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Use proper names.

Dear editor,

It is great to read the latest of a good number of informative articles about native Canadians in the Journal (Native Anglicans will have national indigenous bishop, September.)

It is not so good to once again see that although the article talks about "indigenous," "aboriginal," "native" and "First Nations" people, it refers explicitly and implicitly only to First Nations people.

Since 1982, the Canadian constitution recognizes three aboriginal cultures--Metis, Inuit and First Nations--yet the Journal continues to misuse, and therefore sets legal precedence that permits all Anglicans the understanding that the Metis do not exist. Note that when grouping our three cultures under one heading, we are called members of the aboriginal, native, or the indigenous community. Why do your articles imply the Metis and

the Inuit are First Nations?

The article also refers to the residential schools experiences of my cousins the First Nations. How ignorant for your writers to believe that only First Nations persons suffered from this type of experience. Many Metis were born of the residential school experiences, or were so "Indian" looking that they were carted off to these schools as such.

You could help us grassroots Metis (and the Inuit) immeasurably by including us when referring to aboriginal, native and indigenous people. Otherwise the authors should use the proper names for our cultures; First Nations are status Indians (a political term), Metis (politically correct term for Metis, Metis, Michif and half-breeds like me), and Inuit (politically correct term for Eskimo).

Be kind to us Metis in your demonstrations of aboriginal support, and to our cousins the Inuit.

We talk of you in a good way, talk of us in the same way so that we might walk together.

Rene Inkster

All Saints Anglican Church

Mission, B.C.
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Title Annotation:LETTERS
Author:Inkster, Rene
Publication:Anglican Journal
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Oct 1, 2005
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