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Using small stones to create strong effects.

Using small stones to create strong effects

Small details like the four pictured herecan convert ordinary garden scenes into something special. Rockwork can enhance a simple rustic scene or add elegance to a formal setting. The effect differs with the type of rocks you use and the way you place them.

Compared to many landscaping projects,these are easy and inexpensive. You can work on them in brief chunks of free time. Since the rocks are small and the projects require relatively few of them, you don't have to be a muscle man to move them into place.

If you don't have suitable stones available,look for sources in the yellow pages under Rock. For small quantities you bag yourself, common stones up to 8 inches across cost about $3 per cubic foot, somewhat more for less common colors or types. Black cobbles can be hard to get; they cost roughly $15 for 3/4 cubic foot.

Photo: Rocks anchor soilin erosion-prone spots of San Diego plank stairway--and protect tree roots at bottom from foot traffic. Helen and Ed Stein planted gaps with baby's tears

Photo: Artfully piled stonesmimic the shape of an Oriental lantern, symbolically lighting the way at a bend in Marguerite Norrbo's azalea walk in Portland

Photo: Embedded river rocks of various sizes edge path in Poway, California; they anchor gravel on one side, soil and plants on the other. Owner Karen Kees' meandering placement simulates a river bed

Photo: Smooth black cobblesset in mortar fill gaps between concrete pads; loose ones mulch soil around trunk at Blake Garden, UC Berkeley
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Date:Aug 1, 1987
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