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Hunkar Laboratories Inc., Cincinnati, has introduced the CIM-III plantwide monitoring system, with a number of new standard and optional features added to the CIM-II version. The overall system is now mouse-driven with entirely menu-driven software for greater ease of use. The Job Scheduler has a new job queuing program that automates handling of all files for SPC, SQC, job-history, machine-history, and other job-related data--a total of 14 files in all. Now, whenever a job is moved into a scheduling queue or to a different point in the queue, all related files follow it automatically, eliminating tedious manual operations. Coming soon is an off-line job scheduler to permit experimenting with "what-if" scenarios.

New family-mold, part-tracking capabilities provide management information systems (MIS) data for up to four different types of parts from a single mold. The MIS database has also been expanded with more fields to support both continuous and batch processes. A new setup data note screen can be downloaded to the machines, and a setup sheet can be printed locally.

There's also a new company-wide Bulletin Board display available at the main console and all multi-user nodes throughout the system. Furthermore, SPC files are now available in CSV format for use with third-party statistical programs.

Greater user-configurability is provided by several new features. For instance, the MIS reporting uses Paradox software, which allows the user more flexibility to format displays and reports. Color-coding of real-time production displays is also user-programmable. The user can now set the data-polling frequency for updating the computer files. The MIS system can now be programmed for up to six shifts per day at the user's discretion. Finally, plantwide data collection can be automatically stopped and restarted to accommodate weekend shutdowns.

In addition, Hunkar offers two new hardware options. One is an LCD version of the machine's Data Acquisition Terminal (DAT). The bigger screen displays more information than the older LED version so it can display, for example, an entire setup sheet, eliminating the need for paper sheets that are often out of date. Likewise, it can show all monitored process parameters on one screen.

The other new offering is Hunkar's own private-brand design of a 386-type, IBM-compatible personal-computer terminal, which is industrially "hardened" and includes a 60-MB hard disk and floppy-disk drive--all for $2700. A touchscreen option is planned.
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Title Annotation:Hunkar Laboratories Inc.'s CIM III plantwide monitoring system
Author:Naitove, Matthew H.
Publication:Plastics Technology
Article Type:Product Announcement
Date:Aug 1, 1992
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