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Use of dairy calves could be beefed up. GEMMA MACKENZIE, FARMING EDITOR Apr 3, 2021 495
Use of condensed molasses fermentation solubles as an alternative source of concentrates in dairy cows. Ma, Jian; Ma, Chen; Fan, Xue; Shah, Ali Mujtaba; Mao, Jiang Report Jan 27, 2021 5821
Effects of ruminal administration of soy sauce oil on functional fatty acids in the rumen, blood and milk of dairy cows. Konno, Daiji; Takahashi, Masanobu; Osaka, Ikuo; Orihashi, Takenori; Sakai, Kiyotaka; Sera, Kenji; Ob Jan 1, 2021 4616
Influence of Days in Milk and Parity on Milk and Blood Fatty Acid Concentrations, Blood Metabolites and Hormones in Early Lactation Holstein Cows. Van, Quynh Chau Dang; Knapp, Emilie; Hornick, Jean-Luc; Dufrasne, Isabelle Nov 1, 2020 9088
Environmental Factors and Genetic Parameters of Beef Traits in Fleckvieh Cattle Using Field and Station Testing. Filipcik, Radek; Falta, Daniel; Kopec, Tomas; Chladek, Gustav; VeCera, Milan; Reckova, Zuzana Nov 1, 2020 9990
Silage Fermentation, Bacterial Community, and Aerobic Stability of Total Mixed Ration Containing Wet Corn Gluten Feed and Corn Stover Prepared with Different Additives. Zhang, Guangning; Fang, Xinpeng; Feng, Guanzhi; Li, Yang; Zhang, Yonggen Oct 1, 2020 9672
Intensified Use of Reproductive Technologies and Reduced Dimensions of Breeding Schemes Put Genetic Diversity at Risk in Dairy Cattle Breeds. Doublet, Anna-Charlotte; Restoux, Gwendal; Fritz, Sebastien; Balberini, Laura; Fayolle, Guillaume; H Oct 1, 2020 11977
Estimation of genetic parameters and trends for production traits of dairy cattle in Thailand using a multiple-trait multiple-lactation test day model. Buaban, Sayan; Puangdee, Somsook; Duangjinda, Monchai; Boonkum, Wuttigrai Sep 1, 2020 8217
Internal Teat Sealant Administered at Drying off Reduces Intramammary Infections during the Dry and Early Lactation Periods of Dairy Cows. Freu, Gustavo; Tomazi, Tiago; Monteiro, Camylla Pedrosa; Barcelos, Melina Melo Report Sep 1, 2020 9282
Effects of Propylene Glycol on Negative Energy Balance of Postpartum Dairy Cows. Zhang, Fan; Nan, Xuemei; Wang, Hui; Zhao, Yiguang; Guo, Yuming Report Sep 1, 2020 9700
Changes of Plasma Fatty Acids in Four Lipid Classes to Understand Energy Metabolism at Different Levels of Non-Esterified Fatty Acid (NEFA) in Dairy Cows. Tessari, Rossella; Berlanda, Michele; Morgante, Massimo; Badon, Tamara; Gianesella, Matteo; Mazzotta Aug 1, 2020 10247
Supplementation of Spring Pasture with Harvested Fodder Beet Bulb Alters Rumen Fermentation and Increases Risk of Subacute Ruminal Acidosis during Early Lactation. Fleming, Anita; Garrett, Konagh; Froehlich, Kelly; Beck, Matthew; Bryant, Racheal H.; Edwards, Grant Aug 1, 2020 15782
Clustering and Characterization of the Lactation Curves of Dairy Cows Using K-Medoids Clustering Algorithm. Lee, Mingyung; Lee, Seonghun; Park, Jaehwa; Seo, Seongwon Aug 1, 2020 7928
Metabolism, Ketosis Treatment and Milk Production after Using Glycerol in Dairy Cows: A Review. Kupczynski, Robert; Szumny, Antoni; Wujcikowska, Katarzyna; Pachura, Natalia Aug 1, 2020 10020
Classifying Milk Yield Using Deep Neural Network. Boga, Mustafa; Cevik, Kerim Kursat; Burgut, Aykut Report Jul 28, 2020 4438
Comparison of Fatty Acid Proportions Determined by Mid-Infrared Spectroscopy and Gas Chromatography in Bulk and Individual Milk Samples. Samkova, Eva; Spicka, Jiri; Hanus, Oto; Roubal, Petr; Pecova, Lenka; Hasonova, Lucie; Smetana, Pavel Jun 1, 2020 7418
Effects of Using an Alternative Bedding Composition on the Levels of Indicator Microorganisms and Mammary Health in Dairy Farm Conditions. Zigo, Frantisek; Sasakova, Nad'a; Gregova, Gabriela; Vyrostkova, Jana; Ondrasovicova, Silvia Jun 1, 2020 7178
A Comparison of Two DNA Metagenomic Bioinformatic Pipelines While Evaluating the Microbial Diversity in Feces of Tanzanian Small Holder Dairy Cattle. Kibegwa, Felix M.; Bett, Rawlynce C.; Gachuiri, Charles K.; Stomeo, Francesca; Mujibi, Fidalis D. May 31, 2020 8037
Antibiotic Consumption on Dairy and Beef Cattle Farms of Central Italy Based on Paper Registers. Ferroni, Laura; Lovito, Carmela; Scoccia, Eleonora; Dalmonte, Gastone; Sargenti, Marta; Pezzotti, Gi May 1, 2020 11977
Effect of Cassava Residue Substituting for Crushed Maize on In Vitro Ruminal Fermentation Characteristics of Dairy Cows at Mid-Lactation. Zheng, Yuhui; Xue, Shenglin; Zhao, Yanyan; Li, Shengli May 1, 2020 6793
Influence of Natural Zeolites Supplemented with Inorganic Selenium on the Productive Performance of Dairy Cows. Marin, Monica Paula; Pogurschi, Elena Narcisa; Marin, Iuliana; Nicolae, Carmen Georgeta Report Apr 14, 2020 5360
Black Wattle (Acacia mearnsii) Condensed Tannins as Feed Additives to Lactating Dairy Cows. Avila, Andre S.; Zambom, Maximiliane A.; Faccenda, Andressa; Werle, Caroline H.; Almeida, Ana R.E.; Apr 1, 2020 8529
Use of Probiotics in Intravaginal Sponges in Sheep: A Pilot Study. Quereda, Juan J.; Garcia-Rosello, Empar; Barba, Marta; Moce, Maria L.; Gomis, Jesus; Jimenez-Trigos, Report Apr 1, 2020 4609
Dynamics of Different Buffer Systems in Slurries Based on Time and Temperature of Storage and Their Visualization by a New Mathematical Tool. Overmeyer, Veronika; Holtkamp, Felix; Clemens, Joachim; Buscher, Wolfgang; Trimborn, Manfred Apr 1, 2020 12985
Antimicrobial Resistance in Farm Animals in Brazil: An Update Overview. Rabello, Renata F.; Bonelli, Raquel R.; Penna, Bruno A.; Albuquerque, Julia P.; Souza, Rossiane M.; Report Apr 1, 2020 25145
The Oxidative Stress Markers of Horses--the Comparison with Other Animals and the Influence of Exercise and Disease. Shono, Saori; Gin, Azusa; Minowa, Fumiko; Okubo, Kimihiro; Mochizuki, Mariko Apr 1, 2020 4953
Betaine Supplementation Improves the Production Performance, Rumen Fermentation, and Antioxidant Profile of Dairy Cows in Heat Stress. Shah, Ali Mujtaba; Ma, Jian; Wang, Zhisheng; Zou, Huawei; Hu, Rui; Peng, Quanhui Apr 1, 2020 4787
Nutrient Intake, Excretion and Use Efficiency of Grazing Lactating Herds on Commercial Dairy Farms. Aarons, Sharon R.; Gourley, Cameron J.P.; Powell, J. Mark Report Mar 1, 2020 12654
Welfare Assessment of Dairy Cows in Small Farms in Bangladesh. Islam, M. Ariful; Sharma, Arvind; Ahsan, S.; Mazumdar, S.; Rudra, K.C; Phillips, Clive J.C. Report Mar 1, 2020 9933
Comparison of the fit of automatic milking system and test-day records with the use of lactation curves. Sitkowska, B.; Kolenda, M.; Piwczynski, D. Mar 1, 2020 5060
A Machine Vision-Based Method for Monitoring Scene-Interactive Behaviors of Dairy Calf. Guo, Yangyang; He, Dongjian; Chai, Lilong Report Feb 1, 2020 4668
Effects of the Supplementation of Lysophospholipids through Pelleted Total Mixed Rations on Blood Biochemical Parameters and Milk Production and Composition of Mid-Lactation Dairy Cows. He, Yuhua; Zhong, Rongzhen; Cheng, Long; You, Peihua; Li, Yiyong; Sun, Xuezhao Report Feb 1, 2020 6371
Genomic Analysis of Milk Protein Fractions in Brown Swiss Cattle. Mota, Lucio Flavio Macedo; Pegolo, Sara; Bisutti, Vittoria; Bittante, Giovanni; Cecchinato, Alessio Report Feb 1, 2020 9622
Antibacterial Activity of Trypsin-Hydrolyzed Camel and Cow Whey and Their Fractions. Wang, Ruixue; Han, Zhihao; Ji, Rimutu; Xiao, Yuchen; Si, Rendalai; Guo, Fucheng; He, Jing; Hai, Le; Report Feb 1, 2020 6123
Evaluation of the Physical Properties of Bedding Materials for Dairy Cattle Using Fuzzy Clustering Analysis. Ferraz, Patricia Ferreira Ponciano; Araujo, Gabriel Silva Ferraz; Leso, Lorenzo; Klopcic, Marija; Ro Report Feb 1, 2020 10651
THE ETHIOPIAN DAIRY SECTOR WITH FOCUS ON TRADITIONAL BUTTER: A REVIEW. B., Abebe; Y., Zelalem; E., Mitiku; Yousuf, M.K. Feb 1, 2020 8252
Discussions on use of Milk Afric dairy facilities ongoing. Jan 20, 2020 461
Design Optimization for Dairy Barns Using Computational Fluid Dynamics. Thibault, Thomas M.; Majano, Bernardo J.; Lee, Natasha M.; Amirault, Murray P.; Anderson, Donnie Jan 1, 2020 3458
Combining Crude Glycerin with Chitosan Can Manipulate In Vitro Ruminal Efficiency and Inhibit Methane Synthesis. Seankamsorn, Anuthida; Cherdthong, Anusorn; Wanapat, Metha Report Jan 1, 2020 8141
Enteric Methane Emissions of Dairy Cows Predicted from Fatty Acid Profiles of Milk, Cream, Cheese, Ricotta, Whey, and Scotta. Bittante, Giovanni; Bergamaschi, Matteo Report Jan 1, 2020 6595
The Use of Computer Records: A Tool to Increase Productivity in Dairy Herds. Sanchez, Zazil; Galina, Carlos Salvador; Vargas, Bernardo; Romero, Juan Jose; Estrada, Sandra Technical report Jan 1, 2020 8519
Milking It: "Organic dairy means no use of antibiotics, synthetic growth hormones, genetically modified organisms, or conventional pesticides.... The health and natural behavior of cows are prioritized, with holistic and preventative care practices as a primary management strategy.". McNeil, Maggie Nov 1, 2019 1247
Utilization of bedded cattle confinement for organic manure of maize crop/ Aproveitamento da cama de confinamento de bovino para adubacao organica do milho. Mota, Vania C.; Andrade, Ednilton T.; Pinto, Sandra M.; de Abreu, Luiz R.; Leite, Daniel F. Aug 1, 2019 4661
IoT-based measurement system for classifying cow behavior from tri-axial accelerometer/Sistema de medicao baseado em IoT para classificar o comportamento de vacas atraves de acelerometro tri-axial. Wang, Jun; He, Zhitao; Jiu, Jiangtao; Zhao, Kaixuan; Zhang, Haiyang Jun 1, 2019 6740
The effect of nanoemulsified methionine and cysteine on the in vitro expression of casein in bovine mammary epithelial cells. Kim, Tae-Il; Kim, Tae-Gyun; Lim, Dong-Hyun; Kim, Sang-Bum; Park, Seong-Min; Lim, Hyun-Joo; Kim, Hyun Report Feb 1, 2019 4335
Use of lethal Oxytocin to milk cattle continues unabated. Nov 12, 2018 495
Identification and antimicrobial suceptibility profile of bacteria causing bovine mastitis from dairy farms in Pelotas, Rio Grande do Sul/Identificacao e perfil de suscetibilidade antimicrobiana de bacterias causadoras de mastite bovina em propriedades leiteiras de Pelotas, Rio Grande do Sul. Freitas, C.H.; Mendes, J.F.; Villarreal, P.V.; Santos, P.R.; Goncalves, C.L.; Gonzales, H.L.; Nascen Nov 1, 2018 4094
Development and Validation of a Stability-Indicating HPLC Method for the Simultaneous Determination of Florfenicol and Flunixin Meglumine Combination in an Injectable Solution. Batrawi, Nidal; Naseef, Hani; Rimawi, Fuad Al- Report Jan 1, 2017 3742
Mapping aflatoxin risk from milk consumption using biophysical and socio-economic data: a case study of Kenya. Ochungo, P.; Lindahl, J.F.; Kayano, T.; Sirma A.J.; Senerwa D.M.; Kiama T.N.; Grace, D. Case study Jul 1, 2016 5096
The effect of Yerba Mate (Ilex paraguariensis) supplementation on nutrient degradability in dairy cows: an in sacco and in vitro study. Hartemink, Ellen; Giorgio, Daniela; Kaur, Ravneet; Di Trana, Adriana; Celi, Pietro Report Nov 1, 2015 6271
Urea and salt as supplementary diet for crossbreed milk cows/Ureia e sal mineral em suplementos para vacas mesticas leiteiras. Teixeira, Cesar Roberto Viana; de Paula Lana, Rogerio; Renno, Luciana Navajas; Veloso, Cristina Matt Jul 1, 2015 5645
Surface temperature of materials used to cover of calf hutches/ Temperatura superficial de materiais utilizados para cobertura individual de bezerreiros. Barnabe, Janice M.C.; Pandorfi, Heliton; de Almeida, Gledson L.P.; Guiselini, Cristiane; Jacob, Arth May 1, 2014 3716
Use of Awamori-pressed lees and Tofu lees as feed ingredients for growing female goats. Nagamine, Itsuki; Sunagawa, Katsunori; Kishi, Tetsuya Report Dec 1, 2012 9762
Anatomic-pathological samples of cattle fed with glycerol/Anatomopatologia de amostras de bovinos alimentados com glicerol. Leao, Jean Pacheco; Ramos, Adriano Tony; Maruo, Viviane Mayumi; de Souza, Domenica Palomaris Mariano Jul 1, 2012 1951
Methane production of different forages in in vitro ruminal fermentation. Meale, S.J.; Chaves, A.V.; Baah, J.; McAllister, T.A. Report Jan 1, 2012 4498
Evaluation of dry matter intake and average daily gain predicted by the Cornell Net Carbohydrate and Protein System in crossbred growing bulls kept in a traditionally confined feeding system in China. Du, Jinping; Liang, Yi; Xin, Hangshu; Xue, Feng; Zhao, Jinshi; Ren, Liping; Qingxiang, Meng Report Nov 1, 2010 6815
Keep a family cow and enjoy delicious milk, cream, cheese and more: have a cow! Here's what you need to know to buy and care for a dairy cow. You'll have a blast, plus save money on dairy products (and even meat). Keb, Karen Jun 1, 2010 2216
Blood parameters of dairy cows supplemented with different fat sources/Parametros sanguineos de vacas leiteiras suplementadas com diferentes fontes de gordura. de Freitas, Jose Esler, Jr.; Renno, Francisco Palma; Prada, Luiz Felipe Silva; Gandra, Jefferson Rod Apr 1, 2010 5059

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