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VA bill to allow shipping.

A battle is brewing at the Virginia state Capitol over legislation allowing shipment of out-of-state wine and beer directly to Virginia consumers.

Competing versions of the proposal--one favored by winemakers, the other by wine and beer wholesalers-- are pending in legislative committees. A Senate committee is likely to consider the wholesalers' bill this week; the other bill next week.

Last March a federal judge struck down a law barring out-of-state breweries and wineries from shipping their products directly to customers in Virginia. Meanwhile, representatives have developed bills to comply with the ruling. One would allow delivery of the beverages to the consumer's doorstep, while the other would require the buyer to pick up his order at a nearby Alcoholic Beverage Control store.

The latter bill, backed by the wholesalers, would have ABC stores collect the state sales tax and state and federal excise taxes.
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Title Annotation:Virginia, law covering shipping wine and beer to Virginia consumers
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Date:Jan 20, 2003
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