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Articles from Utopian Studies (January 1, 1997)

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A Journey from Within: The Love Letters of Charlotte Perkins Gilman, 1897-1900. Zauderer, Naomi B. Book Review 1304
A postmodern utopia? Heller and Feher's critique of messianic Marxism. Gardiner, Michael 16924
A Socialist Utopia in the New South: The Ruskin Colonies in Tennessee and Georgia, 1894-1901. Shor, Fran Book Review 783
Aldous Huxley Recollected: An Oral History. Lewis, Arthur O. Book Review 1004
Anthem: Expanded 50th Anniversary Edition. Shelton, Robert Book Review 1586
Aphra Behn. Pohl, Nicole Book Review 1174
Assembling (Post)modernism: The Utopian Philosophy of Ernst Bloch. Harper, Colin M. Book Review 1658
Associations and Democracy. Cummings, Michael S. Book Review 1184
Ayn Rand: The Russian Radical. Shelton, Robert Book Review 1591
Bakhtin, Stalin, and Modern Russian Fiction: Carnival, Dialogism, and History. Gardiner, Michael Book Review 1124
Base Communities: An Introduction. Moylan, Tom Book Review 926
Bernard Shaw and H.G. Wells: Selected Correspondence of Bernard Shaw. Ruppert, Peter Book Review 1032
Cahiers Charles Fourier. Prevaos, Andre J.M. Periodical Review 991
Chronique de l'espace publique: Utopie et culture politique, 1978-1993. Barberet, John R. Book Review 1196
Cohousing: A Contemporary Approach to Housing Ourselves, 2nd ed. Altus, Deborah Book Review 506
Communities Directory: A Guide to Cooperative Living. Oved, Yaacov Book Review 981
Cyberspace/Cyberbodies/Cyberpunk: Cultures of Technological Embodiment. Fitting, Peter Book Review 1305
Ernst Bloch. Harper, Colin M. Book Review 1267
European Cities Towards 2000. Goldsmith, Michael Book Review 920
Far-Fetched Facts: The Literature of Travel and the Idea of the South Seas. Tolley, Michael J. Book Review 1369
Frankenstein. Donawerth, Jane Book Review 1066
From Utopian Dreaming to Communal Reality: Cooperative Lifestyles in Australia. Kern, Louis J. Book Review 836
Functions of the Fantastic: Selected Essays from the Thirteenth International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts. Prouty, William Book Review 942
Future Noir: The Making of Blade Runner. Fitting, Peter Book Review 453
God's Chinese Son: The Taiping Heavenly Kingdom of Hong Xiuquan. Wu, Qingyun Book Review 1438
H.G. Wells: The Island of Doctor Moreau, a Critical Text of the 1896 London First Edition, with an Introduction and Appendices. Wagar, W. Warren Book Review 1181
History of Paradise: The Garden of Eden in Myth and Tradition. Bender, Frederic L. Book Review 288
Holding the Line: The Telephone in Old Order Mennonite and Amish Life. Metcalf, Bill Book Review 939
How to Live Forever: Science Fiction and Philosophy. Madge, Caroline Book Review 944
Justice by Lottery. Abbott, Philip Book Review 1028
Knowledge and the Body-Mind Problem: In Deference of Interaction. Jenkinson, Sally I. Book Review 1059
Life in a Technocracy: What It Might Be Like. Abbott, Philip Book Review 1024
Marxism and the Leap to the Kingdom of Freedom: The Rise and Fall of the Communist Utopia. Stillman, Peter G. Book Review 1175
Mary's City of David. Fogarty, Robert S. Book Review 618
Mennonites in Canada, 1939-1970: A People Transferred. Durnbaugh, Donald F. Book Review 1172
Modes of the Fantastic: Selected Essays from the Twelfth International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts. Prouty, William Book Review 947
More's Utopia and the Utopian Inheritance. Gury, Jacques Book Review 653
Naming the Antichrist: The History of an American Obsession. Canaan, Howard Book Review 1032
Nineteen Eighty-Four Ten Years Later. Pfeiffer, John R. Book Review 1139
Per una topografia dell'Altrove: Spazi altri nell'immaginario letterario e culturale di lingua inglese. La Bossiere, Camille R. Book Review 838
Planeten der Unschuld - Kinder der Natur: die Natrustandsutopie in der deutschen und westeuropaischen Literatur des 17. und 18. Jahrhunderts. Tropea, Gregory Book Review 2185
Popular Radicalism in Nineteenth-Century Britain. Mariz, George Book Review 1476
Postmodern Sublime: Technology and American Writing from Mailer to Cyberpunk. Deery, June Book Review 782
Report from Iron Mountain: On the Possibility and Desirability of Peace. Willams, Lynn F. Book Review 1178
Romancing the cause: Fourierism, feminism, and free love in "Papa's Own Girl." Foster, Susan Lynch 12158
Technologies of the Gendered Body: Reading Cyborg Women. Barr, Marleen Book Review 1279
The Collected Letters of William Morris. Prouty, William Book Review 780
The Creature in the Map: A Journey to El Dorado. Wurth-Hough, Sandra J. Book Review 911
The Critical Response to H.G. Wells. McMahon, Daniel Book Review 988
The Critical Response to Jack London. Lovett-Graff, Bennett Book Review 1091
The dialogics of utopia, dystopia and arcadia: political struggle and utopian novels in nineteenth-century Mexico. Alba-Koch, Beatriz de 6016
The eutopitect: Lewis Mumford as a reluctant utopian. Cotton, William T. 9090
The Furthest Shore: Images of Terra Australis from the Middle Ages to Captain Cook. Wevers, Lydia Book Review 1100
The Golden Age Is in Us: Journeys and Encounters, 1987-1994. Hough, Lawrence E. Book Review 841
The Life of William Morris. Prouty, William Book Review 793
The Millenarian World of Early Mormonism. Garrett, Clarke Book Review 897
The Natural History of Make-Believe: A Guide to the Principal Works of Britain, Europe, and American. Lewis, Arthur O. Book Review 987
The Pursuit of Pleasure. Gorbski, Jeff Book Review 1295
The Repair of the World: The Novels of Marge Piercy. Neverow, Vara Book Review 1440
The Shadow of Sparta. Giesecke, Annette L. Book Review 1599
The Tale of the Next Great War, 1871-1914: Fictions of Future Warfare and of Battles Still-to-Come. Alkon, Paul Book Review 1546
The Time Machine: An Invention, a Critical Text of the 1895 London First Edition, with an Introduction and Appendices. Wagar, W. Warren Book Review 1181
The underground man as Big Brother: Dostoevsky's and Orwell's anti-utopia. Wanner, Adrian 5883
The Work of Jack Vance: An Annotated Bibliography and Guide. Williams, Lynn F. Book Review 583
Theorising the Fantastic. Myers-Dickinson, Jo Book Review 457
Theory Rules/Art as Theory/Theory and Art. Thompson, Thomas H. Book Review 1223
Twilight Memories: Marking Time in a Culture of Amnesia. Dietz, Shoshanah Book Review 995
Unseen, Unheard, Unknown. Miller, Timothy Book Review 1026
Utopia and geopolitics in Theodor Herzl's Altneuland. Stolow, Jeremy 11398
Utopias. La Bossiere, Camille R. Book Review 970
Visions of the Future. Morris, Bernard S. Book Review 1100
Why We Live in Community. Redekop, Calvin Book Review 1076

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