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Use of Somatotropin in Livestock Production.


A siminar on the use of somatotropin in livestock production was held in Brussels in late September 1988. The event was part of the EC Programme for the Coordination of Agricultural Research and this text forms the Proceedings of that event.

For many years it has been known that somatotropin stimulates growth and lactation in farm animals. However, naturally produced somatotropin occurs in very small quantities and therefore no widespread commercial use was possible. With the introduction of recombinant DNA technology, all that changed because now it can be produced in significant quantities. All such interferences with nature lead to questions as to safety in use, especially as somatotropin is one of the first products of biotechnology to be used in animal production. Thus, the objective of this seminar was to review the information relevant to the decision as to whether to approve or reject applications for its use.

There were some thirty presentations at the seminar and a selection of the titles reads: Mechanism of action of bovine somatotropin in increasing milk secretion in diary ruminants; Influence of somatotropin on metabolism; Long term effects of recombinant bovine somatotropin on health, reproduction and welfare in lactating diary cows; Effects of administration of somatotropin on growth, feed efficiency and carcass composition of ruminants - a review; Milk from BST-treated cows - its quality and suitability for processing; Effects of administration of somatotropin on meat quality in ruminants - a review; Potential farm level and dairy sector impact of the use of bovine somatotropin in the Federal Republic of Germany; Application of somatotropin in meat production - impact at Commission level; Recombinant somatotropin - a survey on a 2 year experiment with dairy cows; BST effects on metabolism parameters in dairy cows - experimental data; Bovine somatotropin - the practical way forward related to animal welfare; Variability of responsiveness to growth hormone in ruminants - nutrient interactions; Serum somatotropin values in boars and barrows, implanted with anabolic steroids and compared to untreated controls; and Fish growth hormones.
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