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VBD's front line.

We would like to introduce the people who man VBD's front lines: PVA's national field directors (NFDs) and national service officers (NSOs). For the next three months, we will introduce our field directors, to give you a chance to meet the people who draw our 58 service offices together as a collective unit.

The duties of an NFD vary widely, as attested to by William Moore, NFD at the Wichita, KS, office. He is responsible for ten offices in six states. "I do everything, from service work, to working out problems in VA hospitals, to taking care of day-to-day functions in the office. My main job is to keep everything flowing smoothly between offices," he explains.

Moore joined PVA in 1983 because of the opportunity and promise PVA provides. "PVA was exciting and challenging and just beginning to take off as a quality service organization. Joining the PVA staff was the best decision I ever made."

Involved in service work since 1976, Moore was promoted to NFD in 1990. That, however, wasn't his greatest achievement. "In 1985, I was named NSO of the Year. That has to be the most exciting moment in my career!"

Moore feels that PVA's future looks bright. "I see tremendous change ahead for PVA, especially in the education and training of staff. I plan to eventually retire from the organization--that's how satisfied I am with it," he says. "The loyalty and dedication of everyone involved gives PVA a bright and exciting future."

James Sifers, NFD at the Roanoke, VA, office, agrees with Moore. "PVA operates as a family; that's what makes us unique."

Sifers came to PVA in 1983. His crowning achievement was his promotion to NFD in October 1991. "My position as NFD keeps me near the front lines--close to the veterans and the claims process. As an added bonus, I enjoy the management aspects of the job."

According to Sifers, the reasons he joined PVA are the same reasons he stays. "PVA is a good, quality organization. We foster a close working relationship, where everyone works as a team."

Richard Glotfelty Associate Executive Director, Veterans' Benefits

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Title Annotation:Service to Veterans; Veterans' Benefits Department
Author:Glotfelty, Richard
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Date:Mar 1, 1992
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