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Utility of stone volume estimated by software algorithm in predicting success of medical expulsive therapy. Jain, Rajat; Maskal, Sara; Milk, Jason; Kahn, Leonard; Fedrigon, Donald, III; Sivalingam, Sri Report Mar 1, 2021 2836
Use Of Algorithms Can Perpetuate Bias. Feb 25, 2021 524
Deep Learning-Based Modulation Detection for NOMA Systems. Xie, Wenwu; Xiao, Jian; Yang, Jinxia; Wang, Ji; Peng, Xin; Yu, Chao; Zhu, Peng Report Feb 1, 2021 4708
Verification Algorithm for the Duplicate Verification Data with Multiple Verifiers and Multiple Verification Challenges. Xu, Guangwei; Lai, Miaolin; Feng, Xiangyang; Huang, Qiubo; Luo, Xin; Li, Li; Li, Shan Report Feb 1, 2021 8116
A Many-objective Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm Based on Multiple Criteria for Hybrid Recommendation System. Hu, Zhaomin; Lan, Yang; Zhang, Zhixia; Cai, Xingjuan Report Feb 1, 2021 7359
Adaptive Algorithm in Image Reconstruction Based on Information Geometry. Wang, Meng; Ning, Zhen Hu; Yu, Jing; Xiao, Chuang Bai Report Feb 1, 2021 5527
Selection-based Low-cost Check Node Operation for Extended Min-Sum Algorithm. Park, Kyeongbin; Chung, Ki-Seok Report Feb 1, 2021 4947
Audio Fingerprint Retrieval Method Based on Feature Dimension Reduction and Feature Combination. Zhang, Qiu-yu; Xu, Fu-jiu; Bai, Jian Report Feb 1, 2021 7917
The Race-Blind Future of Voting Rights. Chen, Jowei; Stephanopoulos, Nicholas O. Feb 1, 2021 32215
A Context-aware Task Offloading Scheme in Collaborative Vehicular Edge Computing Systems. Jin, Zilong; Zhang, Chengbo; Zhao, Guanzhe; Jin, Yuanfeng; Zhang, Lejun Report Feb 1, 2021 7178
Low-cost System with Handheld Analyzer for Optimizing the Position of Indoor Base Stations. Lee, C.C.; Xu, Degang; Chan, George Report Feb 1, 2021 6048
A Review of Using Machine Learning Approaches for Precision Education. Luan, Hui; Tsai, Chin-Chung Report Jan 1, 2021 8243
Questions and Answers--Or Is That Answers and Questions? Padgett, Lauree Jan 1, 2021 1192
Escaping the McNamara Fallacy: Toward More Impactful Recommender Systems Research. Jannach, Dietmar; Bauer, Christine Dec 22, 2020 11212
DETECTING MENS REA IN THE BRAIN. Jones, Owen D.; Montague, Read; Yaffe, Gideon Dec 1, 2020 13581
A New Classification Approach with Deep Mask R-CNN for Synthetic Aperture Radar Image Segmentation. Yayla, Ridvan; Sen, Baha Dec 1, 2020 3892
IMPROVING THE IMAGE BINARIZATION PROCESS BY USING A WEIGHTED-VOTING SCHEME. Pobleanu, Cristian-Daniel; Dumitrescu, Andrei; Cristea, Stefania; Vlasceanu, Giorgiana Violeta Dec 1, 2020 2570
Counting Mitoses With Digital Pathology in Breast Phyllodes Tumors. Chow, Zi Long; Thike, Aye Aye; Li, Hui Hua; Nasir, Nur Diyana Md; Yeong, Joe Poh Sheng; Tan, Puay Ho Report Nov 1, 2020 2533
The Algorithmic Governance of Connected Autonomous Vehicles: Data-driven Decision Support Systems and Smart Sustainable Urban Mobility Behaviors. Davidson, Robert Report Nov 1, 2020 2962
Smart Transportation Systems: Sustainable Mobilities, Autonomous Vehicle Decision-Making Algorithms, and Networked Driverless Technologies. Nelson, Anthony Report Nov 1, 2020 2976
Urban Mobility Technologies, Algorithm-driven Sensing Devices, and Machine Learning-based Ethical Judgments in a Connected Vehicle Environment. Walker, Amanda; Rowland, Zuzana; Michalikova, Katarina Frajtova; Svabova, Lucia Report Nov 1, 2020 3052
Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Mobility: Socially Disruptive Technologies, Networked Transport Systems, and Big Data Algorithmic Analytics. Lazaroiu, George; Machova, Veronika; Kucera, Jiri Report Nov 1, 2020 3106
Connected and Networked Driving: Smart Mobility Technologies, Urban Transportation Systems, and Big Data-driven Algorithmic Decision-Making. Allen, Margaret Report Nov 1, 2020 3056
Development and Application of a Pragmatic Algorithm to Guide Definitive Carbapenemase Testing to Identify Carbapenemase-Producing Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Gill, Christian M.; Asempa, Tomefa E.; Nicolau, David P. Nov 1, 2020 5055
Thresholds versus Anomaly Detection for Surveillance of Pneumonia and Influenza Mortality. Wiemken, Timothy L.; Rutschman, Ana Santos; Niemotka, Samson L.; Hoft, Daniel Report Nov 1, 2020 1438
Dascena wins EUA from FDA for use of COVID-19 COViage algorithm in hospitals across the US. Oct 5, 2020 250
Dascena wins EUA from FDA for use of COVID-19 COViage algorithm in hospitals across the US. Oct 5, 2020 256
Dascena wins EUA from FDA for use of COVID-19 COViage algorithm in hospitals across the US. Oct 5, 2020 254
Recognition of Cross-Language Acoustic Emotional Valence Using Stacked Ensemble Learning. Zvarevashe, Kudakwashe; Olugbara, Oludayo O. Oct 1, 2020 9432
The Use of an Exact Algorithm within a Tabu Search Maximum Clique Algorithm. Smith, Derek H.; Montemanni, Roberto; Perkins, Stephanie Oct 1, 2020 6741
Model-Based Real-Time Motion Tracking Using Dynamical Inverse Kinematics. Rapetti, Lorenzo; Tirupachuri, Yeshasvi; Darvish, Kourosh; Dafarra, Stefano; Nava, Gabriele; Latella Oct 1, 2020 7858
An Arable Field for Benchmarking of Metaheuristic Algorithms for Capacitated Coverage Path Planning Problems. Moghadam, Erfan Khosravani; Vahdanjoo, Mahdi; Jensen, Allan Leck; Sharifi, Mohammad; Sorensen, Claus Oct 1, 2020 7814
Internet of Things-enabled Smart Sustainable Cities: Big Data-based Urban Governance, Wireless Sensor Networks, and Automated Algorithmic Decision-Making Processes. Walker, Amanda Report Oct 1, 2020 2084
Intelligent Hybrid Fusion Algorithm with Vision Patterns for Generation of Precise Digital Road Maps in Self-driving Vehicles. Jung, Juho; Park, Manbok; Cho, Kuk; Mun, Cheol; Ahn, Junho Report Oct 1, 2020 5599
Knowledge Representation Using Decision Trees Constructed Based on Binary Splits. Azad, Mohammad Report Oct 1, 2020 5656
Algorithmic Speech and Freedom of Expression. Sears, Alan M. Oct 1, 2020 24414
A Joint Modulation-Coding Scheme and Resource Allocation in LTE Uplink. Gutierrez, Amado; Rangel, Victor; Gomez, Javier; Edwards, Robert M.; Covarrubias, David H. Oct 1, 2020 6349
DECEPTION BY DESIGN. Willis, Lauren E. Sep 22, 2020 35494
Does Fundraising Have Meaningful Sequential Patterns? The Case of Fintech Startups. Khajehpour, Houman; Sadatrasoul, Seyed Mahdi; Zenouz, Reza Yousefi Sep 22, 2020 9102
A Fast Image Thresholding Algorithm for Infrared Images Based on Histogram Approximation and Circuit Theory. Manda, Manikanta Prahlad; Kim, Hi Seok Report Sep 1, 2020 6356
A Simulated Annealing Algorithm for Solving Two-Echelon Vehicle Routing Problem with Locker Facilities. Redi, A.A.N. Perwira; Jewpanya, Parida; Kurniawan, Adji Candra; Persada, Satria Fadil; Nadlifatin, R Report Sep 1, 2020 7235
EEG Feature Extraction Using Genetic Programming for the Classification of Mental States. Z-Flores, Emigdio; Trujillo, Leonardo; Legrand, Pierrick; Faita-Ainseba, Frederique Report Sep 1, 2020 12542
Procalcitonin-guided antibiotic therapy for suspected and confirmed sepsis of patients in a surgical trauma ICU: a prospective, two period cross-over, interventional study. Chomba, R.N.; Moeng, M.S.; Lowman, W. Clinical report Sep 1, 2020 4507
An Image Hashing Algorithm for Authentication with Multi-Attack Reference Generation and Adaptive Thresholding. Du, Ling; He, Zehong; Wang, Yijing; Wang, Xiaochao; Ho, Anthony T.S. Report Sep 1, 2020 9100
An Efficient Microbes Detection System using Microscopic Images via Morphological and Correlation Based Features. Dhindsa, Anaahat; Bhatia, Sanjay; Agrawal, Sunil; Sohi, B.S. Report Sep 1, 2020 6570
Pectoral Muscle Segmentation in Mammograms. Suganthi, G.Vaira; Sutha, J.; Parvathy, M.; Devi, C. Durga Report Sep 1, 2020 3463
Minimum Flows in Parametric Dynamic Networks--the Static Approach. Nicoleta, Grigoras "Avesalon" Sep 1, 2020 6298
Gaussian Mixture Models Based on Principal Components and Applications. Alqahtani, Nada A.; Kalantan, Zakiah I. Report Aug 31, 2020 7144
Accurate Attitude Determination Based on Adaptive UKF and RBF Neural Network Using Fusion Methodology for Micro-IMU Applied to Rotating Environment. Wan, Lei; Meng, Zhi Min; Guan, Ying Report Aug 31, 2020 8515
Sparsity-Based DOA Estimation with Gain and Phase Error Calibration of Generalized Nested Array. Feng, Ziang; Hu, Guoping; Zhou, Hao Report Aug 31, 2020 5446
An Efficient Nodes Failure Recovery Management Algorithm for Mobile Sensor Networks. Jadoon, Rab Nawaz; Awan, Adnan Anwar; Khan, Muhammad Amir; Zhou, WuYang; Shahzad, Aamir Report Aug 31, 2020 9779
Lithium-Ion Battery Parameters and State of Charge Joint Estimation Using Bias Compensation Least Squares and the Alternate Algorithm. Xiong, Wei; Mo, Yimin; Yan, Cong Report Aug 31, 2020 7791
Relation and Application Method of Deep Learning Sea Target Detection and Segmentation Algorithm. Li, Guangfu; Wang, Zheng; Ren, Jia Report Aug 31, 2020 6938
Stability Analysis Method for Periodic Delay Differential Equations with Multiple Distributed and Time-Varying Delays. Jin, Gang; Zhang, Xinyu; Zhang, Kaifei; Li, Hua; Li, Zhanjie; Han, Jianxin; Qi, Houjun Report Aug 31, 2020 4834
Time Series Prediction of Electricity Demand Using Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference Systems. Acakpovi, Amevi; Ternor, Alfred Tettey; Asabere, Nana Yaw; Adjei, Patrick; Iddrisu, Abdul-Shakud Report Aug 31, 2020 7339
Applications of the RST Algorithm to Nonlinear Systems in Real-Time Hybrid Simulation. Tang, Yu; Qin, Hui Report Aug 31, 2020 6123
On the Cryptanalysis of a Bit-Level Image Chaotic Encryption Algorithm. Hu, Yingchun; Yu, Simin; Zhang, Zeqing Report Aug 31, 2020 7027
Optimization of Order-Picking Problems by Intelligent Optimization Algorithm. Wu, Zhong-huan; Chen, Hong-jie; Yang, Jia-jia Report Aug 31, 2020 5871
Ship Target Detection Based on Improved YOLO Network. Huang, Hong; Sun, Dechao; Wang, Renfang; Zhu, Chun; Liu, Bangquan Report Aug 31, 2020 4809
Balancing Control of Two-Wheel Bicycle Problems. Vu, Ngoc Kien; Nguyen, Hong Quang Report Aug 31, 2020 6620
A Two-Stage Wireless Sensor Grey Wolf Optimization Node Location Algorithm Based on K-Value Collinearity. Meng, Yinghui; Zhi, Qianying; Zhang, Qiuwen; Lin, Erlin Report Aug 31, 2020 6086
Semantic Segmentation Algorithm Based on Attention Mechanism and Transfer Learning. Ye, Jianfeng; Lu, Chong; Xiong, Junfeng; Wang, Huaming Report Aug 31, 2020 6024
Multiobjective Design Optimization Framework for Multicomponent System with Complex Nonuniform Loading. Zhang, Hong; Bai, Guangchen; Song, Lukai Report Aug 31, 2020 8134
EKF-Based Actuator Fault Detection and Diagnosis Method for Tilt-Rotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Gao, Jiaxin; Zhang, Qian; Chen, Jiyang Report Aug 31, 2020 5990
Establishment and Analysis of a Combined Diagnostic Model of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome with Random Forest and Artificial Neural Network. Xie, Ning-Ning; Wang, Fang-Fang; Zhou, Jue; Liu, Chang; Qu, Fan Report Aug 31, 2020 5722
A Novel Graphic-Aided Algorithm (gNIPT) Improves the Accuracy of Noninvasive Prenatal Testing. Zhu, Qingwen; Wang, Jing; Xu, Xiaoning; Zhou, Shiying; Liao, Zhengli; Zhang, Jun; Kong, Lingyin; Lia Report Aug 31, 2020 6077
Machine Learning Algorithms Identify Pathogen-Specific Biomarkers of Clinical and Metabolomic Characteristics in Septic Patients with Bacterial Infections. Zheng, Lingling; Lin, Fangqin; Zhu, Changxi; Liu, Guangjian; Wu, Xiaohui; Wu, Zhiyuan; Zheng, Jianbi Report Aug 31, 2020 6075
An Innovative Excited-ACS-IDGWO Algorithm for Optimal Biomedical Data Feature Selection. Segera, Davies; Mbuthia, Mwangi; Nyete, Abraham Report Aug 31, 2020 12404
A 5G Beam Selection Machine Learning Algorithm for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Applications. Meng, Hao; Shafik, Wasswa; Matinkhah, S. Mojtaba; Ahmad, Zubair Aug 31, 2020 12362
An SETM Algorithm for Combating SSDF Attack in Cognitive Radio Networks. Tephillah, S.; Manickam, J. Martin Leo Aug 31, 2020 5430
An Automatic Recognition Method of Microseismic Signals Based on S Transformation and Improved Gaussian Mixture Model. Wang, Kaikai; Tang, Chun'an; Ma, Ke; Wang, Xintang; Li, Qiang Aug 31, 2020 14944
Adaptive Fuzzy Sliding Mode and Robust Tracking Control for Manipulators with Uncertain Dynamics. Wang, Sanxiu Aug 31, 2020 3731
Deep Learning Algorithms and Multicriteria Decision-Making Used in Big Data: A Systematic Literature Review. Yang, Mei; Nazir, Shah; Xu, Qingshan; Ali, Shaukat Aug 31, 2020 7604
Multimodal Control by Variable-Structure Neural Network Modeling for Coagulant Dosing in Water Purification Process. Zhang, Jun; Luo, Da-Yong Aug 31, 2020 5049
A Simplified Hypervolume-Based Evolutionary Algorithm for Many-Objective Optimization. Ji, Hong; Dai, Cai Aug 31, 2020 4981
A Robust Direct Parameter Identification of Exponentially Damped Low-Frequency Oscillation in Power Systems. Zhaobi, Chu; Yuanyuan, Pan; Haiyan, Tang; Min, Zhu; Xueping, Dong Aug 31, 2020 5462
Image Denoising Using Sparsifying Transform Learning and Weighted Singular Values Minimization. Zhao, Yanwei; Yang, Ping; Guan, Qiu; Zheng, Jianwei; Wang, Wanliang Aug 31, 2020 7769
Modified Support Vector Machine for Detecting Stress Level Using EEG Signals. Gupta, Richa; Alam, M. Afshar; Agarwal, Parul Aug 31, 2020 6257
Channel and Feature Selection for a Motor Imagery-Based BCI System Using Multilevel Particle Swarm Optimization. Qi, Yingji; Ding, Feng; Xu, Fangzhou; Yang, Jimin Aug 31, 2020 6265
FaceFilter: Face Identification with Deep Learning and Filter Algorithm. Alghaili, Mohammed; Li, Zhiyong; Ali, Hamdi A.R. Report Aug 31, 2020 5204
Massively Parallel CFD Simulation Software: CCFD Development and Optimization Based on Sunway TaihuLight. Liu, Xiazhen; Lu, Zhonghua; Yuan, Wu; Ma, Wenpeng; Zhang, Jian Report Aug 31, 2020 7663
Structural Optimization of the Aircraft NACA Inlet Based on BP Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms. Li, Zhimao; Chen, Changdong; Pei, Houju; Kong, Benben Aug 31, 2020 4574
A Novel Adaptive H-Infinity Cubature Kalman Filter Algorithm Based on Sage-Husa Estimator for Unmanned Underwater Vehicle. Yang, Rui; Zhang, Aijun; Zhang, Lifei; Hu, Ye Report Aug 31, 2020 5148
Using Evolving ANN-Based Algorithm Models for Accurate Meteorological Forecasting Applications in Vietnam. Chen, Tim; Kapron, N.; Chen, J.C.-Y. Report Aug 31, 2020 4721
A Time-Delay-Bounded Data Scheduling Algorithm for Delay Reduction in Distributed Networked Control Systems. Fan, Zeming; Yu, Xiaojun; Wan, Hao; Kang, Meilin; Liu, Yuan; He, Yuye; Xiao, Gaoxi Report Aug 31, 2020 7640
Adaptive Cruise Control Strategy Design with Optimized Active Braking Control Algorithm. Wu, Wenguang; Zou, Debiao; Ou, Jian; Hu, Lin Report Aug 31, 2020 6706
MTGPLP Approach for Traffic Signal Intelligent Control. Li, Ya; Liu, Renhuai; Zou, Yuanyang; Ma, Yingshuang; Wang, Guoxin Report Aug 31, 2020 8303
A 3D Surface Reconstruction Method for Large-Scale Point Cloud Data. Guo, Baoyun; Wang, Jiawen; Jiang, Xiaobin; Li, Cailin; Su, Benya; Cui, Zhiting; Sun, Yankun; Yang, C Report Aug 31, 2020 8844
Closed-Form Distance Estimators under Kalman Filtering Framework with Application to Object Tracking. Shin, Vladimir; Shevlyakov, Georgy; Jeong, Woohyun; Kim, Yoonsoo Report Aug 31, 2020 9412
Prediction of Suspect Activity Trajectory in Food Safety Area Based on Multiple U-Model Algorithm. Wang, Kang; Bu, Kun; Zhang, Yipeng; Li, Xiaoli Report Aug 31, 2020 5080
Range-Based Positioning with Self-Adapting Fireworks Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks. Huang, Meigen; Yu, Bin Report Aug 31, 2020 6053
Impact of UAV Delivery on Sustainability and Costs under Traffic Restrictions. Li, Yuyu; Yang, Wei; Huang, Bo Report Aug 31, 2020 11586
Vibration Analysis of Shaft Misalignment Using Machine Learning Approach under Variable Load Conditions. Umbrajkaar, A.M.; Krishnamoorthy, A.; Dhumale, R.B. Aug 31, 2020 7348
Research on Identification Technology of Explosive Vibration Based on EEMD Energy Entropy and Multiclassification SVM. Ma, Huayuan; Li, Xinghua; Liu, Qiang; Xingbo, Xie; Ji, Chong; Zhao, Changxiao Aug 31, 2020 4388
Mass Laplacian Discriminant Analysis and Its Application in Gear Fault Diagnosis. Wang, Guangbin; Lv, Ying; Wang, Tengqiang; Wang, Xiaohui; Cheng, Huanke Aug 31, 2020 7573
Intelligent Control Using Metaheuristic Optimization for Buck-Boost Converter. Chanjira, P.; Tunyasrirut, S. Aug 31, 2020 6639
MP criticises algorithm use for A-level exam results. Aug 18, 2020 404
A cardiovascular disease risk prediction algorithm for use with the Medicare current beneficiary survey. Fouayzi, Hassan; Ash, Arlene S.; Rosen, Amy K. Report Aug 1, 2020 6162
Edge-preserving Filtering and Fuzzy Image Enhancement in Depth Images Captured by Realsense Cameras in Robotic Applications. Tadic, Vladimir; Odry, Akos; Burkus, Ervin; Kecskes, Istvan; Kiraly, Zoltan; Odry, Peter Aug 1, 2020 6829
Trajectory-prediction based relay scheme for time-sensitive data communication in VANETs. Jin, Zilong; Xu, Yuxin; Zhang, Xiaorui; Wang, Jin; Zhang, Lejun Aug 1, 2020 7091
Clustering and Characterization of the Lactation Curves of Dairy Cows Using K-Medoids Clustering Algorithm. Lee, Mingyung; Lee, Seonghun; Park, Jaehwa; Seo, Seongwon Aug 1, 2020 7928
Effect of Missing Data Imputation on Deep Learning Prediction Performance for Vesicoureteral Reflux and Recurrent Urinary Tract Infection Clinical Study. Kose, Timur; Ozgur, Su; Cosgun, Erdal; Keskinoglu, Ahmet; Keskinoglu, Pembe Report Jul 31, 2020 9645
An Artificial Intelligence Model for Predicting 1-Year Survival of Bone Metastases in Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer Patients Based on XGBoost Algorithm. Huang, Zhangheng; Hu, Chuan; Chi, Changxing; Jiang, Zhe; Tong, Yuexin; Zhao, Chengliang Report Jul 31, 2020 5576
Missing Value Estimation Methods Research for Arrhythmia Classification Using the Modified Kernel Difference-Weighted KNN Algorithms. Yang, Fei; Du, Jiazhi; Lang, Jiying; Lu, Weigang; Liu, Lei; Jin, Changlong; Kang, Qinma Report Jul 31, 2020 6078
Identifying Capsule Defect Based on an Improved Convolutional Neural Network. Junlin, Zhou; Jiao, He; Guoli, Li; Yongbin, Liu Jul 31, 2020 4929
A Novel Linguistic Z-Number QUALIFLEX Method and Its Application to Large Group Emergency Decision Making. Ding, Xue-Feng; Zhu, Li-Xia; Lu, Mei-Shun; Wang, Qi; Feng, Yi-Qi Report Jul 31, 2020 10790
Place Retrieval in Knowledge Graph. Xin, Shan; Jingyi, Qiu; Bo, Wang; Yongcheng, Dang; Tingxiang, Lu; Yiming, Zheng Report Jul 31, 2020 5429
Heuristic Algorithms for MapReduce Scheduling Problem with Open-Map Task and Series-Reduce Tasks. Feifeng, Zheng; Zhaojie, Wang; Yinfeng, Xu; Ming, Liu Report Jul 31, 2020 8109
A DE-LS Metaheuristic Algorithm for Hybrid Flow-Shop Scheduling Problem considering Multiple Requirements of Customers. Yingjia, Sun; Xin, Qi Report Jul 31, 2020 8687
Automatic NoSQL to Relational Database Transformation with Dynamic Schema Mapping. Aftab, Zain; Iqbal, Waheed; Almustafa, Khaled Mohamad; Bukhari, Faisal; Abdullah, Muhammad Report Jul 31, 2020 7574
Intelligent Differential Evolution Scheme for Network Resources in IoT. Quoc, Huu Dang; The, Loc Nguyen; Doan, Cuong Nguyen; Thanh, Toan Phan; Xiong, Neal N. Report Jul 31, 2020 7571
Symbiotic Organism Search Algorithm for Power Loss Minimization in Radial Distribution Systems by Network Reconfiguration and Distributed Generation Placement. The, Tung Tran; Quoc, Sy Nguyen; Ngoc, Dieu Vo Report Jul 31, 2020 13330
A Biological Immune Mechanism-Based Quantum PSO Algorithm and Its Application in Back Analysis for Seepage Parameters. Tan, Jiacheng; Xu, Liqun; Zhang, Kailai; Yang, Chao Report Jul 31, 2020 7344
DetReco: Object-Text Detection and Recognition Based on Deep Neural Network. Zhang, Fan; Luan, Jiaxing; Xu, Zhichao; Chen, Wei Report Jul 31, 2020 8331
Spectrum Efficiency Optimization for UAV-Based Cognitive Radio Network. Zhang, Hongwei; Da, Xinyu; Hu, Hang; Ni, Lei; Pan, Yu Report Jul 31, 2020 7295
Deep Learning for Price Movement Prediction Using Convolutional Neural Network and Long Short-Term Memory. Yang, Can; Zhai, Junjie; Tao, Guihua Report Jul 31, 2020 8513
JPEG Lifting Algorithm Based on Adaptive Block Compressed Sensing. Zhu, Yongjun; Liu, Wenbo; Shen, Qian; Wu, Yin; Bao, Han Report Jul 31, 2020 9090
Research on Mathematical Model of Cost Budget in the Early Stage of Assembly Construction Project Based on Improved Neural Network Algorithm. Lin, Xin; Lu, Yinan Report Jul 31, 2020 4211
A Person Reidentification Algorithm Based on Improved Siamese Network and Hard Sample. Wang, Guangcai; Wang, Shiqi; Chi, Wanda; Liu, Shicai; Fan, Di Report Jul 31, 2020 5807
Research on Target Tracking Algorithm Using Millimeter-Wave Radar on Curved Road. Song, Shiping; Wu, Jian; Zhang, Sumin; Liu, Yunhang; Yang, Shun Report Jul 31, 2020 11369
Pareto Assumption for Constrained PSO-Based Locomotive Resistance Minimization. Sertsoz, Mine; Fidan, Mehmet Report Jul 31, 2020 7470
Optimizing High-Dimensional Functions with an Efficient Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm. Li, Guoliang; Sun, Jinhong; Rana, Mohammad N.A.; Song, Yinglei; Liu, Chunmei; Zhu, Zhi-yu Report Jul 31, 2020 9548
A Systematic Literature Review on Using Machine Learning Algorithms for Software Requirements Identification on Stack Overflow. Ahmad, Arshad; Feng, Chong; Khan, Muzammil; Khan, Asif; Ullah, Ayaz; Nazir, Shah; Tahir, Adnan Jul 31, 2020 14370
Spam Detection Approach for Secure Mobile Message Communication Using Machine Learning Algorithms. GuangJun, Luo; Nazir, Shah; Khan, Habib Ullah; Haq, Amin Ul Jul 31, 2020 3236
PVDF Piezoelectric Sensors for Seeds Counting and Coulter Clogging Detection in Sowing Process Monitoring. Gierz, Lukasz; Paszkiewicz, Bartlomiej Kazimierz Jul 31, 2020 4604
Changes in Amino Acid and Acylcarnitine Plasma Profiles for Distinguishing Patients with Multiple Sclerosis from Healthy Controls. Kasakin, Marat F.; Rogachev, Artem D.; Predtechenskaya, Elena V.; Zaigraev, Vladimir J.; Koval, Vlad Jul 31, 2020 4998
On the Location of Multiple Failure Slip Surfaces in Slope Stability Problems Using the Meshless SPH Algorithm. Li, Liang; Zhai, Ming; Ling, Xianzhang; Chu, Xuesong; Hu, Bin; Cheng, Yungming Jul 31, 2020 4634
Analysis and Identification of Students with Financial Difficulties: A Behavioural Feature Perspective. Ma, Yong; Zhang, Xingxu; Di, Xiaoqiang; Ren, Tao; Yang, Huamin; Cai, Binbin Jul 31, 2020 11542
A Crash Severity Prediction Method Based on Improved Neural Network and Factor Analysis. Zhang, Chen; He, Jie; Wang, Yinhai; Yan, Xintong; Zhang, Changjian; Chen, Yikai; Liu, Ziyang; Zhou, Jul 31, 2020 7682
Touchless Authentication System Using Visual Fingertip Trajectories. Akman, Vefak Murat; Vural, Revna Acar; Koc, Kemal Talha Report Jul 14, 2020 6082
A Lightweight Cryptography Algorithm for Secure Smart Cities and IOT. Abed, Ahmed Mohsin; Boyaci, Ali Report Jul 14, 2020 3746
Matrix completion based adaptive sampling for measuring network delay with online support. Meng, Wei; Li, Laichun Report Jul 1, 2020 7602
Dispatching-Rule Variants Algorithms for Used Spaces of Storage Supports. Alquhayz, Hani; Jemmali, Mahdi; Otoom, Mohammad Mahmood Jun 30, 2020 6608
The On-Chip D-LMS Filter Design Method of Wireless Sensor Node Based on FPGA. Li, Jian; Li, Maojin; Meng, Ming; Liu, Zepeng Jun 30, 2020 5807
Fault Diagnosis of Gearbox in Multiple Conditions Based on Fine-Grained Classification CNN Algorithm. Jiang, Pengcheng; Cong, Hua; Wang, Jing; Zhang, Dongsheng Jun 30, 2020 7667
A Lagrangian Multiplier Method for TDOA and FDOA Positioning of Multiple Disjoint Sources with Distance and Velocity Correlation Constraints. Yang, Bin; Yang, Zeyu; Wang, Ding Jun 30, 2020 9887
Reduced-Order Algorithm for Eigenvalue Assignment of Singularly Perturbed Linear Systems. Yoo, Heonjong; Gajic, Zoran; Lee, Kyeong-Hwan Jun 30, 2020 4866
Path Planning for Autonomous Articulated Vehicle Based on Improved Goal-Directed Rapid-Exploring Random Tree. Xu, Tong; Xu, Yang; Wang, Dong; Chen, Siwei; Zhang, Weigong; Feng, Lihang Report Jun 30, 2020 3734
Integrated Transformer Health Estimation Methodology Based on Markov Chains and Evidential Reasoning. Milosavljevic, Srdjan; Janjic, Aleksandar Jun 30, 2020 8514
Image Demosaicing Based on Generative Adversarial Network. Luo, Jingrui; Wang, Jie Jun 30, 2020 8386
Effective Data Transmission and Control Based on Social Communication in Social Opportunistic Complex Networks. Yang, Weiyu; Wu, Jia; Luo, Jingwen Jun 30, 2020 12318
Improved TLBO-JAYA Algorithm for Subset Feature Selection and Parameter Optimisation in Intrusion Detection System. Aljanabi, Mohammad; Ismail, Mohd Arfian; Mezhuyev, Vitaly Jun 30, 2020 10337
A Real-Time Image Encryption Method of Networked Inverted Pendulum Visual Servo Control System. Li, Xue; Liu, Bing; Zhang, Changda Jun 30, 2020 6208
Adaptive Hybrid Soft-Sensor Model of Grinding Process Based on Regularized Extreme Learning Machine and Least Squares Support Vector Machine Optimized by Golden Sine Harris Hawk Optimization Algorithm. Xie, Wei; Wang, Jie-sheng; Xing, Cheng; Guo, Sha-Sha; Guo, Meng-wei; Zhu, Ling-feng Jun 30, 2020 12763
Layered Concept Lattice Model and Its Application to Build Rapidly Concept Lattice. Wu, Xia; Zhang, Jialu; Zhong, Jiaming Jun 30, 2020 10462
A Hybrid Pathfinder Optimizer for Unconstrained and Constrained Optimization Problems. Qi, Xiangbo; Yuan, Zhonghu; Song, Yan Jun 30, 2020 13015
Machine Learning Approach for Answer Detection in Discussion Forums: An Application of Big Data Analytics. Khan, Atif; Ibrahim, Ibrahim; Uddin, M. Irfan; Zubair, Muhammad; Ahmad, Shafiq; Firdausi, Muhammad D Report Jun 30, 2020 5895
Task Allocation Optimization Scheme Based on Queuing Theory for Mobile Edge Computing in 5G Heterogeneous Networks. Xue, Jianbin; Wang, Zesen; Zhang, Yonggang; Wang, Lu Report Jun 30, 2020 8476
Enhancing Accuracy in a Touch Operation Biometric System: A Case on the Android Pattern Lock Scheme. Ng'ang'a, Allan; Musuva, Paula M.W. Report Jun 30, 2020 6417
Flink-ER: An Elastic Resource-Scheduling Strategy for Processing Fluctuating Mobile Stream Data on Flink. Li, Ziyang; Yu, Jiong; Bian, Chen; Pu, Yonglin; Wang, Yuefei; Zhang, Yitian; Guo, Binglei Report Jun 30, 2020 10133
Using Bluetooth Low Energy Advertisements for the Detection of People Temporal Proximity Patterns. Garcia-Alonso, Jose; Berrocal, Javier; Perez-Vereda, Alejandro; Galan-Jimenez, Jaime; Canal, Carlos; Report Jun 30, 2020 13726
Efficient Multitask Scheduling for Completion Time Minimization in UAV-Assisted Mobile Edge Computing. Zhang, Bingxin; Zhang, Guopeng; Ma, Shuai; Yang, Kun; Wang, Kezhi Report Jun 30, 2020 7669
An Encrypted Speech Retrieval Scheme Based on Long Short-Term Memory Neural Network and Deep Hashing. Zhang, Qiu-yu; Li, Yu-zhou; Hu, Ying-jie Jun 1, 2020 9999
DEXSIT-v2: Database for the Detection of Fracture Risk Condition. Fathima, S.M. Nazia; Tamilselvi, R.; Beham, M. Parisa Report Jun 1, 2020 1499
Numerically Efficient Fuzzy MPC Algorithm with Advanced Generation of Prediction--Application to a Chemical Reactor. Marusak, Piotr M. Report Jun 1, 2020 8136
Local Comparison between Two Ninth Convergence Order Algorithms for Equations. Regmi, Samundra; Argyros, Ioannis K.; George, Santhosh Report Jun 1, 2020 4129
An Algorithm for Fuzzy Negations Based-Intuitionistic Fuzzy Copula Aggregation Operators in Multiple Attribute Decision Making. Giakoumakis, Stylianos; Papadopoulos, Basil Jun 1, 2020 6578
Pareto Optimal PID Tuning for Px4-Based Unmanned Aerial Vehicles by Using a Multi-Objective Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm. Gomez, Victor; Gomez, Nicolas; Rodas, Jorge; Paiva, Enrique; Saad, Maarouf; Gregor, Raul Report Jun 1, 2020 8819
Using AI to triage digital pathology cases. Clifford, Lisa-Jean Jun 1, 2020 1331
Multi-Objective Artificial Bee Colony Algorithms and ChaoticTOPSIS Method for Solving Flowshop Scheduling Problem and Decision Making. Panda, Monalisa; Dehuri, Satchidananda; Jagadev, Alok Kumar Jun 1, 2020 16220
The Use of Machine Learning Approaches for the Diagnosis of Acute Appendicitis. Akmese, Omer F.; Dogan, Gul; Kor, Hakan; Erbay, Hasan; Demir, Emre May 31, 2020 5082
A Comparison of Two DNA Metagenomic Bioinformatic Pipelines While Evaluating the Microbial Diversity in Feces of Tanzanian Small Holder Dairy Cattle. Kibegwa, Felix M.; Bett, Rawlynce C.; Gachuiri, Charles K.; Stomeo, Francesca; Mujibi, Fidalis D. May 31, 2020 8037
Optimized Mahalanobis-Taguchi System for High-Dimensional Small Sample Data Classification. Xiao, Xinping; Fu, Dian; Shi, Yu; Wen, Jianghui May 31, 2020 9524
Research on Rolling Bearing Fault Diagnosis Using Improved Majorization-Minimization-Based Total Variation and Empirical Wavelet Transform. Ou, Yangli; He, Shuilong; Hu, Chaofan; Bao, Jiading; Li, Wenjie May 31, 2020 5290
Prediction of Drug Side Effects with a Refined Negative Sample Selection Strategy. Liang, Haiyan; Chen, Lei; Zhao, Xian; Zhang, Xiaolin May 31, 2020 8438
Intelligent Operation of Wheel Loader Based on Electrohydraulic Proportional Control. Cao, Bing-Wei; Liu, Xin-Hui; Chen, Wei; Tan, Peng; Niu, Ping-Fang May 31, 2020 5993
The Effect of Training and Testing Process on Machine Learning in Biomedical Datasets. Ucar, Muhammed Kursad; Nour, Majid; Sindi, Hatem; Polat, Kemal May 31, 2020 9188
Geological Type Recognition by Machine Learning on In-Situ Data of EPB Tunnel Boring Machines. Zhang, Qian; Yang, Kaihong; Wang, Lihui; Zhou, Siyang May 31, 2020 6531
Gait Recognition Based on the Feature Extraction of Gabor Filter and Linear Discriminant Analysis and Improved Local Coupled Extreme Learning Machine. Guo, Hongli; Li, Bin; Zhang, Youmei; Zhang, Yu; Li, Wei; Qiao, Fengjuan; Rong, Xuewen; Zhou, Shuwang May 31, 2020 6498
Lower Limb Motion Recognition Method Based on Improved Wavelet Packet Transform and Unscented Kalman Neural Network. Shi, Xin; Qin, Pengjie; Zhu, Jiaqing; Xu, Shuyuan; Shi, Weiren May 31, 2020 7980
Translocation-Based Algorithm for Publishing Trajectories with Personalized Privacy Requirements. Wang, Shuai; Chen, Chunyi; Zhang, Guijie May 31, 2020 13873
A Novel Method for Matching Reservoir Parameters Based on Particle Swarm Optimization and Support Vector Machine. Yin, Rongwang; Li, Qingyu; Li, Peichao; Lu, Detang May 31, 2020 4884
Construction and Optimization of Fuzzy Rule-Based Classifier with a Swarm Intelligent Algorithm. Mao, Li; Chen, Qidong; Sun, Jun May 31, 2020 9509
Prediction of Future Terrorist Activities Using Deep Neural Networks. Uddin, M. Irfan; Zada, Nazir; Aziz, Furqan; Saeed, Yousaf; Zeb, Asim; Shah, Syed Atif Ali; Al-Khasaw May 31, 2020 9342
Hybrid Online and Offline Reinforcement Learning for Tibetan Jiu Chess. Li, Xiali; Lv, Zhengyu; Wu, Licheng; Zhao, Yue; Xu, Xiaona May 31, 2020 6726
Interactive Algorithms in Complex Image Processing Systems Based on Big Data. Xu, Yuanjin; Liu, Xiaojun May 31, 2020 5953
FDA Issues Emergency Use Authorization for Eko's ECG-based Low Ejection Fraction Screening Algorithm, Designed to Improve Detection of Heart Failure During COVID-19 Pandemic. May 13, 2020 509
Exploring the Performance of the Improved Nearest-Neighbor Algorithms for Solving the Euclidean Travelling Salesman Problem. Raya, Lilysuriazna; Saud, Safaa Najah; Shariff, Siti Hadijah; Bakar, Khairun Nisa Abu Report May 1, 2020 2740
Frontier Strategy with GA based Task Scheduler for Autonomous Robotic Exploration Systems. Ibrahim, Mohd Faisal; Huddin, Aqilah Baseri; Hussain, Aini; Zaman, Mohd Hairi Mohd Report May 1, 2020 3504
Quadcopter Control using LabVIEW for a Brain Computer Interface System. Alwasiti, Haider; Yusoff, Mohd Zuki Report May 1, 2020 2938
A Vision Based Crop Monitoring System Using Segmentation Techniques. Rangarajan, Aravind Krishnaswamy; Purushothaman, Raja May 1, 2020 7073
Optimizing Gaussian Process Regression for Image Time Series Gap-Filling and Crop Monitoring. Belda, Santiago; Pipia, Luca; Morcillo-Pallares, Pablo; Verrelst, Jochem May 1, 2020 8480
Modern Kredi Siniflandirma Calismalari ve Metasezgisel Algoritma Uygulamalari: Sistematik Bir Derleme/Metaheuristic Algorithms and Modern Credit Classification Methods: A Systematic Review. Altinbas, Hazar Report May 1, 2020 10123
p-Refined Multilevel Quasi-Monte Carlo for Galerkin Finite Element Methods with Applications in Civil Engineering. Blondeel, Philippe; Robbe, Pieterjan; Van hoorickx, Cedric; Francois, Stijn; Lombaert, Geert; Vandew Report May 1, 2020 12895
Study for Predicting Land Surface Temperature (LST) Using Landsat Data: A Comparison of Four Algorithms. Mustafa, Elhadi K.; Co, Yungang; Liu, Guoxiang; Kaloop, Mosbeh R.; Beshr, Ashraf A.; Zarzoura, Fawzi Report Apr 30, 2020 8748
The Splitting Crank-Nicolson Scheme with Intrinsic Parallelism for Solving Parabolic Equations. Xue, Guanyu; Gong, Yunjie; Feng, Hui Apr 30, 2020 5764
Influential Factors of an Asynchronous BCI for Movement Intention Detection. Rodpongpun, Sura; Janyalikit, Thapanan; Ratanamahatana, Chotirat Ann Apr 30, 2020 8445
An Improved HotSpot Algorithm and Its Application to Sandstorm Data in Inner Mongolia. Qing-dao-er-ji, Ren; Pang, Rui; Chang, Yue Apr 30, 2020 6477
Optimization of an On-Grid Inverter for PV Applications Using Genetic Algorithms. Ammous, Anis; Alahdal, Abdulrahman; Ammous, Kaicar Apr 30, 2020 6251
Investigation on Some Ectoparasites of Mesopotamian Spiny Eels (Mastacembelus mastacembelus) with Certain Data Mining Algorithms Based on the Effect of Weight and Sex. Koyun, Mustafa; Celik, Senol Report Apr 14, 2020 6511
Security Clustering Algorithm Based on Integrated Trust Value for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Network. Zhou, Jingxian; Wang, Zengqi Apr 1, 2020 8834
A Data-Driven Prediction Method for an Early Warning of Coccidiosis in Intensive Livestock Systems: A Preliminary Study. Borgonovo, Federica; Ferrante, Valentina; Grilli, Guido; Pascuzzo, Riccardo; Vantini, Simone; Guarin Apr 1, 2020 4151
Success History-Based Position Adaptation in Fuzzy-Controlled Ensemble of Biology-Inspired Algorithms. Akhmedova, Shakhnaz; Stanovov, Vladimir; Erokhin, Danil; Semenkina, Olga Report Apr 1, 2020 16321
Prediction of Draft Force of a Chisel Cultivator Using Artificial Neural Networks and Its Comparison with Regression Model. Abbaspour-Gilandeh, Yousef; Fazeli1, Masoud; Roshanianfard, Ali; Hernandez-Hernandez, Mario; Gallard Apr 1, 2020 6750
Real-Time Localization Approach for Maize Cores at Seedling Stage Based on Machine Vision. Zong, Ze; Liu, Gang; Zhao, Shuo Apr 1, 2020 6205
Machine Learning Analysis of Image Data Based on Detailed MR Image Reports for Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Prognosis. Cui, Chunyan; Wang, Shunxin; Zhou, Jian; Dong, Annan; Xie, Fei; Li, Haojiang; Liu, Lizhi Mar 31, 2020 6391
Generation of Dynamical S-Boxes for Block Ciphers via Extended Logistic Map. Cassal-Quiroga, B.B.; Campos-Canton, E. Mar 31, 2020 9165
A Predictor-Corrector Finite Element Method for Time-Harmonic Maxwell's Equations in Polygonal Domains. Nkemzi, Boniface; Nkeck, Jake Leonard Report Mar 31, 2020 8873
A Novel Approach for Optimizing the Supply Chain: A Heuristic-Based Hybrid Algorithm. Kocaoglu, Yasemin; Cakmak, Emre; Kocaoglu, Batuhan; Gumus, Alev Taskin Mar 31, 2020 12586
An Optimal Backoff Time-Based Internetwork Interference Mitigation Method in Wireless Body Area Network. Xie, Zhijun; Wang, Baocheng; Yu, Jiancheng; Wu, Huanming; Huang, Guangyan; Zarei, Roozbeh; He, Jing Mar 31, 2020 8001
Block-Split Array Coding Algorithm for Long-Stream Data Compression. Jiancheng, Qin; Yiqin, Lu; Yu, Zhong Mar 31, 2020 11871
Optimizing the Junction-Tree-Based Reinforcement Learning Algorithm for Network-Wide Signal Coordination. Zhao, Yi; Ma, Jianxiao; Shen, Linghong; Qian, Yong Mar 31, 2020 6031
Eco-Driving Optimal Controller for Autonomy Tracking of Two-Wheel Electric Vehicles. Bello, Y.; Azib, T.; Larouci, C.; Boukhnifer, M.; Rizoug, N.; Patino, D.; Ruiz, F. Mar 31, 2020 9148
A Temporal and Spatial Data Redundancy Processing Algorithm for RFID Surveillance Data. Wang, Siye; Cao, Ziwen; Zhang, Yanfang; Huang, Weiqing; Jiang, Jianguo Mar 31, 2020 9267
Soft Clustering for Enhancing the Diagnosis of Chronic Diseases over Machine Learning Algorithms. Aldhyani, Theyazn H.H; Alshebami, Ali Saleh; Alzahrani, Mohammed Y. Mar 31, 2020 9318
Intelligent Control of a Photovoltaic Generator for Charging and Discharging Battery Using Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System. Ndiaye, El Hadji Mbaye; Ndiaye, Alphousseyni; Faye, Mactar; Gueye, Samba Mar 31, 2020 5084
A New Local Descriptor Based on Strings for Face Recognition. Zaaraoui, Hicham; Saaidi, Abderrahim; Alami, Rachid El; Abarkan, Mustapha Mar 31, 2020 6346
Optimal Reactive Power Flow for Large-Scale Power Systems Using an Effective Metaheuristic Algorithm. Duong, Thanh Long; Duong, Minh Quan; Phan, Van-Duc; Nguyen, Thang Trung Mar 31, 2020 7940
Spatiotemporal Approaches for Quality Control and Error Correction of Atmospheric Data through Machine Learning. Kim, Hye-Jin; Park, Sung Min; Choi, Byung Jin; Moon, Seung-Hyun; Kim, Yong- Hyuk Mar 31, 2020 6628
Evaluation Method of Multiobjective Functions' Combination and Its Application in Hydrological Model Evaluation. Huo, Jiuyuan; Liu, Liqun Mar 31, 2020 16060
Research on Quantitative Remote Sensing Monitoring Algorithm of Air Pollution Based on Artificial Intelligence. Liu, Yun; Jing, Yuqin; Lu, Yinan Mar 31, 2020 4568
A Parameter-Optimized DBN Using GOA and Its Application in Fault Diagnosis of Gearbox. Gai, Jingbo; Shen, Junxian; Wang, He; Hu, Yifan Mar 31, 2020 5697
A Novel Improved Local Binary Pattern and Its Application to the Fault Diagnosis of Diesel Engine. Cai, Yanping; Xu, Guanghua; Li, Aihua; Wang, Xu Mar 31, 2020 8099
Magnetorheological Elastomer Precision Platform Control Using OFFO-PID Algorithm. Guo, Ying-Qing; Zhang, Jie; He, Dong-Qing; Li, Jin-Bao Mar 31, 2020 5075
A Unified Approach for the Identification of Wiener, Hammerstein, and Wiener-Hammerstein Models by Using WH-EA and Multistep Signals. Zambrano, J.; Sanchis, J.; Herrero, J.M.; Martinez, M. Mar 31, 2020 15932
On Constructing Strongly Connected Dominating and Absorbing Set in 3-Dimensional Wireless Ad Hoc Networks. Liang), Jiarong; Yi, Meng; Zhang, Weiguang; Li, Yanyan; Liang, Xinyu; Qin, Bin Mar 31, 2020 10950
Computing Dynamic Heterogeneous-Agent Economies: Tracking the Distribution. Gordon, Grey Report Mar 22, 2020 12662
Combined Use of Multi-Temporal Landsat-8 and Sentinel-2 Images for Wheat Yield Estimates at the Intra-Plot Spatial Scale. Fieuzal, Remy; Bustillo, Vincent; Collado, David; Dedieu, Gerard Mar 1, 2020 7283
A Novel Approach of QMF Bank using Modified PSO Technique for Biomedical Image Applications. Gupta, Bhumika; Verma, Agya Ram; Kumar, Manoj Report Mar 1, 2020 3536
A Study of Agreement between WHO-UMC Causality Assessment System and the Naranjo Algorithm for Causality Assessment of Adverse Drug Reactions Observed in Medical ICU of a Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital. Acharya, Tejas A.; Trivedi, Madhav D.; Joshi, Krupal J.; Chhaiya, Sunita B.; Mehta, Dimple S. Report Mar 1, 2020 2072
A Hybrid Method for Brain Tumor Detection using Advanced Textural Feature Extraction. Gumaste, Pratima Purushottam; Bairagi, Vinayak K. Report Mar 1, 2020 5943
Approximation and Uncertainty Quantification of Systems with Arbitrary Parameter Distributions Using Weighted Leja Interpolation. Loukrezis, Dimitrios; de Gersem, Herbert Report Mar 1, 2020 10205
Misalignment Fault Prediction of Wind Turbines Based on Combined Forecasting Model. Xiao, Yancai; Hua, Zhe Technical report Mar 1, 2020 9189
GeoAI: A Model-Agnostic Meta-Ensemble Zero-Shot Learning Method for Hyperspectral Image Analysis and Classification. Demertzis, Konstantinos; Iliadis, Lazaros Report Mar 1, 2020 12217
A Review of Lithium-Ion Battery Fault Diagnostic Algorithms: Current Progress and Future Challenges. Tran, Manh-Kien; Fowler, Michael Technical report Mar 1, 2020 9557
Analysis of Current Ripples in Electromagnetic Actuators with Application to Inductance Estimation Techniques for Sensorless Monitoring. Konig, Niklas; Nienhaus, Matthias; Grasso, Emanuele Mar 1, 2020 9340
A Screen Location Method for Treating American Hyphantria cunea Larvae Using Convolutional Neural Network. Gao, Yan; Zhao, Ying; Ji, Yujie; Zhao, Dongjie; Wang, Chong; Sun, Qun Mar 1, 2020 6016
Intelligent Tuning of PID Using Metaheuristic Optimization for Temperature and Relative Humidity Control of Comfortable Rooms. Janprom, K.; Permpoonsinsup, W.; Wangnipparnto, S. Mar 1, 2020 6304
A Genetic Algorithm-Based Soft Decision Fusion Scheme in Cognitive IoT Networks with Malicious Users. Khan, Muhammad Sajjad; Gul, Noor; Kim, Junsu; Qureshi, Ijaz Mansoor; Kim, Su Min Mar 1, 2020 5712
Solving Capacitated Facility Location Problem Using Lagrangian Decomposition and Volume Algorithm. Alenezy, Eiman J. Mar 1, 2020 5748
A Stacking Ensemble for Network Intrusion Detection Using Heterogeneous Datasets. Rajagopal, Smitha; Kundapur, Poornima Panduranga; Hareesha, Katiganere Siddaramappa Mar 1, 2020 6099
Intelligent Course Plan Recommendation for Higher Education: A Framework of Decision Tree. Chen, Xiaoliang; Zheng, Jianzhong; Du, Yajun; Tang, Mingwei Mar 1, 2020 7019
Geometrical Properties of Spilled Oil on Seawater Detected Using a LiDAR Sensor. Moon, JungHwan; Jung, Minwoo Mar 1, 2020 5061
An Efficient Solving Method to Vehicle and Passenger Matching Problem for Sharing Autonomous Vehicle System. Li, Ming; Zheng, Nan; Wu, Xinkai; Li, Weihua; Wu, Jianhua Mar 1, 2020 8065
Generation of Synthetic Density Log Data Using Deep Learning Algorithm at the Golden Field in Alberta, Canada. Kim, Sungil; Kim, Kwang Hyun; Min, Baehyun; Lim, Jungtek; Lee, Kyungbook Mar 1, 2020 9725
The Novel Efficient Dual-field FIPS Modular Multiplication. Zhang, Tingting; Zhu, Junru; Liu, Yang; Chen, Fulong Feb 1, 2020 6710
ROBOTIC COLLECTIVE MEMORY. Shur-Ofry, Michal; Pessach, Guy Feb 1, 2020 14812
GA-Adaptive Template Matching for Offline Shape Motion Tracking Based on Edge Detection: IAS Estimation from the SURVISHNO 2019 Challenge Video for Machine Diagnostics Purposes. Daga, Alessandro Paolo; Garibaldi, Luigi Feb 1, 2020 11886
Using Biased-Randomized Algorithms for the Multi-Period Product Display Problem with Dynamic Attractiveness. Marmol, Mage; Martins, Leandro do C.; Hatami, Sara; Juan, Angel A.; Fernandez, Vicenc Feb 1, 2020 13316
Adaptive Tolerance Dehazing Algorithm Based on Dark Channel Prior. Yang, Fan; Tang, ShouLian Feb 1, 2020 6974
FADIT: Fast Document Image Thresholding. Min, Yufang; Zhang, Yaonan Report Feb 1, 2020 5603
Design Time Temperature Reduction in Mixed Polarity Dual Reed-Muller Network: a NSGA-II Based Approach. Das, Apangshu; Pradhan, Sambhu Nath Feb 1, 2020 4380
Utilization of Optical Flow Algorithms to Monitor Development of Tail Biting Outbreaks in Pigs. Li, Yuzhi Z.; Johnston, Lee J.; Dawkins, Marian S. Report Feb 1, 2020 7754
Evaluation of the Physical Properties of Bedding Materials for Dairy Cattle Using Fuzzy Clustering Analysis. Ferraz, Patricia Ferreira Ponciano; Araujo, Gabriel Silva Ferraz; Leso, Lorenzo; Klopcic, Marija; Ro Report Feb 1, 2020 10651
FPGA Implementation of Enhanced JPEG Algorithm for Colored Images. Abed, Sa'ed; AlKandari, Mariam; AlRasheedi, Huda; Ahmad, Imtiaz Jan 1, 2020 6837
Image Restoration Using a Fixed-Point Method for a TVL2 Regularization Problem. Kim, Kyoum Sun; Yun, Jae Heon Report Jan 1, 2020 7140
Journey Planning Algorithms for Massive Delay-Prone Transit Networks. D'Emidio, Mattia; Khan, Imran; Frigioni, Daniele Report Jan 1, 2020 23739
On the Use of Biased-Randomized Algorithms for Solving Non-Smooth Optimization Problems. Juan, Angel Alejandro; Corlu, Canan Gunes; Tordecilla, Rafael David; de la Torre, Rocio; Ferrer, Alb Report Jan 1, 2020 7372
Special Issue on Exact and Heuristic Scheduling Algorithms. Werner, Frank; Burtseva, Larysa; Sotskov, Yuri N. Report Jan 1, 2020 1975
Comparative Analysis of Different Model-Based Controllers Using Active Vehicle Suspension System. Shahid, Yumna; Wei, Minxiang Report Jan 1, 2020 5356
An Effective and Efficient Genetic-Fuzzy Algorithm for Supporting Advanced Human-Machine Interfaces in Big Data Settings. Cuzzocrea, Alfredo; Mumolo, Enzo; Grasso, Giorgio Mario Report Jan 1, 2020 15008
Image Completion with Large or Edge-Missing Areas. Ji, Jianjian; Yang, Gang Report Jan 1, 2020 6126
A Visual Object Tracking Algorithm Based on Improved TLD. Zhen, Xinxin; Fei, Shumin; Wang, Yinmin; Du, Wei Report Jan 1, 2020 6095
Top Position Sensitive Ordinal Relation Preserving Bitwise Weight for Image Retrieval. Wang, Zhen; Sun, Fuzhen; Zhang, Longbo; Wang, Lei; Liu, Pingping Report Jan 1, 2020 5611
A Soft-Voting Ensemble Based Co-Training Scheme Using Static Selection for Binary Classification Problems. Karlos, Stamatis; Kostopoulos, Georgios; Kotsiantis, Sotiris Report Jan 1, 2020 11948
Design Optimization for Dairy Barns Using Computational Fluid Dynamics. Thibault, Thomas M.; Majano, Bernardo J.; Lee, Natasha M.; Amirault, Murray P.; Anderson, Donnie Jan 1, 2020 3458
Optimizing Condenser Water Supply Temperature to Minimize Energy Usage. Chin, Andrew; Mosin, Andrew; Rundell, John; Faddoul, Robert; Zhang, Oliver; Lacey, Cristian; Baglion Jan 1, 2020 2615
A Concept for Three-Dimensional Particle Metrology Based on Scanning Electron Microscopy and Structure-from-Motion Photogrammetry. Tondare, Vipin N. Jan 1, 2020 8423
SYSTEM OF HIGH-PRECISION MOVEMENTS CONTROL OF UNDERWATER MANIPULATOR. Vladimir, Filaretov; Alexander, Konoplin; Alexander, Zuev; Nikita, Krasavin Jan 1, 2020 4017
Adaptive Dynamic Surface Control for a Class of Nonlinear Pure-Feedback Systems with Parameter Drift. He, Cheng; Wu, Jian; Dai, Jin Ying Jiyang; Zhang, Zhe; Jiang, Liangxing Jan 1, 2020 4970
Coordination and Coupling of Active and Passive Energy Optimization in Public Institutions: A Case Study of Hunnan District, Shenyang in China. Yu, Shui; Yang, Jianghui; Gao, Qixiang Case study Jan 1, 2020 5641
A New Iterative Algorithm Based on Correction of Sensitivity Matrix for Electrical Resistance Tomography. Chen, Yutong; Han, Yan; Yang, Wuqiang; Li, Kun Jan 1, 2020 4376
An Adaptive Watermark Detection Algorithm for Vector Geographic Data. Wang, Yingying; Yang, Chengsong; Ren, Na; Zhu, Changqing; Rui, Ting; Wang, Dong Jan 1, 2020 6725
A Classification Algorithm by Combination of Feature Decomposition and Kernel Discriminant Analysis (KDA) for Automatic MR Brain Image Classification and AD Diagnosis. Elahifasaee, Farzaneh; Li, Fan; Yang, Ming Jan 1, 2020 9641
Prediction of the Strength of Rubberized Concrete by an Evolved Random Forest Model. Sun, Yuantian; Li, Guichen; Zhang, Junfei; Qian, Deyu Jan 1, 2020 3850
Microservice-Based Platform for Space Situational Awareness Data Analytics. Lu, Wanjie; Xu, Qing; Lan, Chaozhen; Lyu, Liang; Zhou, Yang; Shi, Qunshan; Zhao, Yinghao Jan 1, 2020 12566
Performance Analysis of Target Depth Classification Algorithm Based on Sea Experiment Data. Zhao, Anbang; Bi, Xuejie; Li, Nansong; Zhang, Minghui; Piao, Shengchun Dec 31, 2019 7993
Algorithm Used to Detect Weak Signals Covered by Noise in PIND. Wang, G.T.; Liang, X.W.; Xue, Y.Y.; Li, C.; Ding, Q. Dec 31, 2019 5777
Bearing Fault Diagnosis Based on Collaborative Representation Using Projection Dictionary Pair. Ma, Dan; Lu, Yixiang; Zhang, Yushun; Bao, Hua; Peng, Xueming Dec 31, 2019 7847
Clustering Services Based on Community Detection in Service Networks. Zhou, Shiyuan; Wang, Yinglin Dec 31, 2019 6672
GMM-MUD: An Effective Multiuser Detection Algorithm for DS-UWB-Based Space Formation Flying Systems. Ma, Bo; Wu, Mingyang; Wu, Zhilu; Yin, Zhendong; Shen, Tao Dec 31, 2019 5678
A Simplified Inverse Dynamics Modelling Method for a Novel Rehabilitation Exoskeleton with Parallel Joints and Its Application to Trajectory Tracking. Fang, Qianqian; Li, Ge; Xu, Tian; Zhao, Jie; Cai, Hegao; Zhu, Yanhe Dec 31, 2019 5528
Grasping Torque Optimization for a Dexterous Robotic Hand Using the Linearization of Constraints. Jia, Peng; Wu, Lei; Wang, Gang; Geng, Wei Na; Yun, Feihong; Zhang, Ning Dec 31, 2019 10752
Fuzzy Set-Valued Information Systems and the Algorithm of Filling Missing Values for Incomplete Information Systems. Wang, Zhaohao; Zhang, Xiaoping Dec 31, 2019 11474
An Optimal Composition Strategy for Knowledge Service Component Based on Flexible Tracking Particle Swarm Algorithm. Yin, Yan-chao; Chen, Fu-zhao; Liao, Wei-zhi; Liu, Cui-yin Dec 31, 2019 8398
A Hybrid Mechanism of Particle Swarm Optimization and Differential Evolution Algorithms based on Spark. Fan, Debin; Lee, Jaewan Dec 1, 2019 6555
Environment Mapping Algorithm Using Semantic Description and Constrained Delaunay Triangulation. Figurowski, Daniel; Dworak, Pawel Dec 1, 2019 2860
AI ISNT NEUTRAL: As the use of AI increases, professionals need to be aware of algorithms' potential biases in order to overcome ethical challenges. Patelli, Lorenzo Dec 1, 2019 1046
Diagnostic Evaluation of a High-Sensitivity Troponin I Point-of-Care Assay. Sorensen, Nils A.; Neumann, Johannes T.; Ojeda, Francisco; Giannitsis, Evangelos; Spanuth, Eberhard; Clinical report Dec 1, 2019 6935
Comparison of Bagging and Boosting Ensemble Machine Learning Methods for Automated EMG Signal Classification. Yaman, Emine; Subasi, Abdulhamit Nov 30, 2019 10806
Correlation Analysis Algorithm-Based Multiple-Input Single-Output Wiener Model with Output Noise. Jia, Li; Li, Yangyang; Li, Feng Nov 30, 2019 7363
Multistage Analysis of Abnormal Human Behavior in Complex Scenes. Cai, Lei; Luo, Peien; Zhou, Guangfu Nov 30, 2019 5316
Laplace Input and Output Perturbation for Differentially Private Principal Components Analysis. Xu, Yahong; Yang, Geng; Bai, Shuangjie Nov 30, 2019 6162
Detecting Malicious Social Robots with Generative Adversarial Networks. Wu, Bin; Liu, Le; Dai, Zhengge; Wang, Xiujuan; Zheng, Kangfeng Report Nov 1, 2019 10432
Clinical Use of a New High-Sensitivity Cardiac Troponin I Assay in Patients with Suspected Myocardial Infarction. Boeddinghaus, Jasper; Twerenbold, Raphael; Nestelberger, Thomas; Koechlin, Luca; Wussler, Desiree; M Nov 1, 2019 7567
Atmospheric [PM.sub.2.5] Concentration Prediction Based on Time Series and Interactive Multiple Model Approach. Li, Jihan; Li, Xiaoli; Wang, Kang Oct 31, 2019 5447
Robust Optimization of Industrial Process Operation Parameters Based on Data-Driven Model and Parameter Fluctuation Analysis. Li, Taifu; Liao, Zhiqiang Oct 31, 2019 4851

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