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Valor Computerized Systems [FSE: VCR, VACS], a leader in integrated engineering software solutions for the electronics design and manufacturing industry, has released version 7 of its Trilogy 5000(TM) solution for PCB process preparation and assembly programming operations and its Enterprise 3000(TM) best-in-class DFM solution for virtual design verification of CAD data. Version 7 is now shipping and available through Valor sales offices and integration partners worldwide.

Version 7 of the Trilogy 5000 solution has been enriched with wide-ranging enhancements facilitating multi-vendor assembly engineering, substantial additions to DFM verification and extensions to Trilogy's ample range of CAD interfaces including Mentor PowerPCB V5, Orcad, Altium P-CAD, and many others.

A newly developed Documentation Editor provides best-in-class functionality enabling fast delivery of comprehensive and customizable set up instructions right down to the factory floor. Trilogy 5000 version 7 offers an even more powerful set of integrated engineering tools for a streamlined, highly automated and error-free CAD-to-machine process flow with measurable downstream benefits.

The range of available pick-and-place machine models has been vastly extended in Trilogy 5000 version 7 to provide NPI (New Product Introduction) and high-volume manufacturers with a much broader applicative solution. The benefits derived from the wide variety of accurately simulated machine models are optimized machine programming and increased assembly line efficiency, especially for multi-vendor based assembly line configurations.

Gene Zeitler, Director of NPI at Pemstar, one of Valor's initial users of Trilogy version 7 comments, "Pemstar's utilization of this latest version of the Trilogy system will result in a major impact on productivity and profitability and demonstrates Valor's commitment to technical leadership in the field of PCB manufacturing." Zeitler continued, "While other software solutions address only specific parts in the production cycle, Valor focuses on providing a single integrated solution to streamline and improve the entire manufacturing process."

To address the growing needs of the PCB design community Valor's Enterprise 3000 DFM platform has been enriched with extensions to CAD interfaces, DFM analysis, BOM & AVL handling and overall performance.

Enterprise 3000 version 7 offers an unmatched and comprehensive set of coherent engineering tools to master design-to-manufacturing obstacles and to deliver a more reliable, error-free and producible PCB assembly right from the start. With over 700 engineering constraint checks performed on the initial PCB design data Enterprise 3000 delivers a validated virtual prototype of the assembled board, verified and optimized for manufacturing, which minimizes the need for multiple costly prototypes of complex PCBs. This translates into shorter design-to-manufacturing cycles, tangible cost savings and time-to-market advantages.

Julian Coates, Valor's executive vice president of Corporate Marketing and Product Management commented on Valor's latest product release, "We have included over 450 customer specific requests to round out this major version release, which strongly emphasizes our commitment to an existing customer base and an ongoing quest to improve our industry-leading technologies." He continued, "We are constantly improving the scope of our NPI solution for the fast growing Trilogy 5000 user community, as we understand the urgent needs of our customers to master the ever-increasing complexity of PCB process preparation cycles and PCB designs based on time-to-market pressures and narrowing manufacturing process-constraints. The version 7 software represents the largest engineering software development investment made in the electronics manufacturing industry in 2003; after extensive field-testing we are confident that our leading top-tier customers will gain an additional margin of competitive efficiency by deploying the upgrade."

About Valor

Valor Computerized Systems [FSE: VCR, VACS] is the leader in integrated engineering software solutions throughout the design-through-manufacturing electronics supply chain. Valor is a publicly listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The company's powerful software tools, based on ODB++, the Valor- funded data format that has quickly become the format of choice for high-level data exchange, ensure the rapid transfer of optimized data from the design through manufacturing stages. Enterprise 3000 DFM system for physical design verification, Trilogy 5000 for assembly and test engineering, and the unique Valor Parts Library 24/7 on-line data service are utilized by designers and engineers to deliver enhanced productivity, higher yields, shorter cycle times and increased product quality. All Valor products are sold and supported by a worldwide network that includes global subsidiary offices, VARs and OEM channels.

For more information, visit or call 949/586-5969.
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Date:Feb 1, 2004

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