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AJK premier wants only positive use of social media. May 11, 2018 361
Use of social media for increasing effectiveness of RTI decided. May 9, 2018 143
Use of social media for official messages rejected. Apr 23, 2018 492
Parties plan to use social media for poll campaign. Apr 16, 2018 396
Pathology and Professionalism in the Age of Social Media. Peedin, Alexis Rachel; Karp, Julie Katz Apr 1, 2018 1163
Cyprus chosen to help mould 'ideal EU citizens' using social media points system. Apr 1, 2018 827
The Trouble with Tags: Seeking Mark Protection for Corporate Branded Hashtags - More Trouble Than It's Worth? Salter, Kendall Mar 22, 2018 7221
More Than a Foot Ahead. Clabough, Raven Brief article Mar 5, 2018 201
Hashtag usage and its pattern on selected health problems in social media. Rock, Britto D.; George, Neethu; Prabhu, R.; Jayanth, Murali K.; Nethaji, V.; Shree, Jaya Report Mar 1, 2018 2910
University student social media use and its influence on offline engagement in higher educational communities. Sutherland, Karen; Davis, Cindy; Terton, Uwe; Visser, Irene Report Mar 1, 2018 6081
Police to use social media to track cops who murdered Naqeebullah. Feb 23, 2018 369
DON'T FEED PRESIDENT TROLL: Four questions to ask yourself before you freak out about Trump's latest tweet. Welch, Matt Feb 17, 2018 744
Michelle Obama Says She Trains Daughters On How To Use Social Media. Feb 16, 2018 585
PH is world leader in social media usage. Feb 15, 2018 525
Use social media to develop economy - BOCRA. Feb 4, 2018 477
1 Billion Steps Challenge sign-ups in full swing. Wahowiak, Lindsey Feb 1, 2018 497
Librarians' Use Of Social Media For Informal Scientific Communication in University Libraries in South-south Nigeria. Okuonghae, Omorodion; Achugbue, Edwin; Ogbomo, Monday O. Feb 1, 2018 4735
Forget moral panic, moderation is the key in use of social media; The total number of social media users in the UK has reached an estimated 39,000,000. With no signs of our appetite slowing down - despite growing concerns about the psychological impact on users - media expert Dr John Jewell asks if we are heading for a social media meltdown d wn. Jan 12, 2018 987
How to use social media to sell your products. Jan 6, 2018 673
The Three A's of Privacy. Gregory, Gwen M. Jan 1, 2018 813
AI for Mortals. West, Jessamyn Jan 1, 2018 1370
Does New Media Generation Technology Pose an Existential Threat to Factual Information? Jan 1, 2018 2384
New Year Means New Changes: Publishers, there's still time to reinvent the newsroom. Gallagher, Tim Jan 1, 2018 758
Digital Citizenship with Social Media: Participatory Practices of Teaching and Learning in Secondary Education. Gleason, Benjamin; von Gillern, Sam Report Jan 1, 2018 7178
Get a Seat at the Virtual Table. Bressler, Toby; Caceres, Billy A. Report Jan 1, 2018 1181
The effects of social media opinion leaders' recommendations on followers' intention to buy. Nunes, Renata Huhn; Ferreira, Jorge Brantes; de Freitas, Angilberto Sabino; Ramos, Fernanda Leao Jan 1, 2018 8490
Communicating on Twitter for Charity: Understanding the Wall of Kindness Initiative in Afghanistan, Iran, and Pakistan. Khan, M. Laeeq; Zaher, Zulfia; Gao, Bowen Report Jan 1, 2018 8857
Otherwise Engaged: Social Media from Vanity Metrics to Critical Analytics. Rogers, Richard Report Jan 1, 2018 7164
Political Agency, Digital Traces, and Bottom-Up Data Practices. Milan, Stefania Report Jan 1, 2018 8871
From "Knowledge Brokers" to Opinion Makers: How Physical Presence Affected Scientists' Twitter Use During the COP21 Climate Change Conference. Walter, Stefanie; de Silva-Schmidt, Fenja; Bruggemann, Michael Report Jan 1, 2018 7523
News Media Use and the Informed Public in the Digital Age. Xenos, Michael A.; Scheufele, Dietram; Brossard, Dominique; Choi, Doo-Hun; Cacciatore, Michael; Yeo, Report Jan 1, 2018 8313
SOCIAL MEDIA: ARE THE BENEFITS WORTH THE RISKS FOR BUSINESS? Morales, Kassandra; Sosa-Fey, Josephine; Farias, Joel Report Dec 22, 2017 5220
Social Media for Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment: The Comprehensive Guide. Shpilberg, Sandra Dec 22, 2017 2281
Commanding the Trend: Social Media as Information Warfare. Prier, Jarred Essay Dec 22, 2017 13474
CEO Tweet Behavior: The Use of Metaphors and Gendered Communication Style. Locander, William H.; Ladik, Daniel M. Dec 8, 2017 5827
Facebook's use of AI. Dec 6, 2017 598
Facebook Research: Implications for Investigators in the Field of Media Psychology. Piotrowski, Chris; Fenner, Christopher J. Dec 1, 2017 3937
Social Media, Critical Literacy, and Multicultural Young Adult Literature: A Workable Union? Sun, Lina Dec 1, 2017 5144
HAZARDOUS WEATHER PREDICTION AND COMMUNICATION IN THE MODERN INFORMATION ENVIRONMENT: Understanding the dynamic, interconnected processes that characterize the modern hazard information system can transform the creation, communication, and use of weather and climate information. Morss, Rebecca E.; Demuth, Julie L.; Lazrus, Heather; Palen, Leysia; Barton, C. Michael; Davis, Chri Dec 1, 2017 13821
6 Ways to Reach Customers: How to Communicate Using Different Methods. Dec 1, 2017 595
Employees Make the Grade at City Mill. Brief article Nov 1, 2017 254
If You Are Not on Social Media, Here's What You're Missing! #DoTheThing. Freitag, C. Eric; Arnold, Michael A.; Gardner, Jerad M.; Arnold, Christina A. Editorial Nov 1, 2017 6669
Social Media: Towards the Realisation of A Global Stance for the African Voice. Ekpe, Bassey Nsa Report Nov 1, 2017 4506
Social media is the new player in the politics of education: Recent Twitter-based battles over the Common Core State Standards point to lasting changes in the nature of political advocacy in education. Supovitz, Jonathan Nov 1, 2017 2913
Selfies, Scavenger Hunts and Scrawls: How the Vise Library Used Social Media to Increase Usage. McKee, Amber Nov 1, 2017 1869
Reaching Out Without a Budget: Expanding Your Library's Online Presence Using Online Tools. Gow, Erin Nov 1, 2017 2252
Blogging to wage war against medical misinformation. Brunk, Doug Oct 1, 2017 951
AN EXAMINATION OF THE BARRIERS TO BREAST CANCER CARE IN CALIFORNIA. Ponce, Ninez A.; Glenn, Beth; Shimkhada, Riti; Scheitler, A.J.; Ko, Michelle Report Oct 1, 2017 20768
BON Staff Respond to Hurricane Harvey Approvals. Brief article Oct 1, 2017 202
Redirecting the Focus of the Agenda: Testing the Zero-Sum Dynamics of Media Attention in News and User-Generated Media. Mo Jang, S.; Park, Yong Jin Report Oct 1, 2017 8675
Understanding the Images of Alan Kurdi With "Small Data": A Qualitative, Comparative Analysis of Tweets About Refugees in Turkey and Flanders (Belgium). Bozdag, Cigdem; Smets, Kevin Report Oct 1, 2017 8762
New Media, New Partisanship: Divided Virtual Politics In and Beyond Thailand. Mccargo, Duncan Essay Oct 1, 2017 8698
Fragile Hegemony: Modi, Social Media, and Competitive Electoral Populism in India. Sinha, Subir Essay Oct 1, 2017 9048
Innuendo as Outreach: @narendramodi and the Use of Political Irony on Twitter. Pal, Joyojeet; Chandra, Priyank; Chirumamilla, Padma; Kameswaran, Vaishnav; Gonawela, Andre; Thawani Essay Oct 1, 2017 8939
Mythologies of Creative Work in the Social Media Age: Fun, Free, and "Just Being Me". Duffy, Brookeerin; Wissinger, Elizabeth Report Oct 1, 2017 8639
Appropriate use of social media vital for PR campaigns. Sep 29, 2017 418
Social Media Harassment of Women Politicians. Sep 22, 2017 4915
An Examination of the Association of Social Media Use with the Satisfaction with Daily Routines and Healthy Lifestyle Habits for Undergraduate and Graduate Students. Austin-McCain, Melanie Report Sep 22, 2017 6128
OF PUPPETS AND TERRORISM. Broughton, J. Richard Sep 22, 2017 11468
Emotional Realism, Affective Labor, and Politics in the Arab Fandom of Game of Thrones. Alhayek, Katty Essay Sep 1, 2017 8893
Convergence and Disjuncture in Global Digital Culture. Kraidy, Marwan M. Essay Sep 1, 2017 2895
Video Games and the Asymmetry of Global Cultural Flows: The Game Industry and Game Culture in Iran and the Czech Republic. Sisler, Vit; Svelch, Jaroslav; Slerka, Josef Report Sep 1, 2017 8713
Digital Platform as a Double-Edged Sword: How to Interpret Cultural Flows in the Platform Era. Jin, Dal Yong Essay Sep 1, 2017 8451
Social media in otolaryngology-head and neck surgery. Oyewumi, Modupe; Lee, John; Vescan, Allan Brief article Sep 1, 2017 125
Above and below the line: strategic communications and media management in Canadian governments. Marland, Alex Sep 1, 2017 6901
Mind your virtual footprints. Sisney, Kimberly M. Sep 1, 2017 526
Unlocking the vault: sharing special collections on social media. Augustyniak, Ashley; Orzechowski, Victoria Sep 1, 2017 2662
Social media. Editorial Sep 1, 2017 328
Random access: the likes and dislikes of social networking for the music teacher. Ajero, Mario Aug 1, 2017 1391
Enhancing The Brand Image Of Entities Under Energy L&l. Crda, Depl Through Creating Awareness Among Stake Holders On Various Projects Being Implemented By The Entities And Adopting Best Communication Process Through Efficient Use Of Social Media. Jul 20, 2017 135
WE CAN ALL FALL VICTIM TO SCAMS; SPONSORED CONTENT SPONSORED CONTENT HOW FRAUDSTERS DELVE INTO ONLINE ACTIVITIES TO TARGET YOUSOCIAL ENGINEERING Police chiefs and bank security expert explain how crooks use old-fashioned methods in the modern social media world to con people into giving away vital security information. Jul 5, 2017 1409
'Modern day Presidential': Donald Trump defends use of social media. Jul 2, 2017 465
Commentary: a digital dilemma: devices in meetings. Canady, Michael R. Jul 1, 2017 1933
Trust in media is dwindling--only we can fix that. Cramer, Theresa Editorial Jul 1, 2017 697
Youth movement: Confronting the industry's recruitment issues: survey reveals the differing outreach efforts and experiences of companies trying to attract & retain next-generation workers. Grace, Robert Jul 1, 2017 1624
Q&A. Brief article Jul 1, 2017 317
The Impact of Social Media Influencers on Purchase Intention and the Mediation Effect of Customer Attitude. Lim, Xin Jean; Rozaini, Aifa; Radzol, Mohd; Cheah, Jun-Hwa; Wong, Mun Wai Abstract Jul 1, 2017 7394
Using Social Media Websites in Enhancing Learning and Interactions at Post Graduate Level. Akhter, Nasrin; Akhter, Nasreen; Asif, Rafia Report Jun 30, 2017 6398
Puerto Rican language use on Facebook. Carroll, Kevin S.; Mari, Vanessa Z. Essay Jun 22, 2017 8311
Addressing the commercialization of business reputation. Friedman, David Adam Jun 22, 2017 6818
Using the power of social media. Levitov, Deborah; Kaaland, Christie Jun 1, 2017 411
PRIVACY, POVERTY, AND BIG DATA: A MATRIX OF VULNERABILITIES FOR POOR AMERICANS. Madden, Mary; Gilman, Michele; Levy, Karen; Marwick, Alice Jun 1, 2017 30722
Children as advocates--the potential of using social media in the early and primary years. Exley, Beryl; Willis, Linda-Dianne; McCosker, Margaret Jun 1, 2017 2216
Political leaders for careful use of social media. May 25, 2017 220
Use of social media should be healthy: Tom Hanks. May 12, 2017 195
Use of social media to follow elections grows in Iran. May 9, 2017 250
IS FACEBOOK MAKING YOU FAT AND MISERABLE? As a study claims to have spotted an apparent correlation between mental and physical health and the use of the social media site, KATIE WRIGHT looks closer at the evidence. Report May 2, 2017 348
MP proposes usage licenses for social media users..feasible? May 2, 2017 566
Ethical and legal perspectives on use of social media by health professionals in South Africa. Kubheka, B. Report May 1, 2017 3362
Managing your social media--The essentials. Herther, Nancy K. May 1, 2017 4270
Navigating (im)mobility: female entrepreneurship and social media in Khartoum. Steel, Griet Essay May 1, 2017 10143
Venture labor, media work, and the communicative construction of economic value: Agendas for the field and critical commentary: entrepreneurial subjects: Venturing from Alley to Valley. Marwick, Alice E. Essay May 1, 2017 1540
Venture labor, media work, and the communicative construction of economic value: Agendas for the field and critical commentary: making media work: Turning to labor management in communication studies. Rodino-Colocino, Michelle Essay May 1, 2017 1719
Venture labor, media work, and the communicative construction of economic value: Agendas for the field and critical commentary: venture labor and media work: The Canary has flown. Hirsch, Paul M. Essay May 1, 2017 1200
Venture labor, media work, and the communicative construction of economic value: Agendas for the field and critical commentary: how venture labor sheds light on the digital platform economy. Casilli, Antonio Essay May 1, 2017 1630
#Fringe, audiences, and fan labor: Twitter activism to save a TV show from cancellation. Guerrero-Pico, Mar Essay May 1, 2017 9810
How to use social media for increased F&B footfall. Apr 30, 2017 284
IS FACEBOOK MAKING YOU FAT AND MISERABLE? As a study claims to have spotted an apparent correlation between mental and physical health and the use of the social media site, KATIE WRIGHT looks closer at the evidence. Report Apr 28, 2017 348
IS FACEBOOK MAKING YOU FAT AND MISERABLE? As a study claims to have spotted an apparent correlation between mental and physical health and the use of the social media site, KATIE WRIGHT looks closer at the evidence. Report Apr 28, 2017 348
IS FACEBOOK MAKING YOU FAT AND MISERABLE? As a study claims to have spotted an apparent correlation between mental and physical health and the use of the social media site, KATIE WRIGHT looks closer at the evidence. Report Apr 27, 2017 348
IS FACEBOOK MAKING YOU FAT AND MISERABLE? As a study claims to have spotted an apparent correlation between mental and physical health and the use of the social media site, KATIE WRIGHT looks closer at the evidence. Report Apr 27, 2017 348
Are we too wired? Csorba, Emerson; Slaney, Noa Gafni Apr 24, 2017 1156
Communication, social media, and legal vulnerability. Skolnik, Neil; Shear, Brett C. Report Apr 15, 2017 1089
Tips on focusing at work despite politics. Brief article Apr 1, 2017 301
The real risks of fake news. Haber, Morey Apr 1, 2017 886
Security breaches: no end in sight. Apr 1, 2017 573
Colombian journalists on twitter: Opinions, gatekeeping, and transparency in political coverage. Garcia-Perdomo, Victor Report Apr 1, 2017 9421
The future of living organ donation: Embracing the role of social media to find a donor. Montesi, Beth; Masse, Christy Brief article Apr 1, 2017 258
Elonis v. United States: at the crossroads of First Amendment and criminal jurisprudence in the digital age. Kass, Matt Mar 22, 2017 11314
Tinkering with students' free speech beyond the schoolhouse gate during the digital age. Brooks, Jeremy M. Mar 22, 2017 9990
You've asked: personal use of social media. Guitard, Virgil Report Mar 22, 2017 493
Whatsapp for educational purposes for female students at college of education--King Saud University. Aljaad, Nawal Hamad Mohmad Mar 22, 2017 10153
Want better patient engagement? Use social media. Twachtman, Gregory Report Mar 15, 2017 515
To post or not to post? Social media and nursing. Brookes, Grant Report Mar 1, 2017 852
The effects of perceived team performance and social responsibility on pride and word-of-mouth recommendation. Chang, Mark Jaewon; Kang, Joon-Ho; Ko, Yong Jae; Connaughton, Daniel P. Report Mar 1, 2017 8090
Class action notice in the digital age. Aiken, Alexander W. Mar 1, 2017 25790
Professional boundaries on social media: risks and consequences. Evatt, Manjulata; Guttendorf, Jane Report Mar 1, 2017 1833
Views clash on whether social media entries are records. Brief article Mar 1, 2017 235
New urban players: stratagematic use of media by banksy and the hong kong umbrella movement. Monachesi, Paola; Turco, Marina Report Mar 1, 2017 8974
Navigating social integration into university on Facebook: Insights from a longitudinal study. Barnes, Naomi Report Mar 1, 2017 5911
Courts' use of social media: A community of practice model. Johnston, Jane Report Feb 1, 2017 7061
Digital citizenship and surveillance society: introduction. Hintz, Arne; Dencik, Lina; Wahl-Jorgensen, Karin Report Feb 1, 2017 4184
The normalization of surveillance and the invisibility of digital citizenship: Media debates after the Snowden revelations. Wahl-Jorgensen, Karin; Bennett, Lucy; Taylor, Gregory Report Feb 1, 2017 9232
Media companies may no longer control distribution, but they do control trust. Palmer, Charis Feb 1, 2017 801
Parental online sharing involves balancing risks, benefits. Haelle, Tara Report Feb 1, 2017 1076
Programs & communications. Jan 1, 2017 398
Fluid conversations in cyberculture/Conversacoes fluidas na cibercultura. Teixeira Primo, Alex; Valiati, Vanessa; Lupinacci, Ludmila; Barros, Laura Ensayo Jan 1, 2017 10557
From The People's Choice to the social media voting platforms. The 2014 Romanian presidential elections and the sociological construction of voting decisions. Ivanescu, Mihaela Essay Jan 1, 2017 5284
Selfie-informed voting: how the ballot selfie contributes to rational ignorance. Medeiros, Laura E. Jan 1, 2017 12004
Communication through social technologies: A study of Israeli women. Nord, Jeretta Horn; Achituv, Dafni Biran; Paliszkiewicz, Joanna Report Jan 1, 2017 7341
Parasocial Engagement for Musicians and Artists: A Systemic Review of Theoretical Foundations with Applications. Herrera, David Report Jan 1, 2017 5508
Dermatology education by social media. Dec 31, 2016 1409
A Comparative Study between the Learning Style of User and Non User Students of Social Media at Elementary School Level. Ch, Abdul Qayyum; Hussain, Tariq; Mahmood, Zaid; Rasool, M. Shafqat Report Dec 31, 2016 2169
Social Media as Assistive Technology for Elderly. Iqbal, Sarwat; Ahsan, Kamran; Hussain, Muhammad Azhar; Nadeem, Adnan Report Dec 31, 2016 8615
Making a case for McDonald's: a qualitative case study examining the McDonald's "Our Food, Your Questions" campaign. Gorham, Laura M.; Gibson, Courtney; Irlbeck, Erica Dec 1, 2016 7355
Gender-Based Violence following social media acquaintance in Nigeria. Makinde, Olusesan A.; Odimegwu, Clifford O.; Abdulmalik, Jibril O.; Babalola, Stella O.; Fawole, Olu Report Dec 1, 2016 6798
Four types of visual content to enhance your PR efforts. Izaks, Jamie Dec 1, 2016 918
Big Data: In Search of Benefits. Karolefski, John Dec 1, 2016 1475
Altmetrics: an overhyped fad or an important tool for evaluating scholarly output? Vinyard, Marc Dec 1, 2016 2153
The linguistics of social media: communication of emotions and values in sport. Lee, Christopher; Kahle, Lynn Report Dec 1, 2016 6765
Chosen marketing and public relations techniques used by Ewa Chodakowska in promoting a healthy lifestyle - study on opinions of respondents on the Ewa Chodakowska method. Tyranska-Fobke, A.; Konieczna, A.; Kuich, A.; Janaszczyk, A.; Leoniuk, K. Report Dec 1, 2016 3841
Philippines : Bam: Educate students on proper, responsible use of social media. Oct 5, 2016 416
A hybrid credibility analysis method applied on Turkish tweets with TV news and discussion programs related content. Gunduz, Ali Fatih; Karagoz, Pinar Report Oct 1, 2016 5336
Social media has opened a world of possibility to promote the pro-life message. Gallagher, Maria Oct 1, 2016 561
YouTube nature preferences: a content analysis study. Reese, Ryan F.; Seitz, Christopher M.; Stroud, Daniel; Lehman, Barbara; Caldwell, Scarlet; Ecklund, Report Oct 1, 2016 8130
Framing corruption in the Chinese government: a comparison of frames between media, government, and netizens. Chen, Michelle; Zhang, Christina Report Oct 1, 2016 9148
The roles of social media in promoting sustainability in higher education. Carpenter, Serena; Takahashi, Bruno; Cunningham, Carie; Lertpratchya, Alisa P. Report Oct 1, 2016 8141
The dual impact of social media under networked authoritarianism: social media use, civic attitudes, and system support in China. Li, Xueqing; Lee, Francis L.F.; Li, Ying Report Oct 1, 2016 8929
Contested hashtags: Blockupy Frankfurt in social media. Neumayer, Christina; Rossi, Luca; Karlsson, Bjorn Report Oct 1, 2016 8669
Growing bot security: an ecological view of bot agency. Guilbeault, Douglas Report Oct 1, 2016 8504
The image of piracy and maritime terrorism. the media as a tool for its development. Gawliczek, Piotr; Nowakowska-Krystman, Aneta Oct 1, 2016 5808
Conceptual models on the effectiveness of e-marketing strategies in engaging consumers. Bolos, Cheristena; Idemudia, Efosa C.; Mai, Phoebe; Raisinghani, Mahesh; Smith, Shelley Report Oct 1, 2016 5437
The judge as digital citizen: pros, cons, and ethical limitations on judicial use of new media. Browning, John G. Sep 22, 2016 8073
Getting even: empowering victims of revenge porn with a civil cause of action. Pollack, Jessica M. Sep 22, 2016 14711
Most Chains Fall Short in Use of Social Media. Sep 19, 2016 176
Salient object detection using segmentation process. Titus, Anita; Sakthi, Preethi R. Report Sep 15, 2016 2354
Influence of social media use revealed. Sep 12, 2016 371
Crunch Time. Yang, Nu Editorial Sep 1, 2016 585
Going the extra mile: putting the newspaper customer first can turn your business around. Knolle, Sharon Cover story Sep 1, 2016 2243
Environmental health promotion on a budget: leveraging the power of YouTube to reach millions of people. Sones, Matthew; Jackson, Rose; Smith-George, Januett P. Column Sep 1, 2016 1086
Forest products industry in a digital age: factors affecting social media adoption. Gazal, Kathryn; Montague, Iris; Poudel, Rajendra; Wiedenbeck, Jan Report Sep 1, 2016 10350
Millennial alumni perceptions of communications: a look at one land grant university's media use. Northfell, Amanda; Edgar, Leslie D.; Graham, Donna L.; Rucker, K. Jill Sep 1, 2016 7604
Twibel: the intersection of Twitter and libel. Placid, Raymond; Wynekoop, Judy; Feicht, Roger W. Sep 1, 2016 4823
Let's Have a Tweetup: The Case for Using Twitter Professionally. Fuller, Maren Y.; Allen, Timothy Craig Sep 1, 2016 1483
Insecurity settings: understand (and conquer) social media envy. Friedlander, Jamie Aug 27, 2016 2201
Hosting, Maintenance And Further Development Services For, To Include The Creation Of Video & Photograhic Content & Use Of Social Media. Aug 23, 2016 203
CYBERBULLYING; Increase in use of social media has contributed to worrying problem. Aug 18, 2016 1477
Seeing Wegmans with a Fresh Set of Eyes. McTaggart, Jenny Aug 1, 2016 1630
DIY kind of guy: Elite Daily co-founder and serial investor Gerard Adams mentors others to build a legacy on their own. Meis, Cecilia Aug 1, 2016 1627
Self-appointed theo-bloggers are true schismatics. Zagano, Phyllis Jul 29, 2016 628
Social media usage in Kuwait.. A double-edged sword. Jul 29, 2016 469
NBC targets millennials with Rio social push: Olympics campaign taps digital influencers in an attempt to reach TV-averse young audiences. Spangler, Todd Jul 26, 2016 981
Crime has trebled on social media 6 ECHONEWS; facebook, twitter, snapchat used for variety of offences Police hunt after pub glass attack A MAN was glassed over the head and a second man punched during an attack in a Wirral pub. The glassing victim, 34, needed stitches for deep cuts around his eye and forehead. Jul 11, 2016 1676
FIA starts action against misuse of social media. Nawaz, Tasleem Jul 10, 2016 513
The social media experiences of long-term patients: illness, identity, and participation. Ytre-Arne, Brita Report Jul 1, 2016 7212
Turn the page: using the internet to provide newer and quicker stories, making the magazine available online and the rise of social media mark this year's 70th anniversary of PN magazine. Nemann, Andy Jul 1, 2016 1106
Upward bound: inside the digital strategies moving the media industry forward. Young, Adreana Jul 1, 2016 2735
A rhetorical analysis of Chinese WeChat messages among midlife adults. Zhang, Mei Report Jul 1, 2016 7324
On social, not all negative are bad: companies should use customer comments--both good and bad--to drive brand transformation. Klie, Leonard Jul 1, 2016 2512
Use of Social Media and Political Participation among University Students. Jun 30, 2016 7090
UALR professor fights terrorists. Campbell, Sarah Jun 20, 2016 685
Use of social media by businesses still low, says report. Jun 11, 2016 515
Do you know where your online readers are? Developing a proper social media strategy with Twitter. Tornoe, Rob Jun 1, 2016 1094
Using social media, online social networks, and internet search as platforms for public health interventions: a pilot study. Huesch, Marco D.; Galstyan, Aram; Ong, Michael K.; Doctor, Jason N. Report Jun 1, 2016 6034
Legitimizing security in the Ivory Tower: Canadian university corporate security services' public quest for legitimacy. Wilkinson, Blair May 1, 2016 7106
Online focus groups with parents and adolescents with heart transplants: challenges and opportunities. Boateng, Beatrice; Nelson, Mary Kathryn; Huett, Amy; Meaux, Julie B.; Pye, Sherry; Schmid, Barbara; May 1, 2016 3654
Powering down: the reality of ditching technology for a week. Meis, Cecilia May 1, 2016 1536
It cuts both ways. Kennedy, Shirley Duglin May 1, 2016 1142
'This is for the refugees ...'. Padgett, Lauree Column May 1, 2016 1252
Ebola research update: social media may be useful. Pizzi, Richard Report May 1, 2016 990
Social plans. May 1, 2016 952
Patterns of cultural awareness of rural development among the local audience: a study of selected local media. Yusuf, Muhammad Kabir Report Apr 1, 2016 8021
HB2's economic quicksand. Azzato, Maureen Apr 1, 2016 329
O-to-O via social media--a novel initiative for enhancing teaching learning process. Selvarani, M. Pradhiba; Sankar, S. Hari; Duraisamy, Vendhan Report Apr 1, 2016 2764
Crowdsourcing management education assessment. Hall, Owen P., Jr.; Griffy-Brown, Charla Report Apr 1, 2016 6847
Effects of Social Media on Teachers' Performance: Evidence from Pakistan. Khattak, Sajid Rahman; Batool, Saima; Saleem, Zafar; Takreem, Kousar Report Mar 31, 2016 2302
Egyptian Twitter Envies Hijack Victims. Mar 29, 2016 520
Enemy of the people. Bayles, Martha Mar 22, 2016 2201
Social and cultural contexts of alcohol use: influences in a social-ecological framework. Sudhinaraset, May; Wigglesworth, Christina; Takeuchi, David T. Report Mar 22, 2016 9871
Tweeting care: educators' dissent through social media in the US and Canada. Brickner, Rachel K. Essay Mar 22, 2016 12451
Analyzing digital narratives as global social work texts: a case study of "The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie Social Worker". La Rose, Tara Case study Mar 22, 2016 9271
Tips for searching social media. Kryder, Cynthia L. Mar 22, 2016 1218
Meetups teach women the ropes: Californian-turned-New Zealand social media strategist Francesca Alexander is using Hollywood-style Meetups to help empower female entrepreneurs. Bennett, Johanna Mar 1, 2016 1091
Boards still not prepared for social media risk. McDonald, Caroline Brief article Mar 1, 2016 139
Ask the expert. Vilkaitis, Crystal Column Mar 1, 2016 346
E-government and social media as effective tools in controlling corruption in public administration. Ionescu, Luminita Report Mar 1, 2016 2164
Are you a 'digital influencer'? you need to be ... consultant at The Careers Group, Laura Brammer, offers advice on your online profile. Brammer, Laura Mar 1, 2016 531
Use of an experiential learning assignment to prepare future health professionals to utilize social media for nutrition communications. Twynstra, Jasna; Dworatzek, Paula Mar 1, 2016 3412
Commentary: #payattention to teens' use of social media. Pearce, Francine Mar 1, 2016 490
Constant use of social media may mess up your sleep. Feb 29, 2016 159
WikiLeaks document reveals Netanyahu pressured Italy over illegal settlements in Palestine. Brief article Feb 24, 2016 276
Facebook as the new chocolate: should you give up social media for Lent? Schlumpf, Heidi Feb 12, 2016 829
Pet Marketing Goes High-Tech. Furore, Kathleen Feb 1, 2016 1071
ICON: improving care of human health using intelligent data mining. Kiruba, S. Arul; Pavithra, V.; Saranya, A.; Dharani, B. Report Feb 1, 2016 3464
Using credit tools when credit information is limited. Stinner, Kevin Feb 1, 2016 983
Breaking the fourth wall: dancers are using new media to get closer to audiences. Ouellette, Jenny Feb 1, 2016 419
I can't complain. Carlomagno, Mary Jan 29, 2016 1157
What Middle East news got wrong this week: Finland's rape-condoning billboard. Brief article Jan 14, 2016 244
Social Media Is Still New for Many Advisors: Practical Perspectives. Jan 13, 2016 613
Video emerges showing Madaya residents receiving aid convoy. Jan 11, 2016 649
Search me. Howley, Brendan Jan 1, 2016 1688
Posting up. Padgett, Lauree Editorial Jan 1, 2016 1320
Why Amazon's and Uber's digital strategies excel: a coherent digital vision is elementary. Goldenberg, Barton Jan 1, 2016 686
It's good to follow your government: keeping up with U.S. federal agencies via social media. Berkman, Robert Jan 1, 2016 1841
Listening our way to e-awareness. Huwe, Terence K. Jan 1, 2016 1617
How millennials get their news. Hamaker, Christian Brief article Jan 1, 2016 106
An MBA cohort's use of an enterprise social network for collaborative learning. Murphy, Glen D. Report Jan 1, 2016 8843
The role of social media tools: accessible tourism for disabled citizens. Altinay, Zehra; Saner, Tulen; Bahcelerli, Nesrin M.; Altinay, Fahriye Report Jan 1, 2016 5653
The critical role of social media in crisis communication. Bratu, Sofia Report Jan 1, 2016 2482
Qualitative investigation of health information seeking behavior utilizing social media in a college population. Hackman, Christine L.; Pember, Sarah E. Jan 1, 2016 8352
Utilizing digital media in agriculture. Jan 1, 2016 2411
Enhancing the use of web 2.0 technologies in higher education: Students' and lectures' views. Echeng, Razep; Usoro, Abel Report Jan 1, 2016 6853
Socialization of Visually Impaired Students through Electronic Media. Ranjha, Asif Naveed; Qurat ul ain, Syeda; Rufi, Yasmin Report Dec 31, 2015 4907
Amar violently beaten up by her boyfriend in public. Brief article Dec 23, 2015 139
Tracking social media usage among advisors, clients in 5 charts. Dec 22, 2015 768
Using social media for marketing: harnessing the power of Twitter, LinkedIn, and Beyond. De Milto, Lori Dec 22, 2015 977
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