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Using bee's honey to cure dengue and other illnesses.

Sarath Chandika Perera's friendship with bees started when he was around five years old. When other kids would run a mile to move away from the buzzing friends of the winds, Sarath would handle them gently and remain un-stung. He started using clay pots and small boxes to breed bees, and it is this childhood passion which is today helping him save lives.

From the year 2010 to date, he says over 50,000 dengue patients have come seeking the medicine he makes, using the honey of bees he has bred all over Sri Lanka. The most popular medicine is primarily for dengue but there are also different combinations he uses with diverse herbs to cure other ailments. These are combinations that boost the immune system and can be consumed even while not ill, so as to prevent diseases.

Sarath Perera is not a doctor in the formal sense - meaning that he has not studied medicine in any institution, but he does consider himself to be a student of the most prestigious college of all; 'the universe', and is able to explain in technical terms the power of universal energy and how such energy could activate itself upon the human.

He narrates his story on how he came to discover this medicine as follows:

'My childhood in my parents' ancestral village of Wadduwa was centred in a forest-like garden with many bees, and trees were considered sacred. As a child, I was drawn to nature and spirituality, which I pursued through Buddhism, practicing long hours of meditation. By age 12, I had developed meditation as a serious and daily practice.

After completion of my schooling, I was at a loss as to how to earn a living. Due to my family wanting it, I joined a private company and after lasting only a short while there, I got into the wood-based industry. Getting my livelihood through the felling of trees did not resonate well with my inner conscience. Within about six years, I faced a lot of difficulty and lost all the money I had made. Finally I quit that job and I sought solace once again in nature and meditation as I had done as a child.'

He believes that it is universal power that guided him to the personality of Saman Kankanange, who lives a secluded life in Mathugama, and uses deep meditation methods and a connection with the universe to help people in their mental struggles. Delving deeply into the authentic Buddhist way of life by stringent meditation and practice, Sarath soon was at complete peace with himself. Drawing on the universal cosmic energy, he was filled with inspirations and revelations on how he could use his core skills - the chief of which was a deep connection with bees, so that he could help humans.

Soon after, he professionally pursued the protection of bees and started making wooden and cement boxes and seeking out all over the country jungles and private gardens inhabited with trees and flowers, where he could breed these bees.

'Bees will only stay where there is no soil pollution through pesticide, weedicide and other such poisons. They are very sensitive. They will also not needlessly attack humans and can sense if humans approaching them mean any harm,' says Sarath.

In 2010, he began preparing the medicine for dengue, which resulted in patients being cured in two days.

How the Harmony Page Team got to know about Sarath was through a WhatsApp message sent from a friend in Batticaloa, which had originated from a lady by the name of Katheeja Aslam Alam who had written a long text message on how her pregnant friend was diagnosed with dengue a week before her due date. The message went on to state that doctors had told that neither the mother nor the unborn child could be saved. A chance social media message about Sarath Perera by another dengue patient who had got cured by his medicine had made the friends of the pregnant lady seek him out, and 48 hours after taking his medicine, she had fully recovered and soon delivered a healthy baby without any complications.

'Yes, I remember this patient,' says Sarath.

'From 2010 to now, I have given this medicine to over 50,000 people,' he says with a smile. He has registered his business as 'Mee Pura Arana'. In his house, there are maps of Sri Lanka indicating all the locations he breeds his bees.

He adds that he has wiped out all his bad karma by being able to create and give this medicine to thousands of people.

He also supplies honey to native doctors around the country to be used in their medicinal preparations.

'The bees' honey differs from area to area as the trees and flowers of these areas differ,' he points out.

He also explains that although the medicine is essentially for dengue, where the platelet count increases, that it can also be used to kill all the bad cells in the body and boost the immune system. He has three main outlets from where he gives his medicines and also promotes native, organically made, food products of other entrepreneurs.

(The picture at the top shows Sarath Chandika Perera displaying maps of Sri Lanka showing where he grows bees)

Sarath Perera can be contacted on 0777 621671.
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Date:Jan 28, 2020
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