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 NEW YORK, Oct. 7 /PRNewswire/ -- Value Line, Inc. (NASDAQ-NMS: VALU), the nation's leading provider of investment information, today introduced The Value Line Mutual Fund Survey to assist the more than 38 million Americans who have mutual fund investments.
 Published in two continuously updated volumes at $295 per year, The Value Line Mutual Fund Survey analyzes 2,000 mutual funds. It offers in-depth, full-page coverage of 1,500 equity and fixed-income mutual funds. Twice a year annual subscribers receive an additional 500 condensed reviews of important newer funds. Subscribers also receive a monthly newsletter, The Value Line Mutual Fund Advisor, an eight-page summary of current comment, news and mutual fund performance results. The Value Line Mutual Fund Survey itself is published in biweekly editions over a nine-issue cycle so that each of the 1,500 mutual funds is reviewed every 18 weeks.
 The Value Line Mutual Fund Survey Provides the Most Comprehensive
 Coverage Available
 "For over 60 years, Value Line has been the leader in providing investors and corporations access to information that helps them make better investment decisions," said Jean Bernhard Buttner, CEO and chairman of the board of Value Line. "Value Line pioneered the concept of delivering research to investors in an easily understood format. We are drawing upon the Value Line staff's extensive experience and expertise in the underlying securities of mutual funds to provide the most comprehensive mutual fund analysis available anywhere."
 The Value Line Mutual Fund Survey includes a Performance & Index section that updates important data for 1,500 funds every two weeks. This section also highlights the top and bottom funds according to various criteria.
 In addition, the survey offers the only extensive analysis of mutual fund families in the marketplace. Based on direct research, the service looks into the investment philosophy, research capabilities and performance of 100 major fund families.
 "Our review of 2,000 mutual funds provides investors and investment professionals with ongoing comprehensive data that can't be obtained elsewhere," said Stephen Savage, editor of The Value Line Mutual Fund Survey. "More than $1.8 trillion is invested in U.S. mutual funds today, up from $770 billion five years ago. Value Line decided The Value Line Mutual Fund Survey had to offer more extensive coverage than was previously available in order to meet the needs of today's mutual fund investor."
 The Value Line Mutual Fund Survey Addresses Investors' Concerns
 About Risk
 "Value Line recognizes that risk is a primary concern for most investors. The Value Line Mutual Fund Survey distinguishes itself in that it offers subscribers three distinct ways to identify and manage risk in their investment programs," said Savage.
 The survey includes a proprietary Risk Key that shows investors how much they potentially stand to gain or lose. In addition, The Value Line Mutual Fund Survey helps investors to pinpoint the risk level with which they are most comfortable and to determine which of eight risk profiles match their investment goals.
 The Survey Follows Classic Value Line Format
 Each mutual fund covered by The Value Line Mutual Fund Survey is analyzed and rated in a page format familiar to Value Line Investment Survey subscribers. Each page contains the key data on a fund, with several unique features:
 -- Value Line Ranks: Provides comprehensive ranks for each fund based upon risk and overall performance. Funds are ranked from one to five, with one being the best score in the overall rank for performance and risk.
 -- Past Average Market Performance: Tracks a fund's performance in bull and bear markets vis-a-vis its peers and the Standard & Poor's 500.
 -- Portfolio Holdings Analysis: Lists the 20 largest equity holdings of a stock fund and provides the latest Value Line Investment Survey Timeliness(TM) Ranks for each of these holdings.
 -- Total Return Chart: Tracks the performance of a $10,000 investment in each fund over time compared with an investment in the S&P 500 or other appropriate index.
 -- Performance Table: Includes total return data from three months to 20 years compared with its peer group and the S&P 500 or other appropriate index. Also included are calculations showing the impact of taxes on a $10,000 investment and the results of a dollar-cost averaging program in which the holder invests an additional $100 per month in the fund.
 -- Fund Analysis: A concisely written review of each fund's recent activity prepared by Value Line's highly respected analysts. This section provides insight on the fund's strategies and underlying investments -- something Value Line, with its research staff of over 100 analysts, economists and statisticians, is uniquely qualified to provide.
 Value Line, Inc., founded in 1931, is the dominant force in independent securities analysis. It is best known for The Value Line Investment Survey, the world's largest independent investment publication, for its page format and its Timeliness Ranking System. For over a quarter of a century, Value Line's stock ranks have helped investors pick stocks that have greatly increased in value. No one else can claim so superior a ranking system for such an extended period of time and for a universe of stocks as broad as the 1,700 that Value Line regularly follows.
 Value Line also publishes a number of other investment information services and has lines of business in electronic data services, mutual funds and asset management. Value Line, Inc.'s shares are publicly traded on NASDAQ under the symbol "VALU."
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 /CONTACT: Jean Bernhard Buttner or Stephen Savage of Value Line, 212-697-2549, or Peter F. Cullum of Donley Communications, 212-751-6126/

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