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Utilize Newest HR Benchmarking Metrics From Fortune 500 Companies.

CHAPEL HILL, N.C., April 17 /PRNewswire/ -- HR is at the core of achieving organizational effectiveness. As such, human resources executives face a growing challenge from their business partners -- increasing efficiency while meeting ever-changing business needs such as improving talent management, finding the best resources in an ever shrinking candidate pool, meeting regulatory changes, dealing with ever-increasing benefits costs and changing business models.

Many HR groups have championed the shared services model to meet some of these needs, while others have turned to outsourcing or off-shoring, and new technologies to handle their challenges.

All the while, companies have turned to benchmarking as a critical tool to gauge their efficiencies and effectiveness. The challenges with the use of benchmarking are many including comparability, adequate depth and breath, and expense of these efforts. Still more critical is applying these benchmarking tools across a myriad of fundamentally different industries and a broad array of different functions within HR. Finding one common set of performance metrics across these has proven to be difficult.

To assist HR in meeting these challenges, Best Practices, LLC has developed an end-to-end HR benchmarking report "HR Resourcing Excellence" that focuses on the core metrics needed to manage the function and are that can drive real business change. To download a 55-page summary of this report click .

The focus of this study is benchmarks that are both broad and deep at a small fraction of the price and effort of similar studies on the market. To download a 55-page summary of this report click .
 The report examines the "core" HR processes including:

 -- Organizational Staffing - includes metrics by type of hire and by
 process such as applicant tracking, recruiting, sourcing, requisition
 management, selection, and much more!
 -- Benefits Administration - includes savings (401k), stock options,
 pension and H&W administration
 -- Domestic Mobility - including metrics by type, duration, as well as by
 process including policy and relocation/assignment management services
 -- International Mobility - including metrics by type, duration, and by
 process including policy management, relocation accounting,
 planning/consulting services, home and host location services, tax
 management, payroll and accounting services
 -- Leave of Absence Administration/FMLA - includes metrics by type and
 length of leave
 -- Workers Compensation - includes metrics for self-insured, high
 deductible programs, fully-insured and retro programs as well as TPA,
 self-administered, hybrid and carrier organizations.
 -- On-site medical administration - includes metrics for onsite clinical
 services, occupational health, employee wellness programs, drug
 testing, employee assistance programs, medical screening, onsite AEDs,
 and QA for clinical services

View more detailed information on HR Resourcing Excellence at: .

CONTACT: Kim Hardin of Best Practices, LLC, +1-919-403-0251, ext 221,

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Date:Apr 17, 2007
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