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Use sat navs wisely; Mailbag.

THE sat nav manufacturers should have some blame when things go wrong, but the fact is too many people use them when they do not have to.

Also I do not think that they are able to build in things like rush hour times and what an A road is actually like.

At 63 I can use my own driving experience and knowledge to go almost anywhere in this country and some parts of Europe.

I only need sat nav for within five to 10 miles of a destination when I am looking for a particular hotel or shop, for example.

I have been caught slightly twice - once when I was directed down a tram road in Sheffield but managed to extract myself and in going round two streets three times because the road I actually wanted was mirrored next to the one I was on and the sat nav could not differentiate. I have seen a lot of newspaper reports so I do not trust my sat nav 100%.

With regard to lorries using sat navs, a lot of our so-called A roads are one narrow lane either side and not great for lorries.

I did initially blame the driver who recently overturned in Holmbridge until I realised that if he had passed the Flouch he was on the A616 Huddersfield to Sheffield road.

The A635 is just as bad and so is the A10 in Cambridgeshire and the A5 which runs all the way from London to Holyhead.

Many parts of these roads are still rural. You only get round this by using the motorways for parts of the journey although this, of course, puts more mileage on the journey.

I would have thought that a lorry's sat nav was set for motorway and A roads only rather than the shortest route which invariably will entail more A and B roads.

I do not put my sat nav on until I am out of Huddersfield and getting on my long motorway or A road trip.

Most drivers know their best route out of town without a sat nav which usually only gives them the orthodox route.

Anyone who has been driving for at least two years at whatever age really ought to be able to get to the outskirts of most major cities by simply getting on the correct motorway or A road to start with.

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Publication:Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Huddersfield, England)
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Sep 4, 2009
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