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Use new tow bar with caution.


Basic Guidelines

* Use of Ibis Tek tow bar, part number 2509-400001, CAGE code 1SC69, is only for HMMWV to HMMWV applications. This tow bar is black. The older Ibis Tek tan tow bar is not authorized.


* Get two people to install the Ibis Tek tow bar. The tow bar weighs 60 pounds.

* When stowing the tow bar in the front vertical position, use a positive locking ratchet strap to secure the tow bar. Don't use the nylon straps provided. This should prevent the tow bar from coming in contact with the ground while in motion.

* Operators should wear gloves when removing the rear hitch pin on the rear bumper tow bar holder. That ought to prevent hand injuries.

Before Operation PMCS

1. Inspect the tow bar ring hitch assembly for wear. When the ring's thickness wears below 1.25 inches, replace the ring hitch assembly using part number 2509-700-001, CAGE 1SC69. Use an outside caliper micrometer, NSN 5210-00-243-2933.


2. Use safety tow chains instead of nylon straps.

During Operation PMCS

1. Limit vehicle speeds to 20 mph when towing a HMMWV.

2. Limit vehicle operation on V-ditch type obstacles when towing a like HMMWV.

3. Limit vehicle operation to grades no greater than 20 percent and side slopes no greater than 30 percent when towing a like HMMWV.

4. Increase stopping distance when towing.

After Operation PMCS

When parking your HMMWV on a grade or a slope, use wheel chocks and the parking brake.

By the way, units will have to pay for any requisitioned items needed to get vehicles back to the standard configurations.

Within these guideline, you can say no to the old, and yes with caution to the new.
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