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Use clearing-not cleaning-rod.


Dear Editor,

I was surprised to see on Page 21 in PG 642 (May 06) the suggestion that; gunners run a cleaning rod down the muzzle to check for a stuck round.

Here at Ft Leonard Wood we do everything we can to get; soldiers NOT to use a cleaning rod to check For stuck rounds. A cleaning rod can unscrew arid come apart; in the weapon's barrel. The soldier doesn't realize part; of the cleaning rod is still in the barrel. The next time the weapon is fired the barrel blows up. We've seen this happen several times.

We encourage units firing on the range to use a clearing rod. You can easily make one by using a 36-in long, 3/16-in diameter brass welding rod, NSN 3439-00-244-4541. Put a 90[degrees] bend three inches from one end to make a handle. File off any burrs or sharp edges.

Easy does it; inserting the clearing rod so that you don't damage the muzzle crown. Don't slam the rod into the bolt face, either. If you find a stuck round, don't try to remove it; with the rod. Use the clearing procedure in the weapon's -10 TM.

Gary Becker

Weapons Instructor

Ft Leonard Wood, MO


Editor's reply: Good point, Gary. Using a clearing rod on the firing range is entirely the call of your local commander. He can make it part of your local SOP. In the field, of course, soldiers may have to use a cleaning rod to check for unfired rounds. In that case, use a rod's swab holder section at the end of the rod volt push in the barrel. When you pull out the rod, check for the swab holder. That way you know part of the rod is not in the barrel.
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Date:Nov 1, 2007
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