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Uzbekistan ranks 69th for cheap mobile internet.


Worldwide mobile data pricing ranked Uzbekistan 69th in the world for cheap mobile Internet, Trend reports via Uzbek media.

The rating was compiled by the British research company and assessed the cost of mobile data services in 230 countries.

Gigabyte of network information in Uzbekistan costs $3.27.

For comparison, in Kyrgyzstan gigabyte costs 27 cents, Kazakhstan - 49 cents, in Ukraine - 51 cents, in Russia - 91 cents, in Afghanistan - $1.60.

More expensive is the Internet in Tajikistan - $4.84 and Turkmenistan - $19.81.

The researchers noted that in fairly wealthy countries of Western Europe, prices for mobile Internet are high. France ranked 62nd place with $ .99 per 1 GB, Germany - 140th place ($6.96 per 1 GB), United Kingdom - 136th place ($6.66). And such countries as Portugal, Switzerland and Malta generally appeared at the bottom of the table - 195, 212, 209th places, respectively.

North America is not so far from Western European countries: the United States with an average price of $12.37 per 1 GB of mobile Internet hit the 182nd place, and Canada at the 179th place with $12.02.

The table is closed mainly by poor African countries with undeveloped infrastructure - Zimbabwe is on the last 230th place with $75.2 for 1 GB of mobile Internet, on the penultimate - Equatorial Guinea with $65.83.

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Publication:Azer News (Baku, Azerbaijan)
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Date:Mar 7, 2019
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