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Music for Monkeys: Building Methods to Design with White-Faced Sakis for Animal-Driven Audio Enrichment Devices. Piitulainen, Roosa; Hirskyj-Douglas, Hyena Oct 1, 2020 14421
An Open-Source User Interface Development for Widely Used Low-cost Spectrometer Designs. Gurkan, Guray Report Aug 2, 2020 4401
Towards the Design of Context-Aware Adaptive User Interfaces to Minimize Drivers' Distractions. Khan, Inayat; Khusro, Shah Report Jul 31, 2020 15795
Elon Musk's Neuralink plans to build brain-reading implants. Jul 18, 2019 478
Assembling a Winning WCM Project Team. Kay, Marianne Jun 22, 2019 1285
When Tech Giants Don't Get Along, It's Them, Not You. West, Jessamyn May 1, 2019 1403
Prioritising IoT within mobile app design must not be at the expense of the user experience. Dec 1, 2018 419
PERSONAS AND JOBS TO BE ONDE. Costello, Deirdre Jun 1, 2018 1893
A Method for Designing Physical User Interfaces for Intelligent Production Environments. Kirisci, Pierre Taner; Thoben, Klaus-Dieter Report Jan 1, 2018 13009
Tangible User Interface for Social Interactions for the Elderly: A Review of Literature. Bong, Way Kiat; Chen, Weiqin; Bergland, Astrid Report Jan 1, 2018 9150
An Easily Customized Gesture Recognizer for Assisted Living Using Commodity Mobile Devices. Mezari, Antigoni; Maglogiannis, Ilias Jan 1, 2018 6775
Feedback of Interface Agents on Student Perception: Level, Dialogue, and Emotion. Chen, Zhi-Hong; Chou, Chih-Yueh; Tseng, Shu-Fen; Su, Ying-Chu Report Jan 1, 2018 5241
Towards a Model of User Experience in Immersive Virtual Environments. Tcha-Tokey, Katy; Christmann, Olivier; Loup-Escande, Emilie; Loup, Guillaume; Richir, Simon Report Jan 1, 2018 6697
Organizational and Technological Aspects of a Platform for Collective Food Awareness. Volpentesta, Antonio P.; Felicetti, Alberto M.; Frega, Nicola Report Jan 1, 2018 10785
Designing a Human Machine Interface for Quality Assurance in Car Manufacturing: An Attempt to Address the "Functionality versus User Experience Contradiction" in Professional Production Environments. Borisov, Nikolaj; Weyers, Benjamin; Kluge, Annette Report Jan 1, 2018 12743
Towards the Design of Effective Haptic and Audio Displays for Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality Applications. Ren, Gang; Wei, Side; O'Neill, Eamonn; Chen, Fenfang Report Jan 1, 2018 5229
Development of a Gesture-Based Game Applying Participatory Design to Reflect Values of Manual Wheelchair Users. Szykman, Alexandre Greluk; Brandao, Andre Luiz; Gois, Joao Paulo Report Jan 1, 2018 12540
Evaluating Affective User-Centered Design of Video Games Using Qualitative Methods. Ng, Yiing Y'ng; Khong, Chee Weng; Nathan, Robert Jeyakumar Report Jan 1, 2018 10686
CREATING SYNTHETIC TEAMMATES: AFRL explores partnering Airmen with Intelligent Machines October 2, 2017. Eddins, J.M., Jr. Oct 1, 2017 1882
UX Analysis Based on TR and UTAUT of Sports Smart Wearable Devices. Seol, Suhwang; Ko, Daesun; Yeo, Insung Report Aug 1, 2017 7502
Development of an ICT car service applying a Human-centered design. Cha, Yesool; Kim, Jinman; Park, Byoungha; Park, Youngchoong; Kim, Seong-Dong Report Jun 1, 2017 4117
A mind-reading device gives words to "locked in" patients: a brain-computer interface records yes and no answers in patients who lack any voluntary muscle movement. Mullin, Emily May 1, 2017 499
Chatbots introduce conversational user interfaces. Fichter, Darlene; Wisniewski, Jeff Jan 1, 2017 2016
Usability Studies on Mobile User Interface Design Patterns: A Systematic Literature Review. Punchoojit, Lumpapun; Hongwarittorrn, Nuttanont Report Jan 1, 2017 19241
Hand Motion and Posture Recognition in a Network of Calibrated Cameras. Wang, Jingya; Payandeh, Shahram Report Jan 1, 2017 11597
Natural Language Processing and Fuzzy Tools for Business Processes in a Geolocation Context. Truck, Isis; Abchir, Mohammed-Amine Report Jan 1, 2017 7093
Mining Key Skeleton Poses with Latent SVM for Action Recognition. Li, Xiaoqiang; Zhang, Yi; Liao, Dong Jan 1, 2017 7003
Enrichment of Human-Computer Interaction in Brain-Computer Interfaces via Virtual Environments. Alonso-Valerdi, Luz Maria; Mercado-Garcia, Victor Rodrigo Report Jan 1, 2017 9778
Virtual and Actual Humanoid Robot Control with Four-Class Motor-Imagery-Based Optical Brain-Computer Interface. Batula, Alyssa M.; Kim, Youngmoo E.; Ayaz, Hasan Report Jan 1, 2017 8372
Brain-Computer Interface for Clinical Purposes: Cognitive Assessment and Rehabilitation. Carelli, Laura; Solca, Federica; Faini, Andrea; Meriggi, Paolo; Sangalli, Davide; Cipresso, Pietro; Report Jan 1, 2017 7941
Multirapid Serial Visual Presentation Framework for EEG-Based Target Detection. Lin, Zhimin; Zeng, Ying; Gao, Hui; Tong, Li; Zhang, Chi; Wang, Xiaojuan; Wu, Qunjian; Yan, Bin Report Jan 1, 2017 5836
Evaluation of a Compact Hybrid Brain-Computer Interface System. Shin, Jaeyoung; Muller, Klaus-Robert; Schmitz, Christoph H.; Kim, Do-Won; Hwang, Han-Jeong Report Jan 1, 2017 7184
Saving the time of the user. West, Jessamyn Nov 1, 2016 1314
Development of a city planning simulation system using leap motion in the AR space. Katahira, Toshiharu; Imamura, Hiroki Report Oct 1, 2016 2438
Using a natural user interface to enhance the ability to interact with reconstructed virtual heritage environments. Butnariu, Silviu; Georgescu, Alexandru; Girbacia, Florin Report Sep 1, 2016 6513
BRAIN COMPUTER INTERFACE BASED SMART HOME CONTROL USING EEG SIGNAL. Masood, M.H.; Ahmad, Masood; Kathia, M. Ali; Zafar, R. Z.; Zahid, A. N. Report Jun 30, 2016 2042
Conversational interfaces: powerful speech technology from China's leading Internet company makes it much easier to use a smartphone. Knight, Will Mar 1, 2016 1258
Establishing best practices to improve usefulness and usability of web interfaces providing atmospheric data. Oakley, Nina S.; Daudert, Britta Report Feb 1, 2016 7433
Brain--computer interface for communication and estimation of human emotion from EEG and video. Radeva, Svetla; Radev, Dimitar Report Jan 1, 2016 3182
Combining the best features of SOAP and REST for the implementation of web services. Sungkur, Roopesh Kevin; Daiboo, Sachin Report Jan 1, 2016 7307
Emotional design, storytelling, 'slippiness,' and understandable icons. Fichter, Darlene; Wisniewski, Jeff Jan 1, 2016 2003
Layout design of human-machine interaction interface of cabin based on cognitive ergonomics and GA-ACA. Deng, Li; Wang, Guohua; Yu, Suihuai Report Jan 1, 2016 7382
A Modified Adaboost Algorithm to Reduce False Positives in Face Detection. Niyomugabo, Cesar; Choi, Hyo-rim; Kim, Tae Yong Jan 1, 2016 4058
What do you need to know to use a search engine? Why we still need to teach research skills. Russell, Daniel M. Report Dec 22, 2015 7806
Electroencephalography and eye gaze movement signals' usage for estimation of user interface usability. Radvile, Egle; Cenys, Antanas; Ramanauskaite, Simona Report Oct 1, 2015 5259
Emergency related mobile applications: usability framework and proposed implementation. Shin, Hannah Soh Wen; Dhahir, Nazreen Fatimah; Mohan, Jeyabarath A/L Jeya; Abdullah, Nasuha Lee Report Oct 1, 2015 4519
Comparing mobile APPs usability characteristics for designers and users. Cata, Teuta; Martz, Ben Report Oct 1, 2015 7475
Make e-learning effortless! Impact of a redesigned user interface on usability through the application of an affordance design approach. Park, Hyungjoo; Song, Hae-Deok Report Jul 1, 2015 5987
Sharing the cloudlet: impression management and designing for colocated mobile sharing. Benz, Pierre; Blake, Edwin Report Jan 1, 2015 8915
Implementation of gesture interface for projected surfaces. Park, Yong-Suk; Park, Se-Ho; Kim, Tae-Gon; Chung, Jong-Moon Report Jan 1, 2015 4456
The racial formation of chatbots. Marino, Mark C. Essay Dec 10, 2014 7725
The inherent context awareness of natural user interfaces: a case study on multitouch displays. Blazica, Bojan Case study Dec 1, 2014 1017
AEROgui: a graphical user interface for the optical properties of aerosols: a tool that simulates realistic aerosol scenarios for climatic applications is presented and discussed. Pedros, R.; Gomez-Amo, J.L.; Marcos, C.R.; Utrillas, M.P.; Gandia, S.; Tena, F.; Lozano, J.A. Martin Report Dec 1, 2014 6004
Proposed study of Information Communication Technology (ICT) works interface strategy for construction-based project. Taib, Mohd Azahani Md; Nawi, Mohd Nasrun Mohd; Omar, Mohd Faizal Report Nov 1, 2014 1489
Charting discovery system improvements (2010-2013). Yang, Sharon Q. Oct 1, 2014 2419
Design and evaluation of prosthetic shoulder controller. Barton, Joseph E.; Sorkin, John D. May 1, 2014 8092
Ethical challenges in biomedical research. Saha, Subrata Apr 1, 2014 3690
Building the ethical cyber commander and the law of armed conflict. Prescott, Jody M. Mar 22, 2014 12416
A constraint-based dental school timetabling system. Cambazard, Hadrien; O'Sullivan, Barry; Simonis, Helmut Report Mar 22, 2014 5519
Usando el contexto comun de los interlocutores para permitir redes de comunicacion no intrusivas. Olivera Domingo, Fernando; Rivas Cataneo, Alfredo; Iturriaga Cortes, Felipe; Valdez Castillo, Oscar Mar 1, 2014 5482
Application-agnostic interactive big data: managing HCI complexity at the source. Gaffar, Ashraf Report Jan 1, 2014 8354
Heuristic evaluation on mobile interfaces: a new checklist. Gomez, Rosa Yanez; Caballero, Daniel Cascado; Sevillano, Jose-Luis Report Jan 1, 2014 10822
Method for user interface of large displays using arm pointing and finger counting gesture recognition. Kim, Hansol; Kim, Yoonkyung; Lee, Eui Chul Report Jan 1, 2014 4173
Designing a Facebook interface for senior users. Gomes, Goncalo; Duarte, Carlos; Coelho, Jose; Matos, Eduardo Report Jan 1, 2014 6664
Web-of-objects based user-centric semantic service composition methodology in the internet of things. Ara, Safina Showkat; Shamszaman, Zia Ush; Chong, Ilyoung Report Jan 1, 2014 5352
BCI sensor based environment changing system for immersion of 3D game. Cho, Ok-Hue; Lee, Won-Hyung Report Jan 1, 2014 2759
Does human finger's pressure sensing improve user text input on mobile device? A study on input performance improvement based on human finger's pressure on mobile device. Kim, Yoon Sang; Ko, Junho Report Jan 1, 2014 5053
On application-customized common platform for wireless vehicular sensor networks. Wang, Hongchao; Han, Zhen; Yang, Dong Report Jan 1, 2014 5699
Blog user satisfaction: gender differences in preferences and perception of visual design. Cho, Sook-Hyun; Hong, Se-Joon Report Sep 1, 2013 5344
Speaking louder than words with pictures across languages. Finch, Andrew; Song, Wei; Tanaka-Ishii, Kumiko; Sumita, Eiichiro Report Jun 22, 2013 9164
A new eye tracking method as a smartphone interface. Lee, Eui Chul; Park, Min Woo Report Apr 1, 2013 5250
Functional priorities, assistive technology, and brain-computer interfaces after spinal cord injury. Collinger, Jennifer L.; Boninger, Michael L.; Bruns, Tim M.; Curley, Kenneth; Wang, Wei; Weber, Doug Clinical report Feb 1, 2013 8896
The use of spatialized speech in auditory interfaces for computer users who are visually impaired. Sodnik, Jaka; Jakus, Grega; Tomazic, Saso Report Oct 1, 2012 5382
How to develop a user interface that your real users will love. Phillips, Donald Sep 1, 2012 2174
Face to face with your computer. Castelluccio, Michael Jul 1, 2012 1144
Interface for gestural interaction in virtual reality environments/Gestu interakcijos sasaja virtualios realybes aplinkoje. Pentiuc, St. Gh.; Craciun, E.G.; Grisoni, L. Report May 1, 2012 2878
The usability of OPAC interface features: the perspective of postgraduate students at International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM). Ruzegea, Mboni Report Feb 1, 2012 7222
Designing tangible lighting control interfaces. Dugar, Amardeep M.; Donn, Michael R.; Marshall, Stuart Report Jan 1, 2012 5039
Design and analysis of an interactive motion simulator in space entertainment system. Hsu, Kuei-Shu; Cho, Wei-Ting; Lai, Chin-Feng; Wang, Xiaofei; Huang, Yueh-Min Report Jan 1, 2012 5312
b-mail: a brain-controlled mail client. Gannouni, Soien; Alrayes, Nasser; Alsaudi, Abdulmajeed Alameer Abdulrahman; Alabdulkareem, Ahmad Report Aug 1, 2011 2669
Windows api hooking libraries research/Windows api funkciju seku peremimo biblioteku tyrimas. Radvilavicius, Lukas; Ceponis, Dainius Author abstract Feb 1, 2011 1767
Your scope needs a natural user interface. Lecklider, Tom Editorial Jan 1, 2011 3714
Augmenting digital libraries with web-based visualizations. Bergstrom, Peter; Atkinson, Darren C. Report Dec 1, 2010 8280
The effects of user perception of value on use of blog services. Pi, Shih-Ming; Liao, Hsiu-Li; Liu, Su-Houn; Hsieh, Chia-Yu Report Sep 1, 2010 3960
Harvesting pertinent resources from linked open data. Latif, Atif; Afzal, Muhammad Tanvir; Saeed, Anwar Us; Hoefler, Patrick; Tochtermann, Klaus Report Jun 1, 2010 5688
Touch-screen technology improvement: human/machine interface. Feb 24, 2010 378
Improving the classify user interface in WEKA explorer. Robu, Raul; Hora, Catalin; Stoicu-Tivadar, Vasile Report Jan 1, 2010 1737
User interface goals, AI opportunities. Lieberman, Henry Report Dec 22, 2009 5047
The design and evaluation of user interfaces for the RADAR learning personal assistant. Faulring, Andrew; Mohnkern, Ken; Steinfeld, Aaron; Myers, Brad A. Report Dec 22, 2009 7267
The tipping point of speech proliferation: a rudimentary history traces speech since the 1990s. Jamison, Nancy Sep 1, 2009 670
T-Mobile schedules Cupcake rollout for next week. Brief article May 6, 2009 110
Applying SD-tree for object-oriented query processing. Shanthi, I. Elizabeth; Nadarajan, R. Report May 1, 2009 5924
User Interface accessibility and test automation for Silverlight applications. Appasami, G.; Joseph, K. Suresh Report Apr 1, 2009 3672
A conceptual model for designing adaptive human-computer interfaces using the living systems theory. Letsu-Dake, E.; Ntuen, C.A. Report Jan 1, 2009 6333
User interface design in distance learning system. Karuovic, D.; Radosav, D. Report Jan 1, 2009 3993
Shopping for a speech solution partner? Questions to ask a potential vendor prior to deciding on a solution. Fisher, Aaron Sep 1, 2008 686
Smoothstone intros Intelligent Call Control apps for iPhone. Baburajan, Rajani Brief article Sep 1, 2008 120
Adaptive eye-gaze tracking using neural-network-based user profiles to assist people with motor disability. Sesin, Anaelis; Adjouadi, Malek; Cabrerizo, Mercedes; Ayala, Melvin; Barreto, Armando Report Jul 1, 2008 7232
Intuiting design: listen to your gut, but back it up with user data. Polkosky, Melanie Jul 1, 2008 790
A framework for multimodal apps: W3C drafts the standard in multimodal architectures. Dahl, Deborah Jul 1, 2008 775
D-I-Y or B-U-Y: do-it-yourself may work for home improvements, but IVR design's a bit more complicated. Shopp, Lauren Jun 1, 2008 2334
Accessing your computer. Larsen, Kurt Editorial Apr 1, 2008 900
Custom DU--a web-based business user-driven automated underwriting system. Krovvidy, Srinivas; Landsman, Robin; Opdahl, Steve; Templeton, Nancy; Smalera, Sydnor Report Mar 22, 2008 5676
Exploring VUI designers: the faces of speech: findings reveal unique characteristics that bind us as a profession. Polkosky, Melanie Editorial Mar 1, 2008 729
What's the use? Testing early and often can find the hidden cracks in an IVR structure. Joe, Ryan Mar 1, 2008 3356
Settling the score: a consulting firm moves from paper to IVR. Shopp, Lauren Mar 1, 2008 1163
Retailer is sold on hosted IVR: a speech application lets salespeople concentrate on closing sales rather than opening unnecessary phone dialogues. Klie, Leonard Mar 1, 2008 1187
Keeping the user in control: giving callers a sense of power during a call increases the chances for task completion. Elman, Adam Editorial Mar 1, 2008 1288
The birth of a new generation of library interfaces: despite a certain level of urgency to make the transition to next-generation library interfaces, I don't expect a sudden death of the traditional OPAC. Breeding, Marshall Oct 1, 2007 2869
A SPATE OF REACTIONS. Brief article Sep 18, 2007 190
Swedish mobile games developer G5 Entertainment AB wins development contract in Russia. Brief article Aug 23, 2007 134
A multiple approach is best: VUI testing should involve surveys, call recordings, and call logs together. Gilbert, Juan Jul 1, 2007 1508
Norsat adds Chinese language version of satellite terminal user interface. Brief article Jun 20, 2007 110
Display double feature: updated versions of FW Murphy's PowerView and Power Ignition displays offer new capabilities. May 1, 2007 733
Integrating cardiology and radiology PACS. Dallessio, Kathleen M. Report May 1, 2007 1113
Estimation of motor imaginary using fMRI experiment based EEG sensor location. Choi, Sang Han; Lee, Minho Jan 1, 2007 2753
Profibus modules for Montreal airport. Brief article Sep 1, 2006 108
Man and machine. Feb 10, 2006 1583
Active haptic exploration of deformable objects. Dominguez-Ramirez, Omar Arturo; Parra-Vega, Vicente Jan 1, 2006 3391
Artificial evolution: the fourth generation of artificially intelligent underwriting systems produces an instant policy. Nielander, Paul B. Column Oct 1, 2005 2071
Teaching human computer interaction, information assurance, and computational science in the undergraduate computer science curriculum. Naugler, David Abstract Jan 1, 2005 267
Aries Systems updates Editorial Manager. Brief Article Sep 1, 2004 135
CDS/LIMS interfaces: easier to implement and use: this widespread use of chromatography as a primary form of analysis, with chromatography data systems as primary sources of data, has created a problem--how to manage the large volume of data that is being produced. (Keywords: data management * chromatography * software). Bolton, Steve Jul 1, 2003 1394
Sony implements GeoPhoenix interface in new CLIE PEG-NZ90 and NX series handhelds. Jan 20, 2003 379
An evaluation of the learnability of the Justice Bao button-less interface. Chai, Ching Sing Dec 22, 2002 4017
Understanding consumer navigation behaviour. Khurana, Amulya Dec 22, 2002 5075
Effects of navigation tool information on hypertext navigation behavior: a configural analysis of page-transition data. Dawson, Michael R.W. Jun 22, 2002 6278
Ecological interface design: progress and challenges. Vicente, Kim J. Mar 22, 2002 11284
Collagen: applying collaborative discourse theory to human-computer interaction. (Articles). Rich, Charlie; Sidner, Candace L.; Lesh, Neal Dec 22, 2001 5565
Controlling the behavior of animated presentation agents in the interface: scripting versus instructing. (Articles). Andre, Elisabeth; Rist, Thomas Dec 22, 2001 7753
Embodied conversational agents: representation and intelligence in user interfaces. Cassell, Justine Dec 22, 2001 9898
Menu Design with Visual Momentum for Compact Smart Products. Tang, Kuo-Hao E. Statistical Data Included Jun 22, 2001 4805
BREAKING THE TRAIL: Customized Interface. Brief Article Jun 1, 2001 573
Effects of Computer Monitor Viewing Angle and Related Factors on Strain, Performance, and Preference Outcomes. Sommerich, Carolyn M.; Joines, Sharon M. B.; Psihogios, P. Statistical Data Included Mar 22, 2001 7926
User Interfaces: Disappearing, Dissolving, and Evolving. VAN DAM, ANDRIES Column Mar 1, 2001 1155
Extracting Usability Information from User Interface Events. HILBERT, DAVID M.; REDMILES, DAVID F. Dec 1, 2000 19318
Trust Requirements in E-Business. Jones, Sara; Wilikens, Marc; Morris, Philip; Masera, Marcelo Dec 1, 2000 4569
Open Text Announces myBASIS Interface. Brief Article Sep 1, 2000 115
Embodied User Interfaces for Really Direct Manipulation. FISHKIN, KENNETH P.; GUHAR, ANUJ; HARRISON, BEVERLY L.; MORAN, THOMAS P.; WANT, ROY Sep 1, 2000 4024
This path could make all the difference. Metzler, Jim Sep 1, 2000 1352
Commonsense-Based INTERFACES. Minsky, Marvin Aug 1, 2000 4649
Software Development as Organizational Conversation: Analogy as a Systems Intervention. Day, Julian Jul 1, 2000 4393
Effective Intelligence: Conceptual Tools for Delivering Systems. Rhodes, J. D. Jul 1, 2000 4119
A Plea for Dumb Computers. Jun 1, 2000 1428
Deconstructing the "Any" Key. Singh, Munindar P.; Singh, Mona Apr 1, 2000 694
Intelligence in Demonstrational Interfaces. Myers, Brad A.; McDaniel, Richard; Wolber, David Mar 1, 2000 4006
The Key to Online Catalogs That work? Testing One, Two, Three. Feldman, Susan May 1, 1999 3007
Measuring the success of visual communication in user interfaces. Rosenbaum, Stephanie; Bugental, J.O. Nov 1, 1998 6758
Computerizing computer science. Smith, Don Sep 1, 1998 1757
Effects of sleep deprivation and user interface on complex performance: a multilevel analysis of compensatory control. Hockey, G. Robert J.; Wastell, David G.; Sauer, Jurgen Jun 1, 1998 12064
Principles of educational multimedia user interface design. Najjar, Lawrence J. Jun 1, 1998 9056
Demystifying commone gateway interfaces. Peek, Robin Column May 1, 1998 1344
Building a better mouse. Epstein, Jeffrey H. May 1, 1998 616
Reactive environments. Cooperstock, Jeremy R.; Fels, Sidney S.; Buxton, William; Smith, Kenneth C. Sep 1, 1997 5474
Level 3 Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms for sparse matrices: a user-level interface. Duff, Iain S.; Marrone, Michele; Radicati, Giuseppe; Vittoli, Carlo Sep 1, 1997 9301
A longitudinal study of the effects of ecological interface design on skill acquisition. Christoffersen, Klaus; Hunter, Christopher N.; Vicente, Kim J. Sep 1, 1996 9219
Critique of 'A longitudinal study of the effects of ecological interface design on skill acquisition' by Christoffersen, Hunter, and Vicente. Maddox, Michael E. Sep 1, 1996 1824
Response to Maddox critique. Vicente, Kim J.; Christoffersen, Klaus J.; Hunter, Christopher N. Sep 1, 1996 2238
Putting a system to the test. Cullinane, Thomas P. Column Jun 1, 1996 509
Conceptual design: cornerstone of usability. Rubin, Jeff May 1, 1996 5322
The next generation in human-computer interaction. Soloway, Elliot; Pryor, Amanda Apr 1, 1996 1137
Selecting system functionalities for interface evaluation. Mitta, Deborah A.; Delk, Catherine M.; Lively, William M. Dec 1, 1995 8947
Naive judgements of stimulus-response compatibility. Payne, Stephen J. Sep 1, 1995 5914
An experimental investigation of configural, digital, and temporal information on process displays. Hansen, John Paulin Sep 1, 1995 7274
Visual clues for local and global coherence in the WWW. Kahn, Paul Aug 1, 1995 936
Discovering the way programmers think about new programming environments. Dumas, Joseph; Parsons, Paige Jun 1, 1995 6253
Teaching the World Wide Web with a text-based browser. Brandt, D. Scott Apr 1, 1995 1722
OHIONET licenses Internet user interface. Brief Article Nov 1, 1994 270
The monogamous and polygamous eras of CD-ROM. Jacso, Peter Industry Overview Oct 1, 1994 1474
Impact of computer-user interface on document quality. Kuiper, Shirley Apr 1, 1994 3908
Prototyping for tiny fingers. Rettig, Marc Apr 1, 1994 4474
Graphs and tables: a four-factor experiment. Coll, Richard A.; Coll, Joan H.; Thakur, Ganesh Apr 1, 1994 5784
Interface design issues in the future of business training. Boling, Elizabeth; Sousa, Gerald A. Nov 1, 1993 3275
Interacting with paper on the DigitalDesk. Wellner, Peirre Jul 1, 1993 5593
More services available to EBSCO customers. Brief Article May 1, 1993 193
ACE: building interactive graphical applications. Johnson, Jeff A.; Nardi, Bonnie A.; Zarmer, Craig L.; Miller, James R. Apr 1, 1993 8825
Information visualization using 3D interactive animation. Robertson, George G.; Card, Stuart K.; Mackinlay, Jock D. Apr 1, 1993 8118
Overcoming current growth limits in UI development. Morse, Alan; Reynolds, George Apr 1, 1993 5882
Noncommand user interfaces. Nielsen, Jakob Apr 1, 1993 13757
Human communications issues in advanced UIs. Marcus, Aaron Apr 1, 1993 4573
Interface: an evolving concept. Grudin, Jonathan Apr 1, 1993 5800
Different folks, different strokes: the future of CD-ROM user interfaces. Jasco, Peter Feb 1, 1993 1859
A succotash of projections and insights. Rettig, Marc May 1, 1992 4250
New development at WLN. Brief Article May 1, 1992 268
CD-ROM interface activities could bring important changes to the industry. Rosen, Linda May 1, 1992 1376
I'm OK; you're only a user: a transactional analysis of computer-human dialogs. Ridgway, Lenore S.; Grice, Roger A.; Gould, Emilie Feb 1, 1992 6665
Viewpoint: intellectual protection for user interfaces? Shneiderman, Ben column Apr 1, 1991 997
Beefing up DOS with 4DOS. Dykhuis, Randy Apr 1, 1991 2091
Human-computer interface development tools: a methodology for their evaluation. Hix, Deborah; Schulman, Robert S. Mar 1, 1991 7276
Viewpoint: against user interface copyright. Stallman, Richard; Garfinkel, Simson Nov 1, 1990 2704
Windows, DOS and the Mac. Press, Larry column Nov 1, 1990 4681
How to interpret the Lotus decision (and how not to). Samuelson, Pamela column Nov 1, 1990 5284
Windows 3.0: confessions of a convert (part II); getting to know the latest Windows is clearly worth the effort. Marmion, Dan Nov 1, 1990 3114
Traditional dialogue design applied to modern user interfaces. Nielsen, Jakob technical Oct 1, 1990 6530
A few old coincidences. Neumann, Peter G. column Sep 1, 1990 701
The integrated scientific desktop in a distributed computing environment. Peacock, Stephen Apr 1, 1990 1237
The art of navigating through hypertext. Nielsen, Jakob technical Mar 1, 1990 5620
Improving a human-computer dialogue. Molich, Rolf; Nielsen, Jakob technical Mar 1, 1990 2532
Interface specifications, compatibility, and intellectual property law. Samuelson, Pamela Feb 1, 1990 3088
The case against user interface consistency. Grudin, Jonathan Oct 1, 1989 6538

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