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Sounds scary, it stings and takes a big bite out of your budget. But it helps keeps the stars eternally young.

Many celebrities who swear by the Vampire Facelifts and has been praising the virtue of regular treatments, enthusing about what difference it made to their complexion. Despite the big bite out of your budget, the biggest relief is that it is not a facelift at all and involves no knives, nips or tucks but does have the rejuvenating effect of surgery.

What is a Vampire Facelift? It has become popular in the last few years since the success of Twilight. It is a recent technology that uses ingredient s from your own blood to regenerate your skin and to rejuvenate collagen resulting in vibrant, fresh young looking skin. During the process a Practitioner collects a volume of blood from the client and separates and concentrates the patient's own platelets and fibrin into a matrix. This can be applied to a treatment area of the face or body to stimulate cell proliferation which promotes the increase of volume and rejuvenation of the skin through a process of targeted tissue re-generation. Closer research reveals that it is a 90 minute procedure which boost the creation of new blood cells and collagen and promises the best and safest skin rejuvenation known to mankind. Even better news? No incisor bites to the neck, no nocturnal rampaging and no garlic required but you will have a look like a dewy-faced A-list celebrity.

We've read about the challenges and dangers of cosmetic surgeries and heard negative stories about Botox and facial fillers. By contrast, the Vampire Facelift is non-invasive and involves no foreign bodies or synthetic chemicals. The restorative powers of a person's blood being injected back into them were first discovered in the medical industry.

As skin ages it loses elasticity contains reduced levels of collagen and has reduced moisture levels and hyaluronic acid. We lose about 1%of our collagen every year from the moment we are born. PRP can improve skin tone because it stimulates collagen growth and also improves the blood supply to the area which causes an improvement in texture and tone.

PRP is a cutting edge treatment that uses own blood to trigger regeneration within the skin. The blood is taken from the patient (like normal blood extraction for blood studies in the hospital) and prepared using the state of the art technology to create rich plasma. Platelets contains a number of growth factors that stimulates the rejuvenation of the skin. The re-injection of the plasma stimulates the release of these growth which encourage new blood capillary formation and new collagen growth. The collagen improves the tone and texture of the skin and gives visibly younger and refreshed skin.

How does it work? Blood is placed into a centrifuge and spun at a very rapid rate to separate the platelet from the other components of the blood. The platelets then form a plateletrich plasma which can be re- injected back into the patient. It causes an increase in volume and also contains growth factors that, overtime continually work to rejuvenate the skin. They promote new blood vessel formation , new collagen growth and help build a new dermis so that the skin is plumped, refreshed and rejuvenated and appears visibly younger.

Why platelets are import ant ? Platelets are biological constituents of blood, along with red and white blood cells. They are easily activated through thrombin and tissue factors and responses. Once platelets are activated, a cascade of events occurs, including the release of the intra-cellular contents of platelets, followed by cell signalling in order to initiate t issue repair and healing. There have been clinical studies of PRP showing significant benefits when used in joint surgery and soft tissue injuries, to accelerate cartilage repair, tendon regeneration, bone growth, scar and pain reduction. It can also be used in skin rejuvenation and in anti-aging. Discounts given when quoting big saver.

PRP concentrates the number of platelets and therefore the important regenerative growth factors that they contain. By injecting them back into the skin, there is an enhanced tissue recovery, repair and the stimulation of the proliferation of various cell types. The concentration of the platelets determines the effect at the site if the injection.

Platelets release growth factors which have the following effects: Cell growth, regeneration and repair of blood vessels, collagen production, tissue repair, hyaluronic acid production, growth and new generation of vascular endothelial cells, promotion of endothelial cells , promotion of epithelial cell growth, angiogenesis , promotion of wound healing (ie: chronic pressure wounds), growth and neogenesis of epithelial and vascular endothelial cells.

Is it safe? As the PRP is made of the person's own blood (autologous) it does not create a foreign body immunological reaction and therefore there is no risk of an allergic reaction. Patient can resume normal activity immediately and most patients reports little discomfort during the procedure. The procedure takes no more than 30 minutes to an hour or a maximum of 90 minutes depending on the procedure of taking blood sometimes it can be difficult and can be performed as Out Patient procedure.

Health and skin assessment and follow consultation is free. Not all clients can under go for PRP treatment. Patients suffering from some conditions like blood disorders, cancer of various forms or if patients taking some types medication and etc are exempted for this type of treatment.

For more information and other services please contact myskin clinic right at the heart of Middlesbrough, Boho 6, 5 Linthorpe Road TS1 1TX Tel Number 07576 844454. Treatment and services is offered by Eden Pono, RGN, Aesthetic Practitioner Pioneer in PRP Treatment in the UK. Clinic is open until July 8 and will reopen from August 15 onwards due to holidays or email
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Date:Jun 3, 2013
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