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Use of PCs for presentations booms! Interlink Electronics' hand-held "mouse" selected best cordless computer pointing device.

CAMARILLO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 8, 1996--The use of computers to drive business presentations (for board rooms, sales calls, tradeshows and corporate training sessions) is booming, with virtually every major PC maker, including IBM, NEC and Toshiba, introducing notebooks targeting the presentations application.

Sales of presentation peripherals (LCD panels and projectors) are seeing similar growth, with projector sales forecast at $6 billion by the year 2000 -- a growth of nearly 50 percent from 1995 performance.(1) In presentation software, Microsoft, with its PowerPoint for Windows offering, is helping to drive a $715 million market.(1)

This rapid growth of computer-driven presentation hardware and software has fostered the evolution of an essential presentation peripheral -- the cordless hand-held mouse. Of this category, nationally syndicated columnist Jim Seymour, in the March 12, 1996 issue of PC Magazine, said, "I've tried, I think, every gizmo on the market for pointing and clicking when running a show ... I use Interlink's RemotePoint, the best (and the smallest, lightest, and among the least expensive) of the wireless remote pointing devices on the market."(2)

Mobile Office Magazine concurred, "Interlink Electronics' RemotePoint shows the most attention to ergonomic design ... a comfortable and easy-to-use mouse ... when running a presentation, this is a perfect package, and you'll find yourself manipulating its options in no time at all."(3)

Manufacturers of presentation peripherals have also chosen Interlink Electronics' cordless pointing products for integration into their own offerings. Nancy Abernathy, of In Focus Systems Inc., Wilsonville, Ore., said: "Our customers love the RemotePoint from Interlink Electronics, we consistently hear them comment on how comfortable it is to hold and how effective the mouse button control works in their presentations ... RemotePoint is the best selling remote control mouse accessory that we offer."

Brad Gleeson, director of marketing for Boxlight Corp., Poulsbo, Wash., added: "We provide computer-based presentation projection tools to businesses worldwide. Our business is helping our customers look good. ControlPoint, manufactured for Boxlight by Interlink Electronics, gives the presenter freedom to interact with his audience while maintaining complete control over the flow of the computer-based presentation."

Additional presentation electronics manufacturers incorporating Interlink Electronics' products include Philips, nView Corp., Intellimedia, AMX Corp., Advise AS, Chisholm and AITech International.

About Interlink Electronics

Interlink Electronics (publicly traded as NASDAQ NMS: LINK) designs and manufacturers hand-held pointing solutions, with an extensive range of OEM pointing solutions including the private labeling of its cordless "mouse" products, the custom design of multi-button "mouse capable" remote controls, and the turnkey integration of board-level OEM "mouse" solutions.

With offices in Camarillo and Tokyo, the company maintains alliances with Logitech Inc., Zilog Inc. and Stratos Product Development Group. Its Force Sensing Resistor (FSR) technology is protected by more than 40 international patents, and has received international awards for engineering. -0-

(1) CMP Publications, "Technologies vie for home-tv and engineering-workstation market - Projection displays gain LCD contenders," David Lieberman, EE Times Interactive, Section: Design - Special Report, Feb. 12, 1996, Issue 888, page 51.

(2) Ziff Davis Publishing, "PC Presentations: The Schlepp Factor," Jim Seymour, PC Magazine, March 12, 1996, Page 91.

(3) Cowles Business Media, "Now Presenting," B.A. Nilsson, Mobile Office, January 1996, Page 54.

CONTACT: Interlink Electronics

Michelle Lockard, 805/484-8855


Richmont Consulting

Edda Brown/Alison Barney, 213/658-8088
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Date:Mar 8, 1996
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