing director; Wolfram Skowronnek, deputy managing director; Marc Gabizon, senior VP, acquisitions; Julia Muntefering, acquisitions.


"When the Light Comes," producer, Paul Voorthuysen; director, Stijn Coninx; cast, Joachim Krol, Francesca Vanthielen, Reider Sorensen. It's the longest night of the year in the coldest place on earth, but two hearts still melt. Screening.

"Love Scenes From Planet Earth," producers, Ewa Karlstrom, Andreas Ulmke-Smeaton; director, Marc Rothemund; cast, Christoph Waltz, Held von Stetten, Ann-Kathrin Kramer. Comedy about life, love and the pursuit of happiness. Screening.

"Solo for Clarinet," producer, Regina Ziegler; director, Nico Hofman; cast, Goetz George, Corinna Harfouch, Tim Bergman. Thriller about the desire for love, sensuality and security. Screening.

"Jew-Boy Levi," producer, Martin Hagemann; director, Didi Danquart; cast, Bruno Cathomas, Caroline Ebner, Ulrich Noethen. Drama set in 1935 about a Jewish man's attempts to do business in a small village in the Black Forest and to win a woman's heart. Screening.

Cinequanon Pictures

8057 Beverly Blvd., 2nd floor Los Angeles, CA 90048 (323) 658-6043 Fax: (323) 658-6087

Office: 765; (310) 576-7090

Attending: Dan Sales, president; Jennifer Peckham, exec VP; Erik Jensen, VP, acquisitions & sales; Marc Barson, VP, business & legal affairs; Frederic Demey, manager, worldwide marketing; Peter Marai, VP, domestic distribution.


"Milk," producers, Gait Niederhoffer, Meg Thompson, George Duffield; director, William Brookfield; cast, James Fleet, Dawn French, Phyllida Law. A comic look at the upheaval in the life of a reclusive dairy farmer on the death of his larger-than-life mother. Post-production.

"Wildest Africa," producer, Margaret Matheson; director, Elaine Proctor; cast, Isaiah Washington, Miranda Otto. The story of a woman's struggle to choose between fighting to protect a herd of endangered elephants and falling in love with an American lawyer. In production.

"From a View to a Death," producers, Lord Romsey, Georgina Abrahams, Romaine Hart, Roger Liewellyn; director, Robert Young; cast, Stephan Dillane, Kelly MacDonald, Nicol Williamson. A sexy bohemian thinks he has achieved his ambition of marrying money when he is engaged by an eccentric family to paint the portrait of one of their daughters. Pre-production.

"Woundings," producers Chris Hanley, Bradley L. Schlei; director, Roberta Hanley; cast, Guy Pearce, Johnathon Schaech, Noah Taylor. A government program entices women to go to a remote island and become companions to war-scarred soldiers. Screening.

CineTel Films

8255 Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90046 (323) 654-4000 Fax: (323) 650-6400

Office: 609; (310) 576-7035, fax (310) 576-7036

Attending: Paul Hertzberg, president; Lisa Hansen, president, production; Adam Wright, VP, intl. theatrical affairs; Judy Gold, VP, intl. TV.


"A Rumor of Angels," producers, Lisa Hansen, Paul Hertzberg, Peter O'Fallon; director, Peter O'Fallon; cast, Ray Liotta, Vanessa Redgrave. A boy spends the summer with his family on the Oregon coast and struggles with his grief over the death of his mother. Pre-production.

"The Settlement," producer, Charles Yazel; director, Mark Steilen; cast, John C. Reilly, William Fichtner Kelly McGillis. Two con artists develop a scheme to make money off of life insurance policies for terminally ill people. Screening.

"Stealth Fighter," producer, Paul Hertzberg, Ice-T; director, Jay Andrews; cast, Ice-T, Costas Mandylor, Ernie Hudson. An elite fighter pilot must fix the CIA's failed attempts to retrieve a stolen stealth bomber before a madman launches a lethal guerrilla strike against the U.S. Screening.

"Judgment Day," producer, Paul Hertzberg, Lisa Hansen; director, John Terlesky; cast, Ice-T, Suzy Amis, Mario Van Peebles. An enormous asteroid is about to destroy the earth and it is up to an FBI agent and a convicted felon to find the person who holds the key to stopping it. Post-production.


225 Santa Monica, 7th floor Los Angeles, CA 90401 (310) 394-4699 Fax: (310) 260-1626

Office: 315

Attending: Brenda Reiss, senior VP, worldwide sales; Gregory Stuart, VP, worldwide sales; S.D. Shiaua, director, development; Robert Joyce, director, marketing & servicing.


"Drowning on Dry Land," director, Carl-Jan Colpaert; cast, Barbara Hershey, Naveen Andrews. A drama about a woman who hails a cab in New York and ends up in the desert. Post-production.

"The Collectors" (working title), director, Oz Scott; cast, Vincent D'Onofrio, Matthew Lillard, Valeria Golina. Five con artists get rich in the biggest con of their life until they begin conning each other. Post-production.

"Getting to Know You," director, Lisanne Skyler; cast, Heather Matarazzo, Bebe Neuwirth, Sonya Sohn. A chance encounter alters a teenage girl's perception of herself and her outlook on life. Screening.

"Cement," director, Adrian Pasdar; cast, Chris Penn, Sherilyn Fenn, Jeffrey Wright. When the lives of mobsters and crooked cops collide, a leader's fate is sealed in cement. Screening.

Coast Entertainment

3 W. Carrillo St., Suite 205 Santa Barbara, CA 93101 (805) 963-4230 Fax: (805) 963-7590

Office: 450

Attending: Kenneth Badish, president & CEO; Brenda Anderson, VP, business affairs; Melissa Marik, business affairs.


"Pirates of the Plain," producers, Ken Badish, John Cherry; director, John Cherry; cast, Tim Curry, Dee Wallace Stone, Charles Napier. Nine-year-old Bobby is home alone when a 17th-century time-traveling pirate lands in a Nebraska wheat field and brings his imagination to life. Post-production.

"The All New Adventures of Laurel & Hardy -- For Love or Mummy," producers, Ken Badish, Larry Harmon, John Cherry; directors, Larry Harmon, John Cherry; cast, Bronson Pinchot, Gailard Sartain, E Murray Abraham. Stan and Ollie unwrap the mystery of a 3,000-year-old mummy in order to save Ollie's dream girl. Completed.

Columbia TriStar Motion Picture Group

10202 W. Washington Blvd. Culver City, CA 90232 (310) 244-4000 Fax: (310) 244-2037

Attending: Peter Schlessel, Clint Culpepper, senior VPs, acquisitions; Nicolas Meyer, director, theatrical sales; Jodie Skalla, Tom Roush, managers of acquisitions.


"Jawbreaker," producers, Stacy Kramer, Lisa Tornell; director, Darren Stein; cast, Rose McGowan, Rebecca Gayheart, Julie Benz. Three high school girls conspire to cover up a horrible accident to protect their promising futures. Completed.

"The Opposite of Sex," producers, Michael Besman, David Kirkpatrick; director, Don Roos; cast, Christina Ricci, Martin Donovan, Lisa Kudrow. A 16-year-old girl decides to visit her gay half-brother and seduces his boyfriend, wreaking havoc on all their lives. Completed.

"Buffalo 66," producer, Chris Hanley; director, Vincent Gallo; cast, Vincent Gallo, Christina Ricci, Anjelica Huston. After spending five years in prison, a bitter young man must come to terms with his past. Completed.


Singe 107 1012 VG Amsterdam, The Netherlands (31 20) 530 5500 Fax: (31 20) 530 5505

Office: 433 & 435; (310) 576-7331

Attending: Josh Kramer, intl. sales agent; Richard Claus, producer; Daniel Musgrave, VP production.


"Nine Miles Down," producer, Richard Claus; director, Anthony Waller. Exploiting the hopes and fears of a man forced to confront the grand questions of life. Pre-production.

"The Little Vampire," producer, Richard Claus; director, Uli Edel; cast, Jonathan Lipnicki. A resourceful kid helps to rescue a dysfunctional vampire family. Pre-production.

Concorde Pictures

11600 San Vicente Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90049 (310) 820-6733 Fax: (310) 207-6816

Office: 805; (310) 576-7199

Attending: Anat Resnik, VP, intl. business affairs & worldwide distribution; Tony Pines, director, worldwide distribution; Adam Welles, manager, worldwide distribution.


"Enemy Action," director, Brian Katkin; cast, C. Thomas Howell, Louis Mandylor, Richard Lynch. The military's top two agents are sent on a mission to find a stolen super-missile before terrorists can use it to destroy Washington, D.C. Screening.

"Knockin' on Death's Door," director, Mitch Marcus; cast, David Carradine, Brian Bloom, Kimberly Rowe. Two scientists investigate a haunted house to solve the mystery of a little boy's murder. Screening.

Cori Distribution

35 Davies St. London W1Y 1FN, U.K. (44-171) 493-7920 Fax: (44-171) 493-8088

Office: 847; 458-6700, ext. 847

Attending: Martin J. Katz, financial adviser; Karen Cuccaro, director, new business development.


"The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald," true story of the mysterious sinking of a freighter on Lake Superior.

"La Boheme," dramatic version of Murger's classic.

"Hurricane Season," a severe hurricane season triggered by a nuclear accident creates devastation throughout the world.

Crown Intl. Pictures

8701 Wilshire Blvd. Beverly Hills, CA 90211 (310) 657-6700 Fax: (310) 657-4489

Office: 851; (310) 576-7205/7206

Attending: Mark Tenser, president-CEO; Herb Fletcher, VP, intl. sales; Scott E. Schwimer, senior VP; Lisa Agay, director, publicity & advertising; Brent Graber, acquisitions manager; Marilyn J. Tenser, producer.

PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS Film library of 100 titles from various genres.

Crystal Sky

1901 Ave. of the Stars, Suite 605 Los Angeles, CA 90067 (310) 843-0223 Fax: (310) 553-9895

Office: 548/549; (310) 576-7493

Attending: Steven Paul, president; Joseph Inga, VP finance; Tamar Chalets, sales & marketing.


"Fortune Hunters," cast, Richard Thomas, Maureen McCormick, C.T. Howell. A family learns they have inherited a fortune from a distant uncle and quickly start spending their new-found fortune. Post-production.

"Cheek to Cheek," cast, Gene Wilder, Whoopi Goldberg. A psychiatric patient who originally believed he was Zorro now believes he is Fred Astaire and a crazy crime caper develops.

"Baby Genius Diaper Detectives," director, Bob Clark.

"Prince and the Surfer," cast, C. Thomas Howell, Timothy Bottoms, Jennifer O'Neil. A young prince visiting California meets his identical twin, a surfer, and the boys trade places.

Curb Entertainment

3907 W. Alameda Ave. Burbank, CA 91505 (818) 843-8580 Fax: (818) 566-1719

Office: 706/707; (310) 576-7077

Attending: Carole Curb, president; Christina Melin, exec consultant, sales & acquisitions.


"Family Tree," producers, Mike Curb, Carole Curb Nemoy; director, Duane Clark; cast, Robed Forster, Naomi Judd, Andy Lawrence. A father fights for a factory that will save his town and his young son fights to save his oak tree.

"Oxyen," producers, Jonathan Stern, Carole Curb Nemoy, Mike Curb, Richard Shepard; director, Richard Shepard; cast, Maura Tierney, Adrien Brody, Dylan Baker. The clock is ticking as a woman cop tries to find a wealthy woman who's kidnapped and buried alive.

"Don't Go Breaking My Heart," producer, Bill Kenwright; director, Willi Patterson; cast, Anthony Edwards, Jenny Seagrove, Charles Dance. A woman's secret admirer hypnotizes her to fall in love but another man unwittingly becomes the target of her affections.

"Once We Were Strangers," producers, Domenico Albonetti, John Scholz, Emanuele Crialese; director, Emanuele Crialese; cast, Vincenzo Amato, Jessica Whitney Gould, Anjalee Deshpande. A young man falls in love and tries to keep his girlfriend from moving from New York to Paris.

Cutting Edge Entertainment

5424 Crebs Ave. Tarzana, CA 91356 (818) 705-6922 Fax: (818) 705-6903

Office: 8th floor, Escondido Suite, (310) 5767565/7566.

Attending: David Glasser, CEO; Adam Stone, president; Tien Liu, director, intl. distribution.


"Waterproof," producers, Roland Joffe, Jon Cornick, Frank Capra Jr., Craig Fincannon; cast, Burt Reynolds, April Grace, Ja'Net Dubois. A man is shot, then kidnapped, and taken to a small town in the Deep South where he becomes entangled in the dark secrets of his kidnapper's past. Screening.

"The Book of Joe," producers, David Bell, Garrett Cohen, David Glasser, Adam Stone; cast, Joe Mantegna, Gena Rowlands, Rebecca De Mornay. A quiet island community is turned upside-down when a bestselling novel written by a famous actress thrusts the town into the limelight. Pre-production.

"The Red Door," producers, David Glasser, Adam Stone. A riveting drama about the relationship between a brother and a sister who overcome the secrets they have been running from since childhood. Pre-production.

Cymax Prods.

9 rue de L'Aqueduc 75010 Paris, France (33-1) 5326-8484 Fax: (33-1) 5326-8490

Office: 758; 458-6700, ext. 758

Attending: Ghaslaine Fizet, producer; Hubert Stijns, CEO.


"Kirikou and the Sorceress," director, Michel Ocelot. Animated African folktale about a small boy's battle with the evil sorceress who has brought ruin to his village. Screening.


DMG Entertainment

4470 Sunset Blvd., #792 Los Angeles, CA 90027 (323) 953-6117 Fax: (323) 953-6164

Office: 460

Attending: Lorenzo Doumani, CEO; Gaby K. Malouf, VP, acquisitions & production; Ann-Riley Coldwell, VP, business & legal affairs.


"Bug Buster," producer-director, Lorenzo Doumani; cast, Randy Quaid, Katherine Heigl, George Takei. A bug buster saves a resort town overrun by mutant cockroaches. Completed.

"Knockout," producer-director, Lorenzo Doumani; cast, Eduardo Yanez, Maria Conchita Alonso, William McNamara. A female boxer must overcome the death of her father to fulfill her dream of becoming a champion. Completed.

"Follow Your Heart," producer-director, Lorenzo Doumani; cast, Brenda Epperson-Doumani, Ted McGinley. A woman must choose between marrying for love or money. Completed.

Danehip Entertainment

18226 Ventura Blvd., Suite 102 Tarzana, CA 91256 (818) 708-9995 Fax: (818) 708-0598

Office: 7th floor, Malibu Suite; (310) 576-7544

Attending: William McAbian, president; Tal Dean McAbian, exec VP; Patricia Pawlak, VP, intl. sales; Line Mykland, Eve Joffee, intl. sales.


"You Can Thank Me Later," producers, Shimon Dotan, Netaya Anbar; director, Shimon Dotan; cast, Ellen Burstyn, Amanda Plummer, Mary McDonnell. A comedy of sibling rivalries. Screening.

"The Opium War," producers, Wu Baowen, Zhang Wei, Cheng Zhigu; director, Xie Jin; cast, Bob Peck, Simon Williams, Bao Guoan. A drama set in the 19th century when China was ravaged by opium abuse and the war that culminated in the cessation of Hong Kong to British rule. Screening.

Devin Intl.

1888 Century Park E., Suite 912 Los Angeles, CA 90067 (310) 557-3660 Fax: (310) 557-8435

Office: 538; (310) 576-7383, fax (310) 576-7384

Attending: Greg H. Sims, president; J. Deryk Morgan, VP, worldwide sales.


"Murder Among Friends," director, Jonathan Heap. Pre-production.

"The Fear 2: Halloween Night," director, Chris Angel; cast, Gordon Currie, Stacy Grant, Betsy Palmer. Screening.

"Taste of Love," director, Sandy Tung; cast, Ed Kerr, Traylor Howard. When a man who wants a relationship with no commitment meets a woman who wants the same thing, he's in trouble. Screening.

"Touch Me," producer, David Rubin; director, H. Gordon Boos; cast, Amanda Peet, Michael Vartan, Greg Louganis.

Dimension Films

99 Hudson St, 5th floor New York, NY 10013 (212) 219-4100 Fax: (212) 941-3836

Office: 831

Attending: Rick Sands, chairman, worldwide distribution,Miramax Films; Cedric Jeanson, senior VP, distribution; Stephen Klain, senior VP, marketing; Bill Marcus, senior VP, sales; Julie Roach, VP, business & legal affairs.


"Reindeer Games," producer, Marty Katz; director, John Frankenheimer. A recently released convict, impersonating his dead cellmate, falls in love with the murdered man's beautiful penpal and is kidnapped by a gang of outlaws who force him to plan a casino heist. Pre-production.

"Killing Mrs. Tingle," director, Kevin Williamson; cast, Marisa Coughlan, Helen Mirren, Katie Holmes. Horror-comedy about a group of students intent on bumping off their most detested teacher. Screening.

"Scream If You Know What I Did Last Halloween," Horror spoof. Pre-production. "Stewart," director, Dave Sheraton. A loser guy buys a trailer and sets it up in a middle-class neighborhood in hopes of winning his true love while selling beer and drugs to the local kids. Pre-production.

Distant Horizon

38-42 Whitfield St. London W1R 5RF, U.K. (44-171) 813-3133 Fax: (44-171) 813-3135

Office: 818; 458-6700

Attending: Anant Singh, Brian Cox, producers; Paul Jansson, sales exec.


"Long Walk to Freedom," producer, Anant Singh; director, Shekhar Kapur. Based on the autobiography of Nelson Mandela. In pre-production.

"Get Real," producer, Stephen Taylor; director, Simon Shore; cast, Ben Silverstone, Brad Gorton, Charlotte Brittain. The fate of a group of teenagers in Basingstoke as they dance their way through the minefield of adolescence. Completed.

"The Theory of Flight," producers, Anant Singh, David M. Thompson; director, Paul Greengrass; cast, Helena Bonham Carter, Kenneth Branagh. The relationship between a young woman with motor neurone disease and her reluctant and somewhat eccentric caregiver. Completed.

"Bravo Two Zero," producer, Anant Singh; director, Tom Clegg; cast, Sean Bean. True story of a crack SAS troop that embarked on a top-secret mission to infiltrate Iraqi territory during the Gulf War. Completed.

Dream Entertainment

8489 W. Third St., Suite 1038 Los Angeles, CA 90048 (323) 655-5501 Fax: (323) 655-5603

Office: 622

Attending: Ehud Bleiberg, chairman/CEO; Yitzhak Ginsberg, president; Richard Fleming, exec VP/chief operating officer; Spring Sargent, exec assistant.


"More Dogs Than Bones," director, Michael Browning; cast, Joe Mantegna, Peter Coyote, Mercedes Ruehl. A recent immigrant cab driver and his dog get caught in a series of mishaps over a bag of cash.

"Finding Christmas," director, Michael Lindsay-Hogg. A story of love in a small Massachusetts town on Christmas Eve not long after the end of WWII. Pre-production.

"The Quest for Shadow Island," director, Steve Boyum; cast, Jeff Daniels, Michael Ironside, Simon Baker. A young Indian boy is sent on a mythological quest to find the treasure needed to save his people.

"The Pass," director, Kurt Voss; cast, William Forsythe, James LeGros, Elizabeth Pena. A middle-age man must survive the malevolent pursuit of a psychotic hitchhiker. Completed.


Egmond Film & TV

Potgieterstraat 38 1053 XX Amsterdam, The Netherlands (31-20) 589-0909 Fax: (31-20) 589-0901

Office: 758

Attending: Hans de Weers, producer.


"The Scratched Table," director, Ineke Houtman; cast, Madelief Verelst, Rijk de Gooijer, Margo Dames. An 11-year-old discovers the secret of her late grandmother's life while she's staying at her grandfather's home.

"A London Love Affair," director, Andre Van Duren; cast, Kim van Kooten. Romantic comedy concerning a Dutch girl who goes to London to work as an au pair.

"Ali and Nina," director, Pieter Verhoeff. Love story situated on the cultural watershed between the Christian Western and Islamic Eastern worlds in Azerbaijan in the early 20th century.

"The Real World," director, Mark Hembrow. A group of graduating high school students undercover the underworld black market in nuclear and chemical weapons.


33 Avenue des Champs-Elysees 75008 Paris, France (33-1) 4225-6492 Fax: (33-1) 4225-7338

Office: 619

Attending: Daniel Lesoeur, chairman; Ilona Kunesova, head of development; Michelle Magnan, servicing.


"The Red Light House," director, Pierre Chevalier; cast, Arlette Dider, Tugot Doris, Nadine Pascale.

"The Awful Dr. Orloff," director, Jess Franco.

"Killer Barbys," director, Jess Franco; cast, Santiago Segura, Charlie S. Chaplin.

European Film Promotion

Friedensallee 14-16 22765 Hamburg, Germany (49-40) 390-6252 Fax: (49-40) 390-6249

Office: 758 & 759; 458-6700, ext. 758

Attending: Claudia Landsberger; Jo Muehlberger.


Film Artists Network

P.O. Box 93032 Hollywood, CA 90093 (818) 344-0569 Fax: (626) 963-8235

Office: 763

Attending: Eugene Mandelcom, president; Chris Pilazar, VP; James Shea, sales & acquisitions; Steve Morris, Don Glut, producers.


"Girl Cottage," producers, Michael Saunders, Steve Morris; director, Steve Morris; cast, Chana Marie, Derrick Sanders, Michael Guerin. A teen invites her three best friends down to a beach house for the summer without any parents around to spoil their fun. Completed.

"Irish Whiskey," producers, Alicia Rivera Alon Fankl, Lara Hammond, Tom Blessing, Jo Christensen; director, Jon Stevens; cast, Casandra-Nailah Brown, Vincent DePasquale, John Marlo. Interracial comedy-drama about relationships in one of the most dysfunctional families in America. Completed.

"Creatures of the Lost World," producer-director, James Shea; cast, James Whitworth, Max Thayer, Charlotte Speer. Crash-landing on a mysterious lost world, nine space voyagers must battle prehistoric monsters to survive. Completed.

"Dinosaur Valley Girls," producer, Kevin Glover; director, Donald Glut; cast, Jeff Rector, Denise Ames, Karen Black. A modern-day movie star gets transported back to a prehistoric valley filled with beautiful cave babes and ferocious dinosaurs. Completed.


38/F Office Tower, Convention Plaza 1 Harbour Rd. Wanchai, Hong Kong (852) 2584-4333 Fax: (852) 2824-0249

Office: 7F Atrium; (310) 576-6199

Attending: Christine Leung, Irene Ho, assistant managers; Cindy Leung, marketing officer, L.A. office.

Film Company

25 Elizabeth Mews London, NW3 4UH, U.K. (44-171) 586-3686 Fax: (44-171) 586-3117

Office: 453

Attending: Ronald de Neef, CEO; Julie Murphy, sales director; Sital Haria, senior sales & marketing exec.


"Oliver Stone Presents--Gravesend," producer-director, Salvatore Stabile; cast, Tony Tucci, Michael Parducci, Thomas Brandise. Four friends from Brooklyn, on a desperate plight to unload a dead body, become involved in petty thefts, wild encounters and a series of thrilling mind games.

"Razor Blade Smile," director, Jake West; cast, Eileen Daley, Christopher Adamson, David Warbeck. A seductive female contract killer with an edge -- she's a Vampire!

"General Chaos," collection of animated shorts full of subversive humor.

Filmexport Group

Via Polonia 9 00198 Rome, Italy (39-06) 841-4724 Fax: (39-06) 855-0248

Office: 608

Attending: Roberto Di Girolamo, president; Gustavo Van Peteghem, exec senior VP; Michel Freudenstein, supervisor; Laura Maurano, sales manager; Andrea Di Girolamo, assistant.


"The Sweet Noise of Life," director, Giuseppe Bertolucci; cast, Francesca Neri, Rade Serbedzija.

"The Wasteland," director, Fabio Segatori; cast, G. Giannini, R. Bova, M. Placido.

"Yellow Dream," director, Antonio Climati; cast, Marco Merlo, Fabrizio Merlo.

"The Wasp and the Queen," director, Antonello De Leo; cast, Claudia Gerini, Pera Ponce.

Film Four

76-78 Charlotte St. London W1P 1LX, U.K. (44-171) 868-7700 Fax: (44-171) 868-7766

Office: 637; 576-7335

Attending: Susan Bruce Smith, director of worldwide sales & marketing; Amanda Street, sales exec.


"The War Zone," producers, Sarah Radclyffe, Dixie Linder; director, Tim Roth; cast, Ray Winstone, Lara Belmont, Freddie Cunliffe. A 15-year-old boy sets out to reveal the terrible secret that binds his father and his 18-year-old sister. Screening.

"The Debt Collector," producers, Graham Broadbent, Damian Jones; director, Anthony Neilson; cast, Billy Connolly, Ken Stott, Francesca Annis. Thriller set in Edinburgh concerning a rehabilitated loan shark and murderer, the bitter policeman who arrested him 18 years before and a seriously disturbed teenager. Screening.

"Old New Borrowed Blue," producer, Andrew Eaton; director, Michael Winterbottom; cast, Christopher Eccleston, Dervla Kirwan, Yvan Attal. A couple's already strained relationship is complicated further by the arrival of a teenage pen pal. Screening.

"Sugar Town," producer, Dan Hassid; directors, Allison Anders, Kurt Voss; cast, Rosanna Arquette, Ally Sheedy, Beverly D'Angelo. Comedy centered on a group of aging rocker friends in Los Angeles. Screening.

Films Distribution

7 rue Daunou 75002 Paris, France (33-1) 4292-0012 Fax: (33-1) 4292-0021

Office: 611

Attending: Nicolas Brigaud-Robert, VP, head of sales.


"The Sexual Revolution Did Not Happen," producer, Emmanuel Giraud; director, Judith Cahen; cast, Judith Cahen, Alberto Sorbelli, Jean-Louis Loca. A woman decides to explore the deepest secrets of her mind with the help of a computer.

"Julie Est Amoureuse," producers, Benedicte Mellac, Gwenaelle Clawaert; director, Vincent Dietschy; cast, Marie Vialle, Aladin Reibel, Francois Chattot. Comedy centered on an amateur theater company struggling to put on a play.

"Lulu's Picnic," producer, Jean-Philippe Reza; director, Didier Martiny; cast, Philippe Noiret; Carole Bouquet, Niels Arestrup. The impossible reunion between a world-famous cellist and the people close to his heart.

"The Happiest Place on Earth," producer, Jean Nainchrik; director, Marcel Bluwal; cast, Jean-Claude Adelin, Claude Brasseur, Marianne Denjcourt. True story of a promising young actor hired to play the role of an aviation hero in occupied France during WWII.


5320 Laurel Canyon Blvd. Valley Village, CA 91607 (818) 761-5500 Fax: (818) 761-5578

Office: 602; (310) 576-6955

Attending: Alan Mruvka, chairman-CEO; Joey Nittolo, president; Reiko Bradley, senior VP, intl. sales; Ladd Vance, VP production.


"School of Life," producers, Alan Mruvka, Marilyn Vance; director, Jonathan Kahn. A teacher living in the shadow of his popular father vows to become Teacher of the Year after his father's death. Pre-production.

"Beyond the City Limits," producers, Joey Nittolo, David Justin Urbas, Tucker Tooley, Vince Newman; director, Paula Walker. Russian mobsters plan to rob an Indian casino but are outsmarted by their clever girlfriends. Pre-production.

"Red Letters," producers, Alan Mruvka, Marilyn Vance; director, Brad Battersby. An adulterous professor loses his teaching position for fooling around with his female students. Pre-production.

"Penny Dreadful," producers, Alan Mruvka, Marilyn Vance; director, Frank DeFelitta. A man and his mistress go on a romantic weekend cruise, but it turns into a nightmare after the ship breaks down at sea. Pre-production.

First Hand Rims

Bahnhofstr. 21 8180 Buelach, Switzerland (41-1) 862-2106 Fax: (41-1) 862-2146

Office: 853

Attending: Esther van Messel, CEO.


"Slidin'," directors, Barbara Albert, Reinhard Jud, Michael Grimm. Three stories set in Vienna about the search for love in a world of sex, drugs and private raves.

"The Slashingham Terror" (working title), a horror comedy with the essential ingredients: a mad scientist, a beautiful young woman, baffled policemen and a vicar!

"Evita's Secret: The Swiss Journey," docu on the unanswered questions surrounding Eva Peron's life.

"France, Here We Come!," A humorous look at Austria's involvement in the 1998 soccer World Cup finals.

Flach Pyramide Intl.

5 rue Richepanse 75008 Paris, France (33-1) 4296-0220 Fax: (33-1) 4020-0551

Office: 611

Attending: Eric Lagesse, head of sales.


"Walking in My Father's Footsteps," producer, Frederic Brillions; director, Remi Waterhouse; cast, Jean Yann, Guillaume Canet, Laurence Cote. On his mother's death, a man finds out who his father is and sets off to find him. Screening.

"Romance," producer, Jean-Francois Lepetit; director, Catherine Breillat; cast, Ducey, Rocco Siffredi, Sagamore Stevenin. Erotic drama. Screening.

"Victor ... (While It's Too Late)," The relationship between a runaway 10-year-old boy and the prostitute who takes him in. Screening.

"West Beyrouth," producer, Jean Brehat; director, Ziad Doueiri; cast, Rami Doueiri, Mohammad Chamas. Two teenagers from West Beirut decide to make the most of their youth and have fun, ignoring the Lebanese civil war that's unfolding before their eyes. Screening.

Fortissimo Film Sales

Herenmarkt 10-2 1013 ED Amsterdam, The Netherlands (31-20) 627-3215 Fax: (31-20) 626-1155

Office: 427

Attending: Helen Loveridge, Wouter Barendrecht, Michael J. Werner.


"Love Letter," director, Shunji Iwai; cast, Miho Nakayama, Etsushi Toyokawa, Bunjaku Han. Two women form a relationship after a letter from one of them is sent to the other by mistake.

"Terra Nova," director, Paul Middleditch; cast, Jeanette Cronin, Paul Kelman, Eloise Etherington. A young mother struggles to provide a suitable environment to raise her child.

Fox Lorber Associates

419 Park Ave. South New York, NY 10016 (212) 686-6777 Fax: (212) 685-2625

Office: 447; (310) 576-7471

Attending: Richard Lorber, president-CEO; Krysanne Katsoolis, senior VP, acquisitions; Richard DeCroce, director, programming & intl. sales; David Koh, director, acquisitions.


"On the Ropes," A new generation of boxers is training at the Bed-Stuy Boxing Center using the same rings, gloves and ropes as their predecessors.

"The Camera's Eye," Real live action captured on camera, filmed by eyewitnesses.

"Super Fires," A closeup look at the world's most catastrophic fires.

"The Pleasure Trade," An uncompromising look at every segment of the sex-for-sale industry.


8228 Sunset Blvd., Suite 305 Los Angeles, CA 90046 (323) 822-0730 Fax: (323) 822-2165

Office: 534/536; (310) 576-7343, fax (310) 576-7363

Attending: Elie Samaha, chairman; Andrew Stevens, president; Chris Davis, president of intl. distribution & marketing; Maura Hoy, VP, administration & sales.


"If ... Dog ... Rabbit," producers, Elie Samaha, Andrew Stevens; director, Matthew Modine; cast, Matthew Modine, Lisa Marie, John Hurt. A film about family deception and a heist pulled on a Tijuana bullring. Completed.

"Desert Blue," producers, Michael Burns, Andrea Sperling, director, Morgan J. Freeman; cast, Christina Ricci, Brendan Sexton III, Casey Affleck. A small town is quarantined after a chemical spill on the highway and a young couple fall in love in the midst of unusual circumstances. Post-production.

"20 Dates," producers, Elie Samaha, Mark McGarry, Jason Villard; director, Myles Berkowitz; cast, Myles Berkowitz. A comedy about a single L.A. filmmaker who goes out on 20 dates to find a girlfriend. Completed.

"Desperate But Not Serious," producers, Gerard Guez, Elie Samaha; director, Bill Fishman; cast, Claudia Schiffer, Christine Taylor, Paget Brewster. Two young women find themselves awash in romantically inspired mishaps during one wild night on Sunset Strip. Completed.

Fries Film Group

22817 Ventura Blvd., Suite 909 Woodland Hills, CA 91364 (818) 888-3052 Fax: (818) 888-3042

Office: 7th floor, Topanga Suite; (310) 576-7555

Attending: Charles M. Fries, president; Jon Fries, VP; Michael Kananack, VP, sales & acquisitions; Dyanne Fries, director, marketing.


"The New Adventures of Pinocchio," director, Michael Anderson; cast, Martin Landau, Udo Kier. An evil spell turns both Pinocchio and Geppetto into wooden puppets. Pre-production.

"L.A.P.D. To Protect to Serve," producers, Barry Barnholtz, BJ Davis; director, Butt Reynolds; cast, Burt Reynolds, Charles Durning, Kimberley Kates. L.A.'s finest has just crossed the line between cop and criminal. Pre-production.

"Conundrum," producer, Kathryn Riccio; director, Richard Crudo; cast, Willem Dafoe, Joe Mantegna. A world-weary merchant marine returns to a cycle of corruption when his childhood friend and business partner gets in trouble with the Mob. Pre-production.

"Silver Wolf," producers, Gary Howsan, Deborah Gabler; director, Peter Svatek; cast, Roy Scheider, Michael Biehn. After a teenager loses his father in a skiing accident, he rescues and befriends an injured wild wolf. Completed.

Full Moon Pictures

1645 N. Vine St., 9th floor Los Angeles, CA 90028 (323) 468-0599 Fax: (323) 468-0598

Office: 856/857; (310) 576-7107

Attending: Charles Band, president; Eric Taub, intl. sales agent.


"Zombie Queen," A college student enters religious studies at a college run by an enigmatic financier. Pre-production.

"Totem," Six strangers gather in the woods due to a strange compulsion.

"Murdercycle," producer, Kirk Hansen; director, Tom Callaway; cast, Charles Wesley, Cassandra Ellis. A murdercycle has torn into our dimension from the hell of another world. Post-production.

"Alien Arsenal," producer, Kirk Hansen, director, Tom Callaway. A resistance group has discovered an incredible cache of otherwordly weapons, an alien arsenal.


G2 Films

10 Stephen Mews London W1P 1PP, U.K. (44-171) 333-8877 Fax: (44-171) 333-8878

Office: 720

Attending: Wendy Palmer, CEO; Fiona Mitchell, senior exec VP; Francois Thos, chief operating officer; Claire Taylor, Ann Seekins, sales execs; Moyra Lock, marketing director.


"Simon Magus," director, Ben Hopkins; cast, Noah Taylor, Embeth Davidtz, Stuart Townsend. Drama set in 19th-century Central Europe in which a poor village has the chance to be saved by the building of a new railway station. Screening.

"The Darkest Light," directors, Simon Beaufoy, Bille Eltringham; cast, Kerry Fox, Stephen Dillane. Drama centered on a 10-year-old girl's determination to save the life of her younger brother. In post-production.

"Mr. Accident," director, Yahoo Serious; cast, Yahoo Serious, Helen Dullimore, Grant Piro. An accident-prone man discovers his employer's plan to market nicotine-infested eggs and sets about foiling the evil plot. In production.

"Flawless," director, Joel Schumacher; cast, Robed De Niro, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Barry Miller. After suffering a debilitating stroke, a security guard is assigned a rehabilitation program that includes singing lessons with the drag queen next door. In post-production.


30 avenue Charles de Gaulle 92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine, France (33-1) 4643-2000 Fax: (33-1) 4643-2033

Office: 647

Attending: Pierre-Ange Le Pogam, president, worldwide marketing & distribution; Hugo Bergson-Vuillaume, president, intl. sales; Philipe de Chaisemartin, VP, intl. sales, feature films; Gregoire Melin, director, intl. sales, feature films.


"Hanuman," director, Fred Fougea; cast, Robert Cavanah, Tabu, Sydney Kean. The exploits of a European archeologist and a member of a mountain clan of monkeys living in the ancient city of Vijayanagar.

"Bimboland," director, Ariel Zeitoun; cast, Gerard Depardieu, Judith Godreche, Aure Atika. Comedy about the unlikely relationship between two very different women.

"Me Myself I," director, Pip Karmel; cast, Rachel Griffiths, Sandy Winton, David Roberts. Comedy featuring a famous journalist who is astonished to see that the driver of a car that grazes her is her perfect double.

"Milestones," director, Alain Beigel; cast, Emma Decaune, Bruno Solo. Five boys and a girl get caught up in a dramatic fight for survival.

Gemini Films

73 Rue Saint Denis 75001 Paris, France (33-1) 4039-0375 Fax: (33-1) 4233-1213

Office: 611

Attending: Licia Eminenti, head of sales; Paulo Branco, producer.


"New Eve," producer, Paulo Branco; director, Catherine Corsini; cast, Karin Viard, Pierre-Loup Rajot, Catherine Corsini. Comedy about an unmarried woman of 30 who falls for a married man.

"Ennui," producer, Paulo Branco; director, Cedric Kahn; cast, Charles Berling, Sophie Guillemin, Arielle Dombasle. A philosophy professor falls for a far-from- intellectual young woman and becomes fascinated by her uncomplicated attitude toward love, life and sex.

"Traffic," producer, Paulo Branco; director, Joao Botelho; cast, Rita Blanco, Adriano Luz, Canto E Castro. Comedy about how old rich people have fun but the young rich people of today encounter difficulties.

"Anxiety," producer, Paulo Branco; director, Manoel de Oliveira; cast, Leonor Silveira, Irene Papas, Luis Miguel Cintra. Three stories about immortality, the fleeting charm of life, creation and creativity.

Geronimo Entertainment

6180 Laurel Canyon, Suite 301 North Hollywood, CA 91606 (818) 623-6850 Fax: (818) 766-3942

Office: 330

Attending: William Johnson; Alex Fieglein; Ulrich Bruckner.


"East of Java," cast, Eric Stoltz, Ally Sheedy. Romantic comedy. Pre-production.

"The Break," cast, Ice-T, Carl Weathers. Prison-set action-adventure. Pre-production.

"The Day October Died," producer, Alex Fieglein; director, Caesar Cavaricci; cast, Tom Arnold, William Forsythe, Liam Waite. A prodigal son returns to his home town after 10 years to attend his father's funeral and avenge his murder. Completed.

"Kill You Twice," producer, Jacobus Rose; director, Damian Chapa; cast, Damian Chapa, Elvis Restaino. In order to help his wife, who's in a coma, an electrician must come up with $100,000 for a miracle cure.

Globe Trotter Network

10, Place Vendome 75001 Paris, France (33-1) 5345-5448 Fax: (33-1) 5345-5449

Office: 611

Attending: Stephan Dykman, CEO.


"Anne Frank's Diary of a Young Girl," producer, Stephan Dykman; director, Julian Y. Wolff. First full-length feature animation adapted from the definitive edition of "The Diary of Anne Frank."

Goldcrest Films

65-66 Dean St. London W1V 6PL, U.K. (44-171) 437-8696 Fax: (44-171) 437-4448

Office: 466; 576-7033

Attending: John Quested, chairman; Stephen Johnston, president, Goldcrest Films; Steve Turney, sales manager.


"Annabelle's Wish," producer, Barbara Dunn-Leonard; cast, Randy Travis, Cloris Leachman, Jerry Van Dyke. Animated feature based on the legend that Santa gives voices to animals each year on Christmas Day.

"Bring Me the Head of Mavis Davis," producers, Stephen Colegrave, Joanne Reay; director, John Henderson; cast, Rik Mayall, Jane Horrocks, Danny Aiello. The boss of a failing record company plots to kill his only remaining artist in a bid to boost sales.

"Clockwatchers," producer, Gina Resnick; director, Jill Sprecher; cast, Toni Collette, Parker Posey, Lisa Kudrow. Four young women working for a faceless corporation are forced to re-examine their friendship when an unknown thief arrives on the scene.

"Driftwood," producer, Mary Breen-Farrelly; director, Ronan O'Leary; cast, Anne Brochet, James Spader. A passionate artist becomes obsessed with a man she rescues from the sea.

Golden Harvest Entertainment

18 Middle Rd., Tsim Sha Tsui 16th floor, Peninsula Office Tower Kowloon, Hong Kong (852) 2352-8222 Fax: (852) 2351-1683

Office: 312/314; (310) 576-7031

Attending: Gordon Cheung, VP distribution.


"Gorgeous," director, Vincent Kok; cast, Jackie Chan, Shu Qi, Tony Leung. A mysterious message draws a spirited village girl to Hong Kong, where she meets a man with a similar appetite for danger. In production.

"Hot War," director, Jingle Ma; cast, Ekin Cheng, Jordan Chart, Kelly Chan. The CIA installs the newly designed "Virtual Reality Fighter" program to train killer agents in just seven days. Completed.

"The Stormriders," director, Andrew Lau; cast, Aaron Kwok, Ekin Cheng, Sonny Chiba. Mythical heroes and cosmic contests of magic and power. Completed.

"Xian's Finest," directors, Hunang Jianxin, Liu Huining; cast, Sun Min, Zhang Jiayi, Li Fengxu. A rookie cop gets transferred to a community policing center. Completed.

Good Machine

417 Canal St., 4th floor New York, NY 10013 (212) 343-9230 Fax: (212) 343-9645

Office: 709; (310) 576-7097

Attending: David Linde, president; Beth Binnard, director, publicity; Amy Kaufman, VP, sales & acquisitions; Patrick McDarrah, VP, sales & distribution; Heta Paarte, director, marketing; Monica Vespe, manager, contract administration.


"Sympathy for the Devil," producers, John Penotti, James Schamus; director, Boaz Yakin; cast, Samuel L. Jackson. As the millennium draws closer, one cop is forced to confront his religious creed when good and evil play out their battle for humanity. Pre-production.

"Trick," producers, Eric d'Arbeloff, Ross Katz, Jim Fall; director, Jim Fall; cast, Christian Campbell, John Paul Pitoc, Tori Spelling. A romantic comedy about the trials of finding love and a quiet place to be alone in the big city. Screening.

"Bride of Chucky," producers, David Kirschner, Grace Gilroy; director, Ronnie Yu; cast, Jennifer Tilly, Katherine Heigl, Nick Stabile. An ultra-hip story of murder, music, love and betrayal. Completed.

"Ride With the Devil," producers, Ted Hope, Robert Colesberry, James Schamus; director, Ang Lee; cast, Tobey Maguire, Skeet Ulrich, Jewel. A young man plunges into a world of fire and blood only to find the most important battles are fought in the human head. Post-production.

GoodTimes Entertainment

16 E. 40th St. New York, NY 10016 (212) 951-3003 Fax: (212) 679-6857

Office: 870; (310) 576-7536

Attending: Andrew Greenberg, president; Seth Willenson, VP; Catherine Branscome, VP, intl. distribution; Cori Itzkin, sales manager.


"Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: The Movie," Rudolph is brought to life in a new adventure. Animated.

"The World of Beanie Babies," An unauthorized collector's guide takes you inside the world of Beanie Babies. Completed.

"Camelot, the Legend," producer, Bill Kowalchuk. Animated feature unveils the secrets of Camelot.

"Greatest Heroes and Legends," producer, Bill Kowalchuk. Charlton Heston hosts strong tales of courage and reprises his role as Moses.

Greek Film Centre

10 Panepistimiou Ave. 10671 Athens, Greece (30-1) 361-7653 Fax: (30-1) 361-4336

Office: 758; 458-7600, ext. 758

Attending: Despoina Mouzaki, VP; Voula Georgakakou, head of sales & promotions.


"Black-Out," director, Menelaos Karamaghiolis; cast, Alkis Kourkoulos, Myrto Alikari, Cleon Gregoriadis. Erotic contempo thriller about obsessive love. Completed.

"The Photographers," director, Nikos Koundouros; cast, Michalis Komninos, Katerina Pavlaki, Vassilis Laggos. Based on Sophocles' tragedy "Antigone" and dealing with the eternal questions of the human conscience and the right to freedom of choice. Completed.

"Dancing Soul," director, Lucia Rikaki; cast, Konstandinos Konstandopoulos, Katerina Lipiridou, Kostas Kakavas. The magical moments that can sometimes happen in relationships. Completed.

"From the Edge of the City," director, Constantine Giannaris; cast, Stathis Papadopoulos, Dimitris Papoulidis, Theodora Tzimou. A group of young "Pontioi" (Greek/Black Sea Russians) strive to conquer the ruthless world they live in. Completed.

Green Communications

1811 W. Magnolia Blvd. Burbank, CA 91506 (818) 557-0050 Fax: (818) 557-0056

Office: 504

Attending: Talaat Captan, president; Marion Captan, exec VP.


"Ground Control," producer, Talaat Captan; director, Richard Howard; cast, Kiefer Sutherland, Kelly McGillis, Robert Sean Leonard. Terror in an air traffic control tower. Completed.

"The Time of Her Time," producers, Brad Southwick, Vince Ravine; director, Francis Delia; cast, Linden Ashby, Leslie Bega. An ex-matador relives the glory and pain of his bullfighting days through his sexual pursuits. Completed.

"The Beastmaster," producer, Paul Pepperman; director, Don Coscarelli; cast, Marc Singer, Tanya Roberts. A prehistoric warrior battles flesh-eating batmen and an evil wizard. Completed.

"Air Hollywood," producer, Talaat Captan. The crew of Air Hollywood is one laugh after another. In development.


HBO Enterprises

1100 Ave. of the Americas New York, NY 10036 (212) 512-1000 Fax: (212) 512-5698

Office: 748; (310) 576-7527

Attending: Charles Schreger, president; Douglas Schwalbe, senior VP, sales & co-production; Richard S. Guardian, VP, intl. sales; Heather McVicar, manager, marketing.


"Lansky," producers, Frederick Zollo, Nicholas Paleologos; director, John McNaughton; cast, Richard Dreyfuss, Eric Roberts, Anthony LaPaglia. The life and times of legendary gangster Meyer Lansky, a young Jewish immigrant who grew up on the streets of New York. Screening.

"Vendetta," producers, Gary Lucchesi, Gary Randall, Mark Israel, Nick Pileggi; director, Nicholas Meyer; cast, Christopher Walken, Clancy Brown, Bruce Davison. The true story of the racially motivated lynching of 11 Italian-Americans in New Oreleans in 1891. Screening.

"Earthly Possessions," producers, Alan Greisman, Mary Kay Powell; director, James Lapine; cast, Susan Sarandon, Stephen Dorff, Jay O. Sanders. A middleage woman craving romance has a fling with the younger robber who takes her hostage during a bank robbery. Post-production.

"The Jack Bull," producers, John Cusack, Steve Pink, John C. McGinley, Tom Mangan; director, John Badham; cast, John Cusack, John Goodman, L.Q. Jones. A dark morality Western wherein a dispute over the treatment of two horses escalates into a vigilante manhunt. Post-production.

Hamdon Entertainment

12711 Ventura Blvd., Suite 300 Studio City, CA 91604 (818) 753-6363 Fax: (818) 753-6388

Office: 503; (310) 576-7063

Attending: Stephen J. Davis, CEO; Gary Goldberger, exec VP; Corie Van Deutekom, director, intl. sales; Donna Howell-Makaton, intl. sales administrator.


"Life's Little Struggles," cast. Teri Garr, Melissa Reeves, Scott Reeves. The story of the first surviving sextuplets in the country.

"Family Blues," cast, Jane Krakowski, Polly Draper. When a family comes together for Grandpa's 85th birthday party, they end up helping each other through their individual crises.

"No Greater Love," cast, Katey Sagal, Annabeth Gish, Tom Irwin. A dying woman's courage helps her husband and daughter overcome their fear of loss and loneliness.

"Love After Death," cast, Walter Matthau, Carol Burnett. A widowed father and his single son help each other overcome their fears and find love.

Hannibal Pictures

131 N. Hamilton Drive, Suite 206 Beverly Hills, CA 90211 (323) 787-6869 Fax: (323) 782-0506

Office: 330

Attending: Richard Rionda, chairman; James Curtis, assistant sales; Philippe Martinez, William Richert, producers.


"The Flying Dutchman," producers, Philippe Martinez, Richard Rionda; director, Robin Murray; cast, Jeff Fahey, Rod Steiger, Sofia Shinas. The opera reinterpreted as a modern-day thriller about repressed sexuality and serial murder. Pre-production.

"The Face of Alexandre Dumas: The Man in the Iron Mask," producers, Richard Rionda, William Richert; director, William Richert; cast, Paul Winfield, Timothy Bottoms, Meg Foster. The face of Alexandre Dumas, the master of swashbuckling adventure, is revealed.

Harmony Gold

7655 Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90046 (323) 851-4900 Fax: (323) 851-5599

Office: 501

Attending: Frank Agrama, chairman-CEO; Coleen Morris, president, intl. TV; Alan Letz, senior VP, sales & acquisitions; Joanne Hoffman, VP, legal affairs; Angle Wilson, contract administrator.


"The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin," The adventure series starring the legendary German shepherd.

"American Strays," cast, Jennifer Tilly, Eric Roberts, John Savage, Luke Perry. Three connected stories involving a restaurant owner, a suicidal young man, a vacuum salesman and a down-on-their-luck couple.

"Shaka Zulu," The rise to power of the king of the Zulus in 19th-century Africa.

"The Lost World"/"Return to the Lost World," cast, John Rhys-Davies, David Warner. A story of adventure through an unchartered wilderness where dinosaurs and primitive man still dwell in isolation.

Hearst Entertainment

235 E. 45th St. New York, NY 10017 (212) 455-4000 Fax: (212) 983-6379

Office: 654

Attending: Tom Devlin, senior VP, intl. sales.


"Sublet," cast, Danny Nucci, David Carradine, Victoria Sanchez. A young man's life becomes a nightmare when he realizes he's being set up as an assassin in a Washington conspiracy.

"The Witness Files," cast, Yancy Butler, Barry Flatman, David Nerman. A once-aspiring actress who was wrongfully sent to prison by a corrupt D.A. exacts revenge by beating him at his own game.

"Invisible Child," cast, Rita Wilson, Mae Whitman, Victor Garber. A woman's delusion of an imaginary child is shattered when a nanny enters the household and forces the family to confront reality.

"Dangerous Evidence," cast, Lynn Whitfield, Richard Lineback. The story of a female civil rights activist who fights for years to free a white Marine corporal falsely accused of a brutal crime.

Highland Crest Pictures

7471 Melrose Ave., Suite 7 Los Angeles, CA 90046 (323) 852-9848 Fax: (323) 658-7265

Office: Zuma Room, 7th floor; (310) 576-7549, fax (310) 576-7550

Attending: Douglas Witkins, president; Rachael Shapiro, sales & acquisitions; Jeff Collaso, operations manager.


"It's All Good," producers, Andrea Elliot, Jeanne Hoffman; director, David Hoffman; cast, Arlo Eisenberg, Chris Edwards. A documentary look at the fastgrowing world of extreme skating. Completed.

"Broken Vessels," producers, Roxana Zal, Scott Ziehl; director, Scott Ziehl; cast, Todd Field, Jason London, Roxana Zal. Screening.

"Six Ways to Sunday," producers, David Collins, Michael Naughton, Adam Bernstein; director, Adam Bernstein; cast, Norman Reedus, Adrien Brody, Deborah Harry. An 18-year-old mama's boy joins the Mob, with unexpected results. Screening.

Marie Hoy Film & TV

18 Bruton Place Berkeley Square, Mayfair London W1X 7AA, U.K. (44-171) 493-3345 Fax: (44-171) 493-3997

Office: 301

Attending: Marie Hoy, CEO; Helen Mullarkey, head of sales; Debi Nethersole, marketing.


"Time of Our Lives," producer, David Kirkpatrick; director, Mary Agnes Donoghue. Romantic drama about marriage, lovers and friendship. In pre-production.

"Married 2 Malcolm," producer, Alex Swan; director, James Cellan-Jones; cast, Mark Addy, Josie Lawrence, Tracey Wilkinson. For most men, one wife is enough, and Malcolm is about to find out why. Screening.

"Dark Summer," producer, Terry Carr; director, Gregory Marquette; cast, Mia Kirshner, Connie Nielsen, Jean-Hughes Anglade. An unsuspecting innocent man is lured into a web of deceit and crime contrived by two demonic sisters. Screening.


IAC Film & TV

23 Ransome's Dock 35/37 Parkgate Road London SW11 4NP, U.K. (44-171) 801-9080 Fax: (44-171) 801-9081

Office: 760

Attending: Guy Collins, managing director; Claudette Collins, theatrical sales director; Rob Oliver, sales assistant.


"To Walk With Lions," producers, Pieter Kroonenburg, Julie Allan; director, Carl Schultz; cast, Richard Harris, Ian Bannen, Kerry Fox. True story of George Adamson's continuing battle to protect Kenyan wildlife. Screening.

"Best," producers, Chris Roff, Mary McGuckian, John Lynch; director, Mary McGuckian; cast, John Lynch, Ian Bannen, Linus Roache. Drama based on the highs and lows in the life of footballing star George Best. In production.

"Nora," producers, Bradley Adams, Damon Bryant, Tracey Seaward, Pat Murphy; cast, Ewan McGregor, Susan Lynch. A passionate story of the tempestuous love affair between Irish writer James Joyce and Nora Barnacle. In pre-production.

"The Ginger Man," producers, Bob Mitchell, Philip Donleavy; director, Paul Quinn; cast, Jared Harris. Adaptation of the bestselling novel by J.P. Donleavy. In pre-production.

IFD Films & Arts

14-20 Cheung Tat Road, Flat 4, 3rd floor Block B, Vigor Industrial Bldg. Tsing Yi, New Territories, Hong Kong (852) 2730-0048 Fax: (852) 2730-8756

Office: 506

Attending: Joseph Lai, CEO; Betty Chan, Rocky Lee, executive officers.


"Wonders & Wonders," producer, Rigo Jesu; director, Ng Kim Hing. Animation series.

"Royal Destiny," producers, Joseph Lai, Betty Chan; director, Vincent Leung; cast, Otto Retzer, Raimund Harmstorf, Julia Kent. The Interpol pursues the two gangleaders.

"Gunman From Nowhere," producers, Joseph Lai, Betty Chan.

IFM Film Associates

1541 N. Gardner St. Los Angeles, CA 90046 (323) 874-4249 Fax: (323) 874-2654

Office: 738; fax (323) 874-2654

Attending: Antony I. Ginnane, president; Ann Lyons, exec VP; Anthony J. Lyons, VP intl.


"Dangerous Proposition," producers, Homer Sanders, Pamela Brabham, Brad Sanders; director, Brad Sanders; cast, John Mese, Noelle Evans, Catherine Dent. A perfect marriage disintegrates when a woman believes her husband is having an affair. Completed.

"Heaven and the Suicide King," producer, Robed Enriquez; director, Todd Spoor; cast, Ty Treadway, Nikita Ager, Kandeyce Jordan. A young actress and her husband are drawn into an erotic web when their new friends suggest wife-swapping. Completed.

"Brilliant," producer-director, Robert Bergman; cast, Leslie Hope, Keith Carradine. A female medical student with a photographic memory in line for a highpowered residency wakes up to find it's a week later than she thought. Post-production.

"Dreamtime," producer, Christian Veil, director, Robed Bergman. A woman released from prison searches for the ex-lover who betrayed her. Pre-production.


1622 W. Oak St. Burbank, CA 91506 (818) 845-3480 Fax: (818) 845-3616

Office: 788

Attending: Robert Jones, Michael Dourisboure.


"Shanghai Club," cast, Winnie Lau, Michael Lam, Richard Young. A group of American teenagers set out to revenge their father's killer.

IQ Entertainment

3905 Via Dolce Marina Del Rey, CA 90292 (310) 821-6780 Fax: (310) 821-5162

Office: 641;(310) 576-7375

Attending: John Rodsett; Allen Plone.


"Christmas Island," producer, Hamish Gibson; director, Arthur Allan Seidelman. A young boy is shipwrecked with his family just after WWII and faces the challenges of survival and rescue.

"Theory of the Leisure Class," producer, Athena Stensland; director, Gabe Bologna; cast, Michael Masse, Chris McDonald, Tuesday Knight. Four murders in a small Midwestern town lead to a bizarre investigation. Completed.

"Kickboxing Academy;" director, Richard Gabai; cast, Steven Bauer, Donna Barnes. Two rival kickboxing academies challenge each other to see who will hold onto their building. Completed.

"Miami," director, Miguel Delgado; cast, Steven Bauer, Kely McClung. A CIA team tracks down a Mafia hit squad. Completed.

Icon Entertainment

37 Soho Square London W1V 5DG, U.K. (44-171) 543-4300 Fax: (44-171) 543-4301

Office: 754; 576-6969

Attending: Bruce Davey, chairman; Ralph Kamp, CEO; Jamie Carmichael, head of sales; Michaela Piper, director of marketing; Simon Crowe, sales manager; James Norrie, sales exec.


"Tube Tales," producer, Tony Thompson; directors, Stephen Hopkins, Bob Hoskins, Jude Law, Charles McDougall, Ewan McGregor, Billy McKinnon; cast, Ray Winstone, Denise Van Outen, Tom Bell, Jason Flemyng. A life-changing and witty journey into the mad world of the London Underground.

"The Miracle Maker," producer, Naomi Jones; cast, Ralph Fiennes, Richard E. Grant, William Hurt, Miranda Richardson. In the year 33 A.D., a man walked the earth who would change our world forever.

"The Million Dollar Hotel," producers, Deepak Nayar, Bono, Nicholas Klein, Wim Wenders, Bruce Davey; director, Wire Wenders; cast, Jeremy Davies, Milla Jovovich, Mel Gibson. A billionaire's son dies in a Skid Row hotel and a federal agent turns the lives of the social misfit residents upside down to find out if it was suicide or murder.

"The Legend of Bagger Vance," producers, Jake Eberts, Robed Redford; director, Robert Redford, cast, Robert Redford. Romantic saga, set in 1930s Savannah, about one man's emotional journey as he learns to cast aside the demons that have held him captive so long.

Independent Pictures

6161 Santa Monica Blvd., #100 Los Angeles, CA 90038 (323) 860-9190 Fax: (323) 860-9180

Office: 864

Attending: Gary Woods, CEO; Andres Karpen, CFO; Pascal Borno, senior VP, intl. sales; Sofia Sondervan, director acquisitions; John Fogarty, acquisitions coordinator; Cathy Choi, director, finance & operations.


"Raw Nerve," producers, David Newton, Cathy Jordan, Avi Nesher; director, Avi Nesher; cast, Marlo Van Peebles, Nicollette Sheridan, Zach Galligan. A New York City cop lures his girlfriend and his former partner into the dangers of arson, robbery and murder. Completed.

"Julien," producers, Robin O'Hara, Scott Macaulay; director, Harmony Korine; cast, Ewen Bremmer, Chloe Sevigny, Adam Hann-Byrd. A compassionate young teacher finds redemption through his interactions with the eccentric students in a comically surreal school for the blind. In production.

"Buddy Boy," producer, Cary Woods, director, Mark Hanlon; cast, Aidan Gillen, Emmanuelle Seigner, Susan Tyrrell. A young man begins a voyeuristic relationship with an attractive female neighbor and loses his ability to distinguish reality from fantasy. In production.

Initial Entertainment Group

6380 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1600 Los Angeles, CA 90048 (323) 658-5603 Fax: (323) 658-5605

Office: 428, 429; (310) 576-7291

Attending: Graham King, president, worldwide distribution; Julie Savay-Ross, VP, intl. sales; Cindy Cowan, president, production & acquisitions.


"The Price of Things," producer, Cindy Cowan; director, Grant Heslov. Two buddies outsmart the FBI and the Mafia when they pull off an unplanned crimeland kidnapping. Pre-production.

"Very Bad Things," producer, Michael Schiffer, director, Peter Berg; cast, Christian Slater, Cameron Diaz, Daniel Stern. A comedy about a nervous groom and his bachelor party. Post-production.

"The Florentine," producers, Tom Benson, Steve Weisman, Nick Stagliano; director, Nick Stagliano; cast, James Belushi, Tom Sizemore, Chris Penn. Four friends who own a local bar deal with love, money, business and relationships in Pittsburgh in the '9Os. Completed.

Interlight Pictures

8981 Sunset Blvd., Suite 101 West Hollywood, CA 90069 (310) 248-4477 Fax: (310) 248-4494

Office: 834; (310) 576-7001

Attending: Patrick Choi, president; Nile Niami, exec VP; Dave Robinson, intl. sales & servicing; Sara Kapuchinksi, exec assistant.


"Camouflage," director, James Keach; cast, Leslie Nielsen, Lochlyn Munro. A down-and-out detective and his partner, a failed actor, take on their last easy case. Post-production.

"Druids," director, Jacques Dorfmann; cast, Christopher Lambed, Max Von Sydow. The king must fight to overcome civil war, hatred and betrayal to fulfill his destiny as the savior of the Gauls.

"Resurrection," director, Russell Mulcahy; cast, Christopher Lambert, Leland Orser. A detective mounts an investigation that leads him and his partner on a thrill ride along mysterious paths in search of a serial killer. Screening.

"Justice," cast, James Belushi, JoBeth Williams, Charles Durning. When a member of the Mafia tries to avenge his partner's conviction, the targeted lawyer and her partner team up to protect one another and catch the culprit. Completed.


9348 Civic Center Drive, #250 Beverly Hills, CA 90210 (310) 777-3535 Fax: (310) 777-0008

Office: 554; (310) 576-6935

Attending: Guy East, co-chairman; Tim Haslam, president of distribution; Paul Davis, senior VP, marketing; James Royall, sales manager.


"Playing by Heart," director, Willard Carroll; cast, Gillian Anderson, Ellen Burstyn, Sean Connery. Four couples who seem to have nothing in common are about to realize they have a lot to learn about love. Completed.

"Hilary and Jackie," director, Anand Tucker; cast, Emily Watson, Rachel Griffiths, James Frain. The story of two musically gifted sisters torn apart by genius and reunited by love. Completed.

"The Barber of Siberia," director, Nikita Mikhalkov; cast, Julia Ormond, Richard Harris, Oleg Menchikov. A romance about lost love and human spirit, set in turn-of-the-century Russia. Completed.

"Celebrity," director, Woody Allen; cast, Kenneth Branagh, Judy Davis. The phenomenon of celebrity in all its forms. Completed.

Intermedia Arc Pictures

9-13 Grosvenor St. London WIX 9FB, U.K. (44-171) 495-3322 Fax: (44-171) 495-3993

Office: 554

Attending: Christine Ghazarian, general manager.


"Les Destinees Sentimentales," director, Olivier Assayas; cast, Emmanuelle Bead, Isabelle Huppert, Charles Berling. Turn-of-the-century love story about a divorced minister and a 17-year-old niece of a wealthy Cognac dealer. Pre-production.

"Belle Maman," director, Gabriel Aghion; cast, Catherine Deneuve, Vincent Lindon, Mathilde Seigner.

When Antoine says "I do" at the altar, he realizes the woman he really loves is his mother-in-law. In production.

"La Vie Ne Me Fait Pas Peur," director, Noemic Lvovsky; cast, Magalie Woch, Julie-Marie Parmentier, Ingrid Molinier. Three inseparable friends who have shared their hopes, dreams, joys and disappointments. In production.

"Pola X," director, Leos Carax; cast, Catherine Deneuve, Guillaume Depardieu, Katerina Golubeva. Pierre abandons his mother, fiancee and privileged life when he meets his sister. Post-production.

International Pictures

20 Earlham St. London WC2H 9LN, U.K. (44-171) 240-2511 Fax: (44-171) 240-2599

Office: 758; 458-6700, ext. 758

Attending: Heather Playford-Denham, director of sales; Richard Hurst, director of business affairs.


Via E. Manfredi 15 00197 Rome, Italy (39-06) 807-7252 Fax: (39-06) 807-6156

Office: 437

Attending: Paola Corvino, president; Micaela Fusco, VP; Marialaura Mozzetti, Federica Loiacono, sales managers.


"Radio Nights," producer, Domenico Procacci; director, Luciano Ligabue; cast, Stefano Accorsi, Luciano Federico, Alessio Modica. Drama set in the '70s about the friendship between a group of Italian kids. Screening.

"Spank," producer, David Lightfoot; director, Ernie Clark; cast, Vince Poletto, Victoria Dixon Whittle, Marlo Gamma. Comedy about a group of friends who plan to start their own cafe in the city's premier slinky cafe strip. Screening.

"To the Limit," producer, Enrique Cerezo; director, Eduardo Campoy; cast, Beatrice Dalle, Bud Spencer. A killer calls a radio phone-in program to announce he will kill his next victim within the hour.

"Platitudes," producers, Gianluca Arcopinto, Micaela Fusco; directors, Cesar Meneghetti, Elisabetta Pandimiglio; cast, Stefania Orsola Garello, Massimo de Lorenzo, Cesare Apolito. Comedy involving three people struggling to survive financially and emotionally.


J&M Entertainment

2, Dorset Square London NW1 6PX, U.K. (44-171) 723-6544 Fax: (44-171) 724-7541

Office: 633; 576-7285

Attending: Julia Palau, Michael Ryan, co-chairmen & CEOs; Gary Phillips, senior VP & head of intl. distribution; Nicole Mackey, senior consultant; Jonathan

Lynch-Staunton, publicity & marketing manager.


"The Guilty," producer, Thomas Hedman; director, Anthony Waller; cast, Bill Pullman, Gabrielle Anwar, Devon Sawa. A criminal attorney is caught up in a nightmarish chain of events after he is accused of assaulting a young woman who works in his office. In production.

"Forever Mine," producer, Damita Nikapota; director, Paul Schrader; cast, Joseph Fiennes, Gretchen Mol, Ray Liotta. The affair between a cabana boy and the wife of a sinister New York politician evolves into a 16-year vendetta between the two men. In production.

"Complicity," producers, Nell Dunn, Richard Jackson; director, Gavin Millar; cast, Jonny Lee Miller. An Edinburgh journalist is implicated in a series of brutal murders, seemingly related to one of his own articles. In production.

"Fever," producer, Christian Martin; director, Alex Winter; cast, Henry Thomas, Teri Hatcher, Bill Duke. A New York art teacher finds his fragile state of mind collapsing after a murder occurs in his building.



Estrecho de Mesina 12-2 Madrid 28043, Spain (34-91) 388-5355 Fax: (34-91) 300-2202

Office: 741

Attending: Kevin Williams.


"Hotel Room," directors, Cesc Gay, Daniel Gimelberg. Black comedy centered on the various occupants of a rundown New York hotel room.

"Stitches in the Soul," director, Fernando Merinero; cast, Carmen Elias, Mapi Galan, Nathalie Sesena. A homage to Truffaut's "Nuit Americaine."

"Little Thief, Big Thief," director, Alejandro Saderman; cast, Orlando Urdaneta, Daniel Lugo. Black comedy in which four happily married men rob the country's central bank and hold the staff hostage but then gain the support of the whole country and the hostages themselves.

"Kenoma," director, Eliane Caffe; cast, Jose Dumont, Enrique Diaz. The tranquility of village life in the Brazilian outback is broken by a mad scientist's dream of finding the secret to perpetual motion.

Arthur Kananack & Associates

7 Woodland Way Weston, CT 06883 (203) 454-3032 Fax: (203) 222-9530

Office: 605; (310) 576-6985

Attending: Arthur Kananack, president; Claude Kananack, director, sales.


"Looking for an Echo," producers, Steve Tisch, Paul Kurta; director, Martin Davidson; cast, Armand Assante, Diane Venora. A former rock `n' roll singer has to deal with his past before dealing with his future. Screening.

"Special Delivery," producers, Marcy Willmann, Scott Willmann, Kenneth Carlson; director, Kenneth Carlson; cast, Sean Young, Penny Marshall, Nell Carter. Twenty-five years after a lO-year-old girl promises God she will do anything if he gets her out of an extreme situation, she has been chosen to bring forth a child of God. Screening.

"Ricky 6," producer, Juan Carlos Zapata; director, Peter Filardi; cast, Vincent Kartheiser, Chad Christ, Sabine Singh. A group of Gen-X teenagers are involved in drugs, sex and satanism. Post-production.

"Letters From a Wayward Son," producer, Cary Brokaw, director, Randall Harris; cast, Harry Connick Jr., Pete Postlethwaite, Patricia Clarkson. A man released from jail goes to live with a Southern family and tries to rebuild his life. Post-production.

Keystone Entertainment

23410 Civic Center Way, Suite E9 Malibu, CA 90265 (310) 317-4883 Fax: (310) 317-4903

Office: 628/629; (310) 576-7235

Attending: Robed Vince, CEO; Michael Strange, president; James Jusko, VP; Monique R. White, director, intl. sales.


"The Duke," director, Philip Spink; cast, John Neville, Courtnee Draper, Oliver Muirhead. A dying duke leaves his estate and jewels to his dog and a servant girl. Screening.

"Air Bud: World Pup," cast, Kevin Zegers, Cynthia Stevens. Buddy and Josh take on the world of soccer with a little love mixed in off the field. Pre-production.

"Air Bud 2: Golden Receiver," director, Richard Martin; cast, Kevin Zegers, Gregory Harrison, Nora Dunn. Buddy achieves great success on the football field. In production.

"Slapshot," cast, Bernie the Chimp. The chimp turns the world of ice hockey on its head. Pre-production.

Kandice King Prods.

12555 Jefferson Blvd., Suite 321 Los Angeles, CA 90066 (310) 822-9502 Fax: (310) 822-9532

Office: 610; (310) 576-7045

Attending: Kandice King, president; Cori Gibson, controller; Wendy Taft, director, intl. acquisitions.


"Bittersweet," producer, Kandice King; director, Luca Bercovici; cast, Angle Everhart, James Russo, Eric Roberts. A woman seeks revenge on the ex-boyfriend who sent her to prison. Completed.

"The Guardian," producer, David Gordian; director, Gerry Lively; cast, Frank Zagarino, Bryan Genesse. Suspected by the police for his mother's murder, a bodyguard must clear his name. Postproduction.

"Vanished," producer, Kandice King; director, Luca Bercovici. Pre-production.

"Luck of the Draw," producer, Kandice King; director, Luca Berovici. Corruption is not a crime, it's a profession. Pre-production.

Koba Films

124 rue des Rosiers 93581 Saint Ouen Cedex, France (33-1) 4012-3232 Fax: (33-1) 4012-2043

Office: 758; 458-6700, ext. 758

Attending: Nicolas Velle, chairman; Jean Louis Daniel, producer.


"Gun Blast Vodka," director, Jean Louis Daniel; cast, Angle Everhart, Gotz Otto, Jurgen Prochnow. An Israeli cop and a vice squad officer discover a terrifying smuggling operation run by the Russian Mafia in old Nazi tunnels in Poland. In post-production.


11601 Wilshire Blvd., 21st floor Los Angeles, CA 90025 (310) 445-2000 Fax: (310) 481-2100

Office: 845; (310) 576-7303

Attending: Peter Locke, Donald Kushner, co-chairman; Chris Perry-Melish, president, film & TV sales; D'Arcy Conrique, VP intl.; Wendy Reeds, VP marketing.


"Mambo Cafe," director, Reuben Gonzalez; cast, Thalia, Danny Aiello, Paul Rodriguez. A beautiful girl's family devises a novel plan to attract business to their restaurant, with wildly comic results. Post-production.

"Confessions of a Trickbaby," director, Matthew Bright; cast, Natasha Lyonne, Maria Celedonio, Vincent Gallo. Two young delinquents take a bizarre road trip to Mexico. Post-production.

"But I'm a Cheerleader," director, Jamie Babbit; cast, Natasha Lyonne, Clea Du Vall, Ione Skye. An off-the-wall comedy about a cheerleader whose parents send her to a unique camp. Post-production.

"Ringmaster," director, Nell Abramson; cast, Jerry Springer, Michael Jai White, Michael Dudikoff. The TV talkshow host stars in this satire of trailer-trash Americans and daytime talkshows. Screening.



5555 Melrose Ave. Gloria Swanson Bldg., 4th floor Hollywood, CA 90038 (323) 956-4222 Fax: (323) 9862-1456

Office: 731; (310) 576-7337, fax (310) 576-7338

Attending: Peter Rogers, president, intl.; Stephanie Denton, VP, intl. sales; Robert Burke, VP, marketing & creative services; Cynthia Newberry, director, intl. sales; Eric Reid, exec VP, operations, business & legal affairs; Virginia Longmuir, VP, intl. business & legal affairs.


"Animal Farm," director, John Stephenson; cast, Pete Postlethwaite. A new adaptation of the classic tale about animals taking over. Post-production.

"The Next Best Thing," producers, Leslie Dixon, Tom Rosenberg, Linne Radmin; director, John Schlesinger; cast, Madonna, Rupert Everett. Thirtysomething Annie, afraid her biological clock is running down, convinces her best friend to father her child. Pre-production.

"Passion of Mind," producer, Carole Scotta; director, Alain Berliner; cast, Demi Moore, Stellan Skarsgard, William Fichtner. A young woman is torn between two worlds and unsure what is a dream and what isn't. Post-production.

"200 Cigarettes," producers, Betsy Beers, David Gale, Van Toffler; director, Risa Bramon Garcia; cast, Ben Affleck, Casey Affleck, David Chappelle. A group of twentysomethings converges on the wildest party of the decade. Completed.

Largo Entertainment

2029 Century Park E., Suite 2500 Los Angeles, CA 90067 (310) 203-0055 Fax: (310) 203-0254

Office: 650; (310) 576-7475, fax (310) 576-7476

Attending: Barr B. Potter, chairman & CEO; Peter Elson, president; Candace Chin, director, sales administration; Eleanore Reznikoff, director, marketing.


"Grey Owl," producer, Jake Eberts; producer-director, Richard Attenborough; cast, Pierce Brosnan, Annie Gallipeau. A fur trapper in the 1930s achieved international fame through his book about threats to the natural environment. Post-production.

"Affliction," producer, Linda Reisman; director, Paul Schrader, cast, Nick Nolte, James Coburn, Sissy Spacek. A small-town sheriff suspects a hunting accident is actually a murder. Completed.

"Finding Graceland," producer, Gary Brokaw; director, David Winkler; cast, Harvey Keitel, Bridget Fonda, Johnathon Schaech. An eccentric drifter claiming to be Elvis Presley hitches a ride with a young man and they find themselves on an adventurous road trip to Memphis. Completed.

"Do You Wanna Dance?," producer, Robert Krantz; director, Michael Nickles; cast, Robert Krantz, Robert Costanzo, Patricia Skeriotis. A dance instructor falls on hard times; first he loses his dance studio and then finds himself on the wrong side of the law. Completed.

Latent Image

1002 1/2 N. Croft Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90069 (323) 656-4691 Fax: (323) 656-4698

Office: 662; (213) 324-0848

Attending: Philipp Weck, president intl. affairs; Kyle Scrimgeour, president; Roman Kopelevich, VP, sales & marketing; Blair Green, VP, acquisitions & creative affairs.


"Freak Talks About Sex," director, Paul Todisco; cast, Steve Zahn, Josh Hamilton, Arabella Field. Two twentysomething close friends contemplate the essence of life, mostly revolving around women and sex. Screening.

"The Definite Maybe," directors, Rob Lobl, Sam Sokolow; cast, Teri Garr, Ally Sheedy, Bob Balaban. A rich kid enlists the aid of his buddy to save his house from being sold by his stepmom after his father's death. Completed.

"Behind the Seams," director, James Lima; cast, Cathleen Gallagher, Nada Despotovich, Scott Sherman. The story of a fashion model and her producer in a satirical look at the fashion industry. Completed.

"The 28th Instance of June 1914, 10:50 a.m.," director, Barbara Politsch; cast, Peter McGough, David McDermott. An introduction to the universe of two eccentric world-renowned artists. Completed.


1990 Westwood Blvd., Penthouse Los Angeles, CA 90025 (310) 474-4456 Fax: (310) 474-7455

Office: 635

Attending: Randy Naft, president; Irv Holender, chairman; Donna Barrie, exec VP, domestic distribution.


"Lucero -- Concert at the Chicago Theater," A two-hour concert from the world's best-known female Latin performer.

Lions Sate Films

5750 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 501 Los Angeles, CA 90036 (323) 692-7350 Fax: (323) 692-7373

Office: 644; (310) 576-7415

Attending: Jeff Sackman, president, Lions Gate Films; Joe Drake, president, Lions Gate Intl.; Mark Urman, Tom Ortenberg, co-presidents, Lions Gate Releasing; Marie-Claude Poulin, VP, intl. distribution; Christian Larouche, exec VP, Les Films Lions Gate.


"American Psycho," producers, Edward Pressman, Chris Hanley, Christopher Halsey Solomon; director, Mary Harron; cast, Christian Bale, Willem Dafoe. A young man works by day on Wall Street earning a fortune and spends his nights in unspeakable activities. In production.

"The Highwayman," producer, Peter Simpson; director, Keoni Waxman; cast, Louis Gossett Jr., Stephen McHattie, Jason Priestley. A crazed tale of a man who, despite his problems, chooses to face his past and embrace the present. Post-production.

"Prisoner of Love," producers, Lauren McLaughlin, Ernie Barbarash; cast, Naomi Campbell, Eric Thai. A small-time hoodlum and a bartender who dreams of becoming an artist fall in love, but witnessing a Mob hit leads both to new decisions. Post-production.

"The Boys II," producer, Richard Goudreau; director, Louis Saia; cast, Mark Messier, Patrick Huard, Roc Lafortune. The garage-league hockey team participates in a tournament in France. Screening.


Velazquez 12, 70 28001 Madrid, Spain (34-91) 431-4246 Fax: (34-91) 435-5994

Office: 320

Attending: Andres Vicente Gomez, CEO; Angela Bosch, head of intl. sales; Douglas Wilson, head of acquisitions; Ignacio Salazar, acquisitions assistant; Nati Escobar, sales exec.


"A Sweet Scent of Death," producers, Miguel Neocchea, Pablo Barbachano; director, Gabriel Retes; cast, Karra Elejalde, Ana Alvarez, Diego Luna. The naked body of a woman is discovered in a cornfield, shattering the tranquillity of a small, tight-knit community. Screening.

"Don't Tell Anyone," producer, Andres Vicente Gomez; director, Francisco Lombardi; cast, Lucia Jimenez, Carlos Fuentes, Santiago Magill. One man's search for his sexual identity plunges him into an all-or-nothing existence of drugs, sex and danger. Screening.

"Torrente, the Dumb Arm of the Law," producer, Andres Vicente Gomez; director, Santiago Segura; cast, Santiago Segura, Neus Asensi, Toni Leblanc. An expoliceman uncovers a drug ring in his neighborhood and recruits a bunch of local weirdos to do his dirty work. Screening.


MK2 Diffusion

55 rue Traversiere 75012 Paris, France (33-1) 4467-3000 Fax: (33-1) 4341-3236

Office: 611

Attending: Sophie Bourdon, head of sales; Florence Stern, sales exec.


"The Color of Lies," director, Claude Chabrol; cast, Sandrine Bonnaire, Jacques Gamblin, Valeria BruniTedeschi. When a 10-year-old girl is found assassinated in a little village in Brittany, her art teacher becomes a prime suspect. Screening.

"Karnaval," director, Thomas Vincent; cast, Amar Ben Abdallah, Sylvie Testud, Clovis Cornillac. During Dunkirk's carnival, Larbi, who has run away from the family's garage business, falls in love with a married woman. Screening.

"Claire Dolan," director, Lodge Kerrigan; cast, Katrin Cartlidge, Vincent D'Onofrio, Colin Meaney. A 30-year-old woman attempts to extricate herself from her life as a New York call girl. Completed.

"The Silence," director, Mohsen Makhmalbaf; cast, Tahmineh Normatova, Nadereh Abdelahyeva. Drama centered on a blind 10-year-old boy who works as a tuner of traditional instruments in Tadzhikistan. Completed.

Mainline Releasing

1801 Ave. of the Stars, Suite 1200 Los Angeles, CA 90067 (310) 286-1001 Fax: (310) 286-0530

Office: Las Flores Suite, 8th floor

Attending: Marc Greenberg, Rich Goldberg, presidents; Joseph Dickstein, director, acquisitions & sales; Tannaz Anisi, director, intl. sales.


"Hangman," producers, Marc Greenberg, Rich Goldberg; director, Rob Spera. A detective is drawn into a real-life game of hangman, where life or death is the final challenge.

"Pleasure Zone," producer, Diane Cornell; director, Robed Angelo. A provocative series where the Internet unites singles looking for love.

"Dementia," producer-director, Woody Keith; cast, Marisol Padilla Sanchez, Patricia Bursiel, Matt Schulze. A psychological thriller pushing life to the edge.

"Indiscreet," producers, Marc Greenberg, Rich Goldberg; director, Marc Bienstock; cast, Luke Perry, Gloria Reuben, Peter Coyote. A private detective falls in love with his client's wife and becomes the primary suspect in the death of her husband.

Marathon Films

9-13 Gravias St. 106 78 Athens, Greece (30-1) 381-9419 Fax: (30-1) 721-1572

Office: 758; 458-6700, ext. 758 Attending: Yannis Koutsomytis.


"After the End of the World," director, Ivan Nichev. Completed.

"Stream," director, Thanassis Anonios; cast, Pascal Tsarouhas, Noni Dounia. Completed.

"The Boatman," director, Biket lihan. Completed.


99 Boulevard Malesherbes Paris, France 75008 (33-1) 4561-6620 Fax: (33-1) 4561-9759

Office: 7th floor, NW Atrium; (310) 576-3008

Attending: Jerome Paillard, exec director; Edith Grant, U.S. rep; Myriam Arab, sales manager.

Media Asia Group

11 Canton Road, Room 414-416 4/F World Commerce Center Kowloon, Hong Kong (852) 2314-4288 Fax: (852) 2314-4248

Office: 302/303; (310) 576-6921 & 6922

Attending: Thomas Chung, group managing director; Wellington Fung, deputy managing director; Y.C. Chu, Peter E. Poon, assistant general managers; Ricky Tse, senior manager, distribution; May Yip, assistant manager, distribution.


"Jackie Chan: My Stunts," producers, Jackie Chan, Thomas Chung; director, Jackie Chan; cast, Jackie Chan. Documentary. Completed.

"Tempting Heart," producers, Thomas Chung, Willie Chan; director, Sylvia Chang; cast, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Karen Mok, Gigi Leung. A classic love story. In development.

"Gen-X Cops," producers, Thomas Chung, Willie Chan; director, Benny Chan; cast, Nicholas Tse, Stephen Fung, Sam Lee. After a stock of police weapons is stolen, a team of teen lawmen takes on the youthful criminals who are responsible. In development.

"Purple Storm," producers, Thomas Chung, Willie Chan; director, Teddy Chen; cast, Kam Kwok-Leung, Joan Chen, Josie Ho Chi-yee. A ruthless revolutionary leader chooses Hong Kong as his battlefield, setting in motion an explosive series of events. Pre-production.

Media Films

3345 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 700 Los Angeles, CA 90010 (213) 736-6060 Fax: (213) 736-6066

Office: 455/457

Attending: Yong Ho Lee, president-CEO; David A. Smitas, exec VP, business affairs; Marry Poole, director, sales; Michelle Park, director, acquisitions; Hyung Rae Shim, producer-director.


"Yonggary," producers, Yong Ho Lee, David Smitas; director, Ray Shim; cast, Harrison Young, Richard Livingston, Wiley Pickett. A 2 million-year-old warning uncovered by two rival archeologists sets the fate of Earth with the awakening of Younggary. Post-production.

"Protector," producer, Judo Hsia; director, Boon Collins; cast, Frank Zagarino, Matthias Hues, Steven Niijar. A man with no memory must uncover his past in order to stop a crime lord from wreaking economic havoc. Completed.

"Last to Surrender," producers, Curtis Petersen, Rick H.Y. Sue; director, David Mitchell; cast, Roddy Piper, Hang Soo Ong. Two cultures collide when an American cop and a Chinese cop are forced to work together to capture an elusive drug lord. Completed.

Media Luna Intl. Film Sales

Alter Markt 36-42 D-50667 Cologne, Germany (49-221) 139-2222 Fax: (49-221) 139-2224

Office: 758/759

Attending: Ida Martins.


"The Trio," producers, Pia Frankenberg, Laurens Straub; director, Hermine Huntgeburth; cast, Goetz George, Christian Redi, Jeanette Hain. Completed.

"The Shoe," producer, Christoph Meyer-Wiel; director, Laila Pakalnina; cast, Jaan Taette, Igors Buraks, Vadims Grossmans. Completed.

"The Day Silence Died," producers, Martin Proctor, Ute Gumz, Paolo Agazzi. Completed.

"Karmapa -- Two Ways of Divinity," producer-director, Arto Halonen; cast, Dalai Lama. Completed.

Mercure Distribution

27 rue de la Butte aux Cailles 75013 Paris, France (33-1) 4416-8844 Fax: (33-1) 4565-0747

Office: 611; 576-7055 Attending: Jacques Le Glou, Manager.


"Venus Beaute," producer, Gilles Sandoz; director, Tonie Marshall; cast, Nathalie Baye, Bulle Ogier, Jacques Bonnaffe. Love affairs and adventures in a beauty salon in Paris. Screening.

"My Name Is Sara," producer, Ricard Figueras Marco, director, Dolores Payas; cast, Elvira Minguez, Francois-Eric Gendron, Elena Castells. A 40-year-old woman with a seemingly perfect existence is about to have her world turned upside-down. Screening.

"Merci Mon Chien," producer, Chris Bolzli; director, Philippe Galland; cast, Atmen Kelif, Jean Benguigui, Yolande Moreau. Story of a young Pakistani man living in the Sentier district of Paris without identity papers. Screening.

"Pecata Minuta," producer, Jose Maria Lara; director, Ramon Barea; cast, Elena Irureta, Loll Astoreka, Ane Gabarain. Four nuns decide to leave their decrepit convent after 20 years. Screening.

Miramax Intl.

99 Hudson St., 5th floor New York, NY 10013 (212) 219-4100 Fax: (212) 941-3836

Office: 831; (310) 576-7490, fax (310) 576-7499

Attending: Rick Sands, chairman, worldwide distribution; Cedric Jeanson, senior VP, distribution; Steve Klain, senior VP, marketing; Bill Marcus, senior VP, sales; Julie Roach, VP, business & legal affairs.


"The Cider House Rules," producer, Richard Gladstein; director, Lasse Hallstrom; cast, Tobey Maguire, Paul Rudd, Michael Caine. Story of a young man informally schooled as an obstetrician who returns to the orphanage where he was raised to carry on the work of the doctor. Post-production.

"Committed," producers, Dean Silvers, Marlen Hecht; director, Lisa Krueger; cast, Heather Graham, Casey Affleck, Luke Wilson. A young wife abandoned by her husband follows him to his new home in hopes of healing their marriage. Post-production.

"Birthday Girl," producers, Eric Abrahams, Steve Butterworth; director, Jez Butterworth; cast, Ben Chaplin. A suburban bank manager sends off for a Russian wife and is disappointed when the beautiful but silent girl appears. Pre-production.

"Hamlet," producers, Andrew Fierberg, Amy Hobby; director, Michael Almereyda; cast, Ethan Hawke, Sam Shepard, Bill Murray. The heir to a Danish fortune haunted by the ghost of his murdered father seeks revenge against his power-hungry family. Post-production.

Moonstone Entertainment

335 N. Maple Drive, Suite 222 Beverly Hills, CA 90210 (310) 247-6060 Fax: (310) 247-6061

Office: 546

Attending: Ernst Stroh, president; Yael Stroh, exec VP; Dana Williams, exec director; Michael Toji, Michael Kasher, directors; Lauren Sanders, manager.


"Cookie's Fortune," producers, Robert Altman, Etchie Stroh; director, Robed Altman; cast, Glenn Close, Julianne Moore, Liv Tyler. A comedy of manners about a death in a small Southern town and the ensuing investigation. Completed.

"Thick as Thieves," producers, Donald Zuckerman, Glenn Zoller, Jon Steingart; director, Scott Sanders; cast, Alec Baldwin, Andre Braugher, Michael Jai White. A businessman Mob boss convices a longtime professional thief to participate in a Detroit food-stamp burglary orchestrated by a Mob-affiliated gangster. Completed.

"Shaded Places," producers, Tiffany Salerno, Carmen Miller, Timothy Puntillo; director, Cameron Thor; cast, Christina Applegate, Justin Lazard, Johnathon Schaech. Screening.

"Who's on First?," producers, Richard Salvatore, Carmen Miller; director, David Snedeker; cast, Johnathon Schaech, Alison Eastwood, James LeGros. A young man moves to Manhattan to take the journalism world by storm and instead ends up working as a telephone psychic. Post-production.

Kathy Morgan Intl.

12262 Sky Lane Los Angeles, CA 90049 (31 O) 440-1019 Fax: (31 O) 472-8530

Office: 550,551;(310) 576-7523

Attending: Kathy Morgan, president; Lori Yeakel, director, intl. sales; Tony Beaudoin, business affairs; Rosella Morgan, market assistant.


"Sinbad, Beyond the Veil of Mists." Animation.

"Another Day in Paradise," director, Larry Clark; cast, James Woods, Melanie Griffith, Vincent Kartheiser. An uncompromising look at the secret outlaw world of the early 1970s. Completed.

Movie Reps Intl.

7135 Hollywood Blvd., Suite 104 Los Angeles, CA 90046 (323) 876-4052 Fax: (323) 876-4063

Office: 655

Attending: Krishna Shah, CEO; Diane Edwards, consultant; Shona Cox, logistics.


"Reluctant Justice," The vicious hunger of revenge creates the dramatic climate that includes a Mafia hitman and a grieving family trying to cope.

"Bleeding Iowa," A convicted felon freed by the FBI soon realizes he is their pawn in covering up the highest ranking assassination in the land.

"Hyderabad Blues," Cultural confusion ensues after an absence of 12 years when what was once home looks foreign.

"In Plain View," Undercover cop produces a short video documentary about a heroin-addicted hooker.

Multimedia Entertainment

P.O. Box 6164 Peoria, IL 61601 (309) 674-9744 Fax: (309) 674-9700

Office: 851;(310) 576-7205

Attending: Jill Bracy, CEO-president; Israel Zion, chief operating officer; Micah Zion, chief financial officer, business & legal affairs.

Mutual Film

650 N. Bronson The Clinton Building Los Angeles, CA 90004 (323) 871-5690 Fax: (323) 871-5689

Office: 821;(310) 576-7379, fax (310) 576-7399

Attending: Gary Levinsohn, co-principal, Mutual Film Co.; Pamela Pickering, head, Mutual Film Intl.; Mark Lindsay, VP distribution; Lesly Snelson, VP operations; Cindy Holland, acquisitions; Brent Gothard, assistant.


"All the Rage," producers, Ash Shah, Peter Gilbert, Mary Vernieu, Anne McCarthy, James Stern; director, James Stern; cast, Joan Allen, Jeff Daniels, Gary Sinese. A comic look at America's obsession with firearms through the lives of 10 interconnected, highly dysfunctional characters. Post-production.

"Isn't She Great," producers, Mike Lobell, Andrew Bergman; director, Andrew Bergman; cast, Bette Midler, Nathan Lane, John Cleese. A romantic comedy based on the exploits of author Jacqueline Susann. Post-production.

"Man on the Moon," producers, Danny De Vito, Michael Shamberg, Stacey Sher; director, Milos Forman; cast, Jim Carrey, Danny De Vito, Courtney Love. The story of the late Andy Kaufman, considered one of the most innovative comics of his time. Post-production.

"Wonder Boys," producer, Scott Rudin; director, Curtis Hanson; cast, Michael Douglas, Frances McDormand, Robert Downey Jr. A self-indulgent writer and his editor spend a weekend struggling to help a promising student. In production.

Myriad Pictures

2633 Lincoln Blvd., Suite 611 Santa Monica, CA 90405 (310) 399-0828 Fax: (310) 399-3244

Office: 310

Attending: Kirk D'Amico, president; Gina Kwon, VP.


"Bad Money," producer, James Gottselig; director, John Hazlett; cast, Graham Greene, Karen Sillas. Edgy comedy about people living on the brink of financial chaos and their increasingly creative, elaborate schemes in the pursuit of money. Screening.

"Speaking in Strings," producers, Paola di Florio, Lilibet Foster; director Paola di Florio. Docu about violinist Nadja Solerno-Sonnenberg. Completed.

"Cleopatra's Second Husband," producer Jill Goldman, David Scott Rubin, Jon Reiss; director, Jonathan Reiss; cast, Radha Mitchell, Paul Hipp, Boyd Kestner. Psychological thriller about houseguests who won't leave. Screening.

"Rupert's Land," producers, Bill Thumm, Scott Kennedy; director, Jonathan Tammuz; cast, Samuel West, Ian Tracey, George Wendt. Two half-brothers are reunited after years of estrangement for a rough yet entertaining road trip to attend their father's funeral. Screening.


NBC Enterprises

3500 W. Olive Ave., 15th floor Burbank, CA 91505 (818) 526-6909 Fax: (818) 526-6921

Office: 524

Attending: Sergio Getzel, VP, intl. sales & business development; Julie McLaughlin, manager, intl. sales.


"Atomic Train," directors, Dick Lowry, David Jackson; cast, Rob Lowe, Kristen Davis, Esai Morales. A disgruntled railroad employee has been sabotaging pasenger trains across the nation. Completed.

"The '60s," producer, Lynda Obst; cast, Jerry O'Connell, Josh Hamilton, Jordana Brewster. Four-hour miniseries interweaves the lives of two fictional families with the newsmakers and image shakers of the decade. Completed.

"Confirmation: The Hard Evidence of Aliens Among Us?" producers, Mark Wopler, Whitley Strieber; director, Starling Price; cast, Robed Davi. Explores evidence that UFOs and alien beings have visited Earth and subjects that evidence to tough scientific analysis. Completed.

"The Tempest," producers, Bonnie Raskin, Jack Bender; director, Jack Bender; cast, Peter Fonda, John Glover, Katherine Heigl. Inventive retelling of Shakespeare's magical tale of love, betrayal and freedom. Completed.

New Line Cinema

116 N. Robertson Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90048 (310) 854-5811 Fax: (310) 854-1824

Office: 841;(310) 576-7003

Attending: Ralpho Borgos, VP, intl. distribution & contracts.


"The Astronaut's Wife," producer, Andrew Lazar; director, Rand Ravich; cast, Johnny Depp, Charlize Theron. A woman watches her perfect marriage to an astronaut disintegrate. Post-production.

"The Corrupter," producers, Oliver Stone, Dan Halstead, Bill Carraro; director, James Foley; cast, Chow-Yun Fat, Mark Wahlberg. A Chinatown cop tries to protect his new partner from the corruption to which he has succumbed. Post-production.

"Legend of the Pianist on the Ocean," producer, Francesco Tornatore; director, Giuseppe Tornatore; cast, Tim Roth, Pruitt Taylor Vince, Melanie Thierry. An atmospheric and poetic odyssey about an orphaned and gifted piano prodigy.

"Lost Souls," producers, Meg Ryan, Nina Sadowsky; director, Janusz Kaminski; cast, Winona Ryder, Ben Chaplin, John Hurt. A tale of one woman's quest to prevent Satan from inhabiting the Earth. Post-production.

Noble Prods.

1615 S. Crest Drive Los Angeles, CA 90035 (310) 552-2934 Fax: (310) 552-3508 Office: 808

Attending: Ika Panajotovic, president; Elena Panajotovic, VP.

Nordisk Film Intl. Sales

Halmtorvet 29 1700 Copenhagen V, Denmark (45-33) 232-488 Fax: (45-33) 232-184

Office: 758

Attending: Anna Karin Strom.


"Angel of the Night," producer, Thomas Stegler Lorentzen; director, Shaky Gonzalez; cast, Maria Karlsen, Mette Louise Holland, Tomas Villum Jensen. A young girl inherits her grandfather's house and brings a vampire back to life. Screening.

"Zingo," producer, Soren Starmose; director, Christjan Wegner; cast, Bjorn Kjellman, Helena af Sandeberg, Per Morberg. A drug dealer decides to change his ways and starts working as a film producer. Completed.

"The Olsen Gang -- Final Mission," producer, Lars Hermann; director, Tom Hedegaard; cast, Ove Sprogoe, Morten Grunwald, Poul Bundgaard. Three gang members decide to bring their life of crime to an end with one final spectacular job. Completed.

"Little Big Sister," producer, Peter Bech; director, Jesper W. Nielsen; cast, Stephania Potalivo, Maurice Blinkenberg, Birgitte Simonsen. A young girl turns to God to help her tread the rocky path to adulthood. Completed.

North American Releasing

808 Nelson St., Suite 2105 Vancouver, B.C., V6Z 2H2, Canada (604) 681-2165 Fax: (604) 681-5538

Office: 606/607

Attending: Lloyd A. Simandl, president-CEO; Michelle Gahagan, COO & attorney; Sharla Bullard, manager, intl. sales & contract administration; Andrea Dedic, intl. sales.


"Escape Velocity," producer-director, Lloyd A. Simandl; cast, Patrick Bergin, Wendy Crewson, Peter Outerbridge. A family aboard a deep-space observatory orbiting a dying star is terrorized by a mysterious stranger found adrift in a derelict lifepod. Screening.

"Action/Sci-Fi Thriller 8 Pack," producer-director, Lloyd Simandl. In each of the eight features, a different female heroine must challenge numerous obstacles to defeat evil and create good for a future mankind. Pre-production.

"Act of War," producer, Lloyd A. Simandl; director, Robert Lee; cast, Jack Scalia, Ingrid Torrance, Douglas H. Arthurs. In a remote part of the former Soviet Republic, guerrillas secretly take over a nuclear missile silo. Completed.

"Dark Confessions," producer-director, Lloyd A. Simandl; cast, Rena Riffel, Kate Rodger. An American girl living in Europe travels to the countryside and finds herself in the clutches of a "trading" company whose currency is young women. Completed.

North by Northwest Entertainment

903 W. Broadway Spokane, WA 99201 (509) 444-5327 Fax: (509) 324-2959

Office: 319; (509) 995-2589, fax (310) 458-6761

Attending: Marc Dahlstrom; Ian Kennedy; Greg Rathvon; Kim Ryan; Tay Voye.


"Mel," director, Joey Travolta; cast, Ernest Borgnine, Julie Hagerty, Greg Evigan. In the Pacific Northwest, Mel revives the legend of a larger-than-life turtle. Screening.

"The Basket," producer-director, Rich Cowan; cast, Peter Coyote, Karen Allen. In 1918 in a small farming community in Washington state, a schoolteacher introduces the game of basketball to his students. Post-production.

Nu Image/Millennium Films

9145 Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90069 (310) 246-0240 Fax: (310) 246-1655

Office: 521/523; (310) 576-7193

Attending: Danny Dimbort, Avi Lerner, co-chairmen & CEO; Kate Hise, VP intl.; Carole Delossantos, VP intl.; Dave Sobieraj, president, domestic homevideo.


"Big Brass Ring," director, George Hickenlooper; cast, William Hurt, Irene Jacob, Nigel Hawthorne. A politician deals with a possible smear involving his long-lost look-alike brother and an eccentric mentor from his past. Post-production.

"Guinevere," director, Audrey Wells; cast, Stephen Rea, Sarah Polley, Gina Gershon. The story of an unlikely love affair between a young woman and a much older man. Screening.

"Takedown," director, Joe Chappelle; cast, Skeet Ulrich, Russell Wong, Tom Berenger. An inside look at the high-tech capture of the FBI's most wanted computer hacker. Post-production.

"For the Cause," director, David Douglas; cast, Dean Cain. A pair of young soldiers stop their general from destroying the enemy on a false peace mission and bring to an end a 100-year war in outer space. Pre-production.


Oasis Pictures

6 Pardee Ave., Suite 104 Toronto, Ontario, M6K 3H5, Canada (416) 586-6821 Fax: (416) 588-7276

Office: 443

Attending: Peter Emerson, president; Kelley Feldscott Reynolds, development; Valerie Cabrera, VP intl.; Steve Murphy, sales & development.


"Captive," producer, Stephen Maynard; director, Rodney Gibbons; cast, Michael Ironside, Erica Eleniak. A young woman's dreams are shattered when her wealthy husband is brutally murdered on their wedding night. Completed.

"Dead Innocent," cast, Genevieve Bujold, Graham Green. A single parent and successful lawyer finds her housekeeper brutally murdered and her daugher missing. Completed.

"My Dog Vincent," cast, Zehra Leverman, Chuck Campbell, Gavin Crawford. Three young men in their early 205 take their first steps from youthful goofiness to tentative maturity. Completed.

"Obstruction of Justice," producers, William Mariani, K. Woodhouse; director, Ron Hulme; cast, Sara Botsford. Ordinary people are faced with the moral dilemma of choosing to look the other way and let a murderer go unpunished. Completed.

October Films

65 Bleecker St., 2nd floor New York, NY 10012 (212) 539-4000 Fax: (212) 539-4099

Office: 710; (310) 576-7117

Attending: Bingham Ray, Scott Greenstein, John Schmidt, co-presidents; Dennis Rice, president, worldwide marketing; Susan Glatzer, VP acquisitions; Patrick Gunn, Matt Wall, VPs, acquisitions & production, Rogue Pictures.


"Cherry Falls," producer, Marshall Persinger; director, Geoffrey Wright. The virginal youths rather than the promiscuous kids are the target of a psychokiller's vengeance.

"Joe Gould's Secret," producers, Beth Alexander, Chuck Weinstock, Mike Lieber; director, Stanley Tucci; cast, Ian Holm, Stanley Tucci. Explores the symbiotic relationship between writer Joseph Mitchell and eccentric Joe Gould. In development.

"The Muse," producer, Herb Nanas; director, Albert Brooks; cast, Albert Brooks, Sharon Stone, Andie McDowell. A comedy about a neurotic screenwriter and his very sexy modern-day muse. Post-production.

"The Mammy," producers, Jim Sheridan, Arthur Pappin, Greg Smith; director, Anjelica Huston; cast, Anjelica Huston, Marion O'Dwyer, Tom Jones. A woman gives herself a second chance at life and love. Post-production.


2049 Century Park E., Suite 2750 Los Angeles, CA 90067 (310) 551-0051 Fax: (31 O) 551-6540

Office: 734/736; (310) 576-7367

Attending: Johan Schotte, chairman; Ian Jessel, CEO; Pierre Koshakji, president.

Omega Entertainment

8760 Shoreham Drive Los Angeles, CA 90069 (310) 855-0516 Fax: (310) 652-2044

Office: 866; (310) 576-7409

Attending: Carole Mishkind, VP intl.

Omega Pictures

292 S. La Cienega Blvd. Beverly Hills, CA 90211 (310) 289-0231 Fax: (310) 289-0253

Office: 308

Attending: Ken Nakamura, chairman & CEO; Mark Burman, president & CFO; Susan Wichmann, VP, acquisitions & development; Stephen Maynard, VP production.


"Bum$," producers, Andre Farwagi, Ken Nakamura; director, Ted Kotcheff; cast, Jean Reno, Julie Delpy. Pre-production.

"Killing Moon," producer, John Gillespie; director, John Bradshaw; cast, Daniel Baldwin, Penelope-Anne Miller, Kim Coates.

"Water Damage," producer, John Gillespie; director, Murray Battle; cast, Daniel Baldwin, Dean Stockwell.

"Cash Cows," producers, Ken Nakamura, Stephen Maynard; director, Ate de Jong; cast, Brigitte Bako, Jeroen Krabbe, Hannes Jaenicke. Pre-production.

Overseas Filmgroup

8800 Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90069 (310) 855-1199 Fax: (310) 855-0719

Office: 802; (310) 576-7179

Attending: Robert Little, Ellen Little, co-chairmen/co-CEOs; William Lischak, COO/CFO; MJ Peckos, senior VP, distribution & marketing; Liz Mackiewicz, Brian O'Shea, VPs, intl. sales.


"Titus," producers, Julie Taymor, Conchita Airoldi; director, Julie Taymor; cast, Anthony Hopkins, Jessica Lange, Alan Cumming. Reveals the tragic consequences of revenge. Post-production.

"A Map of the World," producers, Kathleen Kennedy, Frank Marshall; director, Scott Elliott; cast, Sigourney Weaver, Julianne Moore, David Strathairn. A loving couple survive sudden tragedy and adversity to find hope in a world that seems to have abandoned them. Post-production.

"The Runner," producer, Wayne Rice, Ron Moler; director, Ron Moler; cast, John Goodman, Courteney Cox, Ron Eldard. A compulsive gambler works as a runner for a notorious underground figure in Las Vegas. Completed.

"Unglued," producer, Dan Parada; director, Holly Goldberg Sloan; cast, Linda Hamilton, Eugene Levy, Majandra Delfino. A coming-of-age story of a young woman coping with divorce, the opposite sex and friendship in the '70s. Post-production.


PFG Entertainment

1401 Ocean Ave., Suite 302 Santa Monica, CA 90401 (310) 393-5788 Fax: (310) 393-0882

Office: 430; (310) 576-7311

Attending: Ted Rosenblatt, Daniel Gerst, Julia Hodes.


"A Slipping Down Life," producers, Derinda Dallas, Robin Lieberman, Richard Raddon; director, Toni Kalem; cast, Lili Taylor, Guy Pearce. A shy woman falls in love with a struggling musician after hearing his voice on the radio. Screening.

"Partners in Crime," producers, J. Todd Harris, Ram Bergman, Dana Lustig; director, Jennifer Warren; cast, Rutger Hauer, Paulina Porizkova. FBI involvement in the investigation of an apparent kidnapping leads to resentment among local authorities and suspicion of their lead detective.

"Route 9," producers, Brad Krevoy, Mike Elliott, David Bixler; director, David Mackay, cast, Kyle MacLachlan, Peter Coyote, Amy Locane. Two small-town deputies are confronted with the unforeseen consequences of trying to conceal drug money. Screening.

"Sasha's Riddle," director, Evan Brenner; cast, Pasha Ivanov, Sasha Melnikova, Georgi Balashov. A story of a 10-year-old boy's search for the truth behind the loss of his mother. Completed.

PID (Producers Intl. Distribution)

Rentzelstrasse 10A 20146 Hamburg, Germany (49-40) 4140-9020 Fax: (49-40) 4140-9029

Office: 332

Attending: Christoph Sieciechowicz, president & CEO; Thierry Wase-Bailey, senior VP.


"Millionaire Dogs," producers, Dr. Michael Schoemann, Dr. Dietmar Kablitz; director, Dr. Michael Schoemann. Animated pic about a family of dogs who inherit a fortune from their deceased owner and have to defend it against unscrupulous relatives. Screening.

PM Entertainment Group

9545 Wentworth St. Sunland, CA 91040 (818) 504-6332 Fax: (818) 504-6380

Office: 518/520; (310) 576-7163

Attending: George Shamieh, president; Chevonne O'Shaughnessy, VP, foreign sales; Mary Judy, director, foreign sales.


"Inferno," director, John Avildsen; cast, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Pat Morita, Larry Drake. A man haunted by personal tragedy finds himself in a small town that's being terrorized by two rival gangs and finds the strength to save himself and the townspeople. Completed.

"No Tomorrow," director, Master P; cast, Gary Busey, Gary Daniels, Jeff Fahey. A big-city mobster, an American militia force and the FBI enter a clandestine mix where nothing is what it seems and all sides have been played the fool. Screening.

"Space Fury," director, Eli Necakov; cast, Michael Pare, Lisa Bingley, Nenad Petrovic. A terrorist plot to sabotage a space station is uncovered during the investigation of two American astronauts. Screening.

"Can't Stop Dancing," director, Stephen Falick, Ben Zook; cast, Margaret Cho, Melanie Hutsell, Bruce Daniels. A zany dance troupe that moves from Kansas to make it big in Hollywood faces many obstacles in the quest to win a dance contest. Screening.

Pandora Cinema

7 rue Keppler 75116 Paris, France (33-1) 4070-9090 Fax: (33-1) 4070-9091

Office: 811

Attending: Christian Bourguignon, CEO; Ernst Goldschmidt, president; Sudy Coy, exec VP; Diana Costes Brook, director of acquisitions; Toby Melling, head of TV dept.; Eleonora Gianata, consultant.


"The Magnetist's Fifth Winter," producer, Lise Lense-Moller; director, Morten Henrikson; cast, Ole Lemmeke, Roll Lassgard, Johanna Sallstrom. Drama set in northern Sweden in 1820 involving a "magnetist" who restores someone's vision, winning both her heart and the people's esteem. In post-production.

"Titanic Town," producer, George Faber; director, Roger Mitchell; cast, Julie Walters, Ciaran Hinds, Nuala O'Neill. A woman's involvement in the struggle for peace in Belfast endangers her whole family. Completed.

"Bedrooms and Hallways," producers, Dorothy Berwin, Ceci Dempsey; director, Rose Troche; cast, Kevin McKidd, Hugo Weaving, Jennifer Ehle. Comedy that tackles the problems of sexual identity and romantic individualism. Completed.

"A Reasonable Man," producer, Paul Raleigh; director, Gavin Hood; cast, Gavin Hood, Nigel Hawthorne, Janine Eser. A white lawyer is forced to reconsider white values when he defends a young Zulu accused of brutally murdering a baby. In post-production.

Pearson TV

1 Stephen St. London W1P 1PJ, U.K. (44-171) 691-6000 Fax: (44-171) 691-6060

Office: 627

Attending: Brian Harris, managing director; Joseph Abrams, exec VP; Jane Rimer, VP, sales & development North America; Clive Jordan, sales exec, homevideo; Rand Stoll, exec VP, programming, East Coast, Pearson TV; David Jacquemin, VP sales, Pearson TV.


"Deep in My Heart," producer, David Yarnell; director, Anita W. Addison; cast, Anne Bancroft, Gloria Reuben, Lynn Whitfield. Story of a young woman who overcomes a lifetime of emotional turmoil when she finally finds her biological mother.

"To Live For," producers, Elizabeth Guber Stephen, C. Tad Devlin; director, Michael Schultz; cast, Nancy Travis, Scott Bairstow, Jamie Rene Smith. A devoted mother must decide the fate of her teenage daughter after she learns she is terminally ill.

"Judgment Day: The Ellie Nesler Story," producer, Daryle Ann Lindley; director, Stephen Tolkin; cast, Christine Lahti, Mary Kay Place, Barry Corbin. A distraught mother takes justice into her own hands when she exacts revenge on the man who assults her young son.

"Man of Miracles," producer, Robert V. Girolami; director, Larry Peerce; cast, John Ritter, Meredith Baxter. A small-town minister and his wife find themselves catapulted into controversy as they struggle to maintain their faith and save their family.


2020 Broadway Santa Monica, CA 90404 (310) 829-2222 Fax: (310) 829-0202

Office: 732A

Attending: David Stidham, director, foreign & new media; Marc Bruder, director, domestic broadcast.


"Sweetheart Murders," producer, Chris McCartney; director, Mark Innocenti; cast, Monique Parent, Tane McClure, David Millbern. The story of the glamorous and deadly world of L.A.'s fashion models. Completed.

"Amazing Amazon Beauties," director, Nicholas Guccione; cast, Julie Strain, Roxy Le Roux, Kelly Ashton. A gorgeous artist is inspired by Penthouse Pets. Completed.

"Pet of the Year and Friends," director, Nicholas Guccione; cast, Paige Summers, Lexie, Cher. Completed.

"Pet of the Year Playoff 1998," director, Nicholas Guccione; cast, Nikie St. Gilles, Jessica James, Heather St. James. Five Penthouse Pets vie for the coveted title. Completed.

Picture This! Entertainment

7471 Melrose Ave., Suite 7 Los Angeles, CA 90046 (323) 852-1398 Fax: (323) 658-7265

Office: 7th floor, Zuma Room; (310) 576-7549, fax (310) 576-7550

Attending: Douglas Witkins, president; Orly Ravid, acquisitions; Jeff Collaso, operations manager.


"No Ordinary Love," producer, Eli Kabillio; director, Doug Witkins; cast, Smith Forte, Ericka Klein, Koing Kuoch. Unlikely housemates uncover murder and infidelity in the Hollywood Hills. Completed.

"Under Heat," producers, Denise Kasell, Frances Murdock, Peter Reed; director, Peter Reed; cast, Lee Grant, Robed Knepper, Eric Swanson. An explosive family reunion reveals the innermost secrets of an eccentric mother and her two grown sons, one of whom is gay. Completed.

"Isle of Lesbos," producers, Daniel Stoecker, Jeff Harmon; director, Jeff Harmon; cast, Kirsten Holly Smith, Danica Sheridan, Jeff Harmon. Comedy with a modern twist. Completed.

"The Toilers and the Wayfarers," producers, Keith Froelich, Karen Manion, Ralf Schirg; director, Keith Froelich; cast, Matt Klemp, Andrew Woodhouse. Two gay boys run away from their conservative families and become street hustlers. Completed.

Playboy Entertainment Group

9242 Beverly Blvd. Beverly Hills, CA 90210 (310) 246-4000 Fax: (310) 246-4050

Office: 824; (310) 576-7420

Attending: Tony Lynn, president; Brian Moreno, exec VP, worldwide homevideo; Andy Schreiber, division VP, marketing & operations.


"Warm Texas Rain," producer, Michael Cain; director, Daniel Rogosin; cast, Steven Bauer, Brenda Bakke, Fred Dryer. A Marine falls in love with a woman who sets him up for murder.

"Black Sea 213," producer, Anatoly Fradis; director, Rafael Eisenman; cast, Timothy Bottoms, Anthony Addabbo, Jacqueline Lovell. A photographer travels to Russia's Black Sea for a photo shoot involving a group of hard-edged fashion models on a local fisherman's barge.

"Boca," producer, Anatoly Fradis; director, Rafael Eisenman; cast, Martin Sheen, Rae Dawn Chong, Martin Kemp. A reporter and her cameraman arrive in Rio de Janeiro to investigate the murders of thousands of the city's street kids.

"Shame, Shame, Shame," producers, Aladdin Rojhan, Linda Clark; director, Zalman King; cast, Costas Mandylor, Valerie Perrine, Olivia Hussey. A woman consumed by her study of the human sexual psyche searches for the key to unlock her own psyche.

Polygram Film Intl.

4th Floor, Oxford House 76 Oxford St. London W1N OHQ, U.K. (44-171) 307-1300 Fax: (44-171) 307-1304

Office: 444

Attending: Aline Perry, president; Carl Clifton, senior VP, intl. sales; Ron Fogelman, VP, intl. sales; David Kosse, senior VP, intl. marketing; Jan Verheyen, senior VP, intl. distribution; Debbie Balderstone, VP, intl. distribution.


"Angela's Ashes," producers, David Brown, Scott Rudin, Alan Parker; cast, Emily Watson, Robed Carlyle. Moving story of the triumph of spirit over adversity in a poverty-stricken Irish family. In post-production.

"Untitled Love Story," producers, Michele Camarda, Andrew Eaton; director, Michael Winterbottom; cast, Gina McKee, Molly Parker, Shirley Henderson. An intimate portrait of a family over one weekend in South London. In post-production.

"Pitch Black," producer, Tom Engelman; director, David Twohy; cast, Vin Diesel, Radha Mitchell, Cole Hauser. Marooned space travelers struggle for survival in a world that seems lifeless until it erupts with nocturnal life following a giant eclipse. In post-production.

"Mad About Mambo," producer, David Kelly; director, John Forte; cast, Keri Russell, Brian Cox, William Ash. A Catholic school student from working-class West Belfast convinces himself he can become the greatest soccer player in Ireland, if he learns the samba and improves his rhythm! In post-production.

PorchLight Entertainment

11777 Mississippi Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90025 (310) 477-8400 Fax: (310) 477-5555

Office: 614

Attending: Bruce D. Johnson, president & CEO; William T. Baumann, exec VP & CFO; Michael Jacobs, VP, worldwide sales; Stephanie Slack, director, worldwide sales; Zac Reeder, head, acquisitions; Judy Guevara, manager, intl. operations.


"Big Bear," Family adventure. In production.

"Same River Twice," cast, Robed Curtis-Brown, Shea Farrell, Dwier Brown. Four friends return to the scene of a river-rafting accident that changed their lives. Completed.

"The Outfitters," cast, Danny Nucci, Dana Delany, Del Zamora. A comedy about the hard-luck adventures of two brothers and the women they love. Screening.

"Treehouse Hostage," cast, Jim Varney. A group of kids hold a crazy but lovable escaped convict hostage in their treehouse.

Portman Entertainment

167 Wardour St. London W1V 3TA, U.K. (44-171) 468-3443 Fax: (44-171) 468-3469

Office: 459

Attending: Tim Buxton, CEO; Xavier Marchand, managing director; Gary Mitchell, sales director; Jane Baker, sales manager; Richard Barker, sales exec.


"Savage Honeymoon," producer, Steve Sachs; director, Mark Beesley; cast, Nicholas Eadie, Perry Piercy. Hard-rockin' Mickey and Louise Savage battle to keep their delinquent family together armed with the only weapon they have -- love. Screening.

"The Trench," producer, Steve Clark-Hall; director, William Boyd; cast, Paul Nicholls, Daniel Craig, Julian Rhind-Tutt. The lives of a group of young British soldiers in the trenches on the eve of the Battle of the Somme in 1916. In post-production.

"The Clandestine Marriage," producer, Steve ClarkHall; director, Christopher Miles; cast, Nigel Hawthorne, Timothy Spall, Natasha Little. Two very different families living in England in 1776 are brought together through the marriage of their youngest. In post-production.

"Scarfies," producer, Lisa Chatsfield; director, Robed Sarkies; cast, Willa O'Neil, Nell Rea, Taika Cohen. Five students find a marijuana plantation in the cellar of their squat and sell some, but things get out of hand when the original owner comes looking for his crop. In post-production.

President Films

2 rue Lord Byron 75008 Paris, France (33-1) 4562-8222 Fax: (33-1) 4563-4056

Office: 730; 458-6700

Attending: Jacques-Eric Strauss; Solange Cazier-Charpentier; Herve Poirson.


"Asterix and Obelix vs. Caeser," producer, Claude Berri; director, Claude Zidi; cast, Gerard Depardieu, Christian Clavier, Roberto Benigni. The year is 50 B.C. and Gaul is under Roman occupation, apart from one small village that resists thanks to a magic potion. Screening.

"Time Regained," producer, Paolo Branco; director, Raul Ruiz; cast, Catherine Deneuve, John Malkovich, Emmanuelle Bead. Period drama concerning the experiences of Marcel Proust in Paris during World War I. In production.

"Augustin Roi du Kung-Fu," producer, Philippe Carcassonne; director, Anne Fontaine; cast, Jean-Chretien Sibertin Blanc, Maggie Cheung, Darry Cowl. Comedy about a bit-part actor living in Paris who dreams of playing the lead in a kung fu movie. In post-production.

"What's Life," producer, Maurice Bernart; director, Francois Dupeyron; cast, Jean Pierre Darroussin, Jacques Dufilho, Eric Caravaca. A poor farmer's son is forced to rebuild his life and that of his family following the death of his father. In post-production.

Progress Film

Burgstrasse 27 D-10178 Berlin, Germany (49-30) 2400-3200 Fax: (49-30) 2400-3222

Office: 812; 458-6700, ext. 812

Attending: Alexander van Duelman, managing director; Bettina Kunde, Daniel C. Witte, world sales.


"Feuerreiter," producer, Jurgen Haase; director, Nina Grosse; cast, Martin Feifel, Marianne Denicourt, Ulrich Matthes. Drama based on the life of poet Friedrich Holderlin. Screening.

"Trains and Roses," producer, Jorn Rettig; director, Peter Lichtefeld; cast, Joachim Krol, Outi Maenpaa, Peter Lohmeyer. A railroad movie that takes us from Germany to Finland. Screening.

"Brute," producers, Claus Boje, Edouard Douek, Lew Rywin, Leonardo de la Fuente; director, Maciej Dejczer; cast, Til Schwieger, Polly Walker, Pete Postlethwaite. On his release from prison, a man is sent to a rundown Romanian orphanage for rehabilitation and, for the first time in his life, begins to act like a human being. Screening.

"The Mask of Desire," producer, Georg Stingl; director, Egon Guenther; cast, Veronica Ferres, Herbert Knaup, Sibylle Canonica. The life of Germany's greatest poet, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Screening.

Prokino Filmproduktion

Widenmayerstr. 38 80538 Munich, Germany (49-89) 210-1140 Fax: (49-89) 210-11411

Office: 758; 458-6700, ext. 758

Attending: Ira von Gienanth, general manager; Volker Kronz, head of licensing.


"Zugvogel ... einmal nach inari" (Trains and Roses).

Promark Entertainment Group

3599 Cahuenga Blvd. W., 3rd floor Los Angeles, CA 90068 (323) 878-0404 Fax: (323) 878-0486

Office: 702/703; (310) 576-7037

Attending: Conny Lernhag, chairman; Jonathan Kramer, president; Eric Bernstein, director, intl. sales & operations; Patrick Caneday, director, distribution services; Sang-Joon Park, manager, intl. distribution.


"New World Disorder," director, Richard Spence; cast, Rutger Hauer, Andrew McCarthy, Tara Fitzgerald. An old-fashioned homicide detective finds himself in the computer criminal world. Screening.

"The Vivero Letter," producer, Raffaello Monteverde; director, H. Gordon Boos; cast, Robed Patrick, Fred Ward, Chiara Caselli. A man stumbles upon a lost civilization hidden in the depths of the Costa Rican jungle. Screening.

"Angel's Dance," producer, David Bixler, John Glasser; director, David Corley; cast, James Belushi, Sheryl Lee. A rookie assassin takes target practice on an innocent female recluse and learns she's not the pushover she seems to be. Screening.

"Finding Kelly," A 17-year-old girl turns up missing and two industrious kids jump at the chance to help solve the mystery. Screening.

Prophecy Entertainment

21 Water St., Suite 604 Vancouver, B.C., V6B 1A1, Canada (604) 681-8567 Fax: (604) 602-8752

Office: 762

Attending: Melanie Kilgour, president, marketing & distribution; John Curtis, president; Petros Tsaparas, CFO; Evan Tylor, head of production.


"A Twist of Faith," producers, Evan Tylor, John Curtis; director, Chris Angel; cast, Andrew McCarthy, Michael Ironside, Matthew Laurance. A detective who considers himself a devout atheist must reconsider his belief system while pursuing an extra-malevolent serial assassin. Post-production.

"The Silencer," producers, John Curtis, Evan Tylor; director, Robed Lee; cast, Michael Dudikoff, Evan Tylor. A hit-man prepares for his target, a high-ranking cop working for a rival crime syndicate. In production.

"Laserhawk," producers, John Curtis, Pieter Kroonenburg; director, Jean Pellerin; cast, Jason James Richter, Melissa Galianos, Gordon Currie. Eccentric high school students obsessed with UFOs commandeer a spaceship and launch earth-saving aerial duels against a carnivorous super-species. Completed.


Quadra Entertainment

130 S. El Camino Drive Beverly Hills, CA 90212 (310) 205-6262 Fax: (310) 205-6264

Office: 509/511/515; (310) 576-7113, fax (310) 576-7114

Attending: Christian Halsey Solomon, president & CEO; Lee Solomon, COO; Glenn Kendrick-Ackermann, VP, intl. distribution; Helen Beadleston, VP, acquisitions & co-productions.


"2001, A Space Travesty," producer, Jeffery Konvitz; director, Gabriel Pelletier; cast, Leslie Nielsen, Ezzio Greggio. Marshall Dix is sent to a moon base to investigate strange occurrences. Pre-production.

"Two Girls and a Guy," producer, Edward Pressman; director, James Toback; cast, Robert Downey Jr., Heather Graham, Natasha Gregson Wagner. Two women discover they have been sharing the same boyfriend for the past year. Completed.

"New Rose Hotel," producer, Edward Pressman; director, Abel Ferrara; cast, Christopher Walken, Willem Dafoe, Asia Argento. In the near future a brilliant Japanese scientist is the prize in a war between two powerful mega-corporations. Completed.

"The Crow: Salvation," producer, Edward Pressman; director, Bharat Nalluri; cast, Kirsten Dunst, Eric Mabius, Fred Ward. A young man is wrongly executed for the brutal murder of his girlfriend and returns as the Crow to put things right. In production.

Quantum Entertainment

3599 Cahuenga Blvd. W., Suite 316 Los Angeles, CA 90068 (323) 878-2578 Fax: (323) 878-0235

Office: 640: (310) 576-7365

Attending: Michael Sellers, president; Pamela Vlastas, VP; Peter Oppenheimer, co-chairman; Kleber Santos, distribution manager.


"Legacy," producers, Michael Sellers, Michele Berk, Peter Oppenheimer; director, T.J. Scott; cast, David Hasselhoff, Rod Steiger, Douglas O'Keefe. Dedicated war photographer joins beautiful Eurasian girl on a dangerous quest for her legacy. Screening.

"Pavilion," producer, Jack Merrick; director, Grant Mitchell; cast, Patsy Kensit, Richard Chamberlain, Craig Sheffer. Two men estranged for years must put aside their animosity to protect a woman and her fugitive father. Post-production.

"Irrefutable Evidence," producers, Chris Kupcha, Brian Rosen, Pamela Vlastas. An insurance salesman is drawn into a downward spiral when he is caught in a scheme of mistaken identities and double-crossing. In development.

"Quick Sand," producer, Steve Schoenberg, Pamela Vlastas. A young woman on the run from the authorities finds refuge with her doctor and the two of them try to find a murderer. In development.


RGH/Lions Share Pictures

8831 Sunset Blvd., Suite 300 West Hollywood, CA 90069 (310) 652-2893 Fax: (310) 652-6237

Office: 739

Attending: Marvinia Anderson, sales consultant; Adrian Shaw, president & cochairman; Eric Louzil, CEO; Billy Blake, cochairman; Ava Stensland, VP distribution.


"Soft Toilet Seats," producer, Shirley Craig; director, Tina Valinski; cast, Sammi Davis, David Alex Rosen, Alexa Jago. A squeamish pharmacist discovers a murder was committed in the bathroom of his new house and gets hoodwinked into solving the crime. Screening.

"Shattered Illusions," producers, James Bradley, Dan Hirsch; director, Becky Best; cast, Richard Lynch, Colette O'Connell, Morgan Fairchild. A radio host becomes a success when one of her listeners begins killing off anyone who causes her problems. Screening.

"Placebo Effect," producers, Luciano Saber, Cherelle George; director, Alejandro Seri; cast, Francesco Quinn, Luciano Saber. When a Chicago cab driver stumbles upon an assassination plot against the vice president, the terrorists' plans are disrupted. Screening.

"Mascara," producer, Crocker Coulson; director, Linda Kandel; cast, lone Skye, Lumi Cavazos, Amanda De Cadenet. For three women their mascara is not enough to cover up the hunger for passion or the pain of infidelity.

RKO Pictures

1875 Century Park E., Suite 2140 Los Angeles, CA 90067 (310) 277-0707 Fax: (310) 266-3656

Office: 724; (310) 576-7257, fax (310) 576-3656

Attending: Ted Hadley, chairman & CEO; Art Horan, exec VP; Ron Gell, VP, production & development; June Shelley, consultant, sales & marketing; Doris Schwartz, VP production.


"Milk & Money," producers, Michael Bergmann, Ted Hadley; director, Michael Bergmann; cast, Calista Flockhad, Peter Boyle, Dina Merrill. A student drops out of medical school and finds love, adventure and cows in New York City.

"Holiday Affair," producer, Ted Hadley; director, Alan Myerson; cast, David James Elliott, Cynthia Gibb, Tom Irwin. A remake of the classic film celebrating love and Christmas.

"Desperate," producer, Ted Hadley. A law student forced into aiding a robber is framed for the crime by the perpetrators. In development.

"Zombie," producer, Ted Hadley. A young oncologist moves to Haiti and becomes caught up in the island's voodoo culture. In development.

RAMM Entertainment 6301 DeSoto Ave., Suite D Woodland Hills, CA 91367 (818) 713-8144 Fax: (818) 888-7083

Office: 324

Attending: Glen Hartford, president; Roger Van House, director, worldwide sales & development.


"1999," director, Nick Davis; cast, Steven Wright, Buck Henry, Amanda Peet. It's New Year's Eve and the place to be is New York City, where a wild party gets out of control. Screening.

"Mob Queen," director, Jon Carnoy; cast, David Proval, Candis Cayne, Gerry Cooney. An eager mobster tries to impress his boss with the gift of a woman who turns out to be a bit more than they expected. Screening.

"Pariah," director, Randolph Kret; cast, Angela Jones, Damon Jones, Dave Oren Ward. A young man infiltrates a gang of skinheads to avenge the death of his girlfriend. Completed.

"The Forbidden Samurai," cast, Diana Lee Insanto, T.J. Storm, Saki Miata. A young girl becomes a skilled samurai warrior and fights at her father's side. In production.

Rai Trade

Via Novaro 18 00195 Rome, Italy (39-06) 374-981 Fax: (39-06) 370-1343

Office: C604

Attending: Roberto di Russo, president; Sesto Cifola, sales director; Vincenzo Mosca, head of intl. sales; Giulia Filippelli, intl. sales exec.


"You're Laughing," directors, Paolo & Vittorio Taviani; cast, Antonio Albanese, Sabrina Ferilli, Pello Arena. The interlinked short stories of a thwarted baritone, a wealthy doctor and a child kidnapped by the Mafia. Completed.

"Albero Delle Pere," producers, Leo Pescarolo, Guido De Laurentiis; cast, Valeria Golino, Sergio Rubini, Stefano Dionisi. A family faces crisis when the young daughter pricks herself on a hypodermic needle. Completed.

"Kaputt Mundi," producers, Marco Risi, Maurizio Tedesco; director, Marco Risi; cast, Monica Bellucci, Francesca d'Aloja, Alessandro Haber. On New Year's Eve, an apartment block named Le Isole becomes the setting for a dark comedy. Completed.

Raven Pictures

859 Hollywood Way, Suite 273 Burbank, CA 91505 (818) 508-4785 Fax: (818) 508-4786

Office: 810

Attending: Joanne Watkins, president; Scott Wiseman, exec VP; Ted Chalmers, VP, worldwide distribution.


"Betty," producers, Cheryl Pollak, Richard Murphy, Steve Gregory; director, Richard Murphy; cast, Cheryl Pollak, Holland Taylor, Udo Kier. A classic fish-out-of-water story about a famous actress who decides to flee Hollywood for a normal life in Palm Springs. Screening.

"Cold Heads," producer, Kevin Noland; director, Robert Masciantonio; cast, Amy Jo Johnson, Marisa Ryan, Robed Floyd. Rival vampire gangs act out their supernatural teen anguish in a deadly game of sex, bloodlust and survival. Screening.

"The Color of Love," director, Chris Firriolo; cast, Andrew Lionetti, Cathy Lynn Yonek, Dwayne Donald. For lifelong friends color didn't matter, but when tragedy strikes, the survivors must look deep within themselves at their prejudices and fears. Completed.

"The Demons in my Head," producers, Jane Rowland, Nell Johnson; cast, Matthew Mariconte, David Vallon, Jane Rowland. A young man is possesed by demons from another dimension after a meteorite crashes in his back yard. Completed.

Redwood Communications

228 Main St., Studio 17 Venice, CA 90291 (310) 581-9090 Fax: (310) 581-9093

Office: 618/620; (310) 576-7125, fax (310) 576-7126

Attending: Lucas E. Devenn, president-CEO; Milena Rimassa, exec VP; Bruno J.F. Cavelier, VP sales; Scott Sullivan, director, development & acquisitions.


"Other Voices," producers, Ruth Charny, Shelly Strong; director, Dan McCormack; cast, Campbell Scott, Mary McCormack, Peter Gallagher. A New York couple find themselves in danger when their roleplaying fantasies go too far. In production.

"The Sterling Chase," producers, Cynthia Brown, Tayna Fenmore; director, Tayna Fenmore; cast, Alanna Ubach, Nicholle Tom, Jack Noseworthy. Jealousy and betrayal arise as three college students compete for an award that will determine their future. Post-production.

"Harvest," producers, Lemore Swan, Ron Kastner; director, Stuart Burkin; cast, Mary McCormack, John Slattery, James Van Der Beek. An investigation led by a female DEA agent attempts to expose a community coverup of farmers growing marijuana. Screening.

"Hayley's Comment," producers, Hayley Hofbauer, Helen A. Tallis; director, Helen A. Tallis; cast, Hayley Hofbauer, Eliza Jane Scott, Kirstin Hinton. An actress encounters many eccentric characters during a series of misadventures on the road toward her first break. Completed.

Regent Entertainment

1762 Westwood Blvd., Suite 400 Los Angeles, CA 90024 (310) 441-3801 Fax: (310) 446-4599

Office: Malibu Suite, 7th Atrium; (310) 576-7544

Attending: Helen Sarlui; Mark Harris; Paul Colichman; Stephen Jarchow; Jeff Schenk; John Lambed.


"Gods & Monsters," producers, Paul Colichman, Gregg Fienberg, Mark Harris; director, Bill Condon; cast, Ian McKellen, Brendan Fraser, Lynn Redgrave. The life and mysterious death in 1957 of James Whale, the brilliant director of "Frankenstein" and "Show Boat." Screening.

"Teen Monster," producers, Paul Colichman, Mark Harris; director, Mitch Marcus; cast, Judge Reinhold, Shelley Duvall, Matthew Lawrence. An edgy comedy about a brilliant teenager who builds a Frankenstein monster, with chaotic results. Screening.

"I'll Remember April," producers, Paul Colichman, Mark Harris; director, Bob Clark; cast, Mark Harmon, Pat Morita, Pam Dawber. A group of boys capture a Japanese sailor in California during World War II and must face difficult issues of loyalty, friendship and courage. Completed.

"Red Team," producers, Paul Colichman, Mark Harris; director, Jeremy Haft; cast, Patrick Muldoon, C. Thomas Howell, Fred Ward. An FBI agent faces a moral and legal dilemma when he discovers the secretive unit that recruited him is executing vigilante justice. Completed.

Republic Pictures

5700 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 525-North Los Angeles, CA 90036 (323) 965-6900 Fax: (323) 965-5944

Office: 746; (310) 576-7497, fax (310) 576-7498

Attending: Michael Thornton, VP intl; Sarah Kuchelmeister, intl. sales coordinator.


"Betty Boop: The Definitive Collection," producer, Max Fleischer. A collection of 115 classic cartoon shorts.

"Zorro -- The Cliffhanger Series," Four classic "Zorro" serials.

"The Bold Caballero: A Zorro Adventure," director, Wells Root; cast, Robed Livingston, Heather Angel, Sig Rumann.

Roissy Films

58 rue Pierre Charron 75008 Paris, France (33-1) 5353-5050 Fax: (33-1) 4289-2693

Office: 611; 576-7055

Attending: Raphael Berdugo, president-CEO.


"The Bridge," directors, Gerard Depardieu, Fred Auburtin; cast, Gerard Depardieu, Carole Bouquet, Charles Berling. Romantic and moving love story set in the French province of Normandie in the '60s.

"A Weather Woman," director, Tomoaki Hosoyama; cast, Kei Mizutani, Yasuyo Shirashima, Saori Taira. The crazy adventures of an ambitious and sexy female TV weather forecaster.

"Mama," director, Denis Yevstigneev; cast, Nonna Mordukova, Oleg Menshikov, Vladimir Mashkov. True story of a family who formed a folk music band in Russia in the '70s and attempted to fly a plane to the U.S.

"The Captain's Daughter," director, Alexandre Prochkine; cast, Vladimir Mashkov, Mateusz Damiecki, Karolina Gruszka. Love story set in Russia in the late 18th century involving a young soldier and the captain's daughter.


S Entertainment

434 Queen St. East Toronto, Ontario, M5A 1T5, Canada (416) 363-6060 Fax: (416) 363-2305

Office: 721/723; (310) 576-7247

Attending: Nicolas Stiliadis, general manager; Barbara Bernhard, VP intl.


"G2," director, Nick Rotundo; cast, Daniel Bernhardt, Meeka Schiro, Bing Shen. A 2,000-year-old secret manifests itself into a dangerous quest. Screening.

"Breakout," director, John Bradshaw; cast, J. Evan Bonifant, Holly Gagnier, Robed Carradine. Three ninja kids foil a plot to prevent the release of a new alternative energy to the world. Completed.

"The Undertaker's Wedding," director, John Bradshaw; cast, Adrien Brody, Jeff Wincott, Karl Wuhrer. An undertaker falls in love with the wife of a Mafia don. Completed.

Saban Pictures

10960 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90024 (310) 235-5100 Fax: (310) 235-5102

Office: 755/756/757; (310) 576-6989

Attending: Stan Golden, president, Saban Intl.; Lance Robbins, president, motion pictures & TV; Eugenia Briseno, senior VP, intl. sales; Tomas Arteaga, VP sales, German-speaking territories; Amy Goldberg, VP, motion pictures; Susan Cooper, VP acquisitions.


"Casper: A Spirited Beginning," cast, Steve Guttenberg, Lori Loughlin, Rodney Dangerfield. Casper helps a young boy save a historic mansion from the developers' wrecking ball despite the meddling antics of his three uncles.

"Addams Family Reunion," cast, Daryl Hannah, Tim Curry, Estelle Harris.

"Richie Rich's Christmas Wish," cast, David Gallagher, Martin Mull, Lesley Ann Warren. The wealthiest boy in the world faces life without his fortune.

"Voyage of Terror," cast, Lindsay Wagner, Michael Ironside, Martin Sheen. A dream vacation turns into a deadly nightmare for passengers held captive aboard a luxury cruise liner.

The Sales Co.

62 Shaftesbury Ave. London W1V 7DE, U.K. (44-171) 434-9061 Fax: (44-171) 494-3293

Office: 808; 458-6700

Attending: Alison Thompson, CEO; Rebecca Kearey, head of marketing; Joy Wong, sales exec.


"Janice Beard 45 wpm," producer, Judy Counihan; director, Clare Kilner; cast, Eileen Walsh, Rhys Ifans, Patsy Kensit. Armed with a pitiful typing speed and an overactive imagination, Janice Beard launches herself on London. In post-production.

"Hold Back the Night," producer, Sally Hibbin; director, Phil Davis; cast, Christine Tremarco, Stuart Sinclair Blyth, Sheila Hancock. Drama involving two youngsters who meet on the run as they try to escape troubled pasts. In post-production.

"Accelerator," producer, Michael Garland; director, Vinny Murphy; cast, Stuart Sinclair Blyth, Gavin Kelty, Aisling O'Neill. Two rival Irish gangs agree to a car race to settle old scores. In post-production.

"A Time to Love," producers, Leo Pescarolo, Judy Counihan, Cedomir Kolar; director, Giacomo Campiotti; cast, Ciaran Hinds, Juliet Aubrey, Natacha Regnier. Romantic story of love's evolution through three couples from three eras. In production.

Samuelson Prods.

10401 Wyton Drive Los Angeles, CA 90024 (310) 208-1000 Fax: (310) 208-2809

Office: 645; (310) 617-0999

Attending: Peter Samuelson; Daniela Ryan.


"Wild Horses," producers, Peter Samuelson, Marc Samuelson; director, Mark Rydell. Drama set in the Arizona desert in which two women join forces to free stolen wild horses.

Santa Monica Pictures

3025 W. Olympic Blvd. Santa Monica, CA 90404 (310) 264-5566 Fax: (310) 828-9283

Office: 814; (310) 576-7290

Attending: David Rose, CEO; Cindy Sison, head, intl. sales & acquisitions; Scott Nelligan, director, intl. sales.


"My American Vacation," producers, Cindy Sison, Frank Gargani; director, W. Dachin Hsu; cast, Tsai Chin, Kim Miyori, Dennis Dun. To celebrate her 70th birthday, Grandmother Lee joins her family in America for a vacation touring the countryside in an RV. Screening.

"Rabbit Tales," producers, Marina Muhlfriedel, David Rose; director, David Rose. Animated feature about the adventures of an English rabbit and his American cousin. In production.

Santelmo Entertainment

901 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 350 Santa Monica, CA 90401 (310) 656-0777 Fax: (310) 656-4611

Office: 716; (310) 656-0777

Attending: Mark Boot, managing director; Scarlett Pettyjohn, director, intl. distribution; Marc Van Bever, director, intl. sales.


"Night of the Living Dead 30th Anniversary Edition," producers, Russell Streiner, Karl Hardman; director, John Russo; cast, Duane Jones, Judith O'Dea, Karl Hardman. The recently dead come back to life in a quest for human flesh. Completed.

"Enough Already," producer-director, Tom Keenan; cast, Alanna Ubach, David Wheir. A college senior plots out his life, beginning with a motorcycle ride through Mexico and South America, but his girlfriend has other plans. Completed.

"Second Chance," producers, Terry Moore, Jerry Rivers; director, James Fargo; cast, Kelsey Mulrooney, Tom Amandes, Isabel Glasser. The uplifting tale of a little girl's physical and emotional reawakening after an accident claims her father and her spirit. Completed.

"Power Play," producer, Mark Boot, Geri Barger; director, Chris Baugh; cast, Shannon Tweed, Jim Richer, Danielle Ciardi. A sexy con woman preying on older men unknowingly becomes the victim of the trap she sets. Completed.


Johannesgasse 12 1010 Vienna, Austria (43-1) 512-3284 Fax: (43-1) 513-3907

Office: 758; 458-6700, ext. 758

Attending: Andrea Altenbuchner, sales & acquisitions.


Library of documentary features.


11846 Ventura Blvd., Suite 120 Studio City, CA 91604 (818) 762-8662 Fax: (818) 762-0094

Office: 837; (310) 576-7301

Attending: Devesh Chetty, general manager, Scanbox Asia Pacific; Chris Davis, president; Ash Shah, Screenland Prods.


"Komodo," producers, Tony Ludwig, Alan Riche; director, Michael Lantieri; cast, Billy Burke, Jill Hennessy, Kevin Zegers. A 15-year-old boy bears the insufferable loss of his family in a horrific ordeal with Komodo dragons. Post-production.

"New Blood," producers, Andy Emilio, Jason Piette; director, Mike Hurst; cast, Nick Moran, John Hurt, Shawn Wayans. A life-and-death deal is struck between a father and his estranged son to save the life of his daughter. Post-production.

"Bullfighter," producers, LM. Kit Carson, Cynthia Hargrave, Majken Gilmartin; director, Rune Bendixen; cast, Michael Parks, Jared Harris, Willem Dafoe. A millennium comedy about sex, guns and God. In production.

"Hildegarde," producers, Heather Ogilvie, Coleen Champ; director, Di Drew. Hildegarde, a duck, is the beloved pet of three children who embark on a dangerous adventure when she is kidnapped. Pre-production.


1660 Ocean Ave. Santa Monica, CA 90401 (310) 652-9900 Fax: (310) 652-9901

Attending: Philippe Lenglet, president; Philippe Diaz, chairman, Sceneries Entertainment; Kindra Rocco, Robed Jordan, sales execs.


"Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K. 2," producers, Jacques Pettigrew, Werner Koenig; director, Michael Coldewey, Michel Lemire. Animated rock `n' roll sci-fi extravaganza. In production.

"Windhorse," director, Paul Wagner. A Tibetan pop singer gets caught up in a deadly conflict between her cousin, a Buddhist nun and the Chinese government. Completed.

"The Royal Way," producer, Philippe Diaz; director, Andrei Konchalovsky; cast, Kiefer Sutherland, Richard Harris. A search for the riches of lost temples in the jungle during the French Indochinese struggle. Pre-production.

"Hermes: Love Blows Like the Wind," director, Tetsuo Imazawa. An animated family adventure based on the Greek myth. Completed.

Seagal Nasso

9000 Sunset Blvd., Suite 1010 West Hollywood, CA 90069 (310) 248-1040 Fax: (310) 248-1051

Office: 529

Attending: Julius Nasso, co-chairman, Seagal Nasso Films; Philip Goldfine, president, Seagal Nasso Films; Lawrence Steven Meyers, Seagal Nasso Distribution Co.; John Gulino, producer, Seagal Nasso Films.


"Cruise," producers, Steven Seagal, Julius Nasso; cast, Steven Seagal. "Prince of Central Park," producers, Steven Seagal, Julius Nasso; director, John Leekly, cast, Kathleen Turner, Danny Aiello, Harvey Keitel. A woman befriends a runaway boy in Central Park.

"Not Even the Trees," producers, Steven Seagal, Julius Nasso; director, Nacho Arenas; cast, Ryan Alesio, Nicole Brier, Ashley Hamilton. A model gets caught in the world of drugs and only her former lover can turn her life around.

"Cousin Joey," producers, Steven Seagal, Julius Nasso; director, Sante D'Orazio; cast, Mickey Rourke, Jaye Davidson, Annabella Sciorra. Two drug-addicted cousins try to face life in New York.

Seven Arts

7080 Hollywood Blvd., Suite 201 Hollywood, CA 90028 (323) 464-0225 Fax: (323) 464-8305

Office: 853; (310) 576-7405, fax (310) 576-7406

Attending: Daniel Diamond, president; Pamela Delaney, director, legal affairs; Paula Jeffery, director, operations.


"The Descent," producer, Eric Sandys; director, Patrick Read Johnson; cast, Jeff Goldblum. A group of scientists search the jungle of South America for a colleague who mysteriously disappeared during a cave expedition. In production.

"Onegin," producers, Ileen Maisel, Simon Bosanquet; director, Martha Fiennes; cast, Ralph Fiennes, Liv Tyler. The story of one man's fall from grace and one woman's rise to splendor and the romance that ensues between the two. Screening.

"Rules of Engagement," producers, Scott Rudin, Richard Zanuck, Robert Evans; director, William Friedkin; cast, Tommy Lee Jones, Samuel Jackson. An attorney defends a decorated officer on trial for ordering his troops to fire on civilians after they stormed a U.S. embassy in a Third World country. In production.

"Toddlers," producers, Jerry Zucker, Janet Zucker; director, David Zucker; cast, Eddie Murphy. After a small plane crashes in a land of giants, the survivors must pretend they're toddlers in order to survive.


4-1-1 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku Tokyo, Japan 104-8422 (81-3) 5550-1623 Fax: (81-3) 5550-1654

Office: 714; (310) 576-7147; fax (310) 576-7148

Attending: Hajime Yuki, exec VP; Masaki Koga, sales manager; Shinobu Suzuki, Kaho Nakane, assistant managers; Makota Kakurai, assistant manager, sales.


"Keiho," producers, Hikaru Suzuki, Hajime Yuki; director, Yoshimitsu Morita; cast, Kyoka Suzuki, Shinichi Tsutsumi, Naoki Sugiura. A psychological battle at a murder trial between a suspect who wants to die and a female psychiatrist who wants to know the truth. Screening.

"The Black Angel, Vol. 2," producers, Kazuo Shimizu, Takashi Ishii; director, Takashi Ishii; cast, Yuki Amami, Takeshi Yamato, Reiko Kataoka. An elite female assassin attempts to erase a gang leader who is at the brink of war. Screening.

"Wait and See," producer, Shigehiro Nakagawa; director, Shinji Soumai; cast, Kouichi Sato, Yuki Saito, Tsutomu Yamazaki. A twisted relationship between father and son and his family.

"Unlucky Monkey," producer, Hidemi Satani; director, Sabu; cast, Shinichi Tsutsumi, Hiroshi Shimizu, Kimika Yoshino. A bank robber and three yakuzas find themselves trapped in a nightmare world in which one macabre situation follows another.

The Shooting Gallery

9350 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 300 Beverly Hills, CA 90212 (310) 273-4141 Fax: (310) 273-9879

Office: 648; (310) 576-7455

Attending: Steve Bickel, president, TSG Intl.; Larry Meistrich, CEO; Stephen Carlis, president &CFO; Jonathan Marshall, COO.

PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS "The Minus Man," producers, David Bushell, Fida Attieh; director, Hampton Fancher; cast, Owen Wilson, Janeane Garofalo, Mercedes Ruehl. A young man drifts into a California town where the dangerous patterns of his past profoundly affect the lives of an unsuspecting married couple. Screening.

"The 24-Hour Woman," producers, Richard Guay, Larry Meistrich, Peter Newman; director, Nancy Savoca; cast, Rosie Perez, Marianne Jean-Baptiste, Patti LuPone. A surprise pregnancy throws the world of a driven and highly successful TV producer into upheaval. Screening.

"The Bumblebee Flies Anyway," producer, Steven Haft; director, Martin Duffy; cast, Elijah Wood, Janeane Garofalo, Rachael Leigh Cook. Suffering from mysterious memory loss, a young man challenges his doctors to discover his true identity. Screening.

"Dee Snider's Strangeland," producers, David Bushell, Dee Snider; director, John Pieplow; cast, Dee Snider, Kevin Gage, Robert Englund. A homicide detective desperately searches for his daughter, who has fallen prey to a sinister kidnapper who lures his victiros through the Internet. Screening.

Shoreline Entertainment

1901 Ave. of the Stars, Suite 1800 Los Angeles, CA 90067 (310) 551-2060 Fax: (310) 201-0729

Office: 440

Attending: Vicky Plue, sales; Morris Nusuin, development; Shelly Gant, deliveries.


"Lakeboat," director, Joe Mantegna; cast, John Goodman, Robert Forster, Ed O'Neill. Humorous tale tracks the mysterious disappearance of a cook on a cargo ship traveling America's Great Lakes.

"Flight of Fancy," director, Noel Quinones; cast, Dean Cain, Talisa Sore. A 10-year-old's relationship with a pilot whose twin-jet plane crashes into his Puerto Rican town.

"Godson," cast, Rodney Dangerfield, Dom DeLuise. Mob boss dies and leaves his brother in charge of the family business. Completed.

"Detour," cast, Jeff Fahey, Gary Busey, James Russo. A bank heist takes a raggedy pack of ex-cons on a detour to a forgotten town. Completed.

Showcase Entertainment

Warner Center 21800 Oxnard St., Suite 150 Woodland Hills, CA 91367 (818) 715-7005 Fax: (818) 715-7009

Office: 806/807

Attending: David Jackson, president-CEO; Shauna Shapiro Jackson, exec VP; Teresa Dokey, VP distribution; Bibi Enzenhofer, director, intl. sales & marketing; Cara Shapiro, director, acquisitions; Karina Gordon, director, business & legal affairs.


"Home Team," cast, Steve Guttenberg, Sophie Lorain, Ryan Slater. A former soccer hero who must perform community service at a group home for abandoned children discovers a purpose in life.

"Starstruck," cast, Jamie Kennedy, Loren Dean, Bridgette Wilson. A young man trying to be a member of the "in" crowd stumbles into a friendship with one of Hollywood's biggest stars, only to discover he's being used.

"Kill Toledo Good-Bye," cast, Michael Rapaport, Christopher Walken, Robed Forster. A young man discovers the biological father he knew nothing about is a crime lord.

"Ladies Room," director, Gabriella Christiani; cast, John Malkovich, Greta Scacchi, Lorraine Bracco. Explores the mysteries of what goes on in the ladies' room.

Silverline Pictures

11846 Ventura Blvd., Suite 100 Studio City, CA 91604 (818) 752-3730 Fax: (818) 752-3758

Office: 535; (310) 576-7353

Attending: Axel Munch, president; Leman Cetiner, CEO; Christopher Tipton, director, acquisitions & sales.


"Bohemian Love," producers, Adam Gutowski, James Zatolouin, Rafael Zielinski; director, Rafael Zelinsky; cast, Troy Garity, Ulara Issoua. In production.

"The Road From Erebus," producer-director, David Sporn; cast, Brenda Price, James Reynolds. A man who becomes obsessed with a beautiful woman doesn't realize he is sharing his obsession with a killer. Post-production.

"Last Patrol," producer, Jacob Kotzky; director, Sheldon Lettich; cast, Dolph Lundgren. Soldiers follow their last order to search for survivors and restore order in a country ruled by chaos. Pre-production.

"Wasted in Babylon," producer, Xavier Montalvo; director, Joshua McGowan; cast, Robert Rusler, Anya Longwell, Reiner Schone. In a corrupt world there seem to be but two choices: Play the game and lose your soul, or follow your morals and lose your life. Completed.

Alain Siritzky Prods.

23 rue Raynouard 75016 Paris, France (33-1) 4224-5050 Fax: (33-1) 4224-6642

Office: 625

Attending: Alain Siritzky, president; George Pilzer, head of sales; Jessica Siritzky, VP.


"The Sex Files 2," a series of secret files containing erotic tales of science fiction and the supernatural; 7 x 90 min.

"Scandal," forbidden tales taken from today's steamiest headlines; 7 x 90 min.

"Blonde & Blonder," a female "Dumb & Dumber" about two women on a laugh-packed ride through life, love and lunacy.

"The Hazing," pledging a fraternity turns deadly for five students locked in a haunted house.

Smile Entertainment

Indiakaj 12 2100 Copenhagen, Denmark (45-35) 441-105 Fax: (45-35) 434-008

Office: 758; 458-6700, ext. 758

Attending: Time T. Lahtinen, president & CEO.


"Tommy and the Wildcat"

"The Tough Ones"

Sodona Entertainment

3737 Oak St., Suite 105 Vancouver, B.C., V6H 2M4, Canada (604) 730-0447 Fax: (604) 730-0449

Office: 331

Attending: Greg Malcolm, president; Vicki Sotheran, VP; Marry Lewis, James Whalen, sales reps; Shelley Gair, sales assistant.


"The Falling," producers, Greg Malcolm, Vicki Sotheran; director, Raul Sanchez Inglis; cast, Christopher Shyer, Rob Lee, Nicole Oliver. Sexual encounters and rivalries between a woman, a lover and her exhusband unfold to a shocking conclusion. Completed.

"Cyber Garden," director, Raul Sanchez Inglis. In development.

"Adam," In development.

"The Collective," In development.


Gran Via 32, 1st floor 28013 Madrid, Spain (34-91) 524-7220 Fax: (34-91) 521-0875

Office: 741

Attending: Jose Vicuna, president; Margaret Nicoll, general manager; Maria Angulo, head of acquisitions; Alix Goldschmidt, head of sales; Eva Diederix, sales exec; Ana Romani, marketing & administration.


"Black Team," director, Ricardo Franco; cast, Ariadna Gil, Fele Martinez, Ana Risueno. A young man's ordered existence is thrown into turmoil when he is drawn into a dramatically charged love affair.

"To Those Who Love," director, Isabel Coixet; cast, Monica Bellucci, Christopher Thompson, Olalla Moreno. A deep, secret passion affects the life of a young doctor and threatens the existence of those around him.

"Cha-Cha-Cha," director, Antonio Del Real; cast, Eduardo Noriega, Maria Adanez, Ana Alvarez. Two young friends get caught up in a menage-a-quatre where no one and nothing is as it seems.

"The Stolen Years," director, Fernando Colomo; cast, Jordi Molla, Ernesto Alterio, Hedy Burress. Road chase movie set in the '40s in Franco's fascist Spain.

Soho Entertainment

105 Green St. New York, NY 10012 (212) 431-3737 Fax: (212) 431-3733

Office: 502; (310) 458-6761

Attending: Harrison Kordestani, president; A. Gregory Radin, CEO; Julie Kroll, president, intl. sales; Scott Pattera, Jefferson Donald, New Castle.


"Tequila Body Shots," producer, Jong Shyn; director, Tony Shyu; cast, Joey Lawrence, Dru Mouser.

"Erasable You," producer-director, Harry Bromley Davenport; cast, M. Emmet Walsh, Timothy Busfield.

"Circles," producers, Ted Collins, director, Adam Kreutner; cast, Neal McDonough, Antonio Sabato Jr.

"Dead Broke," producer, Genevieve Lohman; director, Edward Vilga; cast, Paul Sorvino, John Glover, Tony Roberts.

Southern Star Film

Level 9, 8 West St. North Sydney, NSW 2060, Australia (61-2) 9202-8555 Fax: (61-2) 9956-6918

Office: 653; (310) 576-7515

Attending: Helen Thwaites, head of sales; Robyn Watts, CEO; Joanne Azzopardi, sales exec.


"Praise," producer, Martha Coleman; director, John Curran; cast, Peter Fenton, Sacha Horler, Marta Dusseldorp. A sexually honest, tragicomic love story. Screening.

"In the Winter Dark," producer, Rosemany Blight; director, James Bogle; cast, Brenda Blethyn, Ray Barrett, Richard Roxburgh. A psychological drama about love and fear and the demons inside your head. Screening.

"Head On," producer, Jane Scott, director, Ana Kokkinos; cast, Alex Dimitriades, Paul Capsis, Julian Garner. Ari jams all his energy and defiance into one high-velocity night of dancing, sex and drugs. Screening.

"The Interview," producer, Bill Hughes, director, Craig Monahan; cast, Hugo Weaving, Tony Martin, Aaron Jeffery. Psychological drama explores guilt, innocence and the uncertain nature of the truth. Screening.

Sovereign Pictures

13 Berners St. London W1P 3DE, U.K. (44-171) 580-0088 Fax: (44-171) 580-3468

Office: 858; 576-7207

Attending: David J. Lamping, CEO; Peter Hitchen, Peter Rawley, directors.


"Crush Proof," director, Paul Tickell; cast, Darren Healy, Viviana Verveen, Jeff O'Toole. Thriller set in Dublin concerning a gang of horse-riding kids who must face the disintegration of their way of life as society closes in on them. Completed.

"Wearing a Smile," Romantic comedy about a young American who would do anything for the most beautiful girl in the world, but can he handle vacationing with her family at a French nudist resort? In pre-production.

"CI5: The New Professionals," director, David Wickes; cast, Edward Woodward; Kal Weber; Colin Wells. Action drama dealing with the fight against international crime. Completed.

Spectrum Films

111 W. Main St. Mesa, AZ 85201 (602) 649-9688 Fax: (602) 649-3242

Office: 660; (310) 576-6967

Attending: Yvette Hoffman, president; Guy Ellis, VP, intl. sales.


"Freaks: A Human Sideshow," producer, Vivian Forlander; director, Ari Roussimoff. Documentary exploring society's fascination with physically unusual human beings. Completed.

"Aberration," director, William Kersten; cast, Stacy Woolverton, Hannah Cooper, George Randolf. A trip into the world of biogenetic mutation. Completed.

"The Catcher," producer, Marc DeStafano; director, Guy Crawford; cast, David Heavener, Joe Estevez, Monique Parent. A madman kills an entire team to play his ultimate fantasy game. Completed.

Spice Factory

81, The Promenade Peacehaven, Brighton East Sussex BN10 8LS, U.K. (44-1273) 585-275 Fax: (44-1273) 585-304

Office: 853; 576-7405 Attending: Michael Lionello Cowan, Jason Piette, joint managing directors.


"New Blood," producers, Jason Piette, Andy Emilio, Michael Cowan; director, Michael Hurst; cast, Nick Moran, John Hurt, Carrie Ann Moss. Alan White's son is a liar, a con man, a kidnapper and a merciless killer, but he's got a good head. In postproduction.

"A Thousand Clouds," producers, Michael Cowan, Jason Piette, David Wilks; director, David Wilks; cast, Curtis Watt, Peter Washington, Rachel Bond. Drama involving a group of friends who share a house. Completed.

"Sambaland," producers, John Maass, Raul Puig, Jason Piette, Michael Cowan; director, Reb Braddock. A Brazilian Mafia family decides it needs therapy and chooses a therapist with a secret desire to be the next great crime novelist.

Spring Intl. U.K.

53-64 Chancery Lane London WC2A 1QU, U.K. (44-171) 404-0406 Fax: (44-171) 242-0472

Office: 328; 576-7191

Attending: Massimo Graziosi, president; Lena Lunden-Ryan, assistant to president.


"The Weekend," producer, Ian Benson; director, Brian Skeet; cast, Gena Rowlands, Deborah Kara Unger, Brooke Shields. Romantic drama about seven people who come together in upstate New York for a midsummer weekend they will never forget. Completed.

"Essex Boys," producer, Jeff Pope; director, Terry Winsor; cast, Charlie Creed-Miles, Sean Bean. Thriller about a young man caught up in the violence of the Essex gangland. In production.

"Thief of Light," producer, David Permut. Japanese gangsters in New York City pursue an art dealer over an art forgery gone wrong. In pre-production.

"Romance," producer, David Permut. Powerful story of a woman's sexual and emotional awakening. In pre-production.


12021 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 661 Los Angeles, CA 90025 (310) 458-6202 Fax: (310) 458-6102

Office: 712

Attending: Don Coscarelli, president; Jennifer Garza, director, distribution Shelley Kay, VP sales.


"Phantasm: Oblivion," producer-director, Don Coscarelli; cast, Angus Scrimm, A. Michael Baldwin, Reggie Bannister. It's terrifying, relentless and unstoppable as all secrets are revealed in the fiendish finale of the cult classic "Phantasm." Completed.

The Steel Co.

9220 Sunset Blvd., Suite 212 Los Angeles, CA 90069 (310) 274-7221 Fax: (310) 274-7507

Office: 638

Attending: Gordon Steel, president; Patrick Aluise, director, acquisitions.

Stranger Than Fiction Film Sales

Golden House, Suite 217 29 Great Pulteney St. London W1R 3DD, U.K. (44-171) 734-5489 Fax: (44-171) 734-5490

Office: 758

Attending: Victoria Singleton, senior VP, intl. sales; Grace Carley, president.


"Final Cut," producers-directors, Dominic Anciano & Ray Burdis; cast, Ray Winstone, Sadie Frost, Jude Law. Friends gather at a wake only to find their various secrets revealed in videos shot by the deceased. Completed.

"Southpaw," producer, Robed Walpole, Paddy Breathnach; director, Liam McGrath. The meteoric rise of a young Irish boxer from his impoverished childhood to carrying the flag for Ireland at the Atlanta Olympics. Completed.

"Urban Ghost Story," producer, Chris Jones; director, Genevieve Jolliffe; cast, Jason Connery, Stephanie Buttie, Heather Ann Foster. A 12-year-old girl is presumed dead in a car wreck, comes back to life and soon finds her family under attack from a poltergeist. Completed.

"With or Without You," producer, Robert Schwartz; director, Wendell Andersson; cast, Marisa Ryan, Kristoffer Winters, Rachel True. A casual relationship between two twentysomethings results in a pregnancy and an uneasy connection neither expected. Completed.

Le Studio Canal Plus

17 rue Dumont D'Urville 75116 Paris, France (33-1) 4443-9800 Fax: (33-1) 4720-2967

Office: 745

Attending: Daniel Marquet, John Kochman, Vincent Maraval, Juliette Renaud.


"Barrio," director, Fernando Leon de Aranoa; cast, Crispulo Cabezas, Timy Beneyto, Eloi Yebra. Drama about three friends living in Madrid and their struggle to get away from the harsh reality of neighborhood life. Screening.

"Ca Commence Aujourd'hui," director, Bertrand Tavernier; cast, Philippe Torreton, Maria Pitarresi. Drama centered on a state-funded school for very young children. Screening.

"A la Place du Coeur," director, Robed Guediguian; cast, Ariane Ascaride, Jean-Pierre Darroussin, Gerard Meylan. Drama set in a working-class section of Marseilles in which a young man is wrongly accused of rape by a racist cop. Completed.

"A Mort la Mort!" director, Romain Goupil; cast, Romain Goupil, Marianne Denicourt. Comedy about a 50-year-old man struggling to come to terms with growing old. Completed.

Summit Entertainment

1630 Stewart St., Suite 120 Santa Monica, CA 90404 (310) 309-8400 Fax: (310) 828-4132

Office: 545; (310) 576-7463

Attending: Patrick Wachsberger, president & CEO; Robert Hayward, C00; David Garrett, exec VP; Samantha Horley, VP sales; Christina Petropoulos, VP, marketing & publicity; Brad Kembel, VP, intl. administration.


"The Breaks," producers, Jamie Rucker King, Terry Spazek; director, Eric Meza. The story of a poor white child growing up in the ghetto as the family misfit who performs a simple chore for his mother and becomes sidetracked on the streets of L.A. Post-production.

"Buena Vista Social Club," producer, Ulrich Felsberg; director, Wim Wenders. A film that chronicles the group of legendary Cuban musicians in their dazzling concerts in Amsterdam and New York. Completed.

"The Limey," producers, Scott Kramer, John Hardy; director, Steven Soderbergh; cast, Terence Stamp, Peter Fonda, Lesley Ann Warren. An Englishman fresh out of prison arrives in L.A. to avenge his daughter's murder and finds himself drawn into a world of glitz and crime. Post-production.

"Stir of Echoes," producers, Gavin Polone, Judy Hofflund; director, David Koepp; cast, Kevin Bacon, Illeana Douglas, Lisa Well. A man undergoes hypnosis and emerges with the ability to predict the future as well as communicate with the spirits of the dead. Post-production.

Svensk Filmindustri AB

Dialoggatan 6 Kungens Kurva SE-127 83 Stockholm, Sweden (46-8) 680-3500 Fax: (46-8) 710-4422

Office: 208/209

Attending: Ann-Kristin Westerberg, senior VP, intl. sales & business affairs; Edward Noettner, senior VP, intl. distribution; Rasmus Ramstad, president & CEO; Anders Bergholm, senior VP, acquisitions.


"Under the Sun," producer-director, Colin Nutley; cast, Rolf Lassgard, Helena Bergstrom, Johan Widerberg. A lonesome farmer hires an attractive city woman as a housekeeper and she ends up taking over his house and his heart. Completed.

"Sophie's World," producer, Oddvar Bull Tuhus; director, Erik Gustafsson; cast, Silje Storstein, Thomas von Bromssen; Andrine Saether, Bjorn Floberg. An adolescent girl travels through time and space in order to find out who she is and where she is going. In post-production.

"Deadly Drift," producer, Christer Abrahamsen; director, Rolf Borjling; cast, Mikael Persbrandt, Suzanne Reuter, Peter Haber. Thriller about a man unsure of the morbid thoughts he has about committing a murder. in post-production.



305 avenue le Jour se Leve 92100 Boulogne, France (33-1) 4141-2572 Fax: (33-1) 4141-3144

Office: 827

Attending: Didier Sapaut, CEO; Perrine Teze, managing director, intl. sales; Nicolas Eschbach, head of feature film sales; Max Seidel, head of European acquisitions; Caroline Dhainhaut, head of legal and business affairs; Ludovic Caron, sales dept.


"Cut," producer, Martin Fabinyi; director, Kimble Rendali, cast, Kylie Minogue, Alex Dimitriades. Teenage film students on a weekend camping trip deep in the mountains are terrorized by an anonymous assassin. In pre-production.

"Emporte-Moi," producer, Lorraine Richard; director, Lea Pool; cast, Karine Vanasse, Nancy Huston, Miki Manojlovic. Drama centered on a 13-year-old girl growing up in a tormented household with only an older brother and a single friend to turn to. Completed.

"Lovers," director, Jean-Marc Barr; cast, Elodie Bouchez, Sergei Trifunovic, Genevieve Page. Love story about a 25-year-old Yugoslavian painter and a young Parisian woman. In post-production.

"Harem Suare," director, Ferzan Ozpetek; cast, Marie Gillain, Alex Descas, Lucia Bose. A young woman living in a harem in Turkey. In production.

THF Pictures

106 Palmetto St., Suite D Pasadena, CA 91105 (626) 683-9502 Fax: (626) 683-9814

Office: 525

Attending: Nicole LeTendre, CEO & president, sales; Cody Ruimy, C00 & president, sales & acquisitions; Katherine Rockefeller, VP sales.


"The F Zone," director, Michael Hansel; cast, William Harrity, Lee West, Kelly Hunt. A businessman ruined by the IRS struggles to avenge himself. Completed.

"Mixed Blessings," producers, Mary Hardcastle, Shelly Morhaim; director, Nadine Bass; cast, Timothy Bottoms, Taylor Nichols, Roxana Zal. A housewife and mother has a chance meeting with an eccentric millionaire and tries to go into business for herself. Completed.

"Liar's Poker," director, Jeff Sant; cast, Flea, Richard Tyson, Pamela Gidley. Four men drive out to a polluted river to fish, but one is killed, one came along to kill and one set the whole thing up. Completed.

"The Deal," director, Vito Brancato; cast, Bobby Hitz, Laura Lanman Givens, Ronnie Lottz. The story of corruption, betrayal and the unbreakable bond between two boyhood friends. Completed.


1600 E. de Maisonneuve Blvd. Montreal, Quebec, H2L 4P2, Canada (514) 526-9251 Fax: (514) 598-3936

Office: 737


"Two of Hearts," producer, James Shavick; director, E Harvey Frost; cast, Gall O'Grady, Rob Stewart, Maria Maples. While attending her ex-husband's wedding, Molly meets Jake, the ex-husband of the bride, launching a hilariously complex web of romance and jealousy between the couples. Completed.

"Perfect Little Angels," producer, James Shavick; director, Timothy Bond; cast, Cheryl Ladd, Jody Thompson, Michael York. A mother and daughter find their new community is a little too perfect and discover a doctor is experimenting with mind control by using vitamins and radio waves. Completed.

"The Darklings," producers, James Shavick, Shawn Williamson; director, Jeffrey Reiner; cast, Suzanne Somers, Timothy Busfield, Martin Sheen. Confined to bed, Chris witnesses what he believes to be a murder and rallies his best friends to prove him right. Completed.

Theorama Films

52 Van Hallstraat 1051 HH Amsterdam, The Netherlands (31-20) 688-1843 Fax: (31-20) 686-3574

Office: 758

Attending: Frank Bak, CEO.


"Missing Link," director, Ger Poppelaars; cast, Tamar Van Dem Dop, Yoham Leysem. An inquisitive young boy takes a big step toward growing up.

Thunderhead Films

5010 N. Parkway Calabasas Calabasas, CA 91302 (818) 591-6715 Fax: (818) 591-6717

Office: 304

Attending: Christopher Gerwin, president; Emilio Ferrari, VP, acquisitions & sales; Albert Fritz, VP finance; Amy Larion, sales associate.


"Snow Blind," producer, Emilio Ferrari; director, Garry Waller. The story of a snowboarding competition that gets out of control when people start disappearing. Pre-production.

"Chow Bella," producers, Stephen Nemeth, Debra Hill; director, Gavin Grazer; cast, Arye Gross, Paul Provenza, Loranie Newman. An aspiring crime journalist-turned-food critic is kidnapped after writing a negative review of a Mob-owned restaurant. Completed.

"Border Line," producers, Emilio Ferrari; director, Dale Trevillian; cast, William Katt, Martin Kove, Sonia Satre. A young woman found dead reveals a dangerous world of smuggling and slave trade. Completed.

"Childhood," producer, Tony Kobine; director, Sergei Davidoff; cast, Tara Fitzgerald, Alex Burchu, Lenore Andriel. A 12-year-old child is rescued from child abuse from his parents by a guardian angel. Completed.

Tomorrow Film Corp.

1453 Third St. Promenade, Suite 350 Santa Monica, CA 90401 (310) 656-6300 Fax: (310) 656-6304

Office: 727; (310) 576-7287

Attending: Yoram Pelman, president; Marc Schaberg, CFO.


"Deal of a Lifetime," producers, Y.P. Omtal, Daniel Helberg; director, Paul Levine; cast, Kevin Pollak, Michael Goorjian, Jennifer Rubin. An agent for the devil visits a suburban high school to take the soul of a sophomore in exchange for a date with his dream girl. Completed.

"Attention Shoppers," producer, Lysa Hayland; director, Philip Charles Mackenzie; cast, Nestor Carbonell, Luke Perry, Michael Lerner. A self-absorbed sitcom actor travels to Texas for a celebrity appearance at the grand opening of a K-Mart. Completed.

"If Six Was Nine," producers, Gary Fleder, Daniel Helberg, Amber Steven; director, Ray Greene; cast, Gabriel Byrne, Giancarlo Esposito. Fictionalized account of the rumored 1969 Mafia-related kidnapping of Jimi Hendrix. Pre-production.

"The Third Wheel," producers, Chris Moore, Adam Rosenfelt, Chad Snopeck. Pre-production.

Transit Film

Dachauer Strasse 35 80335 Munich, Germany (49-89) 5998-8518 Fax: (49-89) 5998-8520

Office: 758; 458-6700, ext. 758

Attending: Loy W. Arnold, managing director; Brian Scully, sales assistant.


Extensive library of features and documentaries from the silent period to recent German cinema.

Trans Pacific Media Consultants

8491 Sunset Blvd., Suite 800 West Hollywood, CA 90069 (323) 654-4933 Fax: (323) 654-4921

Office: 427; (310) 576-7271

Attending: Michael J. Werner, president; Laurie Woodrow, senior VP; Darius Kapfer, director, acquisitions.


"A Chinese Ghost Story," producer, Nansun Shi; director, Tsui Hark. Animated version of an ancient Chinese myth. Completed.

Trident Releasing

8401 Melrose Place, 2nd floor Los Angeles, CA 90069 (323) 655-8818 Fax: (323) 655-0515

Office: 705; (310) 576-7057

Attending: Jean Ovrum, Victoria Plummer, co-presidents; Kristi Mailing, VP, sales & servicing; Barbara Mannion, VP, acquisitions & development; Pam Popp, director, servicing; Miriam Samuelson, sales assistant.


"Love Kills," producers, Mark Buntzman, Marlo Van Peebles; director, Marlo Van Peebles; cast, Marlo Van Peebles, Daniel Baldwin, Donovan Leitch. A recently widowed fading actress falls for a smooth-talking New Age masseur but her late husband's eccentric family has designs on the family jewels. Screening.

"Left Luggage," producers, Ate de Jong, Hans Pos, Dave Schram; director, Jeroen Krabbe; cast, Isabella Rossellini, Maximilian Schell, Marianne Sagebrecht. A young woman who accepts a job as a nanny with a Hassidic Jewish family learns to accept their way of life through the love of a 5-year-old. Completed.

"The Fanatics," producers, Marc Lasky, Lynda Murray; director, Marc Lasky; cast, Edward Asner, Austin Pendleton, Gregory Sporleder. A sports team's fans are its biggest nightmare and will stop at nothing to get their team back. Completed.

"The Unknown Cyclist," producers, Betsy Pool, Matthew Carlisle; director, Bernard Salzman; cast, Lea Thompson, Danny Nucci, Vincent Spano. A dying man's wish is for his twin brother, his widowed lover, his ex-wife and his buddy to participate in a charity bicycle ride through Northern California. Completed.

Trimark Pictures

2644 30th St. Santa Monica, CA 90405 (310) 314-2000 Fax: (310) 399-1570

Office: 544; (310) 576-7453

Attending: Mark Amin, chairman; Sergei Yershov, senior VP, intl. distribution; Andrew Reimer, senior VP, worldwide TV; Bobby Rock, VP acquisitions; Sue Blackmore, director, intl. marketing; Guy Stodel, director, intl. acquisitions.


"Turbulence 2: Fear of Flying," producer, Mike EIliott; director, David Mackay. With their fear-of-flying course almost complete, a mixed group of people take to the skies to overcome their phobia. Pre-production.

"Diplomatic Siege," producers, Robed Levy, Peter Abrams; director, Gustavo Graef Marino; cast, Peter Weller, Daryl Hannah, Tom Berenger. Two computer experts are called upon to complete a sensitive undercover operation in Eastern Europe when an act of terrorism threatens to take the world to the brink of disaster. In production.

"Let the Devil Wear Black," producer, Matt Salinger; director, Stacy Title; cast, Jonathan Penner, Jacqueline Bisset, Mary-Louise Parker. A man searches for the truth about his father's untimely death in L.A. Screening.

"Warlock III The End of Innocence," producer, Bruce Eisen; director, Eric Freiser; cast, Bruce Payne. A fun weekend away for a group of college friends turns into a living nightmare when a suavely handsome visitor comes to call. Post-production.

Tri Vision Entertainment

4201 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 518 Los Angeles, CA 90010 (323) 930-0167 Fax: (323) 930-0389

Office: 726

Attending: J.J. Mimura, president; Hye Young Choi, sales exec; Jack Murphy, consultant.


"Seamless," producers, J.J. Mimura, Hye Young Choi; director, Debrah LeMattre; cast, Kentaro Seagal, Shannon Elizabeth, Broc Benedict. Completed.

"A Doll in the Dark," producers, J.J. Mimura, Hye Young Choi; director, Phillip Scarpaci; cast, Billy Drago, Naomi Kawashima, Josh Brauer. A school teacher on vacation in Los Angeles gets caught up in three men's obsession with a beautiful Japanese woman whose mysterious death 10 years before still haunts them. Completed.

"Baja Run," producers, J.J. Mimura, Hye Young Choi; director, Marc Kolbe; cast, Bentley Mitchum, Sam Jones, Kimika Yoshino. Three unlikely partners survive humorous, cliff-hanging adventures and misadventures in the drug trade in beautiful Baja, California. Completed. "Neon Signs," producers, J.J. Mimura, Phillip Scarpaci; director, Marc Kolbe; cast, Carol Lynley, William Smith, Matt Dotson. Setting out across the Arizona desert, an innocent young man encounters two women on a cross-country crime spree. Completed.

Troma Entertainment

733 Ninth Ave. New York, NY 10019 (212) 757-4555 Fax: (212) 399-9885

Office: 708

Attending: Lloyd Kaufman, president; Josh Piezas, director, sales; Patrick Cassidy, director, production; David Schultz, West Coast operations.


"Pep Squad," producer, Clark Balderson; director, Steve Balderson; cast, Brooke Balderson, Eric Sherman, Amy Kelly. Completed.

"The Rowdy Girls," producer, India Allen; director, Steve Nevius; cast, Shannon Tweed, Julie Strain, Deanna Brooks. Completed.

"Terror Firmer," producers, Lloyd Kaufman, Michael Herz, director, Lloyd Kaufman; cast, Lloyd Kaufman, Will Keenan, Alyce LaTourelle. Post-production.

"Backroad Diner," producers, Joemy Tam, Thomas Lam; Jesse Brown Jr. Winston Dunlop II; director, Winston Dunlop II; cast, Andrea Carrington, Winston Dunlop II, Jon Langlione. Four lifelong friends find racism and murder on a camping trip gone bad. Completed.


UAV Entertainment

1223 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 283 Santa Monica, CA 90403-5400 (310) 394-8227 Fax: (310) 394-7871

Office: 505

Attending: Jerry Pettus Jr., president-CEO; Jerry Pettus Sr., chairman; Ginger Hodge, director, acquisitions; William Schwartz, sales exec.


"It's Not-cho Chihuahua," A family adventure starring a pint-size pup.

"Operation Dalmatian: The Big Adventure"

"Wilderness Family Adventure Library," 15 award-winning family films.

"Times of Terror," Documentary disaster specials.


2 rue des Quatre-Fils 75003 Paris, France (33-1) 4029-8900 Fax: (33-1) 4029-8910

Office: 454-456; 576-6923

Attending: Patrick Binet, chairman & CEO; Louisa Dent, president; Olivier Albou, sales exec.


"The Children of the Marshland," director, Jean Becker; cast, Jacques Villeret, Jacques Gamblin, Michel Serrault, Andre Dussolier. A rural chronicle about four friends in a marshland during the '30s. Screening.

"The Clown Smiles," director, Eric Besnard; cast, Ticky Holgado, Bruno Putzulu, Vincent Elbaz. Dark thriller about the friendship that develops between an old Russian clown and a young priest as they flee from killers. Screening.

"Rien sur Robert," director, Pascal Bonitzer, cast, Fabrice Luchini, Sandrine Kiberlain, Laurent Lucas. Comedy concerning a literary editor whose life is haunted by his former girlfriend, his new mistress and another writer of whom he's jealous. Screening.

"Le Vent de la Nuit," director, Philippe Garrel; cast, Catherine Deneuve, Xavier Beauvois, Daniel Duval. An existential chronicle of our times, set in Paris and Italy. Screening.


4 Villa Bosquet 75007 Paris, France (33-1) 4753-9580 Fax: (33-1) 4705-9655

Office: 611-615-617-619

Attending: Bruno Berthemy, Stephen Melchior, Patrick Lamassoure, Joel Chapron, Gilles Renouard, Laurent Valiere.

United Film Distributors

1990 Westwood Blvd., Penthouse Los Angeles, CA 90025 (310) 441-0900 Fax: (310) 474-7465

Office: 850; (3310) 576-7105

Attending: Brian Shuster, president; John McHugh, VP, sales & marketing.


"Riding With James Dean," producer, Mark Pritchard; director, Tim Powell; cast, Bentley Mitchum, Tina Corsini. A young woman's fantasy of romance with the legend is shattered when she finds out who the legend really is. Completed.

"Wrong Turn," producer, Brian Shuster; director, David DeCoteau; cast, Lorraine Bracco, John Heard. Two days of murder and deception ensue when a woman has had enough of her cheating husband. In production.

"Blowing Smoke," producers, Jim Cruickshank, James Orr; director, James Orr. A woman seeking help interrupts a weekly high-stakes poker game. Pre-production.

"Blind Trust," director, David DeCoteau. An old woman's fortune is at risk when her son is released from prison and tries to kill her. Pre-production.

Unified Film Organization

20 W. Burbank Blvd. Burbank, CA 91502 (818) 846-0465 Fax: (818) 846-0256

Office: 624

Attending: Jeffery Beach, president; Phillip Roth, CEO; Kenneth Olandt, CFO.


"Under Pressure," producers, Kenneth Olandt, Phillip Roth, Jeffery Beach; director, Jean Pellerin; cast, Rob Lowe. High-tech pirates sink a cruise liner that's returning an ancient artifact to its homeland. In production.

"Storm," producers, Kenneth Olandt, Phillip Roth, Jeffery Beach; director, Harris Done; cast, Luke Perry, Martin Sheen. A new device allows storms to be used as a weapon, until one goes out of control. Post-production.

"Deep," producers, Phillip Roth, Kenneth Olandt, Jeffery Beach. A team of specialists must bore deep into the earth's crust to stop the planet from destruction caused by illegal nuclear testing. In development.

"Python," producers, Kenneth Olandt, Phillip Roth, Jeffery Beach. A genetically enhanced python terrorizes the inhabitants of a Northwestern town. In development.


Vine Intl. Pictures

Astoria House 62 Shaftesbury Ave. London W1V 7DE, U.K. (44-171) 437-1181 Fax: (44-171) 494-0634

Office: 621

Attending: Marie Vine, CEO; Barry Gill, managing director; Anne Billard, sales & marketing exec; Sarah Goodwin, sales assistant.


"The Girl of Your Dreams," producer, Andres Vicente Gomez; director, Fernando Trueba; cast, Penelope Cruz, Antonio Resines, Neus Asensi. Comedy about a madcap trip to Germany by Spanish filmmakers intent on making a film in the legendary Ufa studios in Berlin. Completed.

"Molokai (The Story of Father Damien)," producers, Tharsi Vanhuysse, Grietje Lammertyn; director, Paul Cox; cast, David Wenham, Kate Ceberano, Chris Haywood. True story of the Belgian priest who almost single-handedly changed the lives and fates of the lepers of Molokai. In post-production.

"Tom's Midnight Garden," director, Willard Carroll; cast, Greta Scacchi, James Wilby, Anthony Way. A young boy discovers a magical secret in his aunt and uncle's flat. Completed.

"Parting Shots," director, Michael Winner; cast, Chris Rea, Felicity Kendal, Joanna Lumley. After being diagnosed with an incurable disease, a photographer decides to seek revenge on the people who treated him badly during his life. Completed.



Gamla Filmstaden S-16936 Solna, Sweden (46-8) 470-4814 Fax: (46-8) 470-5960

Office: 758-759

Attending: Michael Werner, managing director.


"Only Clouds Move the Stars," producer, John M. Jacobsen; director, Torun Lian; cast, Thea Sofie Rusten, Jan Tore Kristofferen, Anneke von der Lippe. An 11-year-old manages to overcome the death of her younger brother when she forms a relationship with her new neighbor. Completed.

"Gurin With the Foxtail," producer, John M. Jacobsen; director, Nille Tystad. The animated adventures of a gnome who, after playing too many tricks on others, wakes up one day with a fox's tail. Completed.

Westar Entertainment

1732 S. Sepulveda Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90025 (310) 479-2888 Fax: (310) 477-6690

Office: 333-B

Attending: Art Birzneck, president-CEO; Franco Columbu, VP distribution.


"The Process," producer, Keith McNamara; director, Ernie Reyes Jr.; cast, Ernie Reyes Jr., Corin Nemec, Ernie Reyes Sr. A martial arts champion travels to the U.S. on a spiritual journey in search of his ultimate destiny. Completed.

"Double Cross," producer, Franco Columbu; cast, Franco Columbu, William Smith, Frank Stallone. Revenge and deception follow a top-secret agent who stopped an arms deal that would have wiped out Southern California. Completed.

"Jindalee Lady," producer, Briann Kearny; director, Brian Syron; cast, Lydia Miller, Patrick Ward, Michael Leslie. After a tragedy, a woman is determined to succeed on her own terms and begins the search for her own identity as an Aboriginal woman. Completed.

"Beretta's Island," producer, Franco Columbu; cast, Franco Columbu, Ken Kercheval. An Interpol agent is forced out of retirement to avenge the cold-blooded murder of a cop. Completed.

White Rock Film

134 Abbott St., Suite 401 Vancouver, B.C., V6B 2K4, Canada (604) 684-8687 Fax: (604) 684-8689

Office: 8th floor, Las Flores Room

Attending: Suzanne Daley, president; Josie Law, intl. sales.


"Convergence," producer, Diane Patrick O'Connor; director, Gavin Wilding; cast, Christopher Lloyd, Adrian Paul, Cynthia Preston. A young tabloid reporter finds the stories she covers are turning into real experiences. Screening.

"Christina's House," producer-director, Gavin Wilding. Life in 16-year-old Christina's house becomes strained by bizarre occurrences and the feeling that someone is watching. In production.

"Looking for Oscar Tibs," producer, Stephen Harman; director, Dean Richards Wiancko; cast, Nicolette Scorsese. A Hollywood drifter, a bag of money and a dead man's last wish equal one big mystery. Completed.

"The Raffle," producers, Greg Sims, Gavin Wilding; director, Gavin Wilding; cast, Mark Hamill, Nicholas Lea. Two men share a rare friendship as they try to find the world's most beautiful woman in a globe-trotting scheme to get rich quick. Completed.

Wien Film

Johannesgasse 12 1010 Vienna, Austria (43-1) 512-6656 Fax: (43-1) 513-3907

Office: 758; 458-6700, ext. 758

Attending: Dr. Maria Teuchmann, general manager.


"The Debt of Love"

"The Castle"

"Charm's Incidents"

"Total Therapy"

Winchester Films

29/30 Kingly St. London W1R 5LB, U.K. (44-171) 434-4374 Fax: (44-171) 287-4334

Office: 458

Attending: Gary Smith, CEO; Billy Hurman, senior VP, sales & marketing; Andrew Brown, VP, sales & marketing; Hadeel Reda, senior VP, production & acquisitions; Abby Finer, development, film & TV.


"Southie," producer, Bill McCutchen III; director, John Shea; cast, Donnie Wahlberg, Rose McGowan, Lawrence Tierney. A man returns to the rough Irish neighborhood of South Boston and must rely on his own strength, a cop and his Mafia friends to survive. Completed.

"Palmer's Pick-up," producer, Alain Silver; director, Christopher Coppola; cast, Robed Carradine, Rosanna Arquette, Richard Hillman. It's Christmas 1999 and a courier company is asked to deliver a mystery package cross-country before New Year's, for which it is promised untold rewards. Screening.

"Lighthouse," producers, Mark Leake, Tim Dennison; director, Simon Hunter; cast, James Purefoy, Rachel Shelley. A sinister threat awaits the prisoners and crew from the shipwrecked Hyperion when they reach the island of Gehenna Rocks. Screening.

"Muggers," producers, Nigel Odell, David Redman; director, Dean Murphy; cast, Matt Day, Jason Barry. Two medical students unintentionally discover a way to finance their depleted studies--organ snatching. In production.

Windy City

4470 Sunset Blvd., Suite 794 Hollywood, CA 90027 (323) 668-7668 Fax: (323) 912-9212

Office: 741, (310) 576-7447

Attending: Kevin Williams, intl. sales consultant; Helene Raynaud, VP sales; Kurt Mac Carley.


"Trackside," A one-hour TV drama series about the world of motorcycle road racing.

World Intl. Network

301 N. Canon Drive, Suite 300 Beverly Hills, CA 90210 (310) 859-2500 Fax: (310) 859-7500

Office: 603; (310) 576-6965

Attending: Larry Gershman, CEO; Manuel Corbi, Manuel Ortiz, partners; Lynden Parry, sales representative.


"Rites of Passage," producers, J. Todd Harris, Pierre David; director, Victor Salva; cast, Dean Stockwell, Jason Behr, Robert Keith. A father and son go to a remote cabin and discover another son has gone there to meet his male lover, an escaped convict. Completed.

"Running Home," producer, Franco Battista; director, Marc E. Voizard; cast, Claudia Christian, Kristian Ayre, Andreas Apergis. Story moves from a jewel smuggling bust to a rural town when a homeless street kid is reunited with the mother he lost 16-years earlier.

"Point Last Seen," producer, Alexander Enright; director, Elodie Keene; cast, Linda Hamilton, Kevin Silner, Sam Hennings. A woman who tracks missing people in the desert must find a 9-year-old while she awaits word on the status of her own children who were kidnapped.

"Doomsday Man," director, William Greenblatt; cast, Esai Morales, Yancy Butler, James Marshall. An emotionally distraught scientist steals a vial of deadly anthrax and plans to devastate part of the U.S.

Worldwide Entertainment

6601 Center Drive W., Suite 500 Los Angeles, CA 90045 (310) 348-8188 Fax: (310) 348-8190

Office: 766; (310) 576-7119

Attending: Barbara Mudge, president; Victoria Kopelevich, VP, intl. TV; Stan Katzer, domestic TV affiliate; Bob Steuer, Encore acquisition consultant; Richard De Long, marketing.


"Sliders," producers, Jerry O'Connell, Ed Ledding; cast, Jerry O'Connell, John Rhys-Davies. An experiment gone awry jettisons four people into alternative worlds from which they may never escape. Completed.

"Road Hazard," producer, Robert Hurrie. Three wannabe tough street kids are the only barrier between two pounds of plutonium and nuclear annihilation of a U.S. city.

"Robot Carnival," producer, Kazufumi Nomura; director, Katsuhiro Otomo. Classic animated short films about robots. Completed.

"Crimson Wolf," producer, Kazufumi Nomura; director, Shoichi Masuo. The fate of the world rests in the ability of three untested warriors to defeat an unearthly army of darkness. Completed.


Zanita Films

Ardmore Studios Herbert Road Bray, Co. Wicklow, Ireland (353-1) 286-2971, ext. 441

Office: 758; 458-6700, ext. 758

Attending: Seamus Byrne, producer.


"Dog Eat Dog," director, Chris Roche. Contemporary noir thriller centered on a hitman who is close to burnout.

"A Perfect Stranger," director, Miguel Alexandre. Love story with dark undercurrents.

"Elixir Vitare," Gothic thriller set in the present and in Milan in 1630, at the time of the plague.

"No Comet Seen," An epic tale of war set in Ireland and India in 1920.

Zia Film Distribution

8306 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 690 Beverly Hills, CA 90211 (323) 935-8190 Fax: (323) 935-9221

Office: 309

Attending: Bobbi Valentine Heller, president; Douglas Heller, exec VP; Dario Martinez, VP, intl. sales.


"Freshmen," producer, Steve Hein; director, Leigh Slawner; cast, Dalton James, Brooke Langton, Chris Hardwick. A housing office mixup forces three college freshmen and a snotty sorority girl to live together in a Venice Beach house. Completed.

"The Game Room," producer, Mary Wong-Jenkings; director, Joe Tornatore; cast, Patrick Rees, Melissa Tkautz, Emmanuel Marshall. An academic genius who has been tormented at school turns the tables on his classmates when they end up imprisoned in his game room. Completed.

"Prima Donnas," producer, Victoria Page Meyerink; director, Larry Foldes; cast, Shannon Sturges, Bobble Bresee. The high society of Beverly Hills gets a taste of its own medicine when one daughter has her own agenda at a debutante ball. Completed.

"Whiskey, Riddles & Dandelion Wine," producers, Tani Cohen, Lauren Moews, David Straus; director, David Straus; cast, Elsa Raven, Elene Wohl, Jeff Wincott. A dying pregnant woman attempts to unite her cousin with her best friend so they will take care of her unborn child. Completed.

Product listings compiled by Carol Swanson in Lincoln, Neb., and Lee Simkins in London.
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