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Use of Force.

Use of Force by Police: Overview of National and Local Data is one of a series of use-of-force publications generated by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) and the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS). The report begins with an overview of what is known about police use of force, proceeds to outline what is being learned, and concludes with a proposed plan for future research. It updates two national projects: the BJS survey on police/public contact and the International Association of Chiefs of Police database project that collects use-of-force information from law enforcement agencies across the nation. In addition, the report details two local studies: one on the amount of force used in six jurisdictions and the other on police use of force and suspect resistance. It also proposes that future research should provide new knowledge to significantly increase current understanding of the problem and be policy relevant, comprehensive, and systematic. To obtain a copy of this report (NCJ 176330), contact the National Criminal Justice Reference Service at 800-851-4320 or access the NIJ Web site at
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Title Annotation:report on police
Publication:The FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin
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Date:Sep 1, 2000
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