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Using ISDN for data transfers is money saver.

Using ISDN For Data Transfers Is Money Saver A French travel agency with operations in Japan has cut transmission time and is saving hundreds of dollars a day on data transfers between the two nations with an ISDN connection.

Wagons-lits Tourisme had been using the conventional phone network to send four megabytes of data daily on tour itineraries, reservations, and accounting between its Japanese and European head-quarters in Tokyo and paris.

That transfer took just under four hours over the conventional network using a 2.4 kb/s modem, and with the ISDN line takes about eight minutes. Spending 220 minutes on the phone cost Wagons-lits 66,150 of 96,100 yen ($431 of $626), depending on the direction of the call. An eight-minute call costs 3350 or 4720 yen ($22 or $31).

Wagons-lits, with more than 800 offices in 37 nations, concentrates in Japan on organized tours from Tokyo and Osaka. Its host computers are a Wang VS65 in Japan and a Wang VS7120 in France, both outfited with ISDN terminal adapters.

The company was one of the first customers for a international ISDN link between KDD of Japan and France Telecom's Numeris network, providing 64 kb/s switched access.

Another early customer is Canon, using the ISDN link for Group 4 facsimile transmissions. The fax maker is sending high-speed faxed back and forth with manufacturing, sales, and technical information on new products.

Three locations in Tokyo are connected to a single Canon location in France.

Besides the ability to demostrate its machines, Canon is benefitting from quicker, sharper faxes and the reduced telephone costs that come with faster transmission.

Sending a 10-page fax via the conventional telephone network took nearly 10 minutes and cost 3150 or 4370 yen ($21 or $28), again depending on the direction of the transmission. Sending 10 pages over the ISDN line takes just under two minutes, and cost 910 or 1090 yen ($6 or $7).
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Date:Aug 1, 1990
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