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V3 Semiconductor introduces CloverLeaf-960 -V96DPC-, its latest addition to the high-performance PCI bridge controller family for the Intel i960 series of embedded processors.

SANTA CLARA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 22, 1996--V3 Semiconductor Inc. (NASDAQ OTC: VVVI) today announced the availability of production quantities of the CloverLeaf-960 (V96DPC) local bus to dual PCI bridge controller product line.

The CloverLeaf-960 family is fully compliant with the PCI 2.1 specification and delivers an 80960 to dual PCI bus bridges in a single component. "The high-performance V96DPC is an excellent companion for advanced embedded applications requiring the i960(R) Cx and Hx processors," stated John Zambakkides, president and CEO of V3 Semiconductor.

Phil Ames, Intel's Solutions960(R) Manager, commented: "V3 Semiconductor offers a wealth of experience with PCI chipsets. The CloverLeaf-960 will help support Intel's high-end i960 processors with a dual PCI bus bridge solution."

The V96DPC supports independent interface speeds, allowing each PCI bus to run at 33 MHz regardless of processor clock rate. With the Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation(TM) feature of the dual 576 Byte FIFOs, designers can adjust the "draining" and "filling" of the read and write FIFOs to meet the requirements of the data streams. "This 1152 Byte FIFO array ensures that high-speed peripherals will not exceed the bridge's buffering capability," stated Mike Alford, V3 Semiconductor's Vice President of Engineering.

Four bi-directional address translation units allow PCI-to-Local, Local-to-PCI, or primary PCI to secondary PCI addressing. Mailbox registers are provided for each bridge and are accessible from all interfaces.

The V96DPC is available in speeds up to 40 MHz, is packaged in a 313-ball BGA (ball grid array) package and dissipates less than 1 Watt running at 33 MHz, assuring the lowest power and highest reliability possible.

Additional V3 Semiconductor support products for the i960 family of RISC microprocessors from Intel Corp. consist of the V96xPBC single PCI bus bridge controller, the V96BMC high-performance burst DRAM controller (for i960Jx/Cx/Hx processor-based systems), and the V96SSC system integration controller (for i960Sx/Jx processor-based systems).

The PCI standard continues to make significant inroads in the embedded computer market. Applications such as high-end printers and intelligent PC add-in cards benefit from the performance of the PCI standard. V3 Semiconductor has major design wins in the following market segments: image processing systems, network communications equipment, telecommunications switch equipment, and PCI-based intelligent I/O sub-systems.

V3 Semiconductor Inc., The Embedded Chipset Company(TM), is a manufacturer of integrated circuits for the embedded computer market. V3 Semiconductor's embedded chipsets are available through a distribution and representative network throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Interested parties are encouraged to call V3 Semiconductor at 1-800-488-8410 or visit the Internet Web site at for current product information and ongoing announcements. -0- Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation is a trademark of V3 Semiconductor Inc. The Embedded Chipset Company is a trademark of V3 Semiconductor Inc. i960 is a registered trademark of Intel Corp. Solutions960 is a registered trademark of Intel Corp.

CONTACT: V3 Semiconductor, Inc.

Sandra Smith, 416/285-9188
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Aug 22, 1996
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