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Utility agreement.

Two local unions of the Steelworkers negotiated separate 3-year contracts in coordinated bargaining with the Northern Indiana Public Service, covering about 2,300 production and 800 clerical workers. The employees had been working under a 2-year extension of an agreement that originally was to expire on May 31, 1988.

The pacts call for general wage increases of 2 percent in June of 1991 and 1992, and a lump-sum payment in June 1990 equal to 7 percent of an employee's base wage as of May 31, 1990. In addition, the accords provide for improved job security. Effective January 1, 1991, the company will provide reassigmnents for all employees whose jobs are about to be eliminated, rather than only for those with 10 or more years of service as occurred under the previous agreements. The clerical contract also places a maximum on the number of temporary positions and requires the company to convert about 50 such positions to full-time jobs.

Several improvements were made in the health and insurance plans, effective June 1, 1990. Major medical coverage was increased $200,000 a year (to $450,000) and life insurance coverage was increased 10,000 (to $50,000). A separate cap was established for psychiatric coverage, $250,000 annually and $500,000 lifetime (previously, under the major medical coverage cap).

Other terms include liberalized retirement eligibility requirements that will allow employees whose combined age and years of service equal 90 to retire with full benefits on January 1, 1991, and those whose age and service equal 80, on January 1, 1992. (Previously, employees had to be age 60 to retire with full benefits.) The minimum monthly pension for future retirees increases to $250 (from $200) for employees with 10 years' service and to $350 (from $250) for those with more than 10 years' service. Current retirees' monthly pensions will increase 4 percent. Part-time employees are now eligible for sick and personal leave. *
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Title Annotation:Northern Indiana Public Service Co., United Steelworkers of America sign contracts
Author:Cimini, Michael H.
Publication:Monthly Labor Review
Date:Apr 1, 1990
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