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Using bloom's taxonomy Mexico: defying the odds.

Our Teacher to Teacher program offers the following suggested lesson plan, designed for use with the Mexico article [pp. 6-9]. It was written for JS by Lisa Arce, who teaches seventh- and eighth-grade students at Selden Middle School in Centerreach, New York.

NOTE: This is an abridged version of the lesson plan. For the complete plan and two reproducible work sheets, visit


Students will

* be able to complete a scaffolded 10Q reading-comprehension activity based on Bloom's Taxonomy (allowing for modifications and differentiated instruction).

* learn about the lives of Mexican citizens.

* discover the causes of illegal immigration from Mexico throughout the 20th century.

* research various problems that many Mexican citizens face in their everyday lives.


Have students create a KWL (Know-Want to Know-Learn) chart like the one below; then have them fill in the first column's boxes in as much detail as they can.
What I know What I want What I have
about illegal to learn about learned about
immigration: illegal immigration: illegal immigration:

What I know What I want What I have
about Mexico to learn about learned about
 Mexico: Mexico:

List all responses on the board. Then have a class discussion. Which of these assumptions are correct? Which are incorrect or uncertain? This discussion will help generate topics or questions for the second column.


As students read the article on Mexico, pause from time to time to pose questions from the 10Q list (scaffolded questions) below. Ask the questions in the order given. You may wish to assign some questions as homework. (See the unabridged lesson plan for more options.)


1. Who is Cesar? Where is he from?

2. Define the following terms: migration, emigration, bracero program, Aztec empire.

3. Complete a Who, What, When, Where, Why, How diagram or chart based on this topic: "The Life of Cesar Velazquez Castro."

4. What is Cesar's favorite activity? How could it help him in the future?

5. What "momentous decision" did Cesar's family make?

6. Why did the family think that Cesar's older sister should go to the U.S. illegally?

7. What domestic (within the country) problems does Mexico have overall? List problems/issues that Mexico's government should improve for its citizens.

8. Create a cause/result chart on this topic: "Magdalena Emigrates to the U.S."

9. Illegal immigration is a controversial topic in the U.S. What do you think the U.S. should do about such immigrants? Give reasons to support your ideas for how U.S. immigration policy should be changed.

10. What challenges does a Mexican living in poverty face? Create a Venn diagram or a two-column chart comparing the problems of those who stay in Mexico with others who are living in the U.S. illegally.
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Date:Sep 15, 2008
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