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V3 Semiconductor Announces New Enhanced PCI Bridge Controller.

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V3 Semiconductor Inc. (NASDAQ: VVVI) a leader in the design of integrated circuits for the embedded systems market, announced today the availability of the V363EPC - Enhanced PCI Bridge Controller. The V363EPC is a high performance, highly flexible PCI bridge controller that enables easy migration of legacy designs into PCI designs, reduces design time, and decreases time-to-market on next-generation PCI products.

Major data networking and telecom equipment providers who are building carrier access, optical carrier (OC-x) and multiservice switching products have already embraced the use of the V363EPC device. The need for bandwidth in the network continues to grow at an exponential rate and these applications are driving the requirement for scalable, reliable and high-performance semiconductor solutions. The V363EPC excels in this environment by providing advanced features such as multi-channel DMA and deep programmable FIFOs that allow system designers to maximize performance with minimal design effort.

CompactPCI-based DSP boards that form the heart of wireless cellular basestation equipment have also proven to be a strong application for the V363EPC PCI bridge controller. The V363EPC provides the ability to bridge the host port interface of the DSP to a mezzanine PCI bus, thus allowing for high-capacity data exchange between the DSP and other devices connected to the PC-MIP mezzanine slot and the CompactPCI backplane. The V363EPC in this type of DSP-based application will facilitate the design of next-generation 3G wireless cellular equipment where the emphasis is on high data throughput combined with low power.

This versatile PCI bridge controller allows the implementation of multiple applications that also include PCI add-in cards, industrial control, printing/imaging, data acquisition, and network routing/gateway functions. The 3.3V V363EPC is fully compliant with the PCI Local Bus Specification, Revision 2.1. It is capable of operating at 50 MHz for both PCI and local bus clocks over the industrial temperature range. The V363EPC also features 768 bytes of on-chip FIFO buffering which significantly reduces access latencies by handling continuous transfers of large data streams without tying up the local or PCI buses. The Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation(TM) architecture allows adjustment of the draining and filling strategy of the read and write FIFOs to most efficiently meet the data stream requirements of today's advanced networking and communications applications.

"The V363EPC is the 3.3v enhancement of our popular V350EPC/V360EPC PCI bridges. Its timely introduction has enabled our customers to benefit from the advances in process technology while continuing to preserve their original software investment," said Mike Alford, V3's Chief Technology Officer.

"The V363EPC PCI bridge controller provides an additional option for designers who require a power-efficient, high-throughput PCI interface," said Stacy Joseph, V3's Marketing Manager. "V3 has developed a device which substantially overcomes data transfer bottlenecks and allows our customers' PCI applications to operate with maximum performance."

The V363EPC directly interfaces to Intel i960 Jx/Sx and IBM PowerPC 401 Gx processors. Application notes are available from V3 which outline how the V363EPC can readily interface with Hitachi SH-3, Intel i486, Motorola 68K/ColdFire/PowerQUICC, PowerPC 603/603e/604/604e processors, and Texas Instruments TMS320C6x DSP's.

The V363EPC PCI bridge controller is available now from V3 Semiconductor in a low cost, 160-pin PQFP package. The V363EPC supports the industrial temperature range (-40(degree)C to +85(degree)C). Pricing is $23.00 (USD) for 10,000 pieces.

V3 Semiconductor Inc. (NASDAQ: VVVI), the Embedded Intelligence Company, designs, develops and markets semiconductor silicon solutions. V3's mission is to create high-performance interconnect and controller solutions that enable our customers to build the next-generation networking and Internet infrastructure. V3 targets leading manufacturers of communications network infrastructure equipment, network edge connectivity devices, Internet appliances, set top boxes, residential gateways, mass-storage sub-systems and industrial embedded computers. V3 enables its customers to develop systems faster than ever before, by providing rapid time-to-market solutions comprised of high-performance silicon, supporting software, evaluation platforms, reference designs and applications support. V3's products include highly integrated system controllers, bridge controllers and memory controllers that deliver high throughput through efficient bus management between processor, memory and I/O sub-systems. V3's sales channel includes a direct sales force, manufacturers' representatives and electronics distributors worldwide

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Date:Oct 17, 2000
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