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Use your headlights when light [...]; LETTERS.

Use your headlights when light is poor HOWEVER are we going to educate people on how to drive in poor lighting conditions? Of late, it has still been quite dark at 9am here in the west of North Wales., The heavy persistent rain makes it far worse and we have had very heavy rain falls and yet some drivers persist on driving with parking lights (side lights) only.

Too many need educating by the "see and be seen" careful drivers union! Drivers of dark cars, black, dark blue battleship grey cars most certainly require headlights in such conditions.

Will they ever learn? Maybe it will need a law to be introduced to make it illegal to drive without lights or with parking lights only in poor lighting conditions.

Thank you A North Wales motorist

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Publication:Daily Post (Conwy, Wales)
Date:Dec 24, 2015
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