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Useless piece.

SIR - It seems to me that nobody with any sense is in charge of Cardiff Bay at the present time.

Ugly blocks of flats are going up (some right next to four-lane flyovers), the Vale of Glamorgan Council has given planning permission to build homes on land at Cogan Junction which could have been used for a railway station to serve the Sports Village and now the WDA is planning what looks like a fixed bridge across the lock by the Norwegian Church.

If this goes ahead, it will prevent yachts from having access to the Roath Basin from the Bay and thus render it a pretty useless piece of water just like the former Bute Dock.

Surely what is needed is a swing bridge or drawbridge to enable the Roath Basin to be turned into a marina with access via the Barrage to the sea. To enable this to happen, the water in the Roath Basin would have to be lowered to match that in the Bay. The marina at Penarth is already full and now what should be open water in the Bay is being filled up with moored vessels so the demand for an additional marina is clearly present.


Kensington Avenue, Cardiff
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Sep 16, 2005
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