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Chipping Away at Workplace Privacy: The Implantation of RFID Microchips and Erosion of Employee Privacy. Turner, Wes May 28, 2020 8948
Closing the Gap: Ensuring Access to and Quality of Contraceptive Implant Removal Services is Essential to Rights-based Contraceptive Care. Howett, Rebecca; Gertz, Alida M.; Kgaswanyane, Tiroyaone; Petro, Gregory; Mokganya, Lesego; Malima, Report Dec 1, 2019 4788
Extra-Cochlear Insertion in Cochlear Implantation: A Potentially Disastrous Condition. Gozen, Emine Deniz; Tevetoglu, Firat; Yener, Haydar Murat; Kara, Eyup; Atas, Ahmet; Sirolu, Sabri; K Dec 1, 2019 3158
Deep Brain Stimulation May Relieve Ringing in the Ears: Study. Oct 7, 2019 276
High Cervical Intrathecal Targeted Drug Delivery: A Case Report of Refractory Oropharyngeal Cancer Pain. Moman, Rajat N.; Rogers, Julie M.; Pittelkow, Thomas P. Report Sep 30, 2019 2302
Evaluation of Speech, Spatial Perception and Hearing Quality in Unilateral, Bimodal and Bilateral Cochlear Implant Users. Erdem, Busra Kocak; Ciprut, Ayca Sep 1, 2019 3781
Migration of etonogestrel contraceptive implants: Implications for difficult removals services need in southern Africa. Petro, G.A.; Spence, T.; du Plessis, J.P.; Gertz, A.M.; Morroni, C. Aug 1, 2019 1695
Complications in a Young Adult Attributable to a Retained Pediatric Dynamic Hip Screw. Bryant, Jonathan; Butler, Leroy; Green, Brandon; Krenk, Daniel Jul 31, 2019 3010
Oral Rehabilitation with Zygomatic Implants in a Patient with Cleft Palate. de Oliveira, Guilherme Jose Pimentel Lopes; Brackmann, Mariana Schaffer; Trojan, Larissa Carvalho; R May 31, 2019 2538
Effectiveness of FDG PET/CT in Metastatic Infections. Sirkeci, Ozgur; Bedel, Deniz; Sirkeci, Emel Erkus; Kirac, Suna Apr 1, 2019 1642
Auditory Reasoning Skills of Cochlear Implant Users. Asian, Filiz; Yucel, Esra Report Apr 1, 2019 5625
Use of the Ultrasound-Guided Erector Spinae Plane Block in Segmental Mastectomy. Selvi, Onur; Tulgar, Serkan Case study Apr 1, 2019 1452
Does the Diameter of the Prosthesis Affect the Outcome of Stapedotomy? Sahin, Mehtnet Ilhan; Avci, Deniz; San, Furkan; Ketenci, Ibrahim; Unlu, Yasar Report Mar 1, 2019 2610
Plant of the Week: Wood used for artificial limbs used by Russians for frostbite. Jan 30, 2019 373
Intricacies of Cochlear Implant Electrode Design and Their Limitations. Gadre, Arun K. Report Dec 1, 2018 703
Is pelvic floor morphology a predictor of successful pessary retention? Original research and review of the literature. Paterson, F.S.; Abdool, Z. Report Dec 1, 2018 3561
Comparison of Proximal Femoral Geometry and Risk Factors between Femoral Neck Fractures and Femoral Intertrochanteric Fractures in an Elderly Chinese Population. Hu, Zu-Sheng; Liu, Xian-Ling; Zhang, Ying-Ze Report Nov 5, 2018 5085
PROSTHESIS REPAIR VERSUS BIOLOGICAL TISSUE REPAIR FOR PRIMARY INGUINAL HERNIA TREATMENT. Poongavanam, Anbalagan; Srikanth, R.; Arunkumar, A.; Balakrishnan, R. Report Oct 15, 2018 2943
Helping Paralyzed People Walk Again. Oct 3, 2018 610
Evaluation of locally manufactured patient-specific custom made implants for cranial defects using a silicone mould. Vlok, A.J.; Naidoo, S.; Kamat, A.S.; Lamprecht, D. Clinical report Sep 1, 2018 2515
Time-to-Pregnancy and Associated Factors among Couples with Natural Planned Conception in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Kassa, Eyasu Mesfin; Kebede, Eskinder Report Sep 1, 2018 5663
Increasing the Wearing of Multiple Prescription Prosthetic Devices. Nipe, Timothy A.; Dowdy, Arthur; Quigley, Jennifer; Gill, Amanda; Weiss, Mary Jane Report Aug 1, 2018 3937
Joy as refugee who used tin cans for legs walks with new limbs. Jul 10, 2018 113
Imaging features of leadless cardiovascular devices. Conyers, Jesse M.; Rajiah, Prabhakar; Ahn, Richard; Abbara, Suhny; Saboo, Sachin S. Report Jul 1, 2018 2666
Cost effective cosmetic prosthesis for lost digits. Manivannan, G.; Karthikeyan, G.; Das, Premal; Babu, G. Report Jun 1, 2018 993
Audiological Results of Total Ossicular Replacement Prosthesis with Cartilage Shoe Technique. Kaplankiran, Haci; Ceylan, Mehmet Emrah; Yildirim, Gokce Aksoy; Ceylan, Gozde; Dalgic, Abdullah; Olg Jun 1, 2018 4620
Design and Use of a 3D Prosthetic Leg in a Red-lored Amazon Parrot (Amazona autumnalis). Galicia, Cecilia; Urraca, Vanessa Hernandez; del Castillo, Luis; Samour, Jaime Report Jun 1, 2018 3080
PUTTING YOUR BEST FOOT FORWARD. Corkett, Stephanie; Valis, Jamie; Colaluce, G. May 1, 2018 1069
Pilot Study Evaluating a New Anatomic Model for Teaching Use Of an Inflatable Penile Prosthesis. Quallich, Susanne A. Report May 1, 2018 3088
EFFECT OF PEDICLE-SCREW FIXATION IN LUMBAR SPINE AT L3-L5 LEVEL: A FINITE ELEMENT STUDY. Biswas, Jayanta Kumar; Banerjee, Sreerup; Majumder, Santanu; Roy, Sandipan; Saha, Subrata; RoyChowdh Case study Apr 1, 2018 4178
Periosteal Flap in Cochlear Implantation, How I Do It? Fouad, Yasser Ahmed; Roland, J. Thomas Apr 1, 2018 1720
The Impact of Anterior Glenoid Defects on Reverse Shoulder Glenoid Fixation in a Composite Scapula Model. Roche, Christopher P.; Stroud, Nicholas J.; Palomino, Pablo; Flurin, Pierre-Henri; Wright, Thomas W. Report Apr 1, 2018 4396
Vector Autoregressive Hierarchical Hidden Markov Models for Extracting Finger Movements Using Multichannel Surface EMG Signals. Malesevic, Nebojsa; Markovic, Dimitrije; Kanitz, Gunter; Controzzi, Marco; Cipriani, Christian; Antf Jan 1, 2018 7816
Use of Osteofasciocutaneous Fibular Free Flap and Radial Head Arthroplasty in Trauma for Limb Salvage and Continued Elbow Function. Kilmartin, Catherine; Harper, Katharine D.; Mehta, Chirag; Thoder, Joseph; Newman, Andrew Jan 1, 2018 2479
Reconstruction of the Adult Hemifacial Microsomia Patient with Temporomandibular Joint Total Joint Prosthesis and Orthognathic Surgery. Cascone, Piero; Vellone, Valentino; Ramieri, Valerio; Basile, Emanuela; Tarsitano, Achille; Marchett Jan 1, 2018 2580
Structural Failure of a Modern Knee Tumor Megaendoprosthesis. Koch, Katrin; Kohn, Dieter; Anagnostakos, Konstantinos Jan 1, 2018 2297
Use of Digital-Conventional Method for Managing a Patient with Severely Worn Dentition: A Clinical Report. Nokar, Saied; Hendi, Amirreza; Hemmati, Yasamin Babaee; Falahchai, Mehran Clinical report Jan 1, 2018 3409
Dynamics of the content of free amino acids in blood of patients during the long-term use of orthopedic dental metal prostheses. Nikonov, Andrey Yu; Zaytseva, Olga V; Serhiienko, Maksym O; Krychka, Natalia V; Breslavets, Natalya Report Jan 1, 2018 4279
Modeling and Simulation of Prosthetic Gait Using a 3-D Model of Transtibial Protesis: Modelado y simulacion de la marcha protesica usando modelo en 3D de una protesis transtibal: Modelagem e simulacao da marcha protetica usando modelo em 3D de uma protese transtibial. Contreras, Lely Adriana Luengas; Casallas, Esperanza Camargo; Guardiola, Daniel Jan 1, 2018 5656
The value of ASSR threshold-based bilateral hearing aid fitting in children with difficult or unreliable behavioral audiometry. Vlastarakos, Petros V.; Vasileiou, Alexandra; Nikolopoulos, Thomas P. Dec 1, 2017 2761
Sunny Leone to use prosthetics for new project. Sep 21, 2017 168
Sunny Leone to use prosthetics for new project. Sep 20, 2017 174
A Comparison Study of Partial Ossicular Reconstruction Prosthesis (PORP) Placement under the Malleus or Tympanic Membrane Graft in the Presence of the Malleus. Mutlu, Ahmet; Topdag, Ozlem; Topdag, Murat; Iseri, Mete; Erdogan, Selvet Aug 1, 2017 3404
All meshed up--surviving a surgical mesh implant: A nurse tells of her seven-year struggle following implantation of vaginal mesh for a recurring cystocele. Brown, Jacqueline Aug 1, 2017 3291
Biomechanical Properties of Synthetic Mesh Reconstructed Glenohumeral Joint Capsule. Jin, Tao; Liu, Wei-Feng; Xu, Hai-Rong; Li, Yuan; Niu, Xiao-Hui Report Jul 20, 2017 1041
Radiotherapy inducing total knee prosthetic component loosening for recurrent pigmented villonodular synovitis following joint replacement. Chen, Ko-Ta; Chu, Jan-Show; Lee, Chian-Her Case study Jul 1, 2017 1908
Oral communication and auditory skills of hearing impaired children and adolescents and the speech therapy rehabilitation process/Habilidades auditivas e de comunicacao oral de criancas e adolescentes deficientes auditivos e o processo de reabilitacao fonoaudiologica. Bicas, Rafaela da Silva; Guijo, Laura Mochiatti; Delgado-Pinheiro, Eliane Maria Carrit Ensayo Jul 1, 2017 5449
Comparison of Hydroxyapatite Prosthesis and Incus Interposition in Incus Defects. Bulgurcu, Suphi; Dikilitas, Bunyamin; Cukurova, Ibrahim Report Jun 1, 2017 1785
Canadian Urological Association position statement on the use of transvaginal mesh. Welk, Blayne; Carlson, Kevin V.; Baverstock, Richard J.; Steele, Stephen S.; Bailly, Gregory G.; Hic Report Jun 1, 2017 1894
Expressive vocabulary in children with cochlear implants/Vocabulario expressivo em criancas usuarias de implante coclear. Colalto, Claudia Aparecida; Goffi-Gomez, Maria Valeria Schmidt; Magalhaes, Ana Tereza de Matos; Samu Ensayo May 1, 2017 4873
Percentage of correct consonants (PCC) in hearing impaired children: a longitudinal study/Porcentagem de consoantes corretas (PCC) em criancas com deficiencia auditiva: estudo longitudinal. Costa, Leticia Splendor da; Silva, Paula Botelho da; de Azevedo, Marisa Frasson; Gil, Daniela Ensayo Mar 1, 2017 4001
No increased stroke risk from brief afib episodes in heart device patients: also, anticoagulant use may be unnecessary, researchers find. Jan 1, 2017 298
Use of Common Inflammatory Markers in the Long-Term Screening of Total Hip Arthroprosthesis Infections: Our Experience. Falzarano, Gabriele; Piscopo, Antonio; Grubor, Predrag; Rollo, Giuseppe; Medici, Antonio; Pipola, Va Report Jan 1, 2017 4164
FEM and Von Mises Analysis on Prosthetic Crowns Structural Elements: Evaluation of Different Applied Materials. Bramanti, Ennio; Cervino, Gabriele; Lauritano, Floriana; Fiorillo, Luca; DAmico, Cesare; Sambataro, Report Jan 1, 2017 4084
Bronchopleural Fistula Resolution with Endobronchial Valve Placement and Liberation from Mechanical Ventilation in Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome: A Case Series. Kalatoudis, Haris; Nikhil, Meena; Zeid, Fuad; Shweihat, Yousef Clinical report Jan 1, 2017 2022
Response to: Comment on (Controversies about Interspinous Process Devices in the Treatment of Degenerative Lumbar Spine Diseases: Past, Present, and Future". Gazzeri, Roberto; Galarza, Marcelo; Alfieri, Alex Report Jan 1, 2017 3441
Bioengineering Materials in Dental Application. Chang, Wei-Jen; Shinichi, Abe; Kamakura, Shinji; Huang, Ren-Yeong; Chen, Jung-Wei Report Jan 1, 2017 1034
Improving the Robustness of Real-Time Myoelectric Pattern Recognition against Arm Position Changes in Transradial Amputees. Geng, Yanjuan; Samuel, Oluwarotimi Williams; Wei, Yue; Li, Guanglin Report Jan 1, 2017 6810
The Root Membrane Technique: Human Histologic Evidence after Five Years of Function. Mitsias, Miltiadis E.; Siormpas, Konstantinos D.; Kotsakis, Georgios A.; Ganz, Scott D.; Mangano, Ca Report Jan 1, 2017 6113
Midterm Results of a New Rotating Hinge Knee Implant: A 5-Year Follow-Up. Bohler, Christoph; Kolbitsch, Paul; Schuh, Reinhard; Lass, Richard; Kubista, Bernd; Giurea, Alexande Report Jan 1, 2017 4683
Tapered, Double-Lead Threads Single Implants Placed in Fresh Extraction Sockets and Healed Sites of the Posterior Jaws: A Multicenter Randomized Controlled Trial with 1 to 3 Years of Follow-Up. Cucchi, Alessandro; Vignudelli, Elisabetta; Franco, Simonetta; Levrini, Luca; Castellani, Dario; Pag Report Jan 1, 2017 9506
Rehabilitation of Nose following Chemical Burn Using CAD/CAM Made Substructure for Implant Retained Nasal Prosthesis: A Clinical Report. Chaturvedi, Saurabh; Bhagat, Tushar; Verma, A.K.; Gurumurthy, Vishwanath; Ali, Mariyam; Vadhwani, Pr Clinical report Jan 1, 2017 4357
A Rational Approach to Sinus Augmentation: The Low Window Sinus Lift. Zaniol, Terry; Zaniol, Alex Jan 1, 2017 3479
Delayed Manifestation of Shunt Nephritis: A Case Report and Review of the Literature. Babigumira, Michael; Huang, Benjamin; Werner, Sherry; Qunibi, Wajeh Case study Jan 1, 2017 5991
Use of Nonvascularized Autologous Fibular Strut Graft in the Treatment of Major Bone Defect after Periprosthetic Knee Fracture. Giordano, Vincenzo; Coutinho, Bruno Parilha; Miyahira, Mateus Kenji; de Souza, Felipe Serrao Mendes; Clinical report Jan 1, 2017 2706
Chronic Osteomyelitis of the Distal Femur Treated with Resection and Delayed Endoprosthetic Reconstruction: A Report of Three Cases. Ryan, Sean; Eward, William; Brigman, Brian; Zura, Robert Case study Jan 1, 2017 2614
Managing an Acute and Chronic Periprosthetic Infection. Barrientos, Cristian; Barahona, Maximiliano; Olivares, Rodrigo Report Jan 1, 2017 2858
Custom-Made Alumina Ceramic Total Talar Prosthesis for Idiopathic Aseptic Necrosis of the Talus: Report of Two Cases. Tonogai, Ichiro; Hamada, Daisuke; Yamasaki, Yuhei; Wada, Keizo; Takasago, Tomoya; Tsutsui, Takahiko; Case study Jan 1, 2017 3226
Fatal Cobalt Toxicity after a Non-Metal-on-Metal Total Hip Arthroplasty. Peters, Rinne M.; Willemse, Pax; Rijk, Paul C.; Hoogendoorn, Mels; Zijlstra, Wierd P. Case study Jan 1, 2017 3079
Use of equipment or assistance for getting around among persons aged [greater than or equal to] 50 years--national health interview survey, 2014-2015. Martinez, Michael E.; Ward, Brian W. Dec 16, 2016 216
Arthroplasty of the hip joint/Artroplastika kuka. Savic, Dragan; Lazetic, Aleksandar; Bojat, Veselin; Radic, Srdan; Gojkovic, Zoran; Harhaji, Vladimir Report Dec 1, 2016 4605
The use of partial prosthesis in shoulder surgery/Primena parcijalnih proteza u hirurgiji ramena. Ninkovic, Srdan; Radosavljevic, Sladana; Harhaji, Vladimir; Lalic, Ivica; Janjic, Natasa; Obradovic, Report Dec 1, 2016 2864
Production of medical products for the purposes in orthopedics and traumatology in Novi Sad/Proizvodnja medicinskih sredstava za potrebe ortopedije i traumatologije u Novom Sadu. Grujic, Jovan; Grujic, Milica Report Dec 1, 2016 2921
Initial clinical experience with Ahmed Valve implantation in refractory pediatric glaucoma. Novak-Laus, Katia; Herman, Jelena Skunca; Prskalo, Marija Simic; Jurisic, Darija; Mandic, Zdravko Report Dec 1, 2016 2572
Minimally Invasive Cochlear Implantation Assisted by Bi-planar Device: An Exploratory Feasibility Study in vitro. Ke, Jia; Zhang, Shao-Xing; Hu, Lei; Li, Chang-Sheng; Zhu, Yun-Feng; Sun, Shi-Long; Wang, Li-Feng; Ma Report Oct 20, 2016 4947
Characterization of communicative interaction between parent of hearing impaired children and adolescents that use oral communication/Caracterizacao da interacao comunicativa entre pais de criancas e adolescentes deficientes auditivos que utilizam comunicacao oral. Guijo, Laura Mochiatti; Delgado-Pinheiro, Eliane Maria Carrit Sep 1, 2016 5659
Buprenorphine implants rival daily sublingual version of the agent for opioid dependence. Chitnis, Deepak Aug 1, 2016 546
Bladder therapy. Brief article Aug 1, 2016 177
Study: Brain implant lets paralyzed man regain use of hand. Apr 13, 2016 199
Gore-Tex extrusion following type I thyroplasty. Krane, Natalie A.; Hu, Amanda; Sataloff, Robert T. Report Apr 1, 2016 905
High-density force myography: A possible alternative for upper-limb prosthetic control. Radmand, Ashkan; Scheme, Erik; Englehart, Kevin Report Apr 1, 2016 6491
Adoption of the contraceptive implant is not associated with a reduction in condom use. Rosenberg, J. Mar 1, 2016 841
Registering a methodology for imaging and analysis of residual-limb shape after transtibial amputation. Dickinson, Alexander S.; Steer, Joshua W.; Woods, Christopher J.; Worsley, Peter R. Report Feb 1, 2016 5624
Prediction of Skeletal Medial-Lateral for transfemoral ischial containment sockets. Dillon, Michael P.; Fernandez, Richard G.D.; Erbas, Bircan; Briggs, Chris; Quigley, Matthew Report Feb 1, 2016 5331
Hear better with a personal sound amplifier. Feb 1, 2016 766
Cobalt based alloy: a better choice biomaterial for hip implants. Aherwar, Amit; Singh, Amit Kumar; Patnaik, Amar Report Jan 1, 2016 4413
Comparative study between austin moore prosthesis and bipolar prosthesis in fracture neck of femur. Krishna, Katragadda Sai; Rao, D. Venkateswara; Reddy, G. Rajashekhar; Sangepu, Anvesh Dec 17, 2015 4632
Management of a distal femoral non-union with coexisting failure of the knee extensor mechanism using osteobridge knee-arthrodesis system--a case report/ Zbrinjavanje nezaraslog distalnog dela femura praceno neuspelom ugradnjom mehanizma za ekstenzijukolena pomocu sistema artrodeze kolena osteomostom--prikaz slucaja. Begkas, Dimitrios; Pastroudis, Alexandros; Katsenis, Dimitrios Lambros; Tsamados, Stamatios Case study Nov 1, 2015 2333
A study about knowledge of tooth avulsion and its management among teachers, parents and paramedical staff of Haldwani. Awasthi, Bharat Bhushan; Singh, Saurabh Report Oct 15, 2015 1992
Megaprostheses in the revision of infected total hip arthroplasty: clinical series and literature review. Artiaco, Stefano; Boggio, Frediano; Colzani, Giulia; Titolo, Paolo; Zoccola, Kristijan; Bianchi, Pas Clinical report Oct 1, 2015 2297
Subscapularis preserving technique in anatomic total shoulder arthroplasty: the superior and inferior approach. Simovitch, Ryan; Fullick, Robert; Zuckerman, Joseph D. Report Oct 1, 2015 3686
Improving distal fixation with total shoulder arthroplasty in cases of severe humeral bone loss. Jacobson, Amanda; Stroud, Nick; Roche, Christopher P. Report Oct 1, 2015 2439
The implications of cochlear implant for development of language skills: a literature review/ As implicacoes do implante coclear para desenvolvimento das habilidades de linguagem: uma revisao da literatura. das Neves, Anderson Jonas; Verdu, Ana Claudia Moreira Almeida; de Lima Mortari Moret, Adriane; Silva Sep 1, 2015 6941
Chewing alterations in removable dental prosthesis users: systematic review/Alteraciones de la masticacion en usuarios de protesis dental removible. Revision sistematica. Mac-Kay, Ana Paula Machado Goyano; Veliz, Lorena Olivia Chacana; Calderon, Carol Stephanie Michea; d Jul 1, 2015 4650
Physical performance and self-report outcomes associated with use of passive, adaptive, and active prosthetic knees in persons with unilateral, transfemoral amputation: randomized crossover trial. Hafner, Brian J.; Askew, Robert L. Report Jun 1, 2015 15690
Rats navigate mazes, even when blind: prosthetic compass wired into brain can substitute for sight. Yeager, Ashley May 2, 2015 755
Systematic review of effects of current transtibial prosthetic socket designs--Part 1: qualitative outcomes. Safari, Mohammad Reza; Meier, Margrit Regula Report May 1, 2015 13038
Systematic review of effects of current transtibial prosthetic socket designs--Part 2: quantitative outcomes. Safari, Mohammad Reza; Meier, Margrit Regula Report May 1, 2015 13761
Impact of Michelangelo prosthetic hand: findings from a crossover longitudinal study. Luchetti, Martina; Cutti, Andrea G.; Verni, Gennaro; Sacchetti, Rinaldo; Rossi, Nicolino Clinical report May 1, 2015 7173
Self-declared communication disorders and associated factors in elderly/Disturbios fonoaudiologicos autodeclarados e fatores associados em idosos. Vilanova, Juliana Richinitti; de Almeida, Carlos Podalirio Borges; de Goulart, Barbara Niegia Garcia Report May 1, 2015 3410
German professor holds demonstrational surgery with use of Shpiron prosthesis of new generation. Apr 7, 2015 106
Interrater reliability of mechanical tests for functional classification of transtibial prosthesis components distal to the socket. Major, Matthew J. Report Apr 1, 2015 107
Surface electrical stimulation to evoke referred sensation. Forst, Johanna C.; Blok, Derek C.; Slopsema, Julia P.; Boss, John M.; Heyboer, Lane A.; Tobias, Cars Report Apr 1, 2015 5021
Novel postural control algorithm for control of multifunctional myoelectric prosthetic hands. Segil, Jacob L.; Weir, Richard F. Report Apr 1, 2015 7651
Entrapment of a vaginal ring pessary: case report and review of the literature. Abdool, Z. Case study Apr 1, 2015 1820
Lichenstein tension free mesh hernioplasty: a prospective study. Gupta, Rakesh K.; Bhuvan; Shahi, K.S.; Bhandari, Geeta; Pandey, Prashant; Sawai, Malvika Clinical report Dec 4, 2014 2195
Developing Second Sight. O'Hare, Ryan Oct 3, 2014 1843
Repair issues associated with cochlear implants external components: the influence of age and time of use/Falhas dos componentes externos do implante coclear: influencia da idade e do tempo de uso. Pereira, Alessandra Martins; de Melo, Tatiana Mendes Clinical report Sep 1, 2014 2861
The prevalence of prosthesis use with the effects on body image, depression, anxiety and self-esteem in lower-extremity amputations/Alt ekstremite amputasyonlarinda protez kullaniminin sikligi ile beden imaji, depresyon, anksiyete ve benlik saygisi uzerine etkileri. Atay, Inci Meltem; Turgay, Ozan; Atay, Tolga Report Sep 1, 2014 2426
Impedance & admittance-based coordination control strategies for robotic lower limb prostheses. Lawson, Brian E.; Goldfarb, Michael Report Sep 1, 2014 2985
Attachments in prosthodontics: different systems of classification: a review. Khanam, H.M. Khuthija; Bharathi, M.; Reddy, K. Rajeev Kumar; Reddy, S.V. Giridhar Jul 14, 2014 2241
A clinical study to assess the post-operative outcome in tympanoplasty using COMOT-15 in Indian scenario. Kumar, M. Mahendra; Ahmed, S. Muneerudin; Kishore, B. Harikrishna; Chaitanya, Krishna; Reddy, V. Pra Clinical report Jul 14, 2014 2582
Advantages of externally powered prosthesis with feedback system using pseudo-cineplasty. Nambu, Seiji; Ikebuchi, Mitsuhiko; Taniguchi, Masashi; Park, Choong Sik; Kitagawa, Takahiro; Nakajim Report Jul 1, 2014 3520
Electric spines. O'Brien, Devon Jul 1, 2014 897
A hand up: prototype prosthetic advance allows patients to feel objects and adjust grasp. Vinnedge, Mary Brief article Jul 1, 2014 126
Prevalence of heat and perspiration discomfort inside prostheses: literature review. Ghoseiri, Kamiar; Safari, Mohammad Reza Report Jun 1, 2014 8574
Design and evaluation of prosthetic shoulder controller. Barton, Joseph E.; Sorkin, John D. May 1, 2014 8092
Application of fibrin rich blocks with concentrated growth factors in pre-implant augmentation procedures/ Upotreba fibrinskih blokova bogatih koncentrovanim faktorima rasta u preimplantoloskim augmentacionim procedurama. Tadic, Ana; Puskar, Tatjana; Petronijevic, Branislava Case study May 1, 2014 1447
Horizontal functionally graded material coating of cementless hip prosthesis. Fouda, N. Report Apr 1, 2014 3243
Self-reported and performance-based outcomes using DEKA Arm. Resnik, Linda; Borgia, Matthew; Latlief, Gail; Sasson, Nicole; Smurr-Walters, Lisa Report Mar 1, 2014 7920
Development of inexpensive prosthetic feet for high-heeled shoes using simple shoe insole model. Meier, Margrit R.; Tucker, Kerice A.; Hansen, Andrew H. Report Mar 1, 2014 5686
Total ankle replacement: evolution of the technology and future applications. Yu, John J.; Sheskier, Steven Report Jan 1, 2014 6629
Considerations for development of sensing and monitoring tools to facilitate treatment and care of persons with lower-limb loss: a review. Hafner, Brian J.; Sanders, Joan E. Report Jan 1, 2014 8585
User ratings of prosthetic usability and satisfaction in VA study to optimize DEKA Arm. Resnik, Linda; Borgia, Matthew Report Jan 1, 2014 6721
User and clinician perspectives on DEKA Arm: results of VA study to optimize DEKA Arm. Resnik, Linda; Klinger, Shana Lieberman; Etter, Katherine Jan 1, 2014 7813
10 Pressure casting technique for transtibial prosthetic socket fit in developing countries. Lee, Peter Vee Sin; Lythgo, Noel; Laing, Sheridan; Lavranos, Jimmy; Thanh, Nguyen Hai Jan 1, 2014 5262
Effects of a flat prosthetic foot rocker section on balance and mobility. Hansen, Andrew; Nickel, Eric; Medvec, Joseph; Brielmaier, Steven; Pike, Alvin; Weber, Marilyn Jan 1, 2014 6833
Technology efficacy in active prosthetic knees for transfemoral amputees: a quantitative evaluation. Sayed, Amr M. El-; Hamzaid, Nur Azah; Osman, Noor Azuan Abu Report Jan 1, 2014 12500
Effect of surface treated silicon dioxide nanoparticles on some mechanical properties of maxillofacial silicone elastomer. Zayed, Sara M.; Alshimy, Ahmad M.; Fahmy, Amal E. Jan 1, 2014 4853
Hearing benefit in allograft tympanoplasty using Tutoplast processed malleus. Lieder, Anja; Issing, Wolfgang Report Jan 1, 2014 2310
Evaluation of palatal rugoscopy in dentulous and edentulous cases for human identification in forensic dentistry/Analise da rugoscopia palatina em individuos dentados e edentulos para identificacao humana em odontologia legal. Scandiuzzi, Rogerio Jose; de Almeida, Jessica Cecilia; da Silva, Ricardo Henrique Alves Jan 1, 2014 2192
Factors affecting the performance of users of cochlear implant in speech perception testing/Fatores que interferem no desempenho de usuarios de implante coclear em testes de percepcao de fala. de Meneses, Michelle Sales; Cardoso, Carolina Costa; de Castro Silva, Isabella Monteiro Jan 1, 2014 3093
How does adding and removing liquid from socket bladders affect residual-limb fluid volume? Sanders, Joan E.; Cagle, John C.; Harrison, Daniel S.; Myers, Timothy R.; Allyn, Kathryn J. Report Jun 1, 2013 8942
Outcomes following ossicular chain reconstruction with composite prostheses: hydroxyapatite-polyethylene vs. hydroxyapatite-titanium. Hahn, Yoav; Bojrab, Dennis I. Report Jun 1, 2013 3459
Stump arterial circulation and its relationship to the prescription of a prosthesis for the geriatric patient. Troedsson, Bror S. Brief article May 1, 2013 541
Commentary on Troedsson's 1964 article "stump arterial circulation and its relationship to the prescription of a prosthesis for the geriatric patient". Sanders, Joan E. Viewpoint essay May 1, 2013 512
Mechanical design and performance specifications of anthropomorphic prosthetic hands: a review. Belter, Joseph T.; Segil, Jacob L.; Dollar, Aaron M.; Weir, Richard F. Report May 1, 2013 11185
Load applied on bone-anchored transfemoral prosthesis: characterization of a prosthesis--a pilot study. Frossard, Laurent; Haggstrom, Eva; Hagberg, Kerstin; Branemark, Rickard Report May 1, 2013 10094
Prosthesis preference is related to stride-to-stride fluctuations at the prosthetic ankle. Wurdeman, Shane R.; Myers, Sara A.; Jacobsen, Adam L.; Stergiou, Nicholas Report May 1, 2013 8878
New method of fixation of in-bone implanted prosthesis. Pitkin, Mark; Cassidy, Charles; Muppavarapu, Raghuveer; Raymond, James; Shevtsov, Maxim; Galibin, Ol Report May 1, 2013 5826
Finite element analysis and comparative study on stresses induced on UHMWPE acetabular cup surface of the artificial hip implant during free walking and walking while carrying weights. Atreya, Vibhor; Agarwal, Pradyumn Report Apr 1, 2013 1832
A laser's role in medicine: the use of lasers in the development of medical devices through to their actual usage in the devices themselves has been a steadily growing trend. The capabilities and functionality they offer to both design engineers as well as healthcare professionals is varied and beneficial. This article looks at the advantages lasers offer in the development of medical devices. Ryba, Tracey Mar 1, 2013 1079
Auricular prosthesis after Complication of Surgical Reconstruction of Auricular Defect. Manne, Prakash; Gopinadh, Anne; Devi, Naga Neelima; Ravuri, Kavya; Praneetha B., Phani Jan 1, 2013 1469
VA prosthetic and sensory aids service--65 years of progress. Beck, Lucille Jan 1, 2013 677
Minimal effects of visual memory training on auditory performance of adult cochlear implant users. Oba, Sandra I.; Galvin, John J., III; Fu, Qian-Jie Clinical report Jan 1, 2013 6520
Prosthetic mesh implantation along with hernioplasty for perineal hernia correction in a dog. Choudhury, M.; Nath, P.J.; Singh, C.K. Report Jan 1, 2013 731
The use of iliac stem prosthesis for acetabular defects following resections for periacetabular tumors. De Paolis, Massimiliano; Biazzo, Alessio; Romagnoli, Carlo; Ali, Nikolin; Giannini, Sandro; Donati, Report Jan 1, 2013 4804
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It's all for free. Stanley, Liana Jan 5, 2009 355
Power walk. Brusso, Charlene Nov 10, 2008 146
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Controlling seizures: early studies show that a new implantable device could greatly improve quality of life for people with epilepsy. Henderson, Nancy Clinical report Aug 1, 2008 2077
Glimpsing the future for an amputee: amputees struggle daily to live normal lives, and they face ever-growing medical costs. Give jurors a complete picture of an amputee's future to ensure that they award full and fair compensation. Doyle, Conal May 1, 2008 3229
Design, build, test--and use: when science meets imagination to fill a need, technology for quality of life results. Apr 1, 2008 438
No cut might make the cut. Hollander, Dore Clinical report Mar 1, 2008 162
Man into machine: work on melding the human nervous system with computers continues unabated. Sampson, Ben Jan 16, 2008 784
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Bad news for mice, yarn balls. Bell, John R. Brief article Feb 15, 2007 98
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