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Utilizing Digital Orthophotos to Assess Stream Channel Migration Patterns. (Geology/Geophysics Section).

Trimble, J.C. Geography, Geology, and Planning. Southwest Missouri State University. UTILIZING DIGITAL ORTHOPHOTOS TO ASSESS STREAM CHANNEL MIGRATION PATTERNS. Assessing lateral migration patterns of streams that have not been previously surveyed is problematic. The current study utilizes digital orthophotos to assess floodplain erosion patterns for Chat Creek in southwest Missouri. Chat Creek is listed on the EPA's 303d list for zinc contamination; eroding floodplain deposits are a potential non-point source of zinc. Aerial photographs from 1939, 1975, and 1992 were ortho rectified using a 1997 USGS digital orthophoto quarter quad (DOQQ), a digital elevation model (DEM), and camera calibration data. The orthophotos were evaluated for accuracy and channel centerlines were digitized for each year. The centerlines were overlain and divided into 317, 20 meter segments for assessment. Three types of reaches were identified within Chat Creek. Channelized sections were identified as separate reaches because latera l movement is the result of anthropogenic activities. Two other types of reaches were identified; "stable" reaches averaged less than 5 meters of change per segment and "disturbance" reaches averaged 5 - 10 meters of change per segment for the study period (1939-1997). Combining this data with floodplain zinc concentrations will provide estimates of non-point source zinc loading into Chat Creek from lateral channel migration.
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Publication:Transactions of the Missouri Academy of Science
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Date:Jan 1, 2001
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