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VDT risk linked with radiation levels.

Women using VDTs that emit high levels of a certain kind of electromagnetic radiation have a tripled risk of miscarriage, Finnish researchers report.

The study looked at 585 women who worked as bank clerks and clerical workers at three firms in Finland. The researchers found no increased rate of miscarriage from simply using VDTs--a key finding consistent with previous studies. But when they analyzed according to different VDT models, they found a pattern.

It showed the tripled miscarriage rate was linked specifically to VDTs that produce high levels of extremely low frequency radiation. Four of 17 models showed high ELF levels. Women who used the 13 models with lower ELF levels showed no significant increase in miscarriage risk. The study did not list the names of the models tested. Consumer advocates say they have found it nearly impossible to get data about radiation levels from computer manufacturers. --From the Detroit Free Press, 12/15/92
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Title Annotation:Health Issues; video display terminal
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Date:Dec 22, 1992
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